Stan Wawrinka Wins Third Slam At US Open, Takes Down Novak Djokovic In 4 Sets
by Staff | September 11th, 2016, 11:53 pm

Stan Wawrinka is a 3-time Grand Slam champion! Wawrinka added to his resume today claiming the US Open title stunning top seed and World No. 1 Novak Djokovic 6-7(1), 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 in 3 hours, 55 minutes.

“This is amazing, for sure, amazing two weeks,” said Wawrinka. “I spend so much time on the court. Today I knew it will be a really tough battle again playing the No. 1 player, Novak Djokovic, who always push you to play your best tennis if you want to beat him.

“Honestly after the match I was completely empty. I put everything on the court. Not only today, but the past two weeks,” he added. “Today I was trying to stay with him. I was trying to be tough with myself. Trying not to show anything. Not to show any pain. Not to show any cramp. Not to show anything. I was suffering on the court, but I’m happy and proud with what I have achieved today.”

The title was Wawrinka’s first at the US Open, adding to his crowns at the 2014 Australian and 2015 French Open. And in all three title runs he beat the World No. 1, twice defeating a top-ranked Djokovic (he also beat Novak in the Australian quarterfinals).

The tournament favorite Djokovic was in his 21st Slam final and seeking a 13th overall Slam and third US Open.

“I lost my nerves in the important moments<" said Djokovic. "He kept his cool. I think that's what decided the match. I guess sometimes it happens, even though you have the experience and know what to do. Just the heat of the moment and importance of the match, I guess, you know, was too strong for me at certain periods of the match. Just if you lose your cool, the match can go away." Wawrinka, though, got off to a rocky start falling behind early 4-1. With Djokovic serving for the first 5-3, a minor shift in momentum took place. Djokovic's poor summer of serving bit him again, double faulting the break away. Wawrinka pressed to reach the breaker but didn't win another point after taking one of the best rallies of the night to move to 1-2. Wawrinka's confidence continued to climb in the second. This time he broke Djokovic early and went up 4-1. But the lead quickly evaporated. Djokovic couldn't capitalize. Serving 4-5 he was once again broken and after almost two hours we were knotted. The crowd was in full throat as the third began and Wawrinka had to do some work immediately to hang on. He saved three breakpoints in the first game then broke Djokovic again before going up 3-0. Djokovic fought right back getting the break but late in the set his serve faltered again. Up 30-0 and headed for a break, Djokovic couldn't hold the lead and Wawrinka won the last three points to take set 3 for a 2-1 lead. The Serb was now faced with having to do something he'd never done before: win a Slam from down two sets to one. Wawrinka, though, continued to gain strength while Djokovic was physically falling apart. In his second service, Djokovic appeared to cramp. Visibly hobbled, he was broken. Down 3-1, Djokovic went to the chair for a controversial medical timeout for a toe injury. Rules recommend timeouts be taken on changeovers or end of sets, but are allowable if they are "acute". Nevertheless, Djokovic was granted the time out as a frustrated Wawrinka watched. "For me I was fine," Wawrinka said of the time outs. "It was just have to focus on my body and make sure that I was going to be ready for the first point we play after that." Stan jumped ahead 30-0 before feeling the tension, and he had to save three break points to hold. At 5-2, Djokovic had some more medical work done on his toe, which was seen to now be bloody. He held forcing Stan to serve it out. Wawrinka fell to 0-30 but recovering to win it. Djokovic finished 3/17 on break points and hit 30 winners to 46 unforced errors. He had just 5 backhand winners to 16 unforced and he had 7 double faults, 3 in the final set. "I just didn't capitalize at all on my opportunities," Djokovic said. "I had plenty of them, break points. It was a terrible conversion of the break points. Just terrible from my side. "You know, in the matches like this, if you don't use the opportunities, the other guy comes and takes it. And that's what he did. That's why I said he was more courageous, because he stepped in and played aggressive where I was kind of more waiting for things to happen. And that's it." And he also wasn't pleased with his serving. "I made a lot of double faults throughout this tournament," Djokovic said. "I was struggling with that shot and with, you know, with the motion, with the movement and on the serve, with the technique because of what I carried into this tournament." Wawrinka ended the day with 46 winners to 51 unforced and in the final set his winner-error ratio was 12-to-4. He also won 32 of 57 rallies 9 of more shots. The loss does leave the door open for Andy Murray to make a run at Djokovic for the No. 1 ranking. Wawrinka matches Andy Murray in Grand Slams and is one closer to the Scot to the career Slam now needing Wimbledon to complete it. Wawrinka also moves ahead of Roger Federer winning his second Slam after the age of 30. And despite a 5-19 shortfall against Djokovic, Stan's won three of their last four in Slams. "He loves to play in the big matches," Djokovic said of the Swiss. "He comes up with his best game. He's so solid from both corners. He's got a good slice and amazing one-handed backhand, all corners. Big serve. Moves well. "He's a very complete player. Sometimes if he feels right he doesn't miss much and makes a lot of winners and it's hard to play him. That's what happened today." Wawrinka has now won his last 11 tournament finals and is a perfect 3-0 in Grand Slam finals. "Today, before the final, I was really nervous like never before," he said. "I was shaking in the locker. When we start five minutes before the match talking, last few things with Magnus, I start to cry. I was completely shaking. "But the only thing I was convinced with myself that my game was there. Physically I was there. My game was there. Put the fight on the court and you will have a chance to win." And win he did.

