Roger Federer: This Is The Best Preparation For Wimbledon I’ve Ever Had
by Tom Gainey | June 27th, 2015, 7:13 pm

At 33, Roger Federer isn’t worried about age. The Swiss is saying that right is he has never been as well prepaered for Wimbledon as he is now. And Roger’s won Wimbledon seven times!

“it’s probably been the best preparation I’ve ever had for Wimbledon,” said Federer Saturday, pointing out that he had an extra week to prepare.

“(The extended season has) changed everything, to be honest. You might think that a week is not a lot, but a week is so much for us players. The good thing is you can heal problems you might have carried over from the French rather than taking chances right away running onto the grass, or not playing a warm-up event.

“I could rest and relax and then really train and prepare properly, for a change, for a good grass-court season. Just the moving on grass takes some adjustment. Also, in my opinion, some physical adjustment, which I had all the time to do. That worked well. I could go early to Halle, train a lot, rest again. Same here. Arrived two days after the finals. Trained for three days, off today.

“I can totally pace myself, which is huge in an athlete’s career and life.”

Federer plays Tuesday against Damir Dzuhmer in a re-match of their French Open clash. But despite his struggles in his last three Slams, Federer remains upbeat about his chances to take it a step further than last year when he made the finals.

“This year I feel my game is better,” Federer said. “I’ve gotten used to the racquet. This is not the first time I’m at Wimbledon with Stefan Edberg. The work I’ve put in with Severin, my coach, I could really aim for Wimbledon this year. Whereas last year, it was all about getting back.

“If I do look at last year, I see more the positives than actually the heartbreaking loss in the final.”

Federer hasn’t won a Grand Slam title since his 2012 Wimbledon victory over Andy Murray, and he’s only reached a Slam final once since then, that last year at Wimbledon. And Roger says he has no plans for retirement.

“I haven’t thought about it a whole lot to be honest,” he said. “I don’t want to go there with my thoughts because the more I think about it, the closer I am to retirement, but everyone has done it differently. In my case clearly I need to think about it eventually, but not for the moment.”

Federer is ranked second with four titles on the season. He could meet Feliciano Lopez in the fourth round, Tomas Berdych in the quarters and either Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal in the semifinals.

This Swiss is playing in a record 63rd straight Grand Slam event.

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26 Comments for Roger Federer: This Is The Best Preparation For Wimbledon I’ve Ever Had

Humble Rafa Says:

Same old story. Humble thinks 3rd round max.

Skeezer Says:

You don’t have a good record at predicting(Monfils anyone?) other players. You’re probably best served at predicting what rd you’ll be out.
I would say you start at the first round, based on history, you’ll have a good predicting start. Nearly impossible or always difficult?

Alonatp Says:

The thing is HR, that you continue saying things, that Nadal himself would probably find quite ridiculous. And by the way, “3rd round max” is a much more statistically realistic prediction for Nadal than Federer or any other top player at the moment.

Giles Says:

Oh SHUT UPPPPP fed. Same old same old!

Michael Says:

This may be probably the last chance for Roger to win another Wimbledon and thereby create a new record. But, to win this edition, he has to get a lot of things going include a favourable draw. But at the moment his draw appears to be tough and unless some of the dangerous players gets eliminated from his section of draw,things will become pretty difficult for Roger.

That said, this is his favourite court which he considers his own home and where he feels a lot comfortable. He has the confidence in his game growing here and he can at any moment produce that radiance of brilliance stumping his critics.

Tennis lover Says:

Federer is simply too erratic right now. He seems to shift from sublime to ridiculous in no time. Federer’s ground game is inconsistent, his movement is somewhat laboured these days, his return game is average, sometimes he’s unbelievably error prone. The only good thing in his game right now is his serve and slight improvement in volley. If Fed Maestro want to win it, he needs to play clean, consistent tennis which he only played against Djokovic in Dubai this year.

Gordon Says:

If I had a dollar for every year people were saying “This is probably Roger Federer’s last chance to win Wimbledon,” I’d have about $5.00. 😝

calmdownplease Says:

This probably Roger Federer’s last chance to win Wimbledon

calmdownplease Says:

What AM I saying?
Roger has almost no chance this year

Jock-KatH Says:

I don’t see anyone stopping Federer until possibly the semis and even then he could go all the way to the finals – and could he win? depends who is there waiting for him

calmdownplease Says:

Well, he needs a Wawrinka like alignment to get that
I just think Wawa pulled that one off in a style that is probably beyond Roger at this stage, over 5 sets.
I think this might be the year his FANS finally accept that 17 slams is enough thank you very much. And more than anyone else.
Perhaps if it rains every day and its all under the roof?
It certainly helped him last time he won.

Skeezer Says:

Wow some here just hopin wishin Fed go’s away. Samething was said @Wimby 2012. Yeah he shoulda woulda but he didn’t. Write hime off at your own peril.
Its all Gravy baby.

Giles Says:

What good is gravy without roast beef, eh?

calmdownplease Says:

Oh, but he did later after getting the Gold from Fed at the Olympics
Well Skeezer, time to get your `Injun` glad rags on and do your thing

RogNadFan Says:

It’s amazing how the haters here are just uttering, in a hurry, the ‘same old same old’ cliche on what Fed said.
In fact this is the same old same old from tennis-x, which keeps putting up these pointless things over and over again. All top players get asked the exact same questions from these brainless beings (self-described as journalists), ant they all respond in the same way because that’s what they all do to prepare fora tournament. This is not even worth mentioning here or there. But I am sure if you go over the archives, you will find at least 4-5 of this kinds of postings per year.
And the sad part is that guys like Giles, and others, jump right out of, umm… hatred?(or jealousy? or something else) to slash Fed.
Such a retarded response. HR lately has caught the same bandwagon. I have to admit he used to be humorous before.But now, perhaps due to the trauma of loosing over and over again, he’s gotten a psychological disorder or something.

Giles Says:

Rnf. Touchy much. Or maybe you Havnt read old skeezer’s posts lately.

van orten Says:

Roddick also doesn’t expect that Federer can win a slow-court Grand Slam like the Australian Open or Roland Garros but, “you show me a fast surface that he’s not in the two or three favorites. I don’t think that tournament exists right now.”

Hippy Chick Says:

Italys Luca Vanni a qualifier is the lucky loser replacing Ferrer….

M Says:

@HC – thanks for that.

I thought James Ward was going to get a walkover, and him being a Brit and all, we’d have our first “scandal” of the tournament.

jane Says:

^ apparently vanni just played his first grass match 3 weeks ago. ;)

Hippy Chick Says:

M your welcome ;)….

Jock-KatH Says:

Giles – Expect to see you at the Edinburgh Fringe – loved your gravy comment (Sorri Skeezer).

Hippy Chick Says:

Jock KatH Glastonbury festival is on TV at the moment….

Jock-KatH Says:

Hippy Chick – Good idea – he could go to both.

Giles Says:

Jock-KatH. Cheers

Hippy Chick Says:

Jock KatH would love to go one day….

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