Roger Federer Wins Epic Olympic Marathon, Will Play For Gold On Sunday; Withdraws From Toronto
by Staff | August 3rd, 2012, 2:25 pm

Following his epic 3-set 19-17 win in the final today over Juan Martin Del Potro, Roger Federer officially withdrew from the upcoming Toronto Masters Series.

“I am very disappointed that I have to withdraw from Toronto as I love the city and the Canadian fans are amazing. I have always enjoyed playing there but after a long stretch of tournaments, I will need some time to recover,” said Federer. “I look forward to coming back to Canada next year.”

Federer beat Del Potro in the semifinals of the London Olympic 3-6, 7-6, 19-17 to advance to his first gold medal match on Sunday. The 4-hour, 26-minute marathon was the longest three set match in the Open Era.

“The emotions I felt were as strong as winning a Grand Slam almost,” Federer said. “But of course you have to hopefully save some for Sunday so you can’t go overly crazy. But I was very, very touched at the end.

“But I was tense. I was nervous,” he added. “Obviously I was seeing myself as the loser many times during the match. But at the same time also I did see myself with medals. So you go through many emotions. You just hope somehow you come out on the other side as a winner and secure yourself a medal, which is now the case.”

Federer improves to 13-2 against the Argentine who will challenge the Novak Djokovic-Andy Murray loser in the bronze medal match Sunday.

“It’s not an easy situation,” said del Potro. “Someone always has to win these matches and today it was him. In other big matches it has been my turn, such as the US Open but this time it was his.”

Federer will meet the winner in best-of-5 later that day with a first singles gold medal on the line for both players.

The Toronto event has been hit hard with withdrawals due to the timings of the Olympics. In addition to Federer, Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Gael Monfils and Andy Roddick have also pulled out, with potentially more to come.

The Canadian Open begins on Monday. All the players are still expected to play in Cincinnati the following week.

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99 Comments for Roger Federer Wins Epic Olympic Marathon, Will Play For Gold On Sunday; Withdraws From Toronto

TennisFan Says:

Raonic .. Toronto is yours!!

Ray Says:

not so quick! i think djokovic will play toronto to right the ship and to get back to winning slam number 6!

El Flaco Says:

Anderson and Querrey are playing against each other in singles then have to turn around and play doubles together right after.

M Says:

Maybe Milos and Novak will give us a nice exciting final, since they seem to be practically the only ones left in the draw.

And Milos will have home country support.

P.S. I missed his Olympic match – did anyone see it? What happened there?

Dave Says:

Match Stats: Federer vs Delpo
Before you peek, guess what the stats were then check if you were right

skeezer Says:


Haven’t peeked. Hints? There are lots of stats…

skeezer Says:

from the ATP site( thanks Dave ),

“Top seed Federer defeated eighth-seeded Argentine Juan Martin del Potro 3-6, 7-6(5), 19-17 in a dramatic semi-final of the highest quality…”

Quite a statement from the official ATP site…..Highest quality… mean…..there is good tennis to watch without Rafa in the tourney?


That pic on the ATP sight with the big man resting his head on Feds shoulder after the 2 embraced says it all :(. Head up Delpo, you’ll get a GS!!!!!!

Dave Says:

Skeezer, you cheated. Bad skeeze.

I expected Delpo to play well today because it’s a tournament for country and team. Remember how well Delpo played Davis Cup last year in Serbia (indoor hardcourts/carpet) against Djokovic and then in Spain (clay) against Ferrer and Nadal? Not sure whether it takes pressure off him the individual or he is more motivated, but Delpo seems to play better in situations like Davis Cup and Olympics. I hope Delpo and Ferrer get the bronzes.

As much as I’d like to say that Federer wins the Olympic Gold, US Open and World Tour Finals and end the year No. 1, I need to see on Sunday how much this almost 60 game (longest 3 setter match in the open era) took out of him. Note that the ITF confirmed only that it was longest game in terms of time spent on court — which suggests that there may be other matches with more total games (58) or even total points (366), probably before the tiebreaker became widely used. Given how fast Federer plays, other players probably would have taken 30 to 45 minutes longer than 4 hours 26 minutes.

This may end up being an open second half of season. More players are in the mix — Murray, Delpo, Tsonga, even Raonic might be a factor. But I wouldn’t rule out anybody just yet — I’m sure Nadal is working hard to try to win the US Open, and don’t be surprised if his knees magically hold up during Cincinnati, USO and Shanghai. And Djokovic might yet turn things around. Federer, Djokovic and Nadal know that if they win the US Open, they take the limelight. Bottom line: at this point everybody should be happy, there are possibilities for their guy.

Mike Says:

You guys only write about Serena Williams when you have something negative upon which to focus. How can there not be an article about how this 30 year old player “waxed” the world number one and dominated these games? When will you start acting like real sports journalists and get your personal dislikes and biases out of sports news?

El Flaco Says:

Murray could potentially play 2 mixed doubles matches tomorrow.

mem Says:


you mean like roger’s back magically held up after the roof was closed in the wimbledon final. he even took the back support off after the rain delay knowing that the roof would be closed. funny thing is, there was not one comment on this blog that suggested he was faking or exaggerating. isn’t that strange? i guess what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander after all, especially not in tennis.

Donald Marhefka Says:

I hope Fed enjoys his medal because, at 31, I don’t think that match with Del Potro will help him. Remember what happened in 2009 when Nadal beat Djokovic in Madrid!

Polo Says:

Much as Federer played great today (and maybe for the past few months since after the USO), the reality is we cannot expect him to play at this level all the time. In a year, hopefully two, somebody has to take his place. Who could that be? Nadal maybe but his knees may get in the way. Djokovic? I still think 2011 was a fluke from which he may not be able to rise again. Murray? He needs a big win and when he gets it, my bet would be on him. del Potro? Maybe. I have a feeling the next few years will be between Murray and del Potro. That is how I feel, nobody should get discombobulated about it.

Kimmi Says:

wow! what a day! and what a match! reading the comments on the other thread, was funny to ready fed fans going through emotions. Polo, every time i read your posts, they just crack me up. Great to see you are still in one piece. Gannu posts were funny too. I was following score at work and couldn’t get anything done. I decided to leave and go to the gym for an hour hoping when I come back the game will be over and hopeful federer wins.

What a match!!! congrats to delpo too. I knew delpo is a tough guy but didn’t expect this close match, i don’t think anyone did.

Congrats to muzza for a magnificent victory. Great win over djokovic, in straights sets too. must feel good. Goodluck in the final.

the mind reels Says:

@Dave: aside from the intermittent hailstorm of unforced errors and relatively low % of net play, pretty good stats sheet.

skeezer Says:


your 7:57 post has so much laughable Bullsh!t in it that is sooo funny that I will give you a pass on critiquing it. And before/if you post anything back , your welcome! And I know you don’t care either. Hope your fav gets well soon.



am concerned also. Even with a day off he played alot of tennis. And you know playing a Murray, Nole or Rafa in a final its going to be physical. We’ll see. Gotta say, either winner is going to be a good thing. Both guys bring a great storyline to the final!!

mem Says:


i am so honored! it means so much to me that you gave me a pass.

did i insult “your highness”, mr. federer?
oh let me guess, he doesn’t fake, lie, or exaggerate injuries. let me put it this way, he just have an excuse ready just in case he loses. does that sound a little better?

Gaby Says:

@mem You don’t really know what your talking about. Fed had a back spasm in the match against malisse and unlike your fave nadal, he completly downplayed it and said that he was sure it will be fine. So how the hell did he have an excuse ready?

Dave Says:

mem: This is the special black undergarment Federer ‘the faker’ wore to magically keep his injured back warm and loose during the Wimbledon final (until it became warm enough with the roof closed so the faker removed it):

mem Says:


if you say so!

metan Says:

@mem, post 10:48 pm. LOL!!

