Novak Djokovic Beats Andy Murray To Win Record Sixth Masters Of 2015 And Fourth Paris Title
by Staff | November 9th, 2015, 1:04 am

Novak Djokovic concluded his scintillating 2015 ATP regular season by piling up even more records. The World No. 1 dispatched his childhood rival Andy Murray in fairly routine fashion 6-2, 6-4 to win the Paris Indoors Masters title Sunday, and become the first player to win the title their four times and the first to win six Masters in a single season.

“I think there are a few reasons why I have managed to reach my peak at this stage of my career this year,” Djokovic said. “I think in terms of physical and mental ability, I reached my peak experience wise. I obviously have had a lot of matches that in the past that have led me to where I am at this stage.”

Djokovic stormed out to an early break then added another to salt away the first set. Murray made some noise in the second, getting back on serve after going down early, but the Scot who was playing in his first Paris final couldn’t sustain any momentum.

“There was couple of games in the second set where Andy started turning things around, so things could have gone different way as they did maybe yesterday against Wawrinka at same stage,” said Djokovic who has won Paris three straight years. “But I managed to stay tough. It was, all in all, the best performance of the week, and it came at the right time.”

On the slow Paris courts, Djokovic won 72% of his second serves which was a greater percentage than his first serve points won at 66%. Murray finished winning a dismal 35% of second serves. Murray also added 34 unforced errors on a tough day while Djokovic made just 12 errors against 10 winners.

Djokovic has won 22 straight matches and 32 of his last 33 sets. He’s also got 10 titles on the season and he’s a jaw-dropping 27-4 vs the Top 10 players.

He’ll go to London as the overwhelming favorite to win the ATP Finals. And he’ll hope to cap the year off in style, something he didn’t do in 2011.

“I will continue to do what I’m doing so far,” Djokovic said. “There is no reason for me to decrease the pace of the training and preparations and performances. It’s the last tournament of the year, very big tournament where I have done very well in the past.

“I look forward to it, especially because of the fact that I have had a season that I have had and the way that I’m feeling confidently. Hopefully I can finish off the season with another great win.”

Murray has now lost 10 of his last 11 to Djokovic.

“Obviously this year [Novak’s] level has been incredible,” said Murray. “Since the beginning of last year, my results against him and Roger, from my perspective, haven’t been good enough. I need to do better in those matchups.

“It’s harder playing against the best players. Those two are two of the greatest players of all time, so there is no disgrace in losing to them. But I do feel like I need to start doing better in those matchups, because the scoreline in the last couple of matches there hasn’t been good.”

Murray now has to focus on the ATP Finals and then the David Cup tie against Belgium.

“Today, again, I would have liked to have done better, but getting to the finals of a Masters 1000 is good. It’s not like it’s a bad result, but I would like to have done better today.”


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10 Comments for Novak Djokovic Beats Andy Murray To Win Record Sixth Masters Of 2015 And Fourth Paris Title

Chrisford1 Says:

1. I believe Wog Boy mentioned something like this after the Paris win. On Boris. I concur. That is, the last 2 years have been very good for Boris as well as Nole. If you look at pictures of Boris now, you see a thinner, younger looking guy full of energy and passion. He looked like crap when he joined Team Nole.
He was welcomed in, a German in the midst of Slavs, and found himself slowly bonding with the Serb professionally and personally. Journalist liquid lunches gave way to workouts, a diet regimen that still had beer, spaetzle, and sauerbraten but less than before. He got the surgery to help his moblity return, and got even better, healthwise.
And importantly for Boris, his advice has led to Djokovic tapping a new offense and finding out he has the talent to improve his net play, half court volleys, a little more on an already (pre-Boris) improving serve, a crisper forehand. Useful strategies for Wimbledon. How aggression can be deployed at the right time to make his opponent doubtful and generate more UFE’s. Which Nole quite openly gives Boris credit for. Becker’s large ego is basking in the fruits of success. He is happier.
This isn’t a celebrity coach situation. It is Becker being able to enhance Djokovics play in the areas Nole needed enhancement the most.

