Feverish Roger Federer Wins 2016 Opener In Brisbane, Faces Grigor Dimitrov Friday
by Staff | January 7th, 2016, 9:32 am

In his first match under new coach Ivan Ljubicic, defending champion Roger Federer had no troubles in his 2016 opener, crushing Tobias Kamke 6-2, 6-1 at Brisbane last night.

“When Ivan got available towards the end of the season, that’s when I called him up,” Federer said. “I thought he could be someone very interesting and exciting for my game, for my team. He could match well. He knows everybody. He is also a dad. He still plays very well. He’s played against most of my opponents. He’s played me a bunch and knows my game very well. He’s now also been a coach for a couple years, which I thought was important. He’s done very well with Milos, so very excited he’s on the team. Today was our first win together, so that was nice as well.”

And afterward, Federer confirmed the rumors that he’s been battling a sickness all week.

“I was going to take Monday off and then on Tuesday I was going to hit in the afternoon but I didn’t feel so well. So I said, ‘let’s wait it out’. Then didn’t feel good at all on the Tuesday,” Federer said.

“On the Wednesday I started to feel a little bit better, so I asked the tournament if they could move it for a Thursday start, which I know they can do very easily, which was helpful.

“So started to feel a little bit better. That’s why I came out yesterday for a hit, just to see how things are. I was happy. I felt somewhat okay. There was no need to push it at all. I am not somebody that needs to play much before matches.

“I’m quite surprised that it went so well today.”

Federer moves on to face Grigor Dimitrov on Friday. He’s never lost to the Bulgarian including a win a year ago in the semifinals.

“Tomorrow is going to be tougher,” Federer said about Dimitrov. “It’s earlier in the tournament. Okay, maybe just one round earlier. In practice, in December, it’s been great. I have been hitting the ball well. I am where I want to be. Then again, tomorrow we’ll see. Grigor’s had a tough grind today, but he’s extremely match tough. I expect him to be fresh again tomorrow. I played him quite aggressive last year and that worked well.”

Dimitrov came back to beat Viktor Troicki. Milos Raonic also was a winner.

PAT RAFTER ARENA start 11:00 am
ATP – L. Pouille (FRA) vs [4] M. Raonic (CAN)
Not Before 1:00 pm
ATP – [7] B. Tomic (AUS) vs [2] K. Nishikori (JPN)
Not Before 3:00 pm
WTA – [4] A. Kerber (GER) vs [6] C. Suarez Navarro (ESP)
Not Before 7:00 pm
ATP – [1] R. Federer (SUI) vs G. Dimitrov (BUL)
Not Before 9:00 pm
WTA – V. Azarenka (BLR) vs [Q] S. Crawford (USA)

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34 Comments for Feverish Roger Federer Wins 2016 Opener In Brisbane, Faces Grigor Dimitrov Friday

Humble Rafa Says:

Federer confirmed the rumors

I was worried about third set of twins.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Well he lost 3 games,how bad could the fever actually be?
Nice picture by the way….

skeezer Says:

Whip FH looking good.

Armend Kosova Says:

Ivan is a better coach choice than meets the eye. He has achieved quite a lot in his career and truly pushed Fed as much as one can without actually getting the win. Ivan’s game was gravely affected by the fact that he was one of the worst movers on the court in the Top 50, yet stayed in the Top 10 for quite a while.
He may have an effect on the continued improvement (of the already very mighty) Fed’s serve. Ivan had relied on it himself quite a lot. Plus he had a great one-handed backhand, which is the only weakness, if I can use that word, in Fed’s game.
Agree that Ivan is a great match for the Fed team altogether, good luck to them both.

On another note, I believe that this may very well be the last year in which the trio of Fed, Nadal and Djokovic can all end up in the Top 5 by the end of the year.

Sarah Says:

Hot Roger…Gives me the fever:)

Gypsy Gal Says:

That is one hot picture i have to say ;)….

Sarah Says:

GG, I was sarcastic :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

I wasnt Sarah,he isnt my type and doesnt make me swoon with his looks,but thats quite a nice picture,much prefer a Fognini,Verdasco,Robredo type or an Australian film star ;)….

Wog Boy Says:

Roger was sweating more than usually from the beginning of the match and didn’t look quite fresh, but to be honest against Kamke his 70% is good enough for easy win, you can’t really use Kamke to judge where is Roger’s form atm. Dimitrov is different story but he might be tired since he played 2.5 hours high quolity match again Troicki in which one Troicki, as usual, choked in the second set after bein set and a brake up. Raonic is far from his best, Nishikori played very good match, it is getting interesting in Brisbane.