Michael Says:

It was a topsy-turvy match. Del Potro had chances to finish it in straights, but he coulnd’t convert it. Roger had lot of opportunities in the third set. He was 0-40 twice but somehow he couldn’t get the break. At one point, he was serving for the match and yet couldn’t hold because Del Potro played great in that game. Finally, when it comes to the crunch, experience paid-off and Roger came out the winner. Del Potro did put up a valiant fight. But it was this day where Del Potro should have beaten Roger because Roger was having his off-day and there were many mis-timed shots from his racquet. Infact in many of the rallies, Del Potro came out better. But it was good serving which saved Roger in the third when he was serving from behind.

Michael Says:

As regards the Novak-Murray match, I am surprised that Murray won so comfortably. Infact I tipped Novak to win this match. But Murray played a fantastic match and he rightfully emerged the winner dislodging Novak. Now is the moment for Murray as he is facing Roger in the finals. Both have not won the Gold medal and sure they must be hungry. However, Roger has beaten Murray quit comfortably in major finals and this is Grass. Murray can take comfort from the fact that Roger played such a long match and that should have taken its toll. If Murray plays like he did against Novak, then it should be a very tough match difficult to predict the winner. But I tip Roger to win this one in four tight sets.

contemperory Says:

In the blog, someone (DJB) has posted the below comment. Actually I am pretty disappointed to see the negativity in the posts like this. Even some of you might have read this. However, while saying that, we also need to know the truth behind the actual incident. Did anyone see this? Someone called Jane (it may be the tennis-x Jane) has replied and asked DJB about it as well. Here is the comment:

“At 7-7 or 8-8 a ball landed close to the line. Federer stopped looked up to his box and then decided to challenge.

Clearly Federer broke the rules here on two accounts; taking too long to challenge and recieveing on court coaching.

The reason I bring this up is that I have argued that Federer has done this plenty of times in the past, the latter more than the former. With Federer fans labelling the likes of Nadal and Djokovic cheats, and Federer a saint in comparisson. I feel compelled to highlight this yet again. Particulalry give the irony of doing this in a match against Delpo. Where 3 years ago he was fined for swearing at the umpire for complaining about Delpo doing this.

Now the Federer KADs will argue either that Federer doesn’t do this. Which is completely ludicrous given the footage today and of past matches. Or they will argue that he doesn’t do this as often unlike Nadal and Djokovic who cheat every match according to some. (Although I would say that he usually challenges quickly but yes Federer has gotten on court coaching plenty of times in the past.)

If Federer KADs want to take the latter argument then it really is a partciulalry weak and hypocritical one. The argument seems to be that Federer can cheat every now and again but Nadal and Djokovic do it every match. And if you are serious about cheating then it is unnacceptable either in every point or on a handful of occassions throughout a match.

In short, if you lable Nadal and Djokovic cheats then you must also label Federer one too. Secondly, as one Federer fan said to me recently, how can you support a guy who blatantly breaks the rules?”

Federer fans – Dave/Madmax/Sienna etc what do you think?

Impartial fans – Nirmal Kumar?

Nadal fans – no, they don’t need to comment on this:)

skeezer Says:


Impossible mission

“your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to deflect Rafa Nadals historical injury excuses, controversial MTO’s, illegal coaching fines, to any and all other players fault. This would include blaming Feds wins @ 30 with a bad back, Noles 7 consecutive wins over Rafa because of an Egg, and Murray’s current win over Nole because he didn’t shave this morning.
If you choose to accept, it which u have, u must continually say things like “kettle black”, “if u say so”, and “I can tell u what to do but u can’t tell me what to do” to all comers. Good luck, mem.

This message will not self destruct. Sorry

tennisfansince76 Says:

@contemporary all the players do that and no one cares

skeezer Says:

“Nadal fans – no, they don’t need to comment on this:)”
I think that is all I have to say about that post.

Dave Says:

the mind reels: “intermittent hailstorm” lol. Yeah, the stats would look quite good to someone who didn’t watch the match but saw the stats in the context of a five setter that went 4-6, 6-7, 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 over 4.5 hours.

