Murray Leads Great Britain Into Davis Cup Final, Will Play Belgium In November
by Staff | September 20th, 2015, 9:22 pm

Andy Murray will try to clinch his first Davis Cup title in November thanks to his effort this weekend. Murray led Great Britain winning all three of his rubbers including the clincher today against Australia beating Bernard Tomic 7-5, 6-3, 6-2.

“Reaching the final is a big achievement and something that hasn’t been done for a long time. Everyone in the team should be very proud of that,” Murray said of Britain first appearance since 1978.

“I probably thought about it more before the match today than I did when I was on the court. Once I was out there I just tried to play each point and fight as hard as I could. I wasn’t really thinking about history or anything like that. I was just concentrating on the points.”

Murray and brother Jamie won a pivotal doubles match Saturday overcoming a break down in the third to win in five sets over Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Groth. But the Scot showed no issues today after the long doubles match.

“I wasn’t concerned about how much I had left in the tank. My back had been giving me a lot of trouble this week,” Murray said. “That was the thing I was most concerned about. The singles match on the first day was very quick. The doubles for me is not physically tiring. In the Davis Cup it’s more the emotions you use and it’s stressful.”

In the late November final, Murray and his squad will travel to Belgium searching their first Davis Cup title since 1936.

The Belgians took out visiting Argentina after being down 2-1 going into the final Sunday.

David Goffin kept Belgian hopes alive crushing Diego Schwartzman 6-3, 6-2, 6-1. Then in the deciding fifth rubber, Steve Darcis won it for the home team beating Federico Delbonis 6-4, 2-6, 7-5, 7-6(3).

“It’s one of the biggest moments of my career, that’s for sure,” said Darcis. “If you told me 10 years ago we would play a final in Davis Cup I would not believe [you].

“The atmosphere was unbelievable. You know, this stadium is so famous in Belgium. For our small country it’s pretty big.”

During the November 27-29 tie, Belgium will bid for their first career Davis Cup title.

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50 Comments for Murray Leads Great Britain Into Davis Cup Final, Will Play Belgium In November

Tennisfan Says:

Congrats to Murray and the team! Although Belgium has Goffin, I still don’t see them beating the GB team, so I think Murray will add a DC to his accolades this year!

skeezer Says:

Hey wait a sec, I must have been in USO post depression. GB with Murray leading the way is in the DC final? Go GB!!
(margot, fall is coming, bad boy summer will be behind ya, enjoy. Gotta feel Murray is going to compete well)

Margot Says:

My pleasure at Andy’s performance, which was superb, is tempered by his comment, “My back had been giving me a lot of trouble this week.”
This is very worrying news, Is it the old trouble back, which the op was meant to have sorted, or a new problem? Change of surface? What?
Cheers Skeeze, but not feeling too jolly TBH

jane Says:

margot there’s talk he could miss world tour finals… you probably know this but here’s the link anyhow, for others.

Margot Says:

Yep jane, just heard the interview on R4.
Andy’s obviously prioritising Davis Cup, but suggests back problems will have to be carefully managed in future. Changing surfaces is a killer.

Margot Says:

Now rumours circulating final will be in Ghent. Yes, I’ve been there. Lovely. Belgium very underappreciated.

Colin Says:

From what the commentators were saying it did seem the Glasgow technicians, in preparing a surface intended to favour Andy’s game, may have overdone it. It was, someone said, like sandpaper.

If Nole played on that, and tried to do his famous slide, he might break his ankle, and if he fell he’d lose more skin than he did in New York.

Speaking as a non-player, I wonder: does everyone slide just a little on a hard court? If so, wouldn’t Andy’s foot catch on the Glasgow paint and wrench his back? Belgian clay should be safe, (and Ward will probably return to the front line).

wilfried Says:

The final be in the city of Gent, in the Flanders Hall outthere. It’s secon choise. First choise was the Sporthal in Antwerp which is a bigger sporthall (15.000 people), but there’s Madonna concert taking place the same weekend, and the lady is not ‘ready’ to move her cocnert.

wilfried Says:

I’m sorry for the many type errors. Didn’t check my text for errors.

