Federer: Playing Under The Ashe Roof Is Cool; Nadal: Playing Under The Ashe Roof Is Too Noisy
by Tom Gainey | August 30th, 2017, 4:16 pm

What makes the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal such a great rivalry, is that they have different views on many things including the noise inside US Open’s Arthur Ashe Stadium which was closed yesterday because of rains.

Nadal, who beat Dusan Lajovic in his second match under the roof, says playing in an enclosed Ashe is too noisy!

“Being honest, is a little bit too much,” Nadal said. “I don’t know how to control that or the umpire have to control that, because, yeah, at the same time is not fair only say that. The real thing is here, the energy and support of the crowd is massive. I enjoy it and I have unforgettable memories from this tournament and this court, because the energy is different from in other places.

“But at the same time is true that today, under the roof, was too much. Too much noise, no? I was not able to hear the ball when you are hitting.

“So I don’t know. I understand it’s a show, at the end of the day, and I enjoy that. I feel part of this, of course, but under the roof, you know, we need to be a little bit more strict about the noise, in my opinion, no? Because all the noise stays inside, and this is difficult, no? With the roof open, feeling change a lot.”

Federer made his debut in the new Ashe and he thought playing under the roof was “cool”.

“I expected worse,” Federer said. “I heard last year that it was apparently also very loud, all that. I didn’t think it was that bad, to be honest. I think when the crowd really got into it, it was really cool. It was a great atmosphere. It was loud. It was louder than what I’m really used to. Not that it wasn’t loud before, but I think it comes back down onto the court. I think it’s really nice actually.”

The USTA responded to Nadal’s comments by saying there are continuing to look into the noise issue.

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28 Comments for Federer: Playing Under The Ashe Roof Is Cool; Nadal: Playing Under The Ashe Roof Is Too Noisy

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa may be right, but he should take it up with the organizers. He publicly complains about conditions far too often, it isn’t a good look for him.

Okiegal.... Says:

Duh….. Brad Gilbert brought it up first …….Rafa just answered the question and gave his thoughts about the situation….like any player would do…….ease up TV!! Take a chill pill….

lylenubbins Says:

Rafa was just being honest and was not obnoxious about it.

Humble Rafa Says:

Court is noisy. People talk during points. What’s up with this? Can’t you shut to see a goat owner in action?

Humble Rafa Says:

In good for all good people, the Milkman has won a big match against an over rated player. He is such a nice guy. Way to go, Milkman.

skeezer Says:

Court is noisy, balls are not good, sun is shining in my eyes, court is wrong color, court is wrong surface, umpire no good, bananas are bad. Anything else?

Humble Rafa Says:

Anything else?

People are rude.
They talk too fast.
Planes flying over my head.
Parents not taking care of their kids during play.
Flash photography from smartphones.
Expensive city even for a goat owner.

Sax Says:

I remember Rafa saying that he was displeased that he didn’t get to play on centre court enough at Wimbledon. Now the main showcourt at the Open is “too loud “. He’s too sensitive.

Markus Says:

I do not think there is anything wrong about complaining as long as you are not being obnoxious and unreasonable about it. Nadal’s gripes are nothing to get discombobulated about.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am the No. 1 player in the world. I am trying to make the US Open better for everybody.

Giles Says:

Madison Keyes complained bitterly about the noise factor under the roof!!!!

Giles Says:

Fed is not any good at dealing with the elements. Likes to play in the cool of the night so gets night matches. Doesn’t like wind so likes to play under the roof. Pffffft

t4t Says:

Fed doesn’t have to complain as the organizers are his genies, saying ” your wish is my command, Master”. Draws, courts, schedules…..you name it, we make it happen!!!

skeezer Says:


Oops, sorry wrong thread. Someone made a Fed comment so thought it was ok to continue on….

t4t Says:

All threads are Fed threads.

Daniel Says:


Not ture, one example wass IW 2012 where Federer handled windy condiotons way better than Nadal in their semis. Nadal was bothered all match. This is a classy falacy, just because Federer plays way better in Indoors, people asusme he dosen’t like outdoors.

Giles Says:

Daniel. ” One example”. Lol. Is that all you can come up with? One example!

t4t Says:

One swallow doesn’t a summer make. Who knows why at IW 2012 Fed handled it better. Maybe Nadal was injured, maybe he was tired fighting through a tough draw. Not everybody gets cup cake draws, you know.““
What Daniel is doing is presenting a classic fallacy, presenting an exception to DISPROVE the rule. While we all know an exception proves the rule.

skeezer Says:

Nadal is not good at dealing with varied surfaces, speeds, colors , balls and umpires. Exception: If all courts were red and clay, well ok then.

J-Kath Says:

Skeezer: Bleacher Report!!!! – they never have anything new to say and mistake a tidbit for a 5-star dinner.

Tony N Says:

Skeezer: “Court is noisy, balls are not good, sun is shining in my eyes, court is wrong color, court is wrong surface, umpire no good, bananas are bad. Anything else?”

Here’s the article (from a British newspaper of record, which knows there is no such thing as a “5-star dinner”) that Skeezer really wanted to post:
Rafa Nadal criticizes Andy Murray for his decision to pull out of the US Open just after the draw.

Colleen Says:

If nadal doesn’t want the noise BC he can’t hear the ball when it bounces, what about his opponent’s who can’t hear the ball with his incredibly loud grunting? Yet again nadal being hypocritical, wanting special treatment and to his specs while trying to come across as humble.

Daniel Says:

Yeah, t4t the exception of winning 19 majors and couting in OUTDOORS conditions! Yeah, he can’t handle natural conditions. Quoting Giles: “LOL” kkkkk

Daniel Says:

Your guy can’t win WTF (indoors, only all time great to have never won it, even Kurten won it, can’t win on HC anymore for more than 3 and a half years and you guys are bitch#$%¨@ about Federer, really?! Priceless stuff

Daniel Says:

Your guy can’t win WTF (indoors, only all time great to have never won it, even Kurten won it, can’t win on HC anymore for more than 3 and a half years and you guys are bi#$%¨@ing about Federer, really?! Priceless stuff

Okiegal.... Says:

@Tony N 12:23……I read the Rafa interview wherein the comments he made regarding Andy and pulling out of the open……there again the interview person asked Rafa what he thought about Andy’s withdrawal from the open and Rafa answers the question honestly as he could. Your first impression when reading the article is that Rafa brought this all up on his own……but not…..answering a stupid question from a reporter who is delighted to stir the pot. They work hard at trying to make Rafa look bad in every situation possible. Being honest is one of Rafa’s greatest characteristics but also one that is detrimental to him to……..which is sad to say!!

Okiegal.... Says:

^^^^ Correction of my grammar…….detrimental to him too….(too not to) In case the grammar police is lurking about!!

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