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86 Comments for Stan Wawrinka Wins Third Slam At US Open, Takes Down Novak Djokovic In 4 Sets

Dan The Man Says:

Way to go Stan!!! Clearly the most underrated player on the tour. Even with the fact that he had won both of the 2 other slam finals he played in, and the fact he has won the last 10 finals he played in, lots of fans gave him no chance. Clearly, the longer he stays in any tournament the harder to beat he is. This win adds more layers onto the respect he so deserves.

Giles Says:

Feel like singing today. Hahahahahaha
Poor faker. Lol

Rick Says:

He will be winning his career slams, by beating Jokervic at Wimbledon.

Emily Says:

Agree, it always strikes me as strange that the #3 player in the world is so underrated. I think it’s the inconsistency that hurts him.

This article didn’t include the question about whether he asked Federer for any advice about playing Novak in the final. Considering Roger lost last year and Stan has already beat Djokovic in a slam final, he was like uh….no.

T Dawg Says:

I feel like since 6 of Nola’s 12 majors are Australian Opens it really feels like he has won 8-9 majors, since Aussie is the least important…

Margot Says:

Well done Stan The Man! And huge congratulatory hugs to Emily. It’s absolutely brilliant when someone you’ve supported for ever captures a great win. As us Andy fans know all too well. Commies to Nole fans too,

Van Persie Says:

Congrats to Stan and his fans!

Emily Says:

Thanks Margot, both our guys ended up having great summers and their 3rd slams clearly were very special

James Says:

Stan had done an incredible job the last three years. Winning tough slam matches and finals – 3 different slams, and all after turning 29. Very very rare.

Age and “wear & tear” doesn’t spare anyone. Fed has lasted longer than anyone in the last 30 years. Even he was finally totally done.

Look at Nadal. When he had the strong 2013 season and won the 2014 French, people were all over the place saying he will cross 17. 10 slams later – nothing. Didn’t even reach a QF this year in a slam. Of course, he is 30+, lots of matches, and lots and lots of wear on the body. Unlikely he can win a slam now.

Even Fed – after 2010 AO (his 16th), people were sure he would cross 20. He barely won his 17th in 2012, and that’s it. One slam in the last 27, and none in the last 17. Of course, he was 28+ after AO 2010.

So all those predicting those huge numbers for Djokovic – he now has a ton of matches and miles on his body, and is going to be 30 next year. Maybe French 2016 will be a landmark slam like AO 2010 for Fed, and now it will be tougher and tougher for him to win, and maybe he gets one or two more.

Murray is coming back strong with Lendl – but showed his mental weakness against Nishikori in the 4th and 5th sets. And he ALSO will be 30 next year. Though he has less matches and miles on his body, so he might fare better than Djokovic next year.

That’s why what Stan has done is incredible. But now he has gotten many matches and miles on his body the last 3 years, and is almost 32. So don’t expect too much more from him either.

Of course, that leaves us with the perennial question – where the heck are the “younger” players?

Danica Says:

T Dawg,
So sorry to disappoint you, the AO = Wimby = USO = RG.

Vidzy Says:


You have written stan won wimbledon in 2015 . Please correct it. He won RG

James Says:

Age plus “miles on the body” matter:

Fed is 35, and has played 1300+ matches. DONE.
Nadal is 30, played almost 1000 matches, but more miles per match than Fed. DONE.
Djokovic is 29, about 900 matches. He also works hard on defense. Still has some life left. But his peak is clearly in the past.
Murray is also 29, but has about 800 matches. He might have more life left than Djokovic going forward. But he is mentally weaker than the three above, so lets see.
Stan is 31, but has only about 700 matches. He is also a very strong guy. But age is not on his side. Lets see if he can do this one more time – he is not that consistent.