J-Kath Says:

Alas, it sounds like much more than just talk – Andy himself is reported to have said he would withdraw from O2 if Davis Cup final is to be held on clay….ie not have enuf time to prepare for different surfaces.

Margot Says:

Heard him himself on R4 this a.m. :'(

the DA Says:

Margot, I read somewhere that Andy stressed it wasn’t the same back issue that led to the operation. He said it was just the common stiffening that sometimes occurs after a HC swing. *phew*

As for skipping the WTF, I think it’s a very wise move – especially if it’s on clay. The French had the same tactic vs the Swiss (and it worked somewhat as Roger lost and coincidentally had a back issue). It all went awry when Tsonga had his own physical issue.

I didn’t realize just how important winning DC was to Muzz until a few interviews this weekend. Anyways, we fans haven’t forgotten the boorish boos by david RF fans at the 2012 WTF. It’s no great loss to miss it one year ;)

the DA Says:

david = rabid (damn autocorrect)

Gypsy Gal Says:

IMO The season is too long,we are in late September and theres still alot of tennis to be played,he broke his neck last year trying to qualify for the WTFs and was too spent in the end to make much of an impression,you can end up been a victim of your own success and suffer with burn out or injuries,the season needs shortening….

skeezer Says:

You can slide on HC some, depending on the surface. Regarding that surface you mentioned and it being “sandpaper”. Some HC actually have sand like material in coating to control the speed of the court. For sure not good if you ha ve or are nurturing a injury. You can easily turn a foot, and when you plant, you stop, and if you plant a foot wrong it can catch and hold, so if your body is not in proper position, you can hurt yourself more easily. Not good for back issues for sure,

Margot Says:

@ the DA
If true, PHEW indeedy. Yes, means so much. He gets so emotional, loves being part of a team. May have been better off playing a team sport? Could’ve been a wonderful footballer. Wonder if missing WTF would have “slapped wrist” implications?
BTW Mr “Agent Provocateur” DA….hope you have noted I have travelled extensively in that far distant country Belgium….indeedy in further shocking news, have travelled extensively abroad generally with my mule and baggage carriers. It’s just you yankees that get a bit worried about the plumbing in foreign parts … apparently ;)

J-Kath Says:

Apparently some “Yankees” were also worried about the toilet rolls – my American mother-in-law brought an extra suitcase full – and what she didn’t use was given as Xmas presents….my mother laughed so much she grabbed one and had to run…..

Oh lordy isn’t all a scream — why don’t we collectively write a book

Emily Says:

Final to be held in Flanders, probably on clay. Though playing the wtf last year limited Roger’s ability to get used to the clay, they were arguably a two man team. Jamie is a great doubles player, but there is a lot of pressure on Andy to win both of his singles matches (which I do think he will). It’s a shame for the crowd that Andy might not be at the O2 and the tie is in Belgium, but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

RZ Says:

@Colin – I’m on a hard court about twice a week, 3 times if it’s tennis league season. I have never slid on a hard court. But that could be due to the fact that I’m a lowly intermediate player, not a pro.

J-Kath Says:

WTF is a mandatory tournament for the 8 top players (unless they are carrying an injury). Don’t think Andy is allowed to choose Davis Cup over WTF.

RZ Says:

@Margot and Jane – I’m also concerned about Andy’s back being sore. But hopefully it’s due to his having played more matches this year up to this point in the season than in previous years, and not due to an injury.

jalep Says:

Andy completely pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

Tremendous play and effort in the DC semi-finals. But yeah, one has to wonder, like after the last DC efforts, if it will have some downside to the next tournaments. He wasn’t ready for Washington DC but he was great in Canada…

Not sure how DC semifinals weren’t on his mind when playing US Open. GS win vs Davis Cup might seem like a no brainer to me but it sure appeared like Andy’s heart was in it more in that Glasgow performance. He’ll figure out how to be peaking for Davis Cup final.

