Andy Murray Wins Historic Second Olympic Gold, Denies Juan Martin Del Potro In Rio

by Staff | August 14th, 2016, 11:18 pm

Andy Murray made history Sunday becoming the first player to win multiple gold medals in singles and also the first to win them back-to-back. The Brit did it by beating a valiant Juan Martin del Potro in a topsy-turvy 4-hour, 2-minute affair 7-5, 4-6, 6-2, 7-5.

“The fact that it hasn’t been done before obviously shows that it’s very hard,” Murray said. “I’m very proud to have been the first one to have done that.”

Murray came out on top of del Potro, who had played over three hours in a win Saturday over Rafael Nadal, breaking the Argentine in his first service of the match, a tank-busting game that lasted nearly 15 minutes.

Del Potro fought back, getting back to even but Murray was too tough from the back, peppering the Delpo backhand all night.

Del Potro played better off his serve in the second dropping just 10 points when he had the ball and he attacked the Murray second serve. But with del Potro looking weary, Murray cruised in the third.

With this looking bleak, somehow, del Potro found renewed life in fourth in which breaks were traded like backhands, totaling seven breaks in what would be the final set.

Del Potro, though, got the better end of the deal early as the pressure mounted for both, and Murray began to fall apart. However, Delpo couldn’t serve it out the set at 5-4. And then Murray broke again at 5-6 to take the match.

“I know tonight’s one of the hardest matches that I’ve had to play for a big, big title,” said Murray. “I think, you know, the US Open final I played against Novak when I won my first slam was very hard. But tonight I found really difficult.”

“Emotionally it was tough,” he added. “Physically, it was hard. There were so many ups and downs in the match. It was one of the toughest matches that I’ve played to win a big event, for sure.”

The win adds to Murray’s season which has already seen him take Wimbledon, reach the finals of both the Australian and the French and win Rome. And he’s now on a personal-best 18-match winning streak heading to Cincinnati.

Murray finished with 10 aces, 6 double faults with 46 winners and 44 unforced and was 9/23 on break points.

“I’m happy that I’m still here competing for the biggest events,” Murray said. “I’ll try and keep going. Who knows about Tokyo. But if I’m still playing in four years, when I’m 33, I don’t imagine I’ll be playing the same level as now. I’ll try and enjoy tonight’s win.”

Del Potro had 20 forehand winners of his 39 total, but made 38 unforced errors and by the end of the match his top serving speeds were lower than Murray’s.

After a busy week, he also was trying to become just the second player to ever beat Novak Djokovic, Nadal and Murray in the same event after Roger Federer did it at the 2010 London finals. But in defeat, the former US Open champion proved he’s a threat again.

“This will be for the rest of my life on my mind,” del Potro said. “I never thought something like that at the beginning of the tournament. It’s even bigger, like a dream. Now I got a silver medal, which means a gold for me. I cannot believe I will bring another medal for my country.”

Murray began the Olympics carrying the flag for Great Britain. He finished watching it being raised in victory.

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43 Comments for Andy Murray Wins Historic Second Olympic Gold, Denies Juan Martin Del Potro In Rio

AndyMira Says:

Congrats once again to Andy and his loyal fans…when he skipped Toronto and only wants to focus on Olympic..he meant business..and what a business he’s in..AMAZING!!Don’t know whether other player can do what Andy did..winning back to back at Oly…sure it’s incredible..hope he will break more record and create more success[namely added more slams to his tally]in the future while he’s in this ‘ZONE’…C’MON ANDEE!!