I think we should stop using the “Big 4” term. 2 of the 4 are done, and Stan belongs to this group almost as much as Murray does.

Some of the “younger” players like Raonic and Nishikori need to learn from Kerber (also Kyrgios, Thiem, etc.). Kerber is 28 – she went back to the Gym and made herself physically stronger to be able to compete with Serena and others. Given the high bouncing balls and surfaces now, the game is so much more physical. These guys need to work harder to make themselves fit and strong enough to compete at the highest level. Right now they are not there.

Rick Says:

Tennis is becoming a rich middle age game like golf! (yawn)

FedExpress Says:

murray: 3 GS wins (2 WIM, 1 USO), 8 times runner up

wawrinka: 3 GS (1 AO, 1 FO, 1 USO), no GS final losses

dream scenaraio: wawrinka defeats murray in WIM final to complete the career slam and leave murray in tears

Sylvian Says:

Congrats to Stan. His best level is more than enough for Djokovic.

With three slams, Wawrinka is now a genuine class A champion. Switzerland can now lay claim to being the Asgard of tennis , boasting two tennis gods with multiple slams.

A few years ago, all we heard was the Spanish Armada this, the Spanish Armada that…with Nadal spearheading a group of players comprising Ferrer, Almagro, Lopez, etc all hovering around the top ten /twenty, Spain was thought to be THE country blessed by the tennis gods. But apart from Nadal, no Spaniard could win a major.

Fast forward to end 2016, and we now know it is Switzerland, not Spain, which is the beacon of tennis worldwide. Not only does the GOAT come from Switzerland ( sorry Nadal, its unlikely you will cross 17 now ), but it is also the only country in the world that has two active multiple slam champions.

Congrats to Switzerland, Stan, Roger. ALLEZ !!

Humble Rafa Says:

I hope Switzerland has “capacity” left to honor the Best Backhand in Switzerland’s accomplishment. 2 slams after 30 is nothing to sneeze at.

#capacity issues

Margot Says:

Oh dearie me FedExpress. Still bitter because Andy snaffled a gold medal from under Fed’s nose? Chill maaaaan, bitterness is so bad for the human spirit. BTW grass is Andy’s best surface, so you just keep dreaming your “impossible dream.” Good luck.

Giles Says:
Faker till the end. The man just doesn’t know when to stop.

AndyMira Says:

Oh!The power of Pinkie Suit and pinkie watch!Long live Pinkies!

James Says:

Stan is no Raonic. He is physically and mentally much stronger, and has a much better game. Murray can beat Raonic at Wimbledon, but Stan would be a whole different ball game, even at Wimbledon. On top of it Murray is himself mentally questionable – look at how he unraveled against Nishikori.

Twice Stan lost the first set against Djokovic in a slam final, and both times he won in 4. At AO 2014, he tooko the fifth set 6-0 against Djokovic – a player who is mentally about as tough as they come, and has one of the best 5th set records.

In a slam final, I would never pick Murray over Stan. Doesn’t matter if they are playing on Loch Ness in front of the monster.

Willow Says:

Congrats to Stanimal, you are the man, but to especially Emily, our die hard fan, watched the highlights this morning, and hes unplayable when hes in that mood, he seems to be the only player out there thats not intimidated by Novak and can stand toe to toe with the guy …

Commies to Novak and his nice fans , well there was issues with the wrist from the word go, and considering he was considering not even playing the USO, it was an incredible achievement, so no disgrace ….

Van Persie Says:


a small correction: At AO 2014, he took the fifth set 6-0 against Djokovic ” Djoko took the 5 set against Wawa at AO 2015 with 6-0. :)

Willow Says:

The USO seems to be the most open of the all the GS, granted Novak has won the title twice, but has also lost to Rafa twice, Murray, Kei, and Stan, pretty great, but not as dominant as he is at the AO, then theres Serena whos lost to Vinci, Pliskova, Stosur hmmm ….

Margot Says:

Well, that’s quite a surprising statement James, because when they played at RG 13/06/2016 Andy beat Stan 6-4 6-2 4-6 6-2

J-Kath Says:

Welcome back Willow and Okie. Hope your brains are sharp and swift – mine feels like its been beat to death with tennis balls
– hopefully I’ll be recovered by this week-end to see the two Mr. Murrays and co + the giant from Argentina.

