Rafael Nadal: I’m Feeling That I’m Getting Better And Better
by Tom Gainey | October 19th, 2015, 10:23 am

Things are finally on the upswing for Rafael Nadal. After a dismal season, the former No. 1 put together the best two weeks of tennis in quite a while, reaching the Beijing final and the Shanghai semifinals.

And he collected some good wins, beating Milos Raonic and Stan Wawrinka this week. So, as Nadal points, out, he’s getting better!

“In general, have been a very positive two tournaments, finals and semifinals, obviously in tournaments that are not easy for me,” Nadal said Saturday in Shanghai after falling to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in three. “Was able to win a lot of matches, but not only win matches, but playing at a very good level again.

“I think have been one of the most positive two tournaments in a row on hard court of the year without a doubt, especially for the feelings. The feelings are that I am getting better and better. Bad news that we go to indoors now the end of the year. At the same time I know how it works and I going to work hard to try to keep doing well, keep enjoying. I am enjoying on court.

Nadal said he was also pleased with not just how he was playing, but where. And it’s a positive signal for next year.

“I am really satisfied the way that I finished that two tournaments, and I think was a very good warmup for the beginning of next year. That’s the way. I was playing much inside the court than during the whole year with more control of everything. Playing like this, keep working like this, the only thing that can happen is be better and better. I going to continue that way.”

His results during this Asian swing also clinched him a berth in the ATP Finals. Nadal now heads to Basel to join Roger Federer next week.

“I believe there is no doubt that the confidence is higher now than a couple of months ago.”

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21 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I’m Feeling That I’m Getting Better And Better

jane Says:

he seemed happier in china, less perturbed, looking comfortable on the court, which can only help. the wins/matches help too, of course, as he says. going deeper,and getting match grooved usually work to his advantage.

basel could be interesting.

brando Says:

Until you beat Federer I won’t believe it. That is the litmus test. Beat him? Meh, rafa could still struggle v fognini. Give roger a new hole? Yep,game is looking sharp.

J-Kath Says:

Jane – Forgive my lazyness for not looking it up -Is Nole going to Basle? Can’t remember him going before…

jane Says:

nope j-kath. he’s gone a few times but not recently. but it’ll be interesting if rafa and fed meet; that’s what i was alluding to.

chris ford1 Says:

It’s a shame they put Valencia, Moscow, Stockholm, Basel and the new one in Vienna so close together in schedule time and follow that with a mandatory 1000 event in Paris-Bercy, with only a week off after that before the Championships start.

For the top players that always seem to go deep, those qualifying for the Championships, and the two nations players involved in DC Final within a week after the O2 arena showdown ends – something has to give. Especially with the game more physical and exhausting than it was 20 years back.
Shanghai 10/11 -10/18
Moscow 250, Vienna 500, Stockholm run 10/19-10/25.
Basel 500, Valencia 250 10/26 -11/01
Paris-Bercy 1000(mandatory) – 11/02 – 11/08.
Championships 11/15 – 11/22
Davis Cup Finals 11/27 -11/29

The schedule makes sense only to journeymen and the higher ranked players booted early from the previous tournament cycle. To hit the next tournament. Players who go deep get little rest. A day off, a week at most if they try and play the late October Euro 250 and 500 events. Yes, some would get byes, but still – it’s too much to ask for guys like the Big 4. Roger can’t predict he was going to be bounced out in the 2nd round of Shanghai when planning his fall schedule and making commitments. I am sure Nole and Jo Tsonga would love to make the new Vienna 500, but that starts a day after Shanghai and they need a days travel from China to Europe.

Too bad for the 250 and 500 events suffering from top player’s schedule pressure.

Gee Says:

I laugh at the notion that 2004-2006 masters event 5 setters were harder than masters of the last 5 years. Did anyone rely on nalbandian, roddick, hewitt, blake and gaudio winning more 5 setters against rafa, novak and fed?

Daniel Says:

I think Djoko only plays Beijing because is pre Shangai and other commitments in Asia (uniqlo is from there). Actually he should play Tikyo once and a while, but with his record in Beijing not happening soon. The only other 500 he plays is Dubai (where I think all top players get the most money for appearance fee). Other than that he only plays Slams and Masters. This year he added Doha, but from all top playees he plays the least tourneys, 16 this year. Fed will will play 17 this year because he skipped Montreal and Is no longer plays Miami. Nadal already has 20 I think this year and Mureay cut a few in this fall due to DC but plays more than Novak as well.

J-Kath Says:

Thanks Jane – Yes. A much awaited contest as you indicated.

Wog Boy Says:


Not just that he has just gone a few times, but he won it beating Roger in the final, I think it was in 2008?

JoAnn Says:

I thought Rafa did well this last week. Even if he didn’t make it past Tsonga I know he will next time. I have faith in my favorite player. It would be great to see him #1 again. I don’t miss any of his games. He is getting better and better. I wish I could see him in person. But we are 73 and have to watch our savings. At least I can see him on tv. I have to get up real early, but I won’t miss him. Go Rafa

mat4 Says:


Uniqlo has opened more than 100 stores in China last year, so, I guess for them it’s important that Novak plays in China.

Wog Boy Says:


Sydney didn’t have Uniqlo shop until October last year, since then they opened another three in Sydney.

peter Says:

NoLe has the most fans in china. He plays there coz china is becoming the biggest market. Lots of money.

Beijing prizemoney is triple of a regular 500 tournament.

Daniel Says:

I imagine it was something like that mat4.

Jenny Shekersavva Says:

Rafa will make it to the top again it needs alot of work and alot of patience but it will happen I have faith in him good luck rafa we are all with here in Cyprus.

danica Says:

The fall season with Asian swing and indoor tournaments in Europe, was never Rafa’s thing. He really didn’t have much success even in his prime years. So, coming to China after a disappointing year that followed one plagued with injuries, and reaching a final and a semis, well, that’s huge. Comparing to other years, Rafa is getting his mojo back. I thought he had it at the USO already. Although, I am not sure he will be as dominant on clay like he used to be, I am sure he should make room on his shelves for more trophies.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Danica true,and by the law of averages Rafas clay court domination was bound to peter out sooner or later by the law of averages anyway,just as well hes nothing to prove there anymore

Regarding Novak winning the FO,people see it as a foregone conclusion and only a matter of time,and it probably is,although time will tell,i think this year was a great chance that went begging,and other players are now also getting better on clay too….

Daniel Says:

First he needs to win HC titles, even small ones. Than he has to reach finals in Masters. His last 2 finals in Masters were Madrid 2014 and 2015. This Asian swing he seems on track but if he failled to reach finals in Basel, Paris or WTF it’s not gonna be a progress (even tough this part of the year was never his forte).

I think he will play SA clag swing next year again. So AO and 2 clay tournaments (slow courts) he can regain his confidence. This year was too soon after his comeback, but next year he should be playing better on paper in those events.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Ah well some things take longer than others,maybe it wont happen at all,some things are meant to be and others are not,such is life….

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Gee, while you’re laughing you might want to check what actually happened during those players prime. Hewitt was 5-1 against Rafa early on. Roddick retired with positive H2H vs Novak. Nalbandian, when on, gave Roger and Rafa plenty of trouble, as did Davydenko (positive H2H vs Rafa). Even Blake, who was not in the same class as Hewitt and Roddick, was 3-4 against Rafa.

nits Says:

Rafa got injured then came out with a bang but not this time. He is going through mental issues. He always came back & won .He also expected this from himself. So when it didn’t happened he got nervous. More doubts, more double faults, more short balls, less belief in his own strategy lead to more losses. Vicious cycle phew!!!!!!!

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