Poll: Who Has The Best Serve In Tennis? Milos Raonic Says It’s Him!
by Tom Gainey | June 20th, 2015, 10:20 am

The question was posed yesterday to Milos Raonic, who has the best serve in tennis, and the Canadian replied, it was him.

“I believe myself,” he responded. “(My serve) takes me a long way. I think the serve is not only about what necessarily you can do with the serve but it’s how you step up. If you look at results, numbers besides names, I think my serve has carried me a pretty long way.”

Raonic has used that serve to make a Wimbledon quarterfinal and reach the Top 5. His peers like John Isner, Ivo Karlovic and even Kevin Anderson have yet to pierce that stage at a Slam.

Even Gilles Simon, a tour veteran who beat Raonic, cannot read Milos’s serve. “I was guessing. There is nothing to read,” he joked about having read that serve.

But Queen’s semifinalist Kevin Anderson disagrees.

“Numbers and the game, I think I’d have to give it to Ivo,” Anderson said. “I think his first serve is really good. I think on a second serve, I think Isner is a bit tougher than Ivo’s. Ivo’s second serve doesn’t really bounce as much. I think John really gets the ball up quite a bit.

“I feel like Raonic, I feel like myself I think probably would round out the top 4 in terms of serving.”

Meanwhile, Andy Murray said earlier in the week that he’d take Isner’s serve if he could have any single shot in tennis.

While Isner and Feliciano Lopez combined for 65 aces a few days ago, Karlovic just set a new mark with 45 aces in a single 3-set match yesterday.

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14 Comments for Poll: Who Has The Best Serve In Tennis? Milos Raonic Says It’s Him!

Truthsquad Says:

Big serve = who cares? Better to have a consistent reliable serve offset by a complete game. Big servers rarely win big titles because inevitably their one big weapon lets them down. Case in point Igo Karlovic… Blasting his serve all week in grass – a surface made to reward a big server, and he can blast his way to a semi, only to lose to a 33 year old player who posesses a complete game and outsmarts, out waits, and outfits him in crucial points. Big serve? Meh..

Truthsquad Says:

Ivo obviously – not Igo. Autocorrect strikes again.

Giles Says:

Milos dear boy that’s all you’ll ever have – a big serve. Won’t win you slams that’s for sure.

Tennis Fan Says:

Why wouldn’t Milos say he has the best serve? If it isn’t the best it is certainly top 3. Ivo might be the best … but Milos has a complete game and is improving so rapidly in his all court game that he will win at least one of the next 4 Slams. People here that think he’s just all about the serve don’t know much about Tennis. If his foot hadn’t been operated on a couple of weeks ago I think he probably could have got past Simon and to the Aegon finals.

chris ford1 Says:

Tennis Fan is right. Milos has worked hard to build a solid all-round game. Still has weaknesses, areas of improvement, but none of the severe limitations so obvious in the games of Anderson, Isner, and Karlovic.
He is a young guy with a very clear mind of where he wants to go, listens to coaches and peers and betters – and has a hard work pays off ethic. One of the brighter guys on Tour.
He is not a servebot.

Nitesh Says:

I agree with tennis fan but not on wining a slam out of next four. Raonic will definitely win grand slam but it will take a bit more time

Seth Says:

Karlovic, Isner, Anderson, Raonic – at the end of the day, they’re still all servebots.

Gordon Says:

Giles – 5 (five) years ago, when Wawrinka was older than Mikis is now, everyone was ragging on Wawrinka, saying he’d never win a slam. And now…

In 5 years Federer, Djokovic and Nadal will be retired and if Raonic is as committed to his game over the next few years – he has been improving [note – it was a semifinal at Wimbledon, not a QF] – as you are being negative, you can’t really count him out completely.

van orten Says:

Loses to some 33 year old player..
okayyyy karlovic is 36 or 37 soooo…

kjb Says:

I think Isner has the most potent serve, when taking into consideration his 1st and 2nd serve. Milos has a better ground game then Isner, thats the big difference. I would probably take Dr. Ivo’s first serve, Isners 2nd serve if I had a choice.

KatH Says:


Given that Anderson is in the final at Queen’s i.e. relevant for today’s match – “What are the severe limitations so obvious in Anderson’s game”?


Hippy Chick Says:

Raonic,Isner,Karlovic,Janowicz who has the best serve?dont know and dont much care,as they all have games that leave me feeling cold as a spectator sorry….

jalep Says:

Something about Janowicz makes me cheer for him. I think it’s because he has that look of angst; perhaps a tortured soul. And he does move quite well for such a tall man; very light on his feet, is Jerzy.

I can’t lump all the serve-bots together. Can’t cheer for Anderson or Isner. Sometimes cheer for Karlovic because I’ve seen him in person and realize what a character he is. On TV that doesn’t come through, though.

I cheer Milos because he is so cerebral, meridian taps to be zen, believes in the power of his right arm sleeve, ect… plus tries so hard to break the mold and be an all rounder. Delpo is another big server I miss – a real sweetheart but does take his time to serve – probably every bit as time consuming and slow between points as Rafa.

jalep Says:

Voted I don’t know. It’s probably between Isner and Karlovic.

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