2. In all that, Novak still ensures that due credit goes to his physio, parents, Marian, agents, the encouragement and inspiration of his wife, his friends and brothers all matter a lot.
And the influential coaches besides Marian and Boris going back to his preteens. How certain players over the years positively impact on him.

3. And in this brilliant year, Djokovic returns with a familiar theme in his media meetings. How his life away from the courts has also gotten better, happier and it all fits in with his “job”. Djokovic is showing the value of how a balanced life with fun and activities other than his sport leads to more success in that sport than a monomaniacal fixation on just tennis, with all other things a distant second.

Wog Boy Says:

What I like about Nole is his cosmopolitan aproach when he is choosing the member of his team, as much as he is patriotic (and he is) that is not part of his criteria when choosing team members, but rather who is the best for the job regardless of nationality. In his team there is only one Serb, Miljan Amanovic, the others are Slovakian, Austrian, German and that lady whose name is Elena but I don’t know her nationality, his PR manager was Rafa’s one for quite a while until Nole decided to take that bold dude who is Italian. Niki Pilic, who polished Nole after Jelena Gencic handed him over to him is Croatian. He choses his friends same way and still is a friend with ones he grew up in Belgrade and never misses the chance to hang out with them when he is in Belgrade.

danica Says:

Elena is Italian as well.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks danica,
I thought she might be Italian but wasn’t sure. He also appointed as global CEO of his foundation nobody else but Alberto Lidji:

kriket Says:

Nikola Pilić, although of Croatian origin, was born in Yugoslavia, and of course living and working in Germany, I doubt he got “infected” with the Croatian nationalistic bug of the ’90s. Therefore I’d venture to say that he’s felt about Đoković more as his countryman rather than a kid from a different country.

As for Becker, he was best man to Slobodan-Boba Živojinović at his wedding in the ’80s, so it’s not like he’s never dealt with Slavs before, particularily the Serbs. He’s been BFFs with Živojinović, he had visited him in Belgrade countless times, apart from the wedding, even played an exibition match with him here back in the day when he (Becker) was No1 player, so Nole is not his first Serbian tennis connection. Of course, Živojinović played for Yugoslavia back in the 80s, still Becker has history with Belgrade and Serbia (formerly in Yugoslavia).

Wog Boy Says:


I know that Boba’s best man was Ion Tiriac, but I am not sure of Boris, though I know Boba and Boris were best mates with countless nights they spent on the loose in the night clubs.

Wog Boy Says:


Here is the official video of “the wedding of the decade” as Boba and Brena wedding was nicknamed, you can see Ion Tiriac at 1:30 who flew in Belgrade just to be best man and flew out same afternoon, you can see him at 5:50 again talking to bride (Brena) but Boris Becker is nowhere to be seen, I presume he couldn’t make it, otherwise he would be certanly in this offical video:

kriket Says:

Yeah, I might be wrong about the best man at the wedding. I claimed that because I remember the Mercedes that Becker sent as a wedding gift to them. I did not see him actually attending the ceremony, but I presumed because I know they were great if not best friends, and that the best man gives the best gift – a brand new Mercedes-Benz :)

It might be that he was otherwise engaged being World No1 at the time. But I remember well the exhibition match they played on an improvised tennis court on the Red Star football stadium, because at the time Belgrade did not have any tennis courts with stands for the audience. So they had to improvise one at the track of the track & field stadium, in order to have room for the audience. I remember, when Becker became World No1, Boba Živojinović promised in a TV interview that he would bring him to Belgrade to play tennis with him. And he made good on that promise. The match itself wasn’t really an epic. It was serve & volley all the way, so it got boring soon. Nevertheless it was World No1 playing an exho with our domestic tennis hero – Živojinović in Belgrade. It was no small feat at the time :)

Wog Boy Says:

Mercedes-Benz, 25 years ago, was quite a present:)

danica Says:

I believe that exho match was played in 1987. I still have the ticket that was given to me by a friend who would later play for Yugoslavia in Davis Cup. It was on a Red Star stadium and I was sitting in the first row :). The result 7:6, 7:6 for Boba but I think we all knew that Becker let him win.

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