Some Players Are Finding The New Arthur Ashe Stadium Too Noisy
by Tom Gainey | September 1st, 2016, 1:40 pm

The $150 million Arthur Ashe roof finally came into play last night when it was closed during the second set of Rafael Nadal’s win over Andreas Seppi.

Feedback, though, on the sound inside the new Ashe has been mixed, with players complaining about excessive noise and echo with the completed roof structure overhead.

“I felt a lot of noise, a lot of noise on the court,” Muguruza said after a loss last night.

“I didn’t feel silence at any moment,” she said. “It was continuously a noise. I think it’s very big, this stadium, also. It’s kind of echo. It’s just like continuously. But it’s the same for the other player.”

Anastasija Sevastova, who beat Muguruza, agreed about the noise problem.

“I find it’s much different,” Sevastova said. “I mean, sometimes you don’t hear the ball hit, so it’s coming to you and you think it’s still somewhere there. In the second set it was easier to manage to not hear all the noises.”

Nadal, who finished under the roof, also expressed some concern.

“That surprised me,” Nadal said of the noise level. “Was a little bit more noise than usual.

“For moments was little bit too much during the points. I always love the energy and the noise of the New York crowd. Is just fantastic. You know, I feel very close to them because I play with a lot of passion, and they give me that electricity, that passion. But is true that was a little bit more noisy than usual.”

Andy Murray, who played on Ashe Tuesday, didn’t have much of an issue. “I think last year was similar. I’m assuming it’s to do with the roof. I mean, normally there’s always been noise out there. I think the roof has changed that a little bit.”

Fans also noticed the noise.

As more players compete in Ashe, we’ll get more reaction.

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2 Comments for Some Players Are Finding The New Arthur Ashe Stadium Too Noisy

AndyMira Says:

Yeah,maybe the roof is part to blame but to me,the real problem is most of the spectators didn’t respect the players,whether when they were about to serves or when they’re still in the middle of the point..they’re chat,walks around,take a picture,made a small moves or gestures..sometimes they knows that the players were about to serves but amazingly they’re still walks leisurely around without any care in the world!Sometimes when the players complained about this,they’re got booed..I don’t understand why this happen considering the spectators were very high educated and come from the big city..

And i’ve got to give a full compliment to Wimbledon crowd whom i thought the most diciplined and well mannered spectators from all four slams[and i’m sure Margot,JK and Willow are among them!]..Love to see how they give a full respect to the players..They’re cheered the point like crazy but as soon as the players toss the ball to serve,they’re automatically will go quiet..

The AO crowd also awesome and amazing..

chrisford1 Says:

OK, the guy won 3 Slams. Was briefly #1, and was an “activist”. But Ashe seems over-honored. Couldn’t the new roof be named something other than the “Arthur Ashe Roof” in “Arthur Ashe Stadium”?? Maybe the Mac roof, Jack Kramer tribute facility add-on??
Maybe something for Sampras, Connors? Evert? American citizens and proud of it – Lendl and Navratilova. Something for Agassi like renaming Practice Court #7?? How will they honor the Williamses, Venus and her far mor accomplished younger sista?

Still better than Louis Armstrong Stadium. Named for a guy who is centered in New Orleans, who never played tennis or to anyones knowledge, even saw a match in his lifetime. His passions instead were heroin, horse racing, showing other people he was happy and loved America, and documenting the amount and quality of each bowel movement “Ol’ Satchmo” had after he turned 40.

At least the USTA has not put up a sign “Welcome to the Tilden Kiddie’s Center

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