Delpo’s numbing, dramatic power makes a bigger impression on the mind and makes it appear he should have won the match in straight sets. However, if we examine the stats for each set, we realize that Federer not only had breakpoint opportunities in every set, but he was sightly more effective in the second set than Delpo… and by the third set Delpo was really fighting for his life against a more effective Federer. If Federer made better decisions and was more consistent on 5 to 7 key (winnable) points, Federer could have won this match in straight sets.

I think the John Isner game disrupted fed’s rhythm and tired him mentally, partly leading to unforced errors. It’s similar to Fed playing Karlovic and Raonic. The one positive of playing Delpo is that it seemed to reground Fed’s baseline game by the end of the match. Hopefully MUrray’s balls look slower on Sunday compared to Delpo’s.


Skeezer: What is a concern is that he withdrew from Toronto so soon after the match instead of waiting until Saturday morning to assess his body. Unless he had to meet an ATP entry deadline or wanted to free his mind from worrying bout Toronto (i.e., he can look forward to a 3 to 5 day break after one more big push on Sunday).

From what I know, while Federer was slacking off in Sardinia on vacation after Wimbledon, Andy Murray remained home and started practicing at Wimbledon within days after Wimbledon. So Murray has maintained and built on his momenytum from Wimbledon. Like you, it’s fine with me if Andy Murray wins as the storyline would be great for tennis. It may even be a good thing because it might give him the confidence to beat Nadal and Djokovic in the big matches. But even if Djokovic went to the final and won, it would be good for tennis.

mem Says:


you know how i get when some folk seem to always point out the flaws in a certain player but seem to be blind, deaf & mute when it comes to the flaws in their favorite player. this blog is flooded with those type of posters and i don’t mind calling them out.

mem Says:


hush little baby don’t you cry now momma is going to buy you a toy!

goat galz Says:

Old Fed is still vastly superior than prime Murray. Fed will be wearing the gold medal.

Ray Says:

somebody get the pills to rafatrds before they get “injured” like rafa!

faker, doper, cheater – they all bring only one guy to mind in tennis. mr. ugly game, mr. butt picker and so on…

contemperory Says:

I think Fed will be emotionally and physically tired after this match. Not sure if he can play his 100% and win the final. Let’s wait and see. I give 60-40 chance for Murray for tomorrow.

However if Fed pulls off the victory, then it will be a great achievement considering the fact that he is coming back after a grueling SF (similar to what Nadal did in 2009). If Murray wins, that is also fine because he has been playing so well of late and one big win will be a morale booster for his career.

Michael Says:

Yeah, the long match should have taken its toll. But Roger has time to rest and brace himself for the all important Gold medal finals. I think he has sufficient resting time and be fully fit. I expect a marvellous match on Super Sunday. If Roger plays like he did at Wimbledon, then Murray has little chance. But if the Roger we saw against Del Potro turns up, then Murray will probably win Gold for his Country.

Ray Says:

If federer wins the final, that will reflect very bad on the so-called “golden era” of tennis, that they get dominated by a man from a weak era and who is more than 5 years their senior!

i think this is murray time. he gets a lot of support now without the undue pressure that they bring like they do at wimbledon and other slams. and he must be inspired by the rest of the british team which has already won 8 golds and more medals!

this his best chance to turn over a new page and finally realise his potential. i would not be disappointed if Roger wins, but a loss for murray will be much more devastating for him at this stage of his career!

i will be supporting murray. sorry fed, but you already are an olympic gold medallist and silver in singles is not a bad achievement at all.

tennisfansince76 Says:

geeeesh fed should be fine. its not like he played you know 120 hours in row or something. it was the equivalent of a 5 set match and now he gets a whole day off. maybe Mirka will give him a back rub

Ray Says:

how awesome will it be to have fed, djokovic and murray – all 3 on the podium – that will be a moment for the ages!

i am sure murray and djokovic will end their carreers with more wimbledon titles than the one-dimensional fake-all!

John Says:

Hush shrewd mem oh please don’t talk, The doctors gonna bring you your scitzo pills.