Margot Says:

Well done Andy! A double gold how amazing is that. One for the history books. And what an amazing run from JMDP, if his wrist holds up and he still has the fire, he could do it in 4 years time.
A great match for you neutrals, I guess, in terms of excitement and never say die attitude from both players, but I thought the quality of Andy’s play was very erratic. Veering from dross to genius and back all the time. His touch seemed off again too.
And his FSP was 39% in the first set and a little over 50 for the 4th, while Juan’s veered between 70 and 89%.
Well AM here I am back, just about forgiving you and OK….just about….;) And have a great holiday OK, as AM says you deserve it. Look out for bears….:)
Kath: that was just a bit of an extra special Murray roller coaster wasn’t it? My nerves are still jangling. Lucky RZ missing it. Agree with you about honours stuff too.
Van P: just shows you should never predict finals. JM upped his form, Andy dropped his…..and off you go!

Van Persie Says:

Congrats to Andy and his fans! (even if I did this allready on Saturday)

Margot, I did not say, Andy would crush DelPo ;)

Okiegal Says:

@Margot……thanks for my holiday well wishes. I am looking forward to it…..but dreading packing.

Margot, Andy made some awesome points today… ought to be busting your buttons! Proud for him and his loyal fans. DelPo looked awesome too. Two more warriors battling it out! Great match! My warrior got a dubs gold….I’m happy a bout that! Olympic tennis 2016 was amazing! Also Puig winning was so cool!

Danica Says:

Great win for Andy. Many, many congrats!!! To him and his devoted fans. He is building up his resume and making a niche for himself in tennis history as one of the greatest. Well done Mr. Andrew ;).

AndyMira Says:

Yo M…no flowers for me this time?Or you just destroyed your whole garden when Andy tortured you senseless last night?Heh!heh!heh!

PS..Hope you UN-GLUED your fingers in time to hear the beautiful ROARRR from the crowd..

PS2]…Thank you for the forgiveness M…although am not guarantee it won’t happen again!

AndyMira Says: more thing i want to ask you…how do you find Andee’s backhand?Whether that amazing one handed slices that gave him free point multiple times or two backhanded cross court?Worked to your satisfaction?If so,we should give a FedEx a special thanks..

Margot Says:

AM and OK: Well, if you two trash my new sofa….well… that would be it!
@Van P: alls well that ends well, indeedy but at the time, with JMDP firing those forehands and serving bombs, didn’t feel like a foregone conclusion.
Thought the embrace at the end was lovely and I can’t have been the only spectator watering up.

Margot Says:

Thank you Danica, as ever generous and good spirited in your comments.
AM: thought FedEx hadn’t delivered the right backhand a couple of times, or wanted it back! But those slices were gorgeous. Wonder if JM’s will get better over time. It’s a hole in his game and, on quicker courts won’t be able to run round it.

Dan Martin Says:

I’ve got my day 1 predictions as well as a few reflections up about attending the qualifying matches this evening at – I wonder who among the medal round players will show up in Cincinnati. Olympic tennis was great for the sport. Flag bearers and torch bearers epic matches etc. However, the schedule needs to be reworked so fans around the world are not given poor draws as a result. I’d say cut Fed and Davis Cups in Olympic years freeing up multiple weeks on each tour.

AndyMira Says:

M…honestly i don’t think it’s FedEx fault that Andy’s backhand turned wayward a couple of times…it’s Andy and his nervousness..and i don’t blame him..when he tried to deliver his backhand,all he can see is “the blink blink of the 2nd gold”..and not only that,he’s on he verge of creating a history..and that’s big M…i can’t help but wonder why he didn’t slices more often..he’s pretty confident when doing it..considering his nervousness and all…

PS2]…Now you know how i felt when Novak and Delpo did the same last week…they’re all an amazing and awesome young man…

Margot Says:

I agree AM on all counts especially about those slices which JMDP hated. Andy said it was one of the hardest matches he’d ever played, so I guess his tennis brain just deserted him at times.
And EEEK, due to meet in Davis Cup in a minute, if Andy and JM play of course.

courbon Says:

Congrats to Andy and his fans

AndyMira Says:

M…the good things is they’re going to play in Britain..the bad things is JMDP would not be this tired and weary..and also Andy tend to get nervous again especially playing in front of his own crowd…so maybe it will become a rollercoaster match once again..but the good things again…Andy is become the hardest player to beat nowadays..he’s so good and what’s more…like last night,he knows JMDP weaknesses and intelligently will exploit it to the fullest..

