Tomas Berdych: Novak Djokovic Is The Fittest Player On Tour
by Tom Gainey | January 22nd, 2013, 7:57 am

After a four-set loss Tuesday night to world No. 1 Novak Djokovic 61, 46, 61, 64 in the Australian Open quarterfinals, Tomas Berdych declared Novak Djokovic to be the fittest player on the Tour. Djokovic had just won an epic 5:02 battle with Stan Wawrinka on Sunday but showed no real signs of fatigue or physical distress against the Czech.

“I would say for Stan we would probably see it would affect him,” Berdych said. “But definitely not for Novak. I mean, he’s probably the fittest guy on tour right now.

“I seen him play really much better. But it’s not nothing that I’m saying something against him. I mean, it’s just all the credit that he was able to get from that. He just show how fit he is.”

Berdych appeared to have some momentum winning the first set but the former Wimbledon finalist fell in the quarterfinals stage of the tournament for the third straight year.

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10 Comments for Tomas Berdych: Novak Djokovic Is The Fittest Player On Tour

subo Says:

all these players mats pete john all want nadal back if he was not cheating form the juice he would be playing nadal should be drug tested a lot

alison Says:

Subo you know for someone who dislikes Rafa soooo much you sure as hell spend alot of time talking about the guy,and anyway what exactly has Nadal got to do with the thread topic which is entitled Tomas Berdych Novak Djokovic is the fittest player on tour?why dont you ask Tom Gainey and the tennis x staff,to open a thread on the topic and actually you can then have an intelligent discussion on the topic,rather than the endless Nadal is doping,he should be tested blah,blah,blah?

alison Says:

Tennis x staff i will ask please could we open up a thread on PEDs that way posters like Subo can discuss the issue in an intelligent manner thankyou?

mat4 Says:


There is a whole site somewhere… Why just a thread?

alison Says:

Mat4 yeah exactly.

Michael Says:

I beg to disagree here. The most fittest player on tour is Roger Federer in my opinion.

Brando Says:


Fittest player being Roger? Yes. I would say based on his fitness record, for sure.

Recovering between matches? No. Novak is.

skeezer Says:

^ yeah Rog did not recover at all from that Delpo match in the Olympics. Not to take away Murrays win, he earned it, but Fed just looked stiff as a board running around……

Fed for sure is very fit, but slower recovery time is one thing with age that is a cruel “for sure”

Nina Says:

Fed’s physique is amazing for a tennis player, he even doesn’t look very fit (ripped body and all) but he is. He has amazing fitness, probably because of his economical moves.

Michael Says:


We have to see how Novak fares when he is 31 ?

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