Andy Murray Is The 17th Different Player To Finish No. 1 In ATP Rankings History
by Tom Gainey | November 22nd, 2016, 9:52 am

Andy Murray joined a small, select group of players to have finished No. 1 in the history of the ATP Rankings (since 1973). With Murray, the list is now at 17.

“I would like to try and stay there, obviously,” Murray said of No. 1 Sunday. “It’s taken a huge effort the last five, six months to get there. I would obviously like to stay there. I’m aware that’s going to be extremely difficult because I had a great year this year. I only managed to do it by one match. To repeat that again next year is going to be extremely difficult.

“But now that I’ve got there, I obviously would be motivated to try and stay in that position. But yeah, I mean, the majors are what gets me working hard and what really, really motivates me.

“When I go away in December to train, I’m training with the Australian Open in mind. Because of the best-of-five-set matches, they’re the ones you have to really put in the extra work for and the extra training for. That’s what motivates me.”

PLAYERS TO FINISH ATP NO. 1 (first achieved)
Andy Murray (2016)
Novak Djokovic (2015)
Rafael Nadal (2013)
Roger Federer (2009)
Andy Roddick (2003)
Lleyton Hewitt (2002)
Gustavo Kuerten (2000)
Andre Agassi (1999)
Pete Sampras (1998)
Jim Courier (1992)
Stefan Edberg (1991)
Ivan Lendl (1989)
Mats Wilander (1988)
John McEnroe (1984)
Bjorn Borg (1980)
Jimmy Connors (1978)
Ilie Nastase (1973)

2016 Andy Murray (Great Britain)
2015 Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2014 Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2013 Rafael Nadal (Spain)
2012 Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2011 Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
2010 Rafael Nadal (Spain)
2009 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2008 Rafael Nadal (Spain)
2007 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2006 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2005 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2004 Roger Federer (Switzerland)
2003 Andy Roddick (U.S.)
2002 Lleyton Hewitt (Australia)
2001 Lleyton Hewitt (Australia)
2000 Gustavo Kuerten (Brazil)
1999 Andre Agassi (U.S.)
1998 Pete Sampras (U.S.)
1997 Pete Sampras (U.S.)
1996 Pete Sampras (U.S.)
1995 Pete Sampras (U.S.)
1994 Pete Sampras (U.S.)
1993 Pete Sampras (U.S.)
1992 Jim Courier (U.S.)
1991 Stefan Edberg (Sweden)
1990 Stefan Edberg (Sweden)
1989 Ivan Lendl (Czech Republic)
1988 Mats Wilander (Sweden)
1987 Ivan Lendl (Czech Republic)
1986 Ivan Lendl (Czech Republic)
1985 Ivan Lendl (Czech Republic)
1984 John McEnroe (U.S.)
1983 John McEnroe (U.S.)
1982 John McEnroe (U.S.)
1981 John McEnroe (U.S.)
1980 Bjorn Borg (Sweden)
1979 Bjorn Borg (Sweden)
1978 Jimmy Connors (U.S.)
1977 Jimmy Connors (U.S.)
1976 Jimmy Connors (U.S.)
1975 Jimmy Connors (U.S.)
1974 Jimmy Connors (U.S.)
1973 Ilie Nastase (Romania)

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7 Comments for Andy Murray Is The 17th Different Player To Finish No. 1 In ATP Rankings History

Willow Says:

Fantastic to see Andy becoming part of the tennis elite, DC, OG Twice, multiple GS, number 1 ranking, nothing left to prove anymore ….

AndyMira Says:

Good luck to Andy!As a fan,to see him be able to climb to the highest possible spot in men’s tennis is like a dream come true.It doesn’t matter to me how long he’s going to stay there,my chest already full with pride and satisfaction..and it’s going to stay there forever..In 2008 and so on,i remembered thinking,everytime i watched him been beaten constantly by the big guy[Rog and rafa,and later Novak]..I felt for him..and the same thought came to my mind..”When Andy’s time will come?”I want to see that moment,i want to see Andy get the same respect like his other big 3 rivals got..and i knew one day he’ll get it..And today is the day..So,million congrats to Andy and trillion congrats to his always loyal and beloved fans who stand with him no matter what condition he is sorrow,painful or joyous moment…BIG BIG applaud for you guys..M,JK,RZ,TheDA,Honfleuraise,Markus,CDP[where r u?] and more others out there..YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!Enjoy your moment guys..We 2nd class fans will always back you up..C’MON!!!!

SG1 Says:

Some things I think I thought as I read the No. 1 list above:

1) Pretty cool for Ivan and Andy to have this in common.
2) Surprising that Andy Roddick and his 1 major ties Andre Agassi and his 8 majors with only one year end No.1.
3) The iron handed control of this position by the Big 4 over the past 13 years.
4) How does Lleyton Hewitt end up as a two time year end No.1? (incidentally the same number as Stefan Edberg) and more times than Agassi. Oh…the fickle nature of computerized rankings.
5) Was very happy to see Guga on the list.
6) And how does Borg with 11 majors only end up as year No.1 only twice? The guy retired at 26. Oh…the fickle nature of computerized rankings.

Willow Says:

Thankyou Margot ;-)) ….

betsy Says:

It is amazing to think that Andy is just now reaching his full potential…it should give the ones who are already in their mid-20s some hope…although it is hard to predict which, if any of them will step up and win a slam…I am thinking maybe Raonic because of his temperment or possibly Zverev…but I am so hopeful Andy will carry this confidence into the new year and start to really dominate…?

John Bullock Says:

I’m a huge Murray fan, so it’s great to see him finally get his dues in full. It would be nice if Djokovic (and possibly Nadal/Federer) could get back to their old self next year. Give Murray a chance to truly exorcise the demons.

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