Novak Djokovic Goes Out On A Limb, Signs A Prosthetic Leg
by Tom Gainey | July 4th, 2015, 2:27 pm

Immediately after 3-set win yesterday over Bernard Tomic, Novak Djokovic did his customary post-match autographs while exiting Centre Court Wimbledon. Except this time the World No. 1 was asked to sign something unusual, a prosthetic leg.

“That’s probably the first time, maybe second time, that I’ve signed prosthetic limbs. I hope I gave him some luck and he’s going to feel better,” Djokovic said.

Djokovic will have another opportunity to sign more autographs on Monday when he plays Kevin Anderson in the fourth round. Djokovic has won 31 of his last 32 matches, losing only to Stan Wawrinka in the French Open final since Dubai.

“I’m pleased with the performances so far,” said Djokovic. “The second week is obviously always more challenging, more difficult than the first week. But I’m ready for it now. I have two days. I’m going to work on the court, get myself recovered and ready for a challenge that is presented in the second week. “

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3 Comments for Novak Djokovic Goes Out On A Limb, Signs A Prosthetic Leg

jane Says:

thanks tom! now to go with whites and emojis, we have prosthetics. what a wild trip tennis is. ;)

i was watching hockey recently and a fan actually was playing air guitar on a prosthetic leg. sports make people cray-cray!!

chris ford1 Says:

In his earlier days, Djokovic enjoyed signing on nice looking young women in bikinis, though I believed he drew the line, or drew nothing at all, on topless bathers in Ibiza wanting autographs.
Now with endorsement marketing execs beating it into his head that he must have the “dignity” and “gravitas” of the champion he is, a muted Djokovic. And when people like Boris and John McEnroe rightly bitch against the loss of colorful characters, you see with Djokovic a happily colorful character told by the suits that he is losing 10 million or so a year by being too entertaining and colorful and doing “controversial things” like….*shudder* …imitations some object to, too much dancing.

Lighten up tennis corporate suits!
The world does not want to see every player be a bland Swiss Diplomat.
There is room for Monfils, for Djoker putting his curlicue “D” on some babe in Miami not already sporting a tramp stamp. For Krygios to run his mouth a bit as a confident kid and wear wild styles as long as he doesn’t morph into a complete tool like Bernard Tomic. For Alize Cornet to wear a fairly sheer top that OMGD!! reveals a white bra and 6-pack abs after a little sweat. She is French, darn it!! If not her, what nationality can do that in tennis!! Room for Birdy and Dr Ivo tweets and perhaps cutting them enough slack that they don’t worry from time to time they may lose endorsement deals on a tweet.
A big global sport! It should have big global shoulders and not have bankers at Credit Suisse and Capital One deciding on what is culturally permissible in tennis or not.
Sports are about entertainment, not making a thousand homogenized players that beahve and dress the exact same way…Federer Himself might..

Bring on the false limbs! Caro doing Serena imitations. Consider another Boris broom closet like adventure, good buzz. Andy yelling to a pushy Rosol about how no one on Tour likes him.

Hippy Chick Says:

HA HA Like the title of the thread topic,Novak goes out on a limb,and he does in the literal sense of the word cute….

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