More Of Novak Djokovic Practicing For 2017 (Boris Take Note?)
by Staff | December 16th, 2016, 7:14 pm

Novak Djokovic isn’t taking the off season lightly, at least not according to his social media account. Since Boris Becker made the remark that Djokovic didn’t practice enough the last half of 2016, Djokovic has been posting pictures of his practices and routines lately.

Is it in response to Becker or just normal communications with his fans? Or is he doing all he can to chase down Andy Murray and return to No. 1 as soon as possible?

Djokovic posted messages today on Twitter and on Facebook and one yesterday on Instagram.

Some running in the sand:

“Let’s just say I don’t really do much sun bathing on the beach these days”:

Djokovic opens his 2017 season in Doha in just a few weeks time.

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14 Comments for More Of Novak Djokovic Practicing For 2017 (Boris Take Note?)

AndyMira Says:

Andy showed he’s practiced hard on the beach and now Novak also showed us the same!What is it with this two?They want to torture us or something?…Can’t wait!C’mon guys hurry up!

Sam Says:

Djokovic is not a kid in order that his coach to scream 15 times in ten steps in order to mobilize him. Fake show.

Danica Says:

It’s a routine practice. Spent many an hour running in the sand (and snow) myself :).

AndyMira Says:

Loved to see him have fun in dancing class…Ha ha..I love his many qualities especially his sense of humour..

J-Kath Says:


Nole’s bottom swing was great – he should try belly dancing.

AndyMira Says:

Yeah JK…His movement was not bad at all!

jalep Says:

πŸ•Ί πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί he loves it :D
Delpo is a better dancer tho. But he’s digging it – atta boy, Nole ole!

Willow Says:

Is it Zumba, i think the girls where i work do this, keeps you fit, healthy and very toned, Novak moves very well, i enjoy seeing the fun side of the players ….

jalep Says:

He’s not a natural dancer hahaha…but he’s having fun. I’d like to go trail running with him — up and down hills, slaloming through rocks and trees …. his body needs speed – he thrives on adrenaline and competition while being super fit. Same with Andy, Rafa, