Nadal, Mahut, Giorgi Win ATP/WTA Titles
by Staff | June 15th, 2015, 12:33 am

Nadal Beats Troicki for Stuttgart Grass Crown

Rafael Nadal rebounded from a down French Open effort with the Mercedes Cup grass court title in Stuttgart on Sunday, defeating Viktor Troicki 7-6(3), 6-3.
It was the Spaniard’s first grass court title in five years since Wimbledon in 2010. “Since 2011 I didn’t play a final on grass, so win a title here is very good news for my game and for my mentality too,” Nadal said. “Congrats to Viktor for a great tournament. He’s playing great and will have some positives for the week.”

Nadal improved to 5-0 career against Troicki, who fell to 2-5 in career finals.

Qualifier Mahut Captures Topshelf Title

Qualifier Nicolas Mahut won a second career Topshelf Open on Sunday, defeating No. 2 seed David Goffin 7-6(1), 6-1.

“Yesterday I was feeling really tired, but my physio did a great job to get me ready for today’s match,” said Mahut, who also reached the doubles final. “It was a very tense first set, but after one-all he was missing some shots and I felt more and more confident.”

It was Mahut’s first title in two years, while Goffin fell to 2-2 in career finals.

Giorgi Wins 1st Career Title on Grass at Topshelf

Italian Camila Giorgi defeated fellow rising star Belinda Bencic 7-5, 6-3 to win her first career title at the Topshelf Open.

“It was my first time here and it went so well,” Giorgi said. “Every match was great for me this week, and I felt like I was playing more and more consistently every match. Next I’m going to Eastbourne and hopefully I can get even more preparation in for Wimbledon.”

Giorgi improved to 1-3 in career finals, and Bencic fell to 0-2.

Niculescu, Konjuh to Face Off in Monday Nottingham Final

Monica Niculescu and Croat teen Ana Konjuh will play in the rain-delayed Monday final of the Aegon Open Nottingham.

Niculescu in the semifinals upset No. 1 seed Agnieszka Radwanska, while Konjuh in the rain-delayed quarterfinals beat American qualifier Sachia Vickery 6-2, 6-2, and in the semifinals topped No. 5-seeded American Alison Riske 6-4, 6-3.

“I didn’t start well this year, and I’ve kind of been in a bad mood the last few months, and I came here with nothing to expect,” Konjuh said. “Now I’m in the finals, so it’s a really exciting result for me.” Niculescu and Konjuh will be facing each other for the first time in the Monday final.


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23 Comments for Nadal, Mahut, Giorgi Win ATP/WTA Titles

danica Says:

Congrats to Rafanatics for this win ;). Great tournament for Viktor in which he was not without chances. Keep them wins coming Viktor!

sienna Says:

the cheat is allowed to participate and that is a bad thing.

he is like drunk driver taking off after accident to reporthimself after sobering up.

it doesnt stand in court so it shouldnot stand in tennis. willingly not taking a test is pure fraud.
and this is not the same as missing whereabouts. it goes far further then occasional missing test.

Hippy Chick Says:

Danica thanks i dont think of myself as a fanantic though merely your humble Rafa fan from Yorkshire,that now lives in Norfolk,but i suppose all fan groups have their fair share of those….

Pamela Says:

Happy Chick – I always wondered where you lived! I’m a so cal girl myself!

MMT Says:

Giorgi is a real wildcard for Wimbledon – she could make a deep run or lose in the first round. The thing I saw from the final with Bencic that is encouraging, is that she did appear to massage the ball a couple of times with short slice (both forehand and backhand) when pulled wide or short in the court.

This is a good sign because in the past Giorgi has only ever had one speed – fast – and as a result made a lot of errors when in receipt of balls that require finesse rather than power. If she can continue to develop that (or an even better option would be for her to develop and effective slice backhand) I think that would do her game wonders.

Also, she has a tendency to cross-over her feet when pulled wide and players (especially clever players like Bencic) know they can get free points by hitting behind her after pulling her wide – frequently they pull her wide with a low risk slow roller or slice. Giorgi has good speed, and good offensive movement, but her defensive movement leaves a bit to be desired.

It is, in my opinion, too much to develop for Wimbledon this year, but in a year she will have a better shot if she fixes those two things.

BTW – Sienna, I think you’re being too hard on Troicki – he has never failed a drugs test despite having been tested about 80 times over the course of his career, he gave a urine sample, but asked not to take the blood sample because he was (confirmed) ill and has in the past fainted upon giving blood – apparently he has a phobia. He came back the next day and gave blood, so this is not the behavior of someone trying to get a way with doping.

Tennis has a doping problem and their anti-doping program does absolutely nothing to address it. Check here for the checkered past of tennis’ anti-doping program:

sienna Says:

well me guess the fobia is bogus.
its easy to take countermeassure in the night to disguise the truth.
chances are he doped and timing of bloodtest was not at proper time.

you dont know they can masque pretty effectively under current medical era. Ever heard of US Postal team?