J-Kath Says:

From the Guardian’s Live comments of the Stan/Nole match:

Meanwhile on the world feed, Luke Jensen comments on Wawrinka’s forearm tattoo (“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”). “It’s very German,” the former American pro says. Samuel Beckett weeps.

Van Persie Says:

LOL, Good one J-Kath.
Well, I think the quote “Gut, besser, Goesser” is more famous then Beckett’s ones :)

Van Persie Says:

P.S. for J-Kath, non tennis related

Have an easy day at work. Am working on a project with English and Irish customers at the moment. They were really chill today. They always are on Mondays ;) I like UK

RZ Says:

Congrats to Stan! And a big thank you to him because his victory assured my win of the racquet bracket. Yippee!!! I have to savor it because those victories don’t come often. Thanks to all who played the bracket.

rognadfan Says:

Who would have thought that in 2016 a one-handed backhand would be would dominate the world #1 with the arguably the best two-handed backhand ever; and beat him in 2 grandslam finals. I certainly didn’t. Hope this will revive the slowly fading onehanded shot in tennis.
As for the game, again the sheer weight of Stan’s shots made the difference.
If Stan was just a little more consistent, the whole tour would be 5 times more interesting that it is now.

Daniel Says:

Agree in parts qith James, Fedal is done. I’ve been saying that afer they reached 28/29 they were no longer at their peaks years.

Fed las years 2 Slam finals was an anomally same as Wawa winning 3 Slams after 29. Wawa is the out of the curve player.

Dioko just turned 29 deing RG which so far was his last Slam. 2 went by and none. If he doesn’t win AO, questions will rise.

But the positive is, Murray went in an hiatus of 11 Slams before winning again in this year Wimby and if Wawa is winning multiple Slams after 30 so can Murray and Djoko.

The negative as James highlited is that Djoko is also a veteran and have more tennis milage than Murray and Wawa and more mental weariness as well.

Had he won this USO I would give him a 50% chance of reaching 17. Now I think it drips to 20%. And that will depends if he wins at least 2 Slams next year. If he wins 3 again than he will have a real shot. But if he wins just hard to see. He will have to win 4 after 30 or 5 if he loses AO. That is just too much. And also considering that he loses Slam finals every year is not great as well.

Who knows, things chage pretty quick in tennis. If somebody told me that after RG Djoko qould win neither of Wimby-Olympics-Cincy-USO I would have laughed pretty hard. Now it became a reality.

Let’s see how the remaining of the year ends, but this year si far sure was a “bumby night”.

RZ Says:

At this point in the season, the race to London could very well be done, although #s 9-11 (Berdych, Cilic, and Goffin) could move up if they have strong fall seasons, or if Thiem (#7) keeps fading.

Andy is just over 2000 points behind Djokovic so I think he would need to win at least a couple of the remaining masters titles to move ahead.

Van Persie Says:

Daniel, I agree with you. It will not be easy for Djoko to reach Nr 17 in slams. To be honest, I can live with that. But on the other hand, look how many slams won Serena starting with 2012, when she was 31. So, it is not impossible.

Van Persie Says:

My main obsession in the last years regarding Djoko was, that he might never win the French, and not Nr. 17

Margot Says:

Congrats RZ and, once again, thanks for setting up the challenge. Good to see your “Andy” bracket won too, even if Andy didn’t!
Altho I did embarrassingly badly at the ATP I actually came 2nd in the WTA, thanks entirely to darling Angie who came to my rescue…;)

Danica Says:

Speaaking about Nole’s summer, people forget he won Toronto without losing a set and playing his C+ game.
When he is healthy and rested, he is on a totally different level.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Great match. Some astounding points. Wawrinka’s defense was incredible, but Novak’s was otherworldly.

I have a funny feeling watching Novak now: I like him a great deal personally. He is one of the most well-spoken athletes in any sport. Somehow, maybe by long habit as a Fed fan, I just don’t cheer for him.

I thought Novak played great, actually. In the first set he seemed near perfect. His problem is the same as it was in his last Slam final against Stan: he is letting Stan dictate play. Novak has probably the greatest capacity in tennis right now to control his level of aggression/ risk-taking. Against Federer he typically goes for more winners, and he can get away with it. Maybe there is a habit there: he had a losing record against Fed for so long he figured he had to take chances. He has had a winning record against Stan for so long, maybe he has kept his old and successful habit of defense first, letting Stan beat himself.