The most interesting match I watched in last two days was Murray/Kyrgios in Hopman cup, it was anything but exhibition match, Kyrgios won in two.

Tazman1 Says:

Hope that Roger goes #1 this year! He looks like he hasn’t lost anything on the court and that is a good sign for him!

Sarah Says:

WB, I have only seen the score onlyne from the Murray/Kyrgios match, and did think that the match was interresting..and honnestly there is a lot of potential in Kyrgios, this guy could beat everybody. I am only curios if he could be constant in one important tournament

GG, my type is more Delpo or Gustavo Kuerten. I do like guys who are realy hot, without beeing matchos :)

Sarah Says:

edit; machos

Sarah Says:

P.S. GG: I will make one exception with Marat Safin..he really was and still is a hot animal ;)

Sarah Says:

@ Tazman, no offense, but Rogers only chance to be Nr. 1 is by playing with the legennds, like McEnroe, Rafter, Sampras, and so on….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sarah i like Guga,Delpo only as a player,Marat was gorgeous,but a too full of himself,im good looking but god dont i know it….

Sarah Says:

I agrre with you GG, this is why I called Marat as an exception from “my rules”…perhaps I did that because he shares with my the byrthday, he’s only 1 year older than me :)…yes he was abit arrogant…

Gypsy Gal Says:

Rafa and Nole are both quite cute too,i should change my monikor to the tennis-x groupie ;)….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Agree about Roger and the number 1 ranking,and speaking of Rafter he was my favorite from that era,and still good looking….

Sarah Says:

Rafter was and still is one great guy, and good looking too :)
I always liked Rafa as a player, and he is also good looking…when he played against Roger (I never liked Roger in fact, I do not know why…he’s a fake for me), I was his fan..Starting with 2010 I started to be a Nole fan. I liked him as a guy, and I was impressed in 2011 by his improvement. He is really cute also.

I am chating at the moment more than working :))))

Daniel Says:

Dimitrov once again fall short of a big win close to the finish line. Glad Fed went through. Hope whatever is bothering him doesn’t linger much. Raonic won and Cilic and Kei lost. Could be a re match os last year Fed x Raonic and now with the extra drama of Ljub, former Raonic coach, on Fed’s side. Mayne that can trigger something in Raonic. Still one match by each to be played.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sarah if you do the bracket challenges there are pictures of some of us posters on there too including yours truely,but i think the most important thing is whats on the inside not what you look like….

Sarah Says:

What do you mean by pictures of us posters?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Well when we do a bracket challenge,and you fill out the bracket,theres a list of people taking part theres a section where you can put up a picture of your own choosing….

Sarah Says:

well, thank you for the info :)
Going now on mycouch, as I got home earlier today and wanna watch tennis.
Wish Rafa good luck

lakie Says:

GG, how do we do a bracket challenge? Is it for tennis-x fans only?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Hi Lakie,well bracket challenges are global and for all fans on all sites, there was a lady you used to post here called Kimberly who set up her own private one,although she doesnt post here anymore as she cant stand the sight of this forum now,however there is another lady called Jalep who set up her own private bracket challenge too,she has spells where she doesnt post as shes busy with her job,but will most likely return before the first GS of the season to set up a bracket,its user friendly and easy to navigate,she will give you instructions if you get stuck,theres also a comments section where people can chat,its alot of fun,and alot less intense than blogging on here less trash talking….

Sarah Says:

GG, Congrats for Rafa :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

His 99th career final,and he makes the first final of the year,and he won Abu Dhabi,he beat some top 10 players in doing so,a great start to the year,i dare say some will be along soon to crap all over my positivity though soon….

Sarah Says:

GG, the man has 14 GS, Golf Medal, Davis Cu, 27 Masters, and I do not knows exactly how many titlul. ..not in the mood to google now…how can you not be positive?…do not get U.

Sarah Says:

edit : gold medal

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sarah lol i am in a good mood,its been a great start to the year….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sarah im bi polar and suffer with depression,people like me have mood swings that go from euphoria to dispair at the click of ones fingers,and im still not feeling too well,so i cant help the way i am im afraid….

Sarah Says:

I just wanted U to feel better, that’s all:). was not a blame

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sarah your very sweet thanks ;)….

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