MMT Says:

Yes, it is possible, I’m just saying it is unlikely that Troicki has anything to hide, because he doesn’t behave like someone who has anything to hide.

The US Postal service example suggests that ANYONE could be cheating, including those who’ve been tested and passed without incident – you have essentially castigated the whole of tennis – I don’t know if that was your intent, but that is the logical conclusion of the “it’s happened before, so it could happen here” argument.

If he WERE involved in a cover up such as the cycling example, the ONLY way to get caught is to avoid the test, which he wouldn’t do if he were indeed doping. And most importantly, there have been very few cases where tennis players have been caught actually doping – most of these violations cited in my column are administrative issues – like Troicki’s, NOT a positive sample.

That’s my problem with anti-doping in tennis.

Hippy Chick Says:

MMT agree about Rafa in that it might be too much tennis before SW19,but if hes riding the crest of a winning wave i suppose he wants to build on it,he might go deep this week or win a couple of matches then decide enoughs enough and call it a day,and get a rest before SW19,he hasnt done so well for the last three years on grass,although last year he made the second week which was an improvement,so i think hes trying to make a statement,ie i might not be a favorite but i can still play on grass,my two cents?….

Okiegal Says:

@Giles…..I agree with Jimbo 150%!!!! Thanx for the tweetie, sweetie!!

Hippy Chick Says:

Colin our girls Konta and Broady both won….

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie lol your walking a fine line with a comment like that eek run for cover….

Okiegal Says:

@Chick…….Yep, I probably should!! I had my nice pill this morning, along with my other six!! Lol. :)

Hippy Chick Says:

Pamela @June 15th 11.44am Hunstanton….

danica Says:

C’mon, why would Okie run and hide? ;) She feels and thinks the same like Jimbo, why not? I disagree on all points but that doesn’t mean I’ll say anything against Okie.

Now, I may say something to Sienna or other obvious haters…

I hope me saying “Rafanatic” was not insulting? If I understand correctly, the word “fan” is just an abbreviation of the word “fanatic” although a the word “fanatic” sounds more extreme. In any case, I hope Rafa put a nice smile to all his fans’ faces yesterday. ;)

jane Says:

apparently rafa flew viktor to london on his private jet.

here’s an article about rafa’s thoughts on the remainder of the season:

sienna Says:

Troicki is not administration. He deliberately refused a test. One would only do that if something is off.
He claimed fobia which was gone next day?

It need not be so big as US postal, but that showed how well cheaters can take countermeasures against dope.

I don’t get your point, he seems hounest so he is clean. Is that how it works?

sienna Says:

And tennis players not being caught doping.
That can be fixed by better/more testing. Out of competition same as cycling.

chris ford1 Says:

Jane, as they say “He (Viktor) gets along very well with others.”
A true nearly-a-lifetime friend of Djokovic’s, Troicki hits with and sometimes socializes with lots of other stars and Not-stars – and has respect from most for how he has come back from his suspension.
But Rafa is a nice guy and would have given Troicki a lift just ’cause that’s how he is. So different from his OCD on-court gladiator persona.

Okiegal Says:

@Danica……I am pretty sure Chick was having a little fun with me. We claim to be loyal Rafa fans but can see the fantastic play of all the top players and we do acknowledge their achievements. I don’t think I’m a fanatic anymore than a loyal Novak, Roger, Andy fan would be. We do take a stand on his behalf if he gets trashed……then sometime choose to ignore it.

@Jane….Thanx for the link. Had not seen it.

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie lol yeah true,im going away for a few days so wont see any tennis this week….

Jane yes also many thanks for the link,seems his sole intention is to improve and end a so far lack lustre year on a high,and also qualify for the YEC,dont think he will be much of a factor if he does,but still to get there means a top 8 finish to the season….

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie Mr Chick and i will also be celebrating 27 years of marriage this Thursday,dancing naked around a camp fire with our souix drums to celebrate the summer solstice lol….

MMT Says:

Sienna, the report is very detailed: Troicki gave a urine sample, then asked for a deferment of the blood test due to an illness and his phobia. At that time the person responsible for administering the blood test dictated to him what he should write in an explanatory letter so he (incorrectly as it turned out) assumed that this would suffice. He gave the blood sample the next day and it was not positive. The report also cites confirmation from doctors indicating he has and has always had a phobia about needles which has resulted in fainting spells.

My point is not that he shouldn’t have been suspended per the rules – rules are rules and he must be subject to them. My point is that his behavior is not indicative of someone trying to hide something, and that he did not test positive, therefore you calling him a cheat is a broad brush.

Furthermore, and this is the most important thing – anti-doping in tennis is a joke, and the only people that have been “caught” in anti-doping are people who AREN’T doping. The program is an enormous waste of time and most importantly isn’t keeping tennis clean by sweeping up people suspended for missing tests or deferring tests or taking asthma medication or hair loss medication or nasal decongestants or cocaine (which isn’t performance enhancing) so it should be scrapped until it is effective – otherwise it’s self-congratulatory nonsense.

Tennis has a doping issue, but the anti-doping program has done nothing to solve it.

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