J-Kath Says:


If JMDP plays Davis Cup Andy will also. Despite Kyle’s heroics last time? Nah! And now Cinci two days away, US pending, O2…something has to give.

Thanks Everybody today and last night for kind comments. Andy didn’t play his best….his serve was off for too long but there was magic nonetheless and plenty of resolve from DelPotro.

theDA Says:

Huge hugs Margot (and to the other few dedicated Muzz fans). What a match! Everyone thought it would be a foregone conclusion but that gold and silver were earned. Hope this Delpo is back and not just because of Olympian adrenaline – but NOT in the boy’s side of the USO draw please ;) Damn, so many allergies for a Monday in August or is it something in my eye ;P *sniff*

Giles Says:

Congrats to Andy and fans.

Margot Says:

Thank you so much DA, huge hugs back. I know, I know….these damn allergies, dreadful in the UK too. :)

AndyMira Says:

@M…did you already read this?

PS..Very agree with JK Rowling,Nicola Sturgeon and Jess Phillips..

Margot Says:

AM: Inverfail is a complete —– insert rude word of choice. He’s the one who was so casually sexist about Bartoli.

AndyMira Says:

Yes M..i remember..and what’s more it’s OUR Andee who become a Nicola said..Yet another reason to love Andy Murray..oh wow!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Great match, great tourney, great win for Andy.
Thought Andy played great. He reminded me of Rafa vs Fed: just relentlessly going to the backhand. For his part, Del Potro’s backhand has really improved over the last few months. Its not the weapon his forehand is, but it looked pretty solid yesterday.

It was an impressive win. Del Potro played nice tennis and never quit. He also showed, to my surprise, that he can play 5 setters. I know he beat Wawrinka at Wimbledon, but that was early rounds. This was against Murray, after an exhausting semis.

It sets up a much more exciting USO. Rafa, Del Potro and Murray are all in the hunt, and of course, Milos and Wawrinka are genuine contenders as well. For the first time in a long time, Novak has a genuine uprising on his hands, and he will want to put it down!


Congratulations to Andy for winning the Gold Medal. I didn’t think it was an exciting match, lots of errors and erratic play. Nevertheless, what I love the most, is the sheer emotion from both players at the end of the match.

Certainly, the emotion takes over and you see the human side of the players – that is the part I love best. Tears. Real. Human.

Delpo – now I wonder if he will need to take time out for the energy he had put into each match leading up to the final. It must have taken its’ toll in some way. Perhaps not.

Either way, it is great to see him back, seemingly fighting fit.

Well done to both players.

Humble Rafa Says:

Congratulations to Mr. Lady Forehand. Good job on winning the medal. Does UK keep his medal if Scotland decides to leave the UK.


SG1 Says:

How can anyone feel anything other than good about this result? Two guys who’ve had their struggles with injuries and other issues both giving it their all to the bitter end. Not the Hollywood ending but pretty darn close. I agree with DelPo. For him, this silver is like a gold.

J-Kath Says:

Humble Rafa

Who would they give it to? There are another 11 medals gained by Scots at this Olympics (approx. one-third of the UK haul).

Margot Says:

The best embrace at the net ever. Looks as if Andy is cuddling JMDP.
Those damn allergies again! Sniffle, sniffle.
Humble Rafa, you are sooooo old man. For the love of Gawd get some new script writers.

Giles Says:

HR is doing just fine. No complaints from this quarter. :)

Humble Rafa Says:

I am grateful for Photoshop. I have a picture of me with my own singles medal. It’s pretty cool.

Daniel Says:

Congrats Andy, great achievemant, winning last two big tourneys of the year.

