The ATP is Sending Nick Kyrgios to a Psychologist
by Staff | October 17th, 2016, 9:13 am

The ATP World Tour announced to day that Nick Kyrgios has been fined $25,000 for tanking his second-round match at the Masters Shanghai event, and is suspended from ATP events for eight weeks under the rule ‘Conduct Contrary to the Integrity of the Game.’
However, the ATP says, “the suspension will be reduced to three tournament weeks upon agreement that the player enters a plan of care under the direction of a Sports Psychologist, or an equivalent plan approved by ATP, meaning Kyrgios could regain eligibility to compete on the ATP World Tour or Challenger Tour from Monday 7 November, 2016.”

Kyrgios had already been fined a total of US$ 16,500 for breaches of the ATP Code of Conduct by the ATP Supervisors on-site in Shanghai. He received the on-site maximum fine of US$ 10,000 for violations of the Best Efforts provision in the Code, as well as a US$ 5,000 fine for Verbal Abuse of a Spectator, and a US$ 1,500 fine for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

Kyrgios during that match bunted in serves and immediately started walking to the sideline before his opponent hit the ball, hit with his opposite hand, barely feigned interest in the match, and argued with the chair umpire who told him he was being unprofessional.

The ATP added, “Today’s announcement completes the ATP’s investigation into this matter which, following the conclusion of the on-site process, included further review of the match, as well as comments made during Kyrgios’ post-match press conference.”

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29 Comments for The ATP is Sending Nick Kyrgios to a Psychologist

BT Says:


Humble Rafa Says:

That’s low to send a man to a psychologist. You can suspend him, that’s fair.

The WTA didn’t send Cheatpova to a noise reduction technician.

betsy Says:

I think the plan of care thing is too much… makes the ATP seem too paternalistic. It’s not like they are Kyrgios’ employer. Fine him or suspend him.

betsy Says:

What if he wanted to go to a spiritual advisor or alternative health practitioner instead? Why are psychologists required when he hasn’t been diagnosed with a mental disorder? If they wanted to evaluate him for that, maybe that would make sense, but not a “plan of care” for an undiagnosed individual, which should be the individual’s choice which entity they choose for such a thing

betsy Says:

sorry I missed that it said “or an equivalent plan” in the body of the article, so disregard my previous comments… except I still think it is strange for them to require he do a plan of care, regardless if it’s done with a psychologist or someone else.

AndyMira Says:

@HR 10:02 pm..LOL!LOL!LOL!Ha ha ha..

Danica Says:

I’m wondering what authority the ATP has to diagnose and pressure someone into a treatment.

Van Persie Says:

They did not pressure Nick to accept a psychologist from ATP, they only offered the help in order to reduce the 8 weeks to 3, but still it is to much.
It is fair to ban him. Nick should have declined the psychologist and accept the 8 weeks, it is his business if he wants to get help, it is a personal matter after all.

Van Persie Says:

Would have gain the respect for Kyrgios back, if he declined the psychologist, took the 8 weeks.

Margot Says:

Am inclined to agree VP unless he’s wanted to all along and his family gas poo-pooed the idea before and now he has the excuse.
Who knows what goes on behind locked doors?

Van Persie Says:


If ATP did put pressure on Nick and family and there was something more behind closed doors, and ATP wants to be the “saving angel” here, then they will do worse to this guy. It is ok to punish him, he has to feel ashamed about what he has done, but he does not have to feel humiliated now, because he would “collapse” later again.

lakie Says:

Kyrgios gets too much attention for the wrong reasons.

Wog Boy Says:

“Would have gain the respect for Kyrgios back, if he declined the psychologist, took the 8 weeks.”

Absolutely agree VP, can you imagine if (money greedy ATP bureaucrats) told Nastase, JMac or Connors the same thing. I am sure they would tell them to shove up their ar$e$ and to fuuck off…good old times;)

elina Says:

It’s EXACTLY like the ATP is Nick’s employer. Too bad he didn’t have a real players union like most every other professional sport.

And as such they are free to make such an offer in reduced sentence.

It’s Nick’s choice.

Either way, given past behaviour, even eight weeks is light but as a business, ATP/ITF doesn’t want Nick out too long now, do they, AO being just around the corner and all.

jalep Says:

Yes, 8 weeks is light, Elina. And I care about NK, for what it’s worth. But his second serious suspension ought to be longer. I’d think a year is more like it. For his own sake, really. He needs to sit out a year and grow up, drink himself into oblivion, get fat and out of shape, toy with other options, be depressed, get so low and muddied that wakes up and realizes the value and opportunity he had/has, if at all possible.