Whatever the reason, Stan absolutely bullied him around the court. From the first set, I believed Stan was going to wear down Novak’s body. The weight of shots that Novak had to deal with over and over were just punishing. I am actually surprised his shoulder held up so well, I thought by the fourth set his service game would tail off.

In short, no, Novak is not past his peak. In fact, I think he played better than in the 2014 French loss. His break point conversion was terrible. As Novak says, in the crucial moments Stan played better, and that was the difference.

Its nice to have Stan as a Slam threat, just to have that intrigue of someone we know can take down Novak. Its also incredible to see two of the best back hands today being 1-handers, with Old Man Stan and Baby Thiem.

Congrats to Felix A-A! The future is so bright for Canadian tennis, its remarkable.

T Dawg Says:

Danica, tell that to all the former great players.

SG1 Says:

Can’t see Stan ever winning Wimbledon. His shots just don’t seem all that compatible with the surface. This being said, I do believe that Stan’s top gear is beyond everyone else’s. He’s so strong and has so much firepower from every part of his game that when it all falls in place, he becomes almost unplayable. And that backhand….don’t even get me started.

SG1 Says:

Stan’s consistency is a bit of a sore spot but if he had partnered up with Magnus Norman a little earlier, I have a feeling Stan would have 5 or 6 majors. He’s physically and mentally tough. In fact, I think his mental toughness is underrated. If you’re going to have 3 majors, who better to beat than Novak twice and Nadal in the other. This guy hasn’t ducked anyone to get his big titles.

J-Kath Says:

Thinking about Nole vs. Stan – it’s sometimes about match-ups….nemesis on a small scale?

Cheers VP..glad U held up well on Monday.

RZ: Congrats on your bracket success. Maybe you should go into sports writing?

Khb Says:

Fed fanatics are special legends in their own minds.
They pretend to respect Stan because Swiss players are old by age 28.
Thankfully, stan is more good European Czech than ignorant Swiss.

They are so bitter that they still want a lucky Fed to benefit from Novak illnesses.
After all, Frederer couldn’t even beat old Agassi for 3 years and needed to save match point in 2003 masters cup & get lucky at the Slam against him, washed up Safin & pig Roddick.
Fed shouted with glee that he got a revenge win against the drug banned Canas & whimpered with tears because he lost to an exhausted Nadal.
He said Novak was a joke then he said he was down & out which made Novak lucky within a year.

Why are Fed trolls forgetting that novak is physically weaker than the others despite FEDAL’s poor play the last 2 years?
He gets weak very easily and he’s sensitive when his friend & familly members suffer. At least he’s not withdrawing from tourneys with fake injuries…unlike Fed.
Fed should retire, He’s too fake to get further worship from old McEnroe brother. He’s to fake & embarrassing to GOAT novak.
Fed is too needy for love so he gets sympathy for being turkey to Nadalvic.

He wasn’t born spoiled like Fedal. He got his dominant wins due to talent.
No extra help & cheating by bitter ex-players’ special propaganda & coddling.
Just because the underwhelming Fed of 2004-2006 would’ve lost badly in 2011-2016 unless Novak was injured, doesn’t mean Novak is fake.
Novak doesn’t need tennis to be a great person.
Fed admitted he cried hysterically because no one praised him or opponents didn’t lose repeatedly.
Fakerer, on the other hand, put Roddick on a pedestal for losing to his divine “GOAT” self.
How much effort did Roddick need to lose? LMAO 🙌👀🙀

rognadfan Says:

Knb, Looks like you banged your head against the wall too many times. You are in a big shock, it’s just a tennis match. The guy lost to a better player. Will come back and beat Stan next time. That’s it.

RZ Says:

Thanks Margot and J-Kath!

skeezer Says:

@2:11 post

Absolutely. Just wish Stan would have had his current game 5 years ago.

Van Persie Says:

Also a pity that Rafa was not born 5 years earlier. 2003-2007 would have been more fun :)

elina Says:

No, on the contrary, Stan won’t beat everybody when at his best. Stan needs Big 3 to NOT be at their best.

Nadal with injured back at AO, Federer too old at FO, Novak too tight and conservative at FO and questionable untested Novak obviously with arm/shoulder problems yesterday.

But full credit for him getting there to take advantage. You can only play the guy on the other side of the net as Roger knew from 2004-07 (except on clay).

Outside the Big 4, he’s the best of the rest. No question.

J-Kath Says:


On this occasion I do agree with you…however, English is obviously not the commentator’s home language so some slack is needed.

Khb Says:

Of course, Fed is special when Stan and GOAT Novak aren’t giving the best effort.
Those lost years are seared into Fed fanboys’ brains.
Even Stan said “Are you still talking about Fed when I’m playing?” LOL

To diminish Novak, let’s pretend he is sneaking around with no conscience & being intellectually inferior to Fakerer.
Let’s pretend he won’t win Slams to please the clowns that show up on tennisx when Novak is injured.
Novak actually is just playing because Fed exists and fake people want him to destroy the poor angelic Usa citizens.
No one else cares to see Novak!
He has no dignity & needs to be fake and break laws. He fakes his life too.

I guess he observed Fedal & that deity Roddick and decided to be a worthless thief to terrorize innocent Fedal & Roddick fans.
Why not suddenly come to the excellent tennisx to “calmly” say he’s desperately faking injury, when he’s injured?
It’s not like the other DOS attacked “tennis forum” lost “precious” fedal fanatics.

It looks like Fed and Fedal fanatics are tough & logical.
Their idols Fedal only show up to play and brag about being #1 if Novak does his comedy impressions & stops winning.

Khb Says:

Of course, Fed is special when Stan and GOAT Novak aren’t giving the best effort.
Those lost years are seared into Fed fanboys’ brains.
Even Stan said “Are you still talking about Fed when I’m playing?” LOL

To diminish Novak, let’s pretend he is sneaking around with no conscience & being intellectually inferior to Fakerer.
Let’s pretend he won’t win Slams to please the clowns that show up on tennisx when Novak is injured.
Novak actually is just playing because Fed exists and fake people want him to destroy the poor angelic Usa citizens.
No one else cares to see Novak!
He has no dignity & needs to be fake and break laws. He fakes his life too.

I guess he observed Fedal & that deity Roddick and decided to be a worthless thief to terrorize innocent Fedal & Roddick fans.
Why not suddenly come to the excellent tennisx to “calmly” say he’s desperately faking injury, when he’s injured?
It’s not like the other DOS attacked “tennis forum” lost “precious” fedal fanatics.

It looks like Fed and Fedal fanatics are tough & logical.
Their idols Fedal only show up to play and brag about being #1 if Novak does his comedy impressions & stops winning.

Travis Bickle Says:

Stan to Novak last night:

“You are a great champion, a great person. Because of you, I am where I am today.”

It looks to me Stan really likes Novak more than any other player (including his countryman), or Stan is the biggest hypocrite and liar in the world. I’ll take the former ;-)

Dan Martin Says:

I have my power ranking up here – The match was enjoyable. Neither guy seemed to play well when the other was playing well, but that has a lot to do with the other guy playing well. Their styles contrast enough that if one is playing well the other is likely struggling. Murray and Novak can play well at the same time.

Khb Says:

HEEEEHEEE Everyone turns evil vs. fed. I can’t imagine why.
Even his fanboys drift around tennis forums like they have no idea what
tennis does to an authentic human being.
Not a ballet God automaton like Fed.
They desire full attention on him but when Fed isn’t perfectly loved, they have to dehumanize Novak.
This has been going on for 9 years.
Stan sure isn’t jealous of Fed. He can actually stay on court.

GenScrh Says:

So happy.. Good job Stan the MAN!

Michael Says:

Hearty Congratulations to Stan for his 3rd major win equalling Andy’s accumulation of majors and that he did after crossing 30 is even more special. It seems the man has honed his skills by experience and sadly for him he couldn’t blossom earlier which is also one of the underlying mysteries of this sport.

I think Novak doesn’t deserve to win when he squandered those numerous break points one after another letting Stan breathe easy on court. What lost Novak the match is failing to produce his best in those important moments of the match which makes all the difference between victory and defeat. And in the fourth set, he was suffering from foot injury which made his task even more tougher.

Stan ofcourse showed exemplary sportsmanship during the prize distribution ceremony attributing his success to Novak. But, one wonders why he objected to Novak taking a medical time out and made such an issue with the umpire for nothing ? A man who has so much respect for his competitor would never attempt to do this which only made his customary speech during the prize distribution ceremony as farcial.

