Your 2015 WTA Top 10 Plus Year-End Rankings Statistics

by Tom Gainey | November 10th, 2015, 10:31 am

Yesterday was the official year-end rankings for the WTA tour. On the final week of the regular season, Venus Williams made the big push into the Top 10 to finish No. 7. Sister Serena finished No. 1 once again for a fifth time and third straight year.

A look at some of the other notable final rankings numbers:

2015 WTA Top 10 (as of Nov 9, 2015)
1 Serena Williams 9945
2 Simona Halep 6060
3 Garbine Muguruza Blanco 5200
4 Maria Sharapova 5011
5 Agnieszka Radwanska 4500
6 Petra Kvitova 4220
7 Venus Williams 3790
8 Flavia Pennetta 3621
9 Lucie Safarova 3590
10 Angelique Kerber 3590

* Serena has held No. 1 for 143 straight weeks from February 18, 2013.
* Halep, Muguruza, Pennetta and Safarova all finish at year-end best, with the last three finishing in the Top 10 for a first time.
* Radwanska left the US Open ranked No. 13 but surged to finish No. 5.
* Venus (35) and Ana Konjuh (17) were the oldest and youngest in the Top 100.
* Five teens finished in the Top 100 led by 18-year-old Belinda Bencic who finished No. 14.
* There were 12 thirtysomethings who finished among the Top 100, with 34-year-old Serena the highest ranked.
* Serena (34) and Venus (35) were the two oldest players in the Top 100.
* Just 6 lefties are in the year-end Top 100, but 3 of them are in the Top 10.
* Kerber is the only Top 10 player who hasn’t made a Grand Slam final.
* Every player in the Top 35 has won a WTA title in their career.
* Daria Gavrilova is the only Top 40 player not to have ever made a WTA final.
* 33 different countries are represented in the final Top 100, led by the USA who finished with 13.
* Tatjana Maria and Evgeniya Rodina played the most events of anyone in the Top 100 with 31.
* Victoria Azarenka played the fewest with 15. Serena was second-fewest at 16.
* Timea Bacsinsky made the biggest jump into the Top 20, improving 36 spots from No. 48 to No. 12.
* Garbine Muguruza made the biggest rise into the Top 10, 18 spots from No. 21 to No. 3.

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20 Comments for Your 2015 WTA Top 10 Plus Year-End Rankings Statistics

jane Says:

“the last three finishing in the Top 10 for a first time.”

would’ve thought both lucie and angelique would’ve been in the top 10 before. surprising.

hoping petra gets it together next year and that bencic continues to rise.

Ben Pronin Says:

9/10 top 10 players have reached a slam final. That’s a great stat. That actually matches the men’s current top 10.

jane Says:

and 4/10 have won a slam – i think that’s right?

how about on the men’s?
(fed, novak, andy, rafa, stan) 5/10 have won slams, and yep, based on the current top 10, they’ve all made a slam final except for gasquet, so 9/10

RZ Says:

@jane – I think “the last three” refers to the last 3 in that sentence: Muguruza, Pennetta and Safarova

jalep Says:

Average age WTA top ten is 28.2 – even with Serena, Venus, and Flavia, it’s a younger av. age than ATP, but hopefully Bencic and Pliskova will make it into top 10 2016 list.

4 GS winners outside top 10 — still within top 30 — Azarenka, Ivanovic, Jankovic, and Stosur.

It’s been a long time since Tsonga and Berdych made a GS final — wonder if either of them, or Ferrer/Nishikori can do that again.

SG1 Says:

Jalep…FYI…Jankovic has never won a slam…but, Svetlana Kuznetsova has and she’s also in the top 30.

jalep Says:

Oh thanks, SG1. Still 4 there.

jalep Says:

Hope Eugenie can pull together a great 2016.

jane Says:

rz – thanks. shouldn’t post b.c. (i.e., before coffee). :)

jalep i hope the same re: genie, though i know she’s not popular.

jalep Says:

I’ve had too many days off, jane. Fortunately I go back to work tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in spare time, did the average age of WTA top 50 = 25.32. Without the top 1-10, which includes Williams sisters and Pennetta, the av. age of 11-50 =24.6

I guess my point is that the top 10 WTA isn’t too representative of the top 50 av. age — Williams sisters and Pennetta throw it off. 28.2 = top 1-10 av. age; but, 24.6 = 11-50 av. age. A quick glance at names and ages of 51-100, only see a couple older than 30 — more younger than older. I don’t know, what my question today was: is the av. age of WTA aging like ATP?

Too cold and wet outside to ride my bike.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Hi Jalep hope you enjoyed your weekend with your friends ;)….

jalep Says:

We went out and enjoyed good food and drink, Gypsy. And we were all still friends in the morning ;) We’re talking about another get-together around Christmas/New Years’

Thanks for asking. Hope your making good progress in your studies, Gypsy.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep lol yeah not too bad regards the studying slow but getting there,glad you had a good time,hubby and i will be both working christmas most likely,but i dont mind as its a lovely atmosphere,and after all this is over we are going to renew our wedding vows and have whats called a handfasting,i dont know if youve heard of that?….

jalep Says:

ATP top ten = 29.6 av. age. (this week)
WTA top ten = 28.2

ATP top 50 av. age = 27.84
WTA top 50 av. age = 25.32

ATP top 100 av. age = 27.5
WTA top 100 av. age = 24.9

jalep Says:

GG, handfasting? What I think about is a scene in Braveheart. Is that right?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep i did see Braveheart but it was many years ago so i cant remember too much about it,anyway its like a pagan wedding ceremony which is done outside performed by a high priest or priestess,you wear robes and have your hands tied together with a red ribbon,its not legal in the eyes of the law,but its a tradition in our worlds thats becoming more popular….

jalep Says:

My favorite scene in Braveheart, Gypsy. Movie goes downhill from there though, imo.

Here it is:

Sounds beautiful. I’ll be thinkin’ of you and your hubby. When are you having the ceremony?

You know, if courbon reads your post though, don’t you think he’ll be thinking about naked dancing? :D

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep thanks for the link,i remember the film now,that is quite similar to what we will be doing but with red ribbon,and there will be a crowd of people watching,and a big feast of food….

And Courbon(AHEM)yeah lol….

jalep Says:

Your welcome. Well, think I’ve done my best. I’m outta here for a few days, Gypsy. London will be interesting. Honestly do think Rafa has as good a chance as ever there this year, considering his Asian Swing, Basel, Paris, and general attitude. And I wish him well – the final would be nice. Will be fun to finally see the who is in what groups.


Gypsy Gal Says:

Cheers Jalep speak soon ;)….

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