Roger Federer Hair-lariously Hijacked Andy Murray’s #askAM Today
by Tom Gainey | March 12th, 2015, 1:56 pm

A few days after Roger Federer ran an “AskRF” on twitter, Andy Murray tried to do his own version, “#askAM”. But Federer showed once again he is the GOAT of social media stealing Murray’s thunder earlier today.

See for yourself:

Murray starts his Q&A:

Federer wants in:

Murray is jelous:

But Murray asks if Roger is being serious, he’s happy to help!

Federer drops the bomb:

As the fervour of the hair conversation went viral on twitter, Murray finally gave up!

A few more highlights:

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23 Comments for Roger Federer Hair-lariously Hijacked Andy Murray’s #askAM Today

the DA Says:

It’s a matter of taste but Andy wins the twitter contest hands down. Roger is a close second. Roger is more about being cute and dorky but Andy is the master of dry wit, comebacks and – occasionally – put downs when needed. Still, it was a cute moment and confounds the various fan bases who imagine they’re at each other’s throats all the time.

chris ford1 Says:

Pretty good. Roger is the cute and dorky style of humor, Rafa the nice and regular guy inadvertent OCD humorist, Andy the dry wit, Nole is all about the Chaplin/Lloyd/Stooges sort of visual humor and imitations.

Margot Says:

I love Andy’s dry humour and I love he wont take no s*** either, on twitter or anywhere else.
But no player can compete with Rog’s…………hair surely? ;)

brando Says:

Lmfao that was brilliant. The older Fed has gotten the more I like his personality. He actually seems like a really chill, funny guy. Easy going. And muzza has matured into his personality and is showing his dry humor more and more. And agree with Chris: Novak is a very theatrical personality. I can see a career in the media for him. And rafa is just a bizarre OCD ridden guy: the one with a method to his madness.

the DA Says:

@Margot – That’s right! ;) I mean, who else would have the wit or be quick enough to end a twitter convo about hair with a L’Oreal tagline? He slays at twitter.

SG1 Says:

First sign of humility…being able to laugh at yourself. Andy does this in spades. Good on him. It’s one of the reasons I pull for him to win. He’s likeable.

jane Says:

the you’re worth it line was the best. :)

Okiegal Says:

I have a lot of wit from Rafa too. You tube is full if stuff. The funniest one was while he was in a presser and his phone rang…He answered it and said sorry to everyone but it was his mama mia…..and one time he said he had pain in his “famous @$$”…the reporters cracked up laughing. Mr. OCD can be funny. Not long ago he was translating Novak’s English to English and Nalby called him out and told him he was supposed to translate into Spanish. That brought the house down…..I will apologize for bringing Rafa into a non Rafa thread…please don’t hold it against me….. but he does have a sense of humor.

Okiegal Says:

Oops….My first line is all screwed up….should say Rafa has lots of wit too. You tube is full of stuff….is that easier to understand or did you get it from the get go? You probably did……:)

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie i remember that prank he played on Andy….

Markus Says:

Andy has the most wit and very quick. Rafa is the most honest and sometimes in a funny way as Okie has elaborated (but his best was when asked if he likes playing Novak in finals and he answered, “I like challenges, but I’m not stupid”). Novak gives the most serious interviews. Roger has the most guarded, calculated responses.

Okiegal Says:

@Markus…..I will agree….I heard him say that in the interview…..I laughed out loud! Once in a Wimby match the interviewer said is rain, hail, wind, snow (can’t recall the elements verbatim) going to keep you from winning it this year? Rafa says “how about Djokovic, he’s tomorrow”. He was serious, not laughing…..Rafa is very honest.

@Chick…..Yes, that was hilarious…..umm, maybe that prank came to mind when Andy supposedly threw Dom under the bus! Lol

Okiegal Says:

I’ve said this before… on court interviews, it’s Andy, hands down. The worst on court interviewer, Jim Courier, he asked the stupidest questions…..imo Oh, one more thing about Andy, he always acts a little shy while bein interviewed.

Okiegal Says:

^^ being not bein….I know better…

mat4 Says:


Don’t forget that he is the only top player using English as his mother tongue…

Okiegal Says:

@mat4……Yes, that’s right. His English has gotten so much better. Love to hear him speak Spanish, I think it’s a beautiful language. But anyone speaking their native tongue fluently is lovely.

I’m getting the gist from another thread that you aren’t feeling well. You will be in my thoughts for a quick recovery! Take care….enjoy your posts.

Margot Says:

Woouldn’t think Andy’s first language is English, more like “dour Scottish.” He is improving tho.
My good wishes to you too btw.

Okiegal Says:

OOPS….Margot, he was talking about Andy all along. I started not to comment coz wasn’t sure what he meant……I have a one track mind when it comes to Rafa…..what can I say??? LOL

Margot Says:

Lol OK, just keep schum…..oops ;)

madmax Says:

Very funny conversation between these two players.

When Andy said, “because your worth it” – that was the best retort!

Margot Says:

And while we seem to be getting all nostalgic on here….I’d like to give a shout to MMT and Voicemale.
Frequently disagreed with what they said, but always so interesting and worth reading.
MMT is a pro tennis player/coach, which gave extra weight to what he wrote and sometimes
pops back, all too infrequently, alas.
All this “lerve” for Dave? Humph, I remember when he called jane “a silly little girl” because she dared to disagree with him.

Hippy Chick Says:

Margot yeah i do remember that,i also made a comment and he told me to keep out of it,silly me as i thought this was an open forum lol,MMT is great, Voicemale i dont recall having a conversation with,i used to like Swiss Maestro and Scoreboard 66 ….

Hippy Chick Says:

I miss Kimberlys posts,i spoke to her on the AO bracket challenge comments section,she said she was busy,but i also got the impression that she was rather sick of some of the arguing on this forum thats been going on lately….

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