Okiegal Says:

@Emily…….Sorry I couldn’t recall that you are a Stan fan……With that being said I will congratulate you personally on Stan’s big USO win! Like someone said in a post when he’s on he is hard to beat. GOOD FOR HIM!! I hope he can remain at this level… needs him! Hopefully DelPo can continue to make good showings again. The sport needs a “big” 6………

Okiegal Says:

@Michael 5:16 Regarding your last paragraph…..I wondered the same thing too! Stan gets testy over MOTs….I guess he’s never had to have one……lol

Okiegal Says:

^^^^should say MTOs and not MOS…..

Benny Sakesh Says:

Congrats Stan! although it hurt me, I always see you as one of the two great dangers on courts that stand between Novak and the trophy. Well done to you and your fans but stand strong because Novak is still around.

Khb Says:

Stan’s jealous of Novak in a good way because Novak was still entertaining in the last 10 years, unlike the clownish overrated 2003-2005 Fed era.

Novak’s tough even with no useful arm and bleeding foot.
Stan was straining hard to get to the finish line.
He admitted he was physically spent but didn’t show it.
Obviously, Stan was focused & not too nervous.

If Fed was playing, no doubt, Stan would pummel him in 3 sets.
Fed would’ve acted like he had an incredibly entertaining, hard fought loss, like he claimed the 2009 Aussie Open final was.

SG1 Says:

elina Says:

No, on the contrary, Stan won’t beat everybody when at his best. Stan needs Big 3 to NOT be at their best.


Utterly and completely untrue. Stan’s physicality and power actually injured the “plastic man” of tennis in the USO Final. Both players were hurting but Stan was hitting the bigger ball and making Novak stop and start from one end of the court to the other. By the 4th set, Novak’s body had given out. He did the same thing to Nadal at the AO in 2014. He forced Nadal to run and hit from positions he wasn’t accustomed to. Low and behold, Nadal comes up with a back injury. As for the 2015 FO? It was a straight up win and a well deserved one.

It’s amazing that some folks have to take away credit from a player. You don’t win 3 majors by accident. Stan may not be an all time great but he is a great player by any definition and he’s headed to the Tennis Hall of Fame (…like it or not). And deservedly so. I think his backhand should be presented on video at the Smithsonian.

elina Says:

SG1, it’s neither true nor untrue.

It’s an opinion. No way to prove one way or another.

Novak almost pulled out of the USO all together. He had no confidence and there was too much height on his ball playing primarily defensive from the outset. 115/89 mph 1st/2nd serve is below par for him and he still only managed 50% on his first serve compared to 71% against Fed last year! And 3 of 17 BPs is a symptom of confidence problems, nothing more.

Roger himself at the level he played in last year’s final would have easily beaten either player.

Not taking credit away, he won fair and sq. But the notion that he is unbeatable at his peak level is unsupported.

I’ve already given Stan full credit as he had to put himself in the position to win by beating whoever on the other side of the net just like fed did from 03-07 (clay excluded obviously).

Margot Says:

It’s obvious from watching the match that, for whatever reason, Nole had problems with his serve. Now if you think those problems were caused because Jalena likes posh frocks, then may I humbly suggest you may know less about tennis than you think.
And not taking anything at all away from Stan. He came through the draw, seeing off JMDP and Kei in the process and, at the end of the day, you beat the person on the other side of the net. The end.

elina Says:

^Yup, Amy nailed it. Shamooon.

Compare that to the AO final where Novak was 66% on first serve with a second serve speed a full 11 kph faster against Andy in the AO final.

So his game was nowhere near his best.

Full credit to Stan of course but I was only challenging the statement that Stan’s top gear is beyond everyone else’s.

Wog Boy Says:

It is incorrect than was moving Nole around more than Nole usually runs, it was actually the other way around, Stan has to run more and cover more territory, at least according to official statistics, which says Nole covered 13342 (ft) and Stan 14235 (ft), so Nole was the one moving Stan around, so that wasn’t the reason Nole lost, Stan didn’t do anything he usually doesn’t in that match.

Wog Boy Says:

Even Stan service was 56% and Nole could capitalize, the best returner!

Wog Boy Says:

Stan was consistent in doing what he always and Nole was inconsistent in doing what he always does, Stan offered Nole match, Nole didn’t take that offer and Stan won square and fair, but don’t make it that played some tennis out of this world, because he didn’t.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ what he always does

J-Kath Says:

Wog Boy

I watched a re-play today and what really struck me was that Nole could not trust his shots. A lot of wry expressions – almost as if he was doing a “hit and hope”. About half way thru the 1st set Stan began to feel confident and trusted his shots and as a consequence……

For whatever reason(s) this is not Nole’s strongest period. He almost looks human…eek.

