F-Bomb Screaming Serena Stops Safarova Surge for 20th Slam Title at French Open
by Staff | June 6th, 2015, 11:48 am

World No. 1 Serena Williams’ march toward, or over, history continued on Saturday at Roland Garros when she defeated No. 13 seed Lucie Safarova 6-3, 6-7(2), 6-2 in the French Open women’s final.

Stoic throughout the match after not practicing the day before due to flu-like symptoms, the outcome seemed inevitable after the American broke early in each set, conserving her energy by looking to end rallies with big groundstrokes and generally overpowering the Czech. But Safarova broke back for 2-4 in the second, running off four games in a row for a 5-4 lead.

Serena held then broke for 6-5, but Safarova was not done, breaking to force a second-set tiebreak and playing inspired tennis for force a third. The Czech broke to start the third to stunned silence from the French crowd who was still deciding its allegiance. Williams broke back for 2-all, pumping herself up with f-bombs (with television commentators apologizing for on her behalf) or screaming “What are you doing!” when missing shots.

Holding for 3-2, Serena receive a warning from the chair umpire for her potty mouth, but it was worth it to the American who broke for a 4-2 lead, then breaking in the final game to run out the win 6-2.

At the trophy presentation Serena thanked her support crew, the tournament and the fans in fluent French, congratulating Safarova as well.

“I would just like to say thanks again to everyone here,” she then said in English. “My whole box, my dad I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you guys.”

The 33-year-old American is now the third player to win 20 Slams after Margaret Court’s 24 and Steffi Graf’s 22, and is the first player to win three straight Slams since — well, herself — back in 2002-03. It was her third singles title at Roland Garros.

Serena has won her last 21 Grand Slam matches and this title gave her a third Career Slam and a 67th WTA title, tying her with Billie Jean King.

She is also an amazing 20-4 in Grand Slam finals with a perfect 8-0 mark in 3-setters.

Afterwards in an on-court interview Serena in a moment of honesty admitted, “I choked…She started coming back and playing like Lucie Safarova does…finally I stopped thinking so much.”

In four of her six matches leading to the final, Williams was forced to come back from a set down, while Safarova did not drop a set en route to the final — but amazingly Safarova logged more court time than the American in that six-match span. The 28-year-old Safarova dispensed on former Roland Garros champs Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic en route to the final.

Safarova fell to 0-9 career against Williams, and was appearing in her first career Grand Slam final. Safarova is projected to career to a career-high No. 7 on the WTA Rankings.

“It’s been a great two weeks here for me,” Safarova said. “I have so many emotions and beautiful wins. Serena is a great fighter and congratulations.”

On Friday Serena spoke to the media regarding her illness and condition going into the final.

“I started to feel unwell around the third or fourth round and I felt really terrible during the semis against Timea,” she said. “I’m actually not sure how I got through the match and when it was over I just kind of collapsed. I couldn’t move. I saw the tournament doctor on site and since I came home I’ve been resting — I just could not practice today. I think I have some kind of flu, which makes it tough, because it’s just a matter of resting and keeping hydrated — there’s not much else I can do. I’ve felt really cold so I’m just fighting that, trying to sweat it out.”

Rest and fluids were apparently what the doctor ordered for the American.

“For the second time, she will be going for the ‘Serena Slam,’ years apart,” said U.S. Fed Cup Captain Mary Joe Fernandez of a possible fourth Slam in a row for Williams at Wimbledon this year. “So it’s pretty impressive that she has been able to keep up the level, the passion. I think she’s better now than when she won the ‘Serena Slam.’ She can pull it off.”

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11 Comments for F-Bomb Screaming Serena Stops Safarova Surge for 20th Slam Title at French Open

dari Says:

Congratulations to Serena! 20 wow!
And Lucie had an incredible tournament hope she keeps it up

Kam Retnasami Says:

Her French is not fluent. It’s not bad for an American but it’s definitely not fluent.

django Says:

Kam. How is noles French?

SG1 Says:

As great a player as Serena clearly is, she’s just so unlikeable (at least to me). When she’s losing points, she’s sulking around. When she wins a point she spouts a guttural F bomb. I can’t remember the last time I ever rooted for her in a match because she just comes off as completely disingenuous. Too bad Li Na still isn’t on tour. She and Kim Clijsters were two of tennis’ best ambassadors and far more importantly, all around class acts.

SG1 Says:

And huge props to Safarova who was a game opponent and looked a more mobile, left handed version of Sharapova. Good for her.

RZ Says:

Congrats to Serena. This was probably the toughest of all the slams she won, but to pull it out while having the flu is unbelievable.

Also great tournament for Lucie Safarova and Timea Bascinsky. I hope we see more of both in more semis and finals.

Darryl Thompson Says:

SG1, most successful people in competitive endeavors are deamed “un-likable” by many -nobody’s perfect, and the goal is to win slams not make friends so I am sure she will accept the loss of your “liking” her as she continue to rack up slams at least in Serena’s case its not personal (can’t say the same for you).

Darryl Thompson Says:

On the subject of F-Bombs why make such a big deal of that in a country where homosexuality and flagrant sexual situations are crammed down everyone’s throat, and corruption at high levels is considered OK???

Michael Says:

Even suffering from Flu symptoms and being 33, still she is managing to win these Grand Slam events at her pleasure. It just goes to show the gap better her and the tour and also reflects badly on the competition that is on offer.

Nevertheless, it is a big win for her and she might in all probability break Steffi’s record very soon. I do not think she is beatable at Wimbledon given this form.

Okiegal Says:

There are several comments from posters who didn’t even think she was sick. I thought she looked like death warmed over! I truly believe she was ailing. Some think it’s a ploy to get to her opponent. Why would a person who already has 19 slams go that far? That’s crazy! But peeps can think what they want about her. The f-bombs are uncalled for. That word is filthy by my standards. She is my fav, btw, but I can do w/o the obscene language. Little pitchers have big ears…..children shouldn’t be subjected to it. Another thing that gets under my skin is after using the horrible language, the first person she thanks is Jehovah……Personally, I don’t think GOD would be too happy about her language…..just saying….I’m sure he could less whether she won a tennis match or not…..

danica Says:

I don’t believe she had a flu, it was her own diagnosis that then everybody picked up as absolute truth. She probably did have a bad cold. With flu, she wouldn’t have been able to compete at this level let alone win matches.

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