Roger Federer Says The New Arthur Ashe Roof Will Help The Top Players
by Tom Gainey | September 2nd, 2015, 1:21 pm

The roof over Arthur Ashe at the US Open is still a year away, but the structure in place will help the top guys, according to Roger Federer.

The Swiss opened his US Open yesterday blowing out Leonardo Mayer. With the shade covering and the beams, Federer says there will be less wind allowing for top players to play even better.

“Probably more so the top players,” Federer answered when asked who the roof will help the most, “because you know what to expect and you’re not going to have to fight the wind as much. If you don’t have to fight the wind you can play closer to the lines and make it better tennis. So probably it might be better for the top guys, my opinion. Then we will see with the conditions next year when it’s fully sort of covered and it will be interesting to see how it’s going to play indoors really when it’s going to rain. And also just I do feel like it’s quite loud, you know. Maybe in American sports it’s quite common that the fans do talk during games or matches. I feel like the roof might bring that back down, so, you know, you hear the crowd speaking more, which before I don’t remember hearing ever.”

Federer comes into the US Open off a seventh Cincinnati title and he lost just five games to a man he almost lost to last fall.

“Of course I’m very pleased with the first-round performance, but not really more than that,” Federer said. “I will take it match by match, of course. I’m not thinking too far ahead, as I know some people are. I’m just happy that the last, I don’t know, one-and-a-half years I have been again very, very consistent. I’m able to play good matches consistently.

“I’m playing the right way, and also in a way that’s fun for me. If I decide to have long rallies and stay back, I can do that. If I decide to move forward and step it up, I can do that, too. That helps if you have those two games. It’s great to have against any opponent out there, because not every opponent plays the same way. Same for my second-round opponent. I have no clue how he’s going to play me. At least on a faster court I know that probably I’m going to make him hit tough shots and I’m going to keep attacking and see if he can come up with passing shots or shots on the back foot and all these things which are not easy to do consistently.”

Tomorrow, Federer will face Steve Darcis in the second round.

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7 Comments for Roger Federer Says The New Arthur Ashe Roof Will Help The Top Players

skeezer Says:

“I’m just happy that the last, I don’t know, one-and-a-half years I have been again very, very consistent.”
Fed, you need to tell everyone how great your stats are. That’s all that matters to some.
Me? Just win baby. Beat those stats.

Markus Says:

When Federer said he is playing better now that he did 10 years ago, I argued vehemently against that notion. Prove me wrong, Roger. Make me eat my words. I’ll do so with a smile.

elina Says:

Roger not winning slams anymore hardly proves he isn’t playing better than ever.

That said, under the circumstances, Roger should collect his eighteenth slam a week from Sunday.

Margot Says:

Some interesting thoughts from Andy on roof/withdrawals/injuries/prize money etc

jane Says:

here’s what cilic said about roof /conditions on ashe:

Q. Obviously the roof is going to be on next year. The frame is there. Gives it a different feel. When you’re on court, how different does it feel?

MARIN CILIC: I would say for the players playing on the stadium it’s a positive part, as you are — most of the day it’s shade in there. You are several degrees less than outside on outside courts. It’s a privilege to play in there. I feel, you know, the sound is just a bit different and you can really let go on your shots. There is not much wind in there. I feel, you know, as many guys were saying already, that it could give like for the spectators better tennis. It will increase 5 to 10%.

Michael Says:

I think Roger is in for a very long haul and he is not planning to retire any soon. Why should he ? He is the No.2 in the World at 34 and giving the young guns a run for their money. He still is able to win 500 and 1000 series tournaments. But, he is experiencing a severe drought in Majors since 2012. Partly, that can be attributed to the incredulous consistency of Novak who always is right up there to foil Roger’s plans whenever he gets an opportunity to smell the coveted crown.

Last year, he had an excellent opportunity at the US Open, but unfortunately fell to Cilic surprisingly in straight sets which was some what inexplicable. You cannot get that kind of opportunity often and you have to make best use of it when it is presented to you. Sadly, Roger failed to do it. Yet, he is not finished and he is highly motivated to win Slams. It is this spirited doggedness amidst adversity which puts him in the pinnacle of greatness !!

van orten Says:

Both monfils and cilic had played roger before in us open series and lost in hard fought three setters if I remember correctly.
So the unfortunate thing for roger was meeting them back to back in us open. They had smelled blood before so monfils pushed him, had him … But roger somehow escaped and had nothing left in the tank vs pumped up cilic .

Tough luck

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