Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal Basel Final Highlights [Video]
by Tom Gainey | November 1st, 2015, 1:55 pm

Here are highlights from Roger Federer’s 63, 57, 63 win over rival Rafael Nadal today in the 2015 Basel final.

Federer’s post-match speech:

Rafa’s post-match speech:

After the ceremony, both legends awarded the ballkids with medals.

A fun meme that broke out from the post-match with Nadal looking at his $750K watch (click to expand):

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14 Comments for Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal Basel Final Highlights [Video]

Gypsy Gal Says:

Very nice,there is obviously alot of mutual respect between these two legends,both were very classy in the way they spoke about each other,BRAVO Roger and Rafa….

madmax Says:

Class. Class. Class.

Gypsy, a very strange action from rafa, second vid, 1 minute 50 seconds pronto, cracking his neck. Must hurt that.

Just love these two. Loved the match. It was a great match. Watching some of those shots, sublime once more.

Am happy Roger came up with the goods. I think that Rafa’s speech was also quite humorous – when he addressed the crowd and said,

“Thanks for the support, although I understand it was a little bit less for today”. Heaps of laughs from the audience.

Bravo Rafa indeed Gypsy.

We need more RogerRafa!

DLPB Says:

both were very classy

No. Just no. Classy people don’t pull faces and look at watches during someone else’s speech.

Okiegal Says:

Maybe Rafa had an appointment with a neck cracker lol…Rafa always a class act!! All jokes aside they do have a great admiration and respect for each other. I thought it was a good match. Glad Rafa made it to the finals. A great result for him for a change.

Tennisfan Says:

The gif of Rafa checking his watch and pulling a face while Roger says his speech is really funny

Margot Says:

Oh that’s so funny! How many of us have done that? Quite a few I should think.

Wog Boy Says:

That Rafa gesture (face/watch), was so innocent that only some very rigid and PC fanatics can find it disrespectful, I just enjoyed it thoroughly, let them be humans, they are not machines, not yet…but world is heading that way, unfortunately:(

Wog Boy Says:

You beat me:)

Dingodingo Says:

Awww. . . they love each respect each other so much, and it shows. What a treat for those ballkids!

skeezer Says:

That belongs on
This is a tennis site. Post accordingly.

Michael Says:

The real Champions on and off Court – ROGER AND RAFA !!

jalep Says:

Funny gif. Fed had to give his speech in 3 languages, so…Rafa got restless.

Wog Boy Says:

That’s not fair, means he had to put up with three speeches instead of one, plus he was probably busting;)

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