Tomas Berdych: Maybe If I Lose Once More To Nadal Tomorrow I Will Beat Him At The French Open!
by Tom Gainey | May 17th, 2013, 10:56 pm

Did you know Tomas Berdych has a sense of humor. The burly Czech was in a good mood of sorts after beating World No. 1 Novak Djokovic today 26, 75, 64 in the quarterfinals at the Italian Open Rome. The win snapped an 12-match losing streak Berdych had against the Serb.

Tomorrow, Berdych plays another player he’s had great difficulty beating, Rafael Nadal. In fact Berdych has also lost to the Spaniard 12 straight times, 13 of 16 overall. The similar streak to Djokovic’s prompted Berdych to joke he needed one more loss to Rafa – making it an even dozen – before he’d get that win.

“You can have a player that you never beat and I did it 3 times then lost 12 times,” Berdych said. “Same with Novak but only one win and then 11 times and so perhaps I need to lose once more to Nadal and hopefully it will be here and then I’ll beat him in the French Open.

“So if you like numbers then this is my reply. It hard to pick one that is harder to beat. Both I have pretty bad records with both but I think that it was easier with Novak but I am able to beat him only once until today and so you cannot ask me that. I’ll just try on court and see what happens.”

Sounds like Berdych messed up his math. I don’t understand how losing to him Saturday would put him in a better position to win mathematically in Paris because he stopped Novak’s streak at 11, but Nadal’s is already at 12.

Berdych though showed he can overcome the number though erasing a 52 deficit in the second set to win the last five games in stunning fashion.

“I was trying to stay positive from the beginning,” said Berdych who is seeking a first title on the year. “I was trying to stay there and there are matches that you get not a single chance and then if you get one, then you are ready and then everything could turn the other way. This is what happened and at 53. I wondered, should I change the racquet and balls and then I did and we were there for a bit longer and the second.”

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12 Comments for Tomas Berdych: Maybe If I Lose Once More To Nadal Tomorrow I Will Beat Him At The French Open!

skeezer Says:

“Sounds like Berdych messed up his math..”

Thats not all he is messed up with.

contador Says:

Well at least he can laugh about his lousy h2h vs Rafa and Novak.

Being more relaxed can’t hurt, I don’t think, as he takes the inevitable trouncing from Nadal in the semi.

But even if Rafa has a timely lapse in concentration and Berdych gets his chance, I trust that the Bird will find a way to lose v Rafa tomorrow.

Kimmi Says:

its not easy to beat rafa or novak. berdych has tried so many times and he knows that. congratulations to him, but me thinks he got this one because djokovic was not himself.

good luck at the french open anyways, maybe his time is here to win one of the big ones.

Michael Says:

Common Berdych ! You can never win against Nadal because you are afraid of him to encounter on court. Rafa can easily dismantle you even on Grass and hard courts and these are clay courts where you will likely be slaughtered. I have seen many of your early matches with Nadal where you will find a way to lose even when you are winning. This has happened for you and Ferrer umpteen times against Rafa particularly. The point here is Berdych has already given up here and talking about Rolland Garros. So what is the point in watching this match which in any case is already decided.

Margot Says:

I thought it was a really strange remark Michael and, if it was Berd’s attempt at humour, he should avoid stand up as a future career.
However, journos ask the same stupid questions time after time and I wouldn’t blame him for being bored with them and giving a flippant answer.

Michael Says:

Margot, What is evident from the interview was that Berdych is not even confident going into the match against Nadal. He loses the match in his mind even before it begins. I have seen in many matches where Berdych ran Nadal rather too close but in most important moments of the match, he was the one to wither away; either he would pop up an easy volley to the net or miss an easy forehand winner at set point and then he would rue his missed chances and his concentration would falter and he would finally end up losing the match. Is this time going to be any different ?

Margot Says:

@ Michael
Lol I’d say no….but there again, unlike jamie I don’t have a crystal ball….

Daniel Says:

Nadal doesn’t want to spend any n necessary time on court today:) he will cursh Berdych

Daniel Says:

Berdy hasn’t won a single point played, only serves or missed returns

Daniel Says:

Berdy wonnhis first point played, he was only winning serves and missed returns.

Amazing what confidance do, Nadal is hitting way closer to the lines and more deep and everything is in, maybe if it was a differnet player he would have made a UE by now.

Daniel Says:

Nadal sees every Berd moves and antipate. But even so he is playing great. His best match all tourney so far. Everythingis working.

Michael Says:

There is nothing much to be said about the Rafa Vs Berdych match. Berdych was simply outplayed by Rafa. Everyone knew the result even before the match and that is what makes such matches uninspiring. Henceforth, I have taken a vow not to watch when Nadal meets the likes of Almagro, Berdych and Ferrer. What is of interest when the result is already out there. These three players are never going to win against Nadal.

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