Should you take those pills, and not get better, perhaps the Spanish bull could knit you a sweater.

Pick your butt and be a good fan, maybe you could buy him a Christmas ham.. And when-the-Maestro-wins:and your butt starts to chafe, please-don’t- come-online with your sour grapes!

And if you must please take your pills, wear two pairs of undies and use a dont-talk-crap quill……

john Says:


I was just joking around.

No need to start cooking up some mega-response. :)

andrea Says:

No mention of the women? Maria and Serena should be a good one. It feels like its Roger’s time….a day off should help. But if andy wins, it’s fine.

mem Says:


don’t worry, i won’t waste words on you; i already know you are a joke!

Stew Says:

As to the claim that the Federer-del Potro match was the longest 3-set match in the Open Era, yes and no. It was the longest best-of-3 match that went exactly 3 sets, but it was not the longest best-of-3 match. That honor goes to the match between Vicky Nelson-Dunbar and Jean Hepner at Richmond in 1984. It went only 2 sets, but took 6 hours and 31 minutes. The 2nd set tiebreak went 1 hour and 47 minutes, with one single point taking 29 minutes (over 600 strokes).

john Says:


Me? a joke?

I am deeply hurt. Since your wise words always encourage the most intellectual of responses.

Your the pinnacle of the most down to earth comments on tennisx, and show more emotional stability than any poster here.


john Says:

Your the pinnacle of the most down to earth comments on tennisx-lol- lol my mistake.

Sienna Says:

I actually saw fed looking indeed to his box and ask for a challenge .

But after Delpo had been given maybe four to five very late challenges .
I did not like that because I hate the asking and then challenging.

Couple of things.

A player should be allowed to hit a ball and then in a split second after seeing he loses the point ask for challenge.

A player should

Mark Says:

@ Contemporary yr post August 4th 12.12 am. Thanks for pointing out Fed’s cheating habits. Have the fed fans taken note? He certainly is not the saint his fans make him out to be. And not to mention his on- court swearing as well!!

Sienna Says:

I meant to say..
Couple of things.

A player should be allowed to hit a ball and then in a split second after seeing he loses the point ask for challenge. In this way he gets tries for the same ball.

A player shouldnot look at the ball been played to see if there is any chalk on the ball.

Aplayer should make a challenge immediately.

Sometimes you see a player challenge an serve and walk over to the other site. So if he is right then it is a second serve and the opponent is chilling on the other site of the court. If you challenge stay there to receive the second serve.

player should not be able to ask referee or box to ask advice.

There are more flaws I guess and Roger is only human he sometimes makes the mistake of resorting to bad manners regarding the challengesystem.

But nowhere near the ammount of bad sportmanlike habits Djoker,Nadal, Murray make they are just openly discussing it with their coaches just because they know they get away with it.

Roger is by far the most decent player but not without flaws.

Sienna Says:

of course a player should not be allowed…

jane Says:

“Someone called Jane (it may be the tennis-x Jane) has replied and asked DJB about it as well.” – not me. Didn’t even watch all the Fed-Delpo match, just checked scores and saw bits of it. I only post there occasionally and then on Nole or Murray related posts, or sometimes Tignor pieces.

Ray Says:

lol @ john!

the bull should knit sweaters for other rafatrds too!

the longer rafa is “injured” the more pathetic these trolls are gonna get!

let us hope murray wins the olympics/uso and pushes rafa to no.4 soon!

Sienna Says:

Dont forget the importance olympics has for Fed and his family.

Years ago even before the prior olympics he was talking about the wimbly olympic. He anted to win it 1 and he wanted to win the wimbly olympics.

Him meeting Mirka at the olympics will be his # 1 reason for winning gold.

Mirka has been with Fed from days he started to win. We cannot see any other reason why Fed would have the mindset to keep going like he does. It has to do with the love, the believeand possibility Mirka gives her man.
She is a pro tennisplayer herself and knows what is going on on tour. You never lose the mental aspect of aa player.

In a way she has been his coach as good as the other coaches. maybe more.