Very curious to see how he will fare at USO. With Djoko and Nadal, as it seems, not 100% fit batlinh niggling injuries he lloks the fittest on tour right now.

If he wins USO suddenly things change pretty fast.

AndyMira Says:

@M 12:42pm…If this is ‘The best embrace ever’..what’s to rate of Novak/Delpo the other day?The best moment?Or The saddest moment?Or One the best sportsmanship ever?I can’t believe you passed your allergies to me M!

chrisford1 Says:

The reproach of Andy at Inverdale for overlooking the female Olympic stats when talking about Andy getting two golds is a game Murray can play –
Just as long as he is willing to abandon the premise that the men and woman’s game are separate worlds, apples and oranges. Start spouting Serena and Steffi are more accomplished than Federer at 22 Slams to Rogers 17. That he was not the 1st Brit to win at Wimbledon in 80 years, he was just following in the footsteps of British female champs there – more recent than that.

chrisford1 Says:

Easiest way of looking at it is Andy is the 1st to win multiple singles gold medals in tennis.
Bleacher Report and Underarmour’s poster is correct.

Throw in doubles, add Nick Massu and Rafa to the list.

J-Kath Says:

Margot, AM, Okie, VP, BBB – sorri got to stop too many to list – but would like Jane to read if she has time. This is a little different and it has amusing bits.

AndyMira Says:

@JK….Oh my God!This article really really spot on!SLEEPLESS ALRIGHT!!I mean i’m almost going crazy because of love of mine,Mr Andrew Barron Murray…i mean,rafa’s match start at 1:30am and i’ve only can hold my eyelids for half an hour after that[already sleepless the night before!]and Andy’s match start at 4:30am and crazy that i am,i woke up after sleep just 2 hours to see this epic match…and till this very moment,i still can see little stars flying happily over my head!And all because Mr Andrew..and i suspect things not change much since USO is about to start and i happen to predict that Mr Andrew once again will go deep[if not win it!]…i just hope i still recognize my kids face after USO is finished!!


jane Says:

j-kath, that’s a cute article, ha ha. :)
this part — “First seen as the up-and-comer testing the big three of Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Rodger Federer” —
seems slightly inaccurate to me, though, only insofar as novak and andy both came up at the same time. indeed, andy got a
win over fed before novak did, back in 2006. but then novak jumped ahead in 07-08; then andy caught up in 08-10;
and then novak sprinted ahead and climbed the “mount everest” of fedal over and over again seemingly, lol.
and, trust me, novak fans have had their share of prozac in the past, too. we call it the nolecoaster. even now, rarely
are matches completely devoid of ups-and-downs, if you know what i am talking about.
hope you’re well.

Margot Says:

Excellent article Kath, but the writer has the energy to dance round his sitting room after an Andy marathon does he? A likely story!

J-Kath Says:

Yep Jane! Thanks, Jane. Not too bad.

@ Margot: He’s about same age as Andy…maybe he can!! I remember jumping out of my chair and doing
a little whoop and jump – when I reminded myself I could do myself an injury. Sigh, sigh.

Willow Says:

Hi All back from my holidays, hope your all well, havent heard much sporting news at all, only a friend hearing Mo had won another gold yipee, super delighted for my two favs winning singles and doubles gold in tennis, lovely to hear Delpo is getting back to his best after all his injury woes with a silver and a bronze now to add to a USO title on his resume, and a bronze now for Kei, heard about Noles wrist and i hope its not too serious and also that he will be alright for the USO ….

AndyMira Says:

Hey Willow…Welcome back…hope you enjoyed your holiday and come back full of good spirits and i’m sure you’ll be happy to know a few good

news bout Rafa and Andy..

Laver Rules Says:

Check out the Rio Olympics tennis summary at

Margot Says:
Just for you HR and your biggest fan on here of course.

Willow Says:

Thanks Andy Mira, and yes very happy ….

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