Aljaz Bedene Says Rafael Nadal’s Forehand Is Now A Weakness!
by Tom Gainey | April 14th, 2016, 10:04 am

Aljaz Bedene had an interesting critique of Rafael Nadal. After losing to the Spaniard yesterday in Monte Carlo, the Brit commented that he thinks Nadal’s forehand isn’t what it once was.

“A few years ago when he was ripping his forehand, that was his best shot,” Bedene said. “But now when you press his forehand, that’s his weaker side.

“You can see he’s not feeling great on the forehand side, which is still a weapon in a way, but if he’s under pressure, he’s not the same player.”

In the end, none of that helped the 26-year-old Bedene who lost 63, 63.

“He loves the clay,” Bedene added. “He’s a great player. So even if he’s not feeling great, he’s always one of the two or three favorites to win it.

“He’s a great person, as well. I wish him the best. I know he’s been struggling. But, yeah, he’s, what, nine-time champion at the French Open. I think he can do the tenth one, yeah.”

The 60th-ranked Bedene has never won an ATP title, never beaten a Top 10 player and has just 14 career wins on a clay court.

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8 Comments for Aljaz Bedene Says Rafael Nadal’s Forehand Is Now A Weakness!

Giles Says:

Lol. Oh yes, maybe that’s why he got thrashed ny Rafa yesterday.

RZ Says:

Guess the forehand wasn’t weak enough!

Giles Says:

^^ Lol

SG1 Says:

Players should in general, avoid discussing the states of other players games. And a journeyman player like this most of all. He’s analyzing a player who’s weakest shot is probably better than his best. Not to mention the difference in career GS titles, total titles, wins against top 10 players etc. Stupid is as stupid does.

James Says:

Yeah right. Players shouldn’t discuss other players – but armchair analysts on discussion boards should.

Wonder if anyone on this forum has ever played ANY player with a world ranking.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

James, thats completely irrelevant. The purpose of this board is to discuss tennis. That is the reason we are here.

Professional players rarely discuss each other critically in these kind of specifics for a lot of reasons:
1) why give away something you’ve figured out? Just to show off?
2) You give your opponent extra motivation against you- plus, you’ve given all the friends of a very popular guy on tour extra motivation.
3) Its classless

Vami Says:

Good point. The other day Aljeze was talking about eating a burger across the street of Novak’s restaurant when other players were guests there. Now he’s bitching about Nadal. Being politically savvy doesn’t seem to be his strength.

Annie Says:

Bedene is young & inexperienced. He’s just telling us his opinion after being on the other side of the net yesterday. Once he matures a little he won’t be making faux pas like that.

RAFAEL seemed to be in a groove…Keep it going RAFA…we look forward to seeing you in the final!
Great job of dismantling Warinka..I think he thought he could take you out…yeh right!!!
Vamos RAFA!!!

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