He needs a year off. 8 months reduced sentence isn’t long enough of a rehab imo.

jalep Says:

Treat this like a physical injury requiring surgery. His mate Kokkinakis has had to sit out a long time now; Delpo, has had to sit out, for completely different reasons, of course. But Delpo is now fully focused on what he wants. We don’t know about Kokkinakis. I hope he’ll come back. But I do think Nick’s reduced suspension sets him up for failure again.

jalep Says:

lol, 8 weeks isn’t enough.
8 months is better, a year or two, like a doping suspension, even better.

Wog Boy Says:

There is no such a thing as players union. They are all self centered and think only about their little gains ruled by the mighty sponsors and atp, not like in 1973 when they boycotted Wimbledon!
Those times are long gone, they are just corporate world puppets, all of them!

elina Says:

WB yup. Especially the anointed one.

J-Kath Says:

I’m very uncomfortable about the “anti” feeling re. Nick. I prefer Danica’s view (and VP) about the “rights” assumed by the ATP. Conduct on court OK, but prescribing so-called treatment is way a step too far. Punish him within ATP authority – ban him for a year or whatever (as per Jalep) but the assumption that he needs medical attention at a level they think appropriate is abuse of authority.

Nick’s sin was to demonstrate what other players also do. When you are losing/no longer have confidence in a potential win you don’t play your best (Andy vs Agut) – many players give up and play way below their potential – so Nick exaggerated how it felt.

I personally don’t want robots on the court which is where we seem to be going and why I enjoy Andy’s chuntering, Noel’s shirt tearing, Stan’s belligerence towards a player because of comments thrown at him and anyone who decides to cremate their racquet.

I’m surprised at the holier than thou attitude of many of the T-x posters. Just because he is rich, doesn’t mean Nick has had a good up-bringing – I say this because his brother is a sh-t clawing attention where-ever he can – so give Nick a chance for goodness sake – he adds to our enjoyment – most of the time.

Hello Wogboy: You got back in one piece!!!

elina Says:

Jk while I agree with a lot of what you said, not being a robot shouldn’t include a tank like that when many fans have paid good money and taken the time to support his sport.

Om terms of the penalty i would feel differently if the atp mandated that he had to go. On the contrary the choice was a very short suspension OPTIONALLY being reduced to a ridiculously short period.

Wog Boy Says:


I had to google the meaning of “anointed”..yes, agree;)

Wog Boy Says:

Yes, I am back in Belgrade in one peace, bringing only the best memories about Wales and Welsh people and their hospitality, really next to none.
The only hospitality they didn’t show was on the pitch, they trashed us:)) outside that we can’t fault them. Though the town looks pretty depressed (economically) the peple were great, but my Lord, they speak English that I hardly could understand and I thought Dubliners are bad.
We even had a training session in tbe secondory school in town that teaches and speaks only Welsh, student and players bonded great, we loved it.
Last night, after we were trashed by Wales, players went to Swansea to drink (and look for the girls:), we (the staff) went to the pub around the corner, I ha e never had experience that publician is shouting drinks to patrons, well this one did, he locked the pub at midnight and drink was on him until 3:30am, we were singig and dancing, mostly with John Denver songs, locals love country music, we got absolutely smashed, walked into the hotel 4am and bus for Heathrow left at 5:30am:))

Willow Says:

Well i said it last week, i have nothing against players having some personality, and showing emotion, smashing raquets i dont care about, swearing etc, but i draw the line when it comes to players that have little respect for their opponents, or paying fans that they would deliberatly tank a match, however im all for giving people a chance, so he should be fined, suspended, but also issue an apology to his opponent (cant remember who it was now), but also an apology to that fan whomever it was, then move on, and be done with it all ….

elina Says:

Richard Krajicek has released Nick Kyrgios from his contract for Feb’s Rotterdam tournament: so he can play in NBA’s All Star Celebrity game

elina Says:

Looks like Nicky is declining the reduction in his suspension after all (but who knows what to believe with him)….

“In a Twitter Q&A on Wednesday morning, the controversial Australian appeared to be at odds with Tennis Australia’s claim a day earlier that he had agreed to seek professional help.

When asked if he intended to meet with a psychologist, he replied: “Probs not.”

RZ Says:

@elina – not surprised. You can’t help those who won’t help themselves.

Margot Says:

Wog Boy:
Really glad my Welsh compatriots made you feel so welcome.
Did warn you about the drinking tho. LoL :)

Khb Says:

Funny how the ATP didn’t appoint a psychologist during 2002-2006.
I guess they needed to give Federer a cushy life.

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