Tennis-x – tennis tournaments, both ATP and WTA are happening now. St. Petersburg is back! The beautiful City of Metz, France has a nice tournament going on and the WTA is in China, Japan, and South Korea.

RZ Says:

@jalep – as much as I would have loved to see Andy win the US Open, his early loss there must have helped him with resting up for this past weekend.

Gypsy Gal Says:

RZ Exactly every cloud as they say….

jalep Says:

That’s was I was thinking watching Andy yesterday, RZ.

Absolute iron man effort by Steve Darcis. Davis Cup really brings out the best and some surprising performances by some players. I thought Japan had no chance but Taro Daniel beat Alejandro Falla and pulled off Japan’s win. All kinds of great stories about DC yesterday. Heartbreaking losses, too.

Hoping Okiegal checks in. I keep checking tx for an update.

SG1 Says:

RZ Says:
@Colin – I’m on a hard court about twice a week, 3 times if it’s tennis league season. I have never slid on a hard court. But that could be due to the fact that I’m a lowly intermediate player, not a pro.


LOL. I don’t think this has anything to with being a pro RZ. You’re not supposed to slide on a hard court. I’ve never tried it and I it’s not in the plans.

Whenever I see players do this, part of me cringes a bit. I honestly don’t know how Novak doesn’t have serious ankle & foot problems. Perhaps he’s a bit of a genetic freak in this regard. Never saw Sampras, Lendl, Becker, Edberg or Mac even try to slide on a hard court. Now it is possible that hard courts today have a little more give or that shoe technology is more apt to allow this (perhaps a bit of both). I don’t really know. What I do know is that I’ll run to the ball and leave the sliding to those who seem to know how to do it.

SG1 Says:

I think that the European slide as a result of all their clay lineage. Crazy that they can bring this skill to a surface that is so unforgiving.

elina Says:

Just goes to show the significance of a Davis Cup title for Andy compared to WTF, even if he is fined for which I am sure he is aware.

Winning Davis Cup is legacy stuff. Lleyton Hewitt put it up there with slams and was on two winning teams. Novak and Roger can attest to this each winning it once each.

I was pulling for Monfils and France last year but the Swiss were too strong.

As a side note, Nadal has played on four DC winning teams!

RZ Says:

@Colin – I’m beginning to think there’s a correlation between Djokovic slipping or falling on a court (not necessarily sliding) and winning grand slams. As one of my friends has said repeatedly about last year’s Wimbledon final “I still don’t understand how he won. Everytime I saw him play he kept falling.”

RZ Says:

@jalep – it was nice to see a good result from Darcis again. He has had a few good wins over the years but then seems to keep getting injured.

the DA Says:

“It’s just you yankees that get a bit worried about the plumbing in foreign parts”

LOL. I lived in SE Asia for several years. There’s no plumbing situation that I can’t handle. ;)

M Says:

I love how all the pictures of Muzz now are of him in ice baths.


Congratulations, GB & Belgique – may the best team win in the final …

… and congratulations to Conchita Martinez and Team España for staying in “the zone” (read Zone I).

chris ford1 Says:

Time to retire the stock Andy Murray picture.

Federer gets regal-looking on court photos or “aw shucks just a regular guy standing in winter clothes.
Serena and Maria get the on-court screaming photos.
Rafa the on-court fist-pump, chasing down a ball, or smiling hugely cooking fish on his boat.
Nole gets on-court photos of impossible body positions, or lit up with passion, or photos of him in winter clothes like Fed or hanging with his lovely wife..

Muzz sits in a bathtub.

Enough! Have pity on the poor guy.
Andy&Kim images please. Not to mentio Andy all fangs roaring, Andy at his castle. Andy charging on a Nole drop shot in Montreal he shouldn’t have gotten to, but did.

sienna Says:

Nadal was reserve role for 80% of his country DC ties. Didnot attend matches outside Europe.