And on sunday he is going to pay her back in Gold.

Ray Says:

so i guess fed is learning from the spannish thug! that’s what happens because the atp is spineless. if it had been tough with rafa when he started resorting to fake injuries, medical time outs and chest-bumping opponents, then the nice guys would remain nice.

Ray Says:

“You seem to not be a fan of tennis, but Nadal only and everybody that thinks slight different from you in any way is a treat, specially anyone who appreciate and praise Fed’s game (all tennis community per say).”

LOL john! that was funny! and let’s not forget mem’s son mark! he is a very “intellectual” and “emotionally stable” poster too!

contemperory Says:

ok, Jane@3:49AM. Thanks for clarifying.

Ray Says:

“Your the pinnacle of the most down to earth comments on tennisx, and show more emotional stability than any poster here. ”

this was the one, i was talking about from john!

madmax Says:

mem, ray and mark,

you are a disgrace.

Your barbed comments just show how limited your vocabulary is. You come on to site how fed “cheated”. How childish and limited you are and how it shows just how jealous you are of the GOAT. You just can’t stand it that rafa isn´t playing and the only thing you can do is pick at the tiniest detail.

Everyone, including you crazy three know that nadal is the only one in tennis who takes more time than anyone else on the court. He can take up to 30 or more seconds between points to bounce the ball before he plays it. Want to deny it? Go ahead.

Time and again, I read things you say and never post anything, but instead of wishing federer well, you come and offer a limited realization of nothingness. You are jokers. No one takes you that seriously. And yes, I comment this time because you are becoming more irritating than Jamie ever was. Step into his shoes, you have the mantle here. Well done for showing your true selfish thoughts and not wishing great tennis players well.

Concentrate on the hopeful recovery of rafa and that his knees are not used as an excuse.

You are getting ridiculous.

Kimmi Says:

Switzerland eventually wins a medal. it is a gold medal in women Triathlon. Good to see it is not all up to Federer.

Kimmi Says:

Switzerland eventually wins a medal. it is a gold medal in women Triathlon. Good to see it is not all up to Federer.

Kimmi Says:

sorry for double post

Dave Says:

contemperory: That poster DJB appears has made claims he has not proven, and several posters on that blog have questioned or ridiculed what DJB claimed. Are there any clips or evidence to support what DJB claimed?

contemperory Says:

Dave, he claims that John Lloyd the commentator, a big time Fed fan even mentioned about this. No, no proof to support what he claimed.

Mark Says:

I really pity Fed in a way. The calibre of his fans on this site leaves much to be desired – to name but a few, ray, sienna, madthing. He must be very proud.

alison Says:

Congrats to Fed fans, Skeezer,Madmax,Swiss Maestro,Dave,Ajet(wheres Ajet BTW missing your fair and wise posts so hurry back please)etc,Great matches yesterday saw the 1st two sets of the Fed/Delpo,before having to go to work unfortunatly,so sad for Delpo who outplayed Roger for the most part in the 1st two sets,Big congrats to Margot and the Murray fans,so glad for Andy to be gauranteed at least a silver madal too,but been a Brit hope he can go on to take gold,sorry to Nole fans Jane Wogboy,Courbon,Nina,Mat 4,still going for bronze so all is not alls not lost.

alison Says:

Off topic just wondering what has happened to this forum lately,people used to come hear to talk tennis,now all some do is come hear to hurl personal insults and name call, and wind each other up at any given oppotunity,and insulting the players too,whatever happened to objective critisism,and respecting other peoples opinions,i mean what have we got hear adults or school children?

Dave Says:

contemporary: I Googled ‘John Lloyd’. The only thing I came up with is John Lloyd declaring it to be “one of the greatest three-set matches I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.”

Dave Says:

Thanks much Alison. I’m sure Rafa will be playing well at US Open.

Djokovic’s and Murray’s camps “guaranteed” they would be in Toronto.

alison Says:

Thanks Dave hope your right,hmm not concidered to be his best part of the year the USO hard court season,but you never know i suppose,thanks for the words of encouragement though.

Sienna Says:

I still would like to hear your views on the challenges.

You actually think 1 late challenge in the most emotional possible way is just as bad as doing it time after time like Djoker Murray and Nadal do?

Polo Says:

I do feel sorry for some of Nadal’s fans. They seem to miss him so much that they have to keep bringing him in the discussion of an event where he is not even entered. For the sake of his devotees, I hope Nadal gets well enough to play soon. And I hope he wins, for the sake of his fans who are in despair. It is sad to imagine what will happen to them if Nadal comes back and loses again because of his knees.

Mark Says:

^Err. I think it is the fed fans who keep mentioning Rafa’s name.

contemperory Says:


Actually, my view on challenges is more towards why didn’t the umpires question them on those occasions. What Federer did , if proven, may not be the right thing but personally I am not sure if he cheated on that occasion unless we get more similar occasions listed down.

On challenges it is more of a delicate question because the ATP is remaining silent. E.g. Rafa takes more than 30 secs between point however is there anything done abt it? Similarly if Fed has done what DJB has said no one has brought it up.

Rafa has been playing like this since his start of the career. All these are issues which are not
addressed even though rules are not there.

But honestly speaking, knowing Fed’s game he shouldnt have taken more than 6-7 seconds to challenge in this case. But if he takes more than 10 seconds then it is definitely not right.

contemperory Says:

*Rafa has been playing like this since his start of the career. All these are issues which are not
addressed even though rules are there.

Sienna Says:

toabandon false use of the hawkeye that might be the proper way to solve it. Refereeshould themselves use the HW
I mean in Garros they also com frome their chair every single time a player ask them to.

From al the top 50 or top 100 Roger is maybe the best man to use the hawkeye systeem. But when you see someone time after time take long period then you yourself might do as well. He is no saint but closer then to say Murray, Nadal or Djokovic in that aspect of the game.

skeezer Says:


Correct me if I am wrong but there is no penalty(nor no rule?) for taking too much time for asking for a review? The ump would simply just decoine the request if taken too long. There is for taking too much time between points……



Re; toy. Just don’t get me your hand me down Rafa doll you sleep with every night. ;)

skeezer Says:


Sorry spelled the name wrong..ugh

contemperory Says:

As far as I know ( I am not an expert), there is no rule which defines the “time limit” before which the player should challenge. All the rule says is ” the player should challenge in a timely manner”.

So, it is solely in the discretion of the chair umpire. So, there is a good element of subjectivity there. Hence this debate:)

contemperory Says:

Okay, the point is at 8-8, 30-30. Federer takes around 6 seconds to challenge, it is true that he looked at the box. But nothing can be conclusively proved here, IMO.

skeezer Says:


re:11:16am post. I don’t think there is a rule for that either, hence really no one could call that cheating. And as someone mentioned earlier, practically the whole tour does it ( looks at there box ).

That said I think it would be a good idea to make a rule for it, cause its totally uncool to wait longer than a few seconds to decide to challenge or not. You should know right away what your eyes see.

In the defense of waiting however, one may be unsure of how many challenges they have left and strategizing wether or not its worth the challenge based on how many challenges they have left at the time and how far in the match they are? Just thinkin out loud here…..

Rahul Says:

I noticed the late challenge as well particularly because I dont see Fed doing this sort of thing normally. Fact is the umpires really need to step up and start enforcing rules because the fault lies solely with them and not the players. If they dont become more strict these kind of needless issues will keep arising.

contemperory Says:

Isner Vs Nalbandian
AO: 5th set, 8-8

Umpire Nouni denied Nalbandian’s challenge saying it was not made in a timely manner.

Another interesting article on this topic:

mem Says:


shut the heck up! you know full well fedfans and (you are one of them) are the ones that turn every article, regardless of whom the article is about into a rafa discussion. what are you talking about? you always throw a rock and hide your hand! if you feel sorry for anyone, it should be you!

mem Says:

the mad max,

great to hear from the leader of the “fed fanatics” club. you and skeezer run a tight race for that positon. let me think for a minute, you might have a slight edge on skeezer. that’s a tough one! i will have to ponder it a bit longer.

did you say “a disgrace?” you should know you have been a “disgrace” for years. take my advice and don’t embarrass yourself any further by telling us what you think! do you know how much your opinions are worth?

Ben Pronin Says:

Why is it if someone isn’t a fan of someone they are automatically jealous of their accomplishments?

Sienna Says:

You do agree with me that compaired Rafa to fed.. Rafa is breaking far more and often rules ofgamesmenship thenRoger.

He almost never does anything wrong whereas Rafa is wellknown for his gamesmenship . Djoker also and Murray is using hawkeye wel when his mommy says he needs it.

You do agree with me there?

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Ben Pronin Human nature?

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Alison i think you may have answered your own question

Alok Says:

Fed’s delay was just a second. What about those players who walk up to the mark to check it, look at their box, wait another second, then challenge? That’s worse IMO.

tennisfansince76 Says:

note to Sean and Ben. i think this site needs a permanent Fed vs. Rafa thread.

NK Says:

This so-called debate about Federer’s so-called late challenge is such a wimpy non-story.

Reminds me of presidential politics. When the opposition cannot find anything substantially negative or bad about the other guy, they try to prop up the most inconsequential incident and hope that it will morph into a major scandal.


skeezer Says:

“shut the heck up!’ “take my advice”, “do you know how much your opinions are worth?”

Its official, mem has blown a head gasket.

Polo Says:

The irony of this all is that we are debating about two players, one of whom could not even play. How can that side win when their guy is completely out of the picture? Besides, they are not even on equal footing. One has won so much, amassed all kinds of records that even his detractors most likely secretly wish their idol has those records. Because honestly, if you were a professional tennis player, whose accomplishments would you rather have?

They should be so happy that we even pay attention to them. I guess you can call that charity.

Ben Pronin Says:

Or everyone just stops these ridiculous debates. It is completely ridiculous that every single thread turns into this. I don’t really pay attention anymore, what’s the comparison this time? Nadal tans better? Federer’s hair is silkier? What’s next?

NK Says:

I think trolls are like (for lack of a better metaphor) barking dogs. They are programmed to bark at anything or anyone they don’t like. In this case, Federer. You give them relevance only if you respond. Pay no attention to them and they become irrelevant and will eventually fad away.

Emily Says:

I rarely comment on these boards though I visit the website everyday. I’m not here to comment on the Rafa/Fed debate, however.
I just want to make a shout out to DelPo whose performance was so heartfelt yesterday. He did have some help from Fed in the 1st set, but he denied him so many break points and he was mentally stronger than he has been in their last few matches. Based on this performance, I think his form is almost back to where it was in 2009. I can’t wait to see what he does in the USOS when he has the time to hit those massive forehands. His tears at the end were heart breaking, so good luck against the DJoker and I hope he can go one match further in four years.

skeezer Says:

Ben @ 3:25pm


madmax Says:

contemperory Says:
As far as I know ( I am not an expert), there is no rule which defines the “time limit” before which the player should challenge. All the rule says is ” the player should challenge in a timely manner”.

So, it is solely in the discretion of the chair umpire. So, there is a good element of subjectivity there. Hence this debate:)

August 4th, 2012 at 11:16 am

Contemporary. No more than 10 seconds is the “rule”. Fed, you say, (or someone else here, said), 6 seconds. What’s the problem? There isn´t one.

Strange how the USOPen 2010 relied heavily on the challenge of Delpo who took more than 10 seconds, walked over to the mark, walked, rather like a sloth bear, before he decided to challenge, hence the reason why there was such furore and Delpo is one of the “good guys”.

A non-story.

mem, do you want to talk about how much you are missing rafa? Why don’t you send him a message on facebook. I feel sorry for you. I am also really glad to be associated with skeezer, so keep the compliments coming :)

Steve 27 Says:

Old Fed is still vastly superior than prime Murray. Fed will be wearing the gold medal.

Yeah, right! Murray trashed Federer in epic fashion

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