Wog Boy Says:


That is what I am saying, thanks for saying it better. I watched the match, I checked the stats it was absolutely nothing to suggest that Stan was playing anything better or different than he usually does, he just played consistently and with confidence until the end. He could get that extra confidence seeing ehat you just described about Nole game. He won and that’s what matters, but he didn’t play some super tennis or match as some people are suggesting, he didn’t have to.
Everybody (Nole, his team, fans) acknowledged Stan was the better player on the day.

Vince Says:

Glad that mental murray lost early ..otherwise he would have fallen for Nole’s injury drama and on-court antics

Lodhi Says:

Federer is the greatest player of all time. Rinse..Repeat.

Just because skeezer hasn’t posted this on this thread doesn’t mean this doesn’t need to be repeated.

lakie Says:

Okiegal Says:
@Michael 5:16 Regarding your last paragraph…..I wondered the same thing too! Stan gets testy over MTOs….I guess he’s never had to have one……lol

Interesting. Does anyone have stats of Stan’s MTOs since AO 2014. He certainly looks very solid and invulnerable!

J-Kath Says:


Glad to hear your extremely learned exposition of Andy and Nole.

J-Kath Says:

Lodhi: Not surprised you are having to go for the double rinse. Like washing inherited fine china? – too precious to refresh with today’s heavy duty spins and heavy cycles.

skeezer Says:

I told you before I am not interested, please go find someone else. There has to be someone out there for you.
And yes, Fed is the GOAT. Rinse Repeat.

“No, on the contrary, Stan won’t beat everybody when at his best. Stan needs Big 3 to NOT be at their best.”
Uh? You could say that about the other 3. Ying Yang can prove or unprove. Fact is, Stan has 3 Slams in the so called “golden era” of tennis. He BELONGS.
Fed got beat at his best, Novak did, as well as Murray and Rafa. Sometimes the other player is just better, and the best ones do it more often.
I re watched this match through the first set, and if you just looked at that, Novak was for most of the set taking it to Stan, so its not like he didn’t start off well against him. Stan basically pounded his way back in the match and never stopped believing in his shots. Novak did.

elina Says:

Nah, Stan belongs because he put himself there.

I’ll repeat it sloooowly again for the challenged.

3 of 17 on bps and 50% on first serve says more about Novak’s game than stan’s.

Even though some play the game, doesn’t mean they are able to see.

skeezer Says:

I’ll repeat for the less educated.
You enter to win, ir you don’t. That is what a true Champion does. I will go by What Novak said, not some biased love fest fan.
“I lost cause in the important moments Stan was better”.
Stan was better, period.

elina Says:

Nah, you cherry picked one quote out of context completely missing the point as per usual.

Shamooon. Nailed it. LMAO.

elina Says:

More context, a difficult concept for one of my dearest of fans:

know, I lost my nerves in the important moments. He kept his cool. I think that’s what decided the match.

I guess sometimes it happens, even though you have the experience and know what to do. Just the heat of the moment and importance of the match, I guess, you know, was too strong for me at certain periods of the match. Just if you lose your cool, the match can go away.

Boom! And there it is plain and simple. Just not at his best.

Sure even fed would have beaten him.

skeezer Says:

He also admitted Stan in those moments was better.
Boom boom. Shamoon.
Novak didn’t lose it, the better man “took” it.
Simple understanding moment for the uneducated.

elina Says:

He was better. Lol no one denies that

But Novak lost it. That’s what he said.

Not rocket science.

skeezer Says:

“Not rocket science”
Der. Shamooon.
Now you agree? C’mon. What a sideshow of integrity.
“No, on the contrary, Stan won’t beat everybody when at his best.”
Hee haw. Stan beat the best at his opponets most stellar peak at one of the most pretigious Slam events in his prime years. Sh!t happens. Glad you agree.

elina Says:

Hint: Stan’s best is not Nole’s best.

I never said that. You did.

Stan played better than Nole.

Where did anyone say differently?

Seriously laughable lack of comprehension.

lakie Says:

elina at 2:58pm, Sept 13th

elina Says:
“^Yup, Amy nailed it. Shamooon.”

Who is Amy?

Khb Says:

Multiple sportsmanship award winner Federer, no?
No fakery, no?! absence means real injury, no?

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