Margot Says:

@The DA
“I lived in SE Asia for several years.”
In which I hope that SE Asia Hilton gave you very favourable terms….;)

J-Kath Says:

At least when the “Plumbing Across the Globe” book comes out “Murray in the Tub” picture can be used on the cover….that might get it off TX.

J-Kath Says:

Back to serious stuff – Andy Murray is between a rock and a hard place – the only way he can legitimately cancel his appearance at the O2 is if he is injured.

Thus he can hardly go and train on clay courts for the DC during the duration of the O2 can he? Unless he is prepared to be penalised – apart from a financial penalty, does anyone know if he would face additional penalties such as banned from future ATP matches?

the DA Says:

@ chrisford1


@Margot – Hah! More like the Hanoi Hilton. I had my fair share of squatter loos. French colonial heritage.

Now, back to the scheduled program. It seems that Andy has had second thoughts about skipping the WTF. I’m wondering if it’s all a carefully planned psyching out of the Belgians. As in “think twice about using clay, I’m prepared to forgo up to $800,000”. I wonder if it’s really worth it in the end for the Belgians. Goffin and Darcis perform better on faster surfaces. Surely it’d be shooting themselves in the foot. The USA tried clay to neutralize Muzz and it backfired famously.

Daniel Says:

Nice Margot,

Which I could be there! Hope everything is ok with Andy, last thing he needs is another injury. Any tennis player actually.

J-Kath Says:

Have looked up the ATP Rules and Regulations re. Andy Murray.

Mainly applicable is Section F “GOOD STANDING”
Players must participate in the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, if qualified as a direct acceptance or designated as the alternate, unless otherwise approved by the ATP.

Penaties for not being in Good Standing with the ATP result in a player:
(1) Not being eligible to participate in the bonus program.
(2) Not being eligible to participate as a main draw entry in the following ATP year.
(3) Not being eligible to earn a year of credit towards the ATP retirement program.

Margot – Think only way Andy can skip the O2 is if he gets approval from them to do so – seems the penalties go beyond financial loss.


elina Says:

All Andy needs to do is claim exhaustion or an injury such as a stiff back and make obligatory promotional appearances at the event.

There are many examples of Top 8 players who skipped WTF due to injury.

Margot Says:

The real problem is that the ITF and the ATP don’t seem to communicate with each other. It’s bonkers to put the Davis Cup final so close to the WTF.
1)Don’t think that matters to Andy, but
2) is very harsh isn’t it?
He really should have kept his gob shut and withdrawn at the last moment, citing his back. Nobody would’ve been able to say a word. And I think British fans would’ve forgiven him as we know how much the Davis Cup means to him and the team.
He’s far too honest and is paying the price.

J-Kath Says:

Margot – agree ITF and ATP do not appear to communicate well – in fact they each expect the other to change….

Andy and his big mouth – Yes but – 5 mins. after he’d withdrawn on grounds of injury he’d be on the first plane (or train) to Belgium to practice on clay – we’d be bombarded with photos of him (and all the rest of the UK DC team trying to be invisible.

Perhaps Elina has the right answer – except Andy isn’t much of an actor – (probably still blushes) when he tries to dissemble…would only work if he really did have an injury —something none of us wants.

courbon Says:

That Scotsman is very clean-is always in the bath tub…

Margot Says:

Lol courbon, better than being stinky…:)

courbon Says:

Margot:No question about it-better clean the stinky!

By the way-congrats on GB win.
By the way,If Belge choose clay to ‘neutralize’ Murray, then they obviously did not watch this years RG…

Margot Says:

James Ward is quite handy on clay too.

Margot Says:

….as the USA found out…;)

RZ Says:

Looks like Tennis-X changed the pic so it’s no longer Murray in a bathtub.

But here’s a new pic that Murray put up on his FB page. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this one quite a bit.

jalep Says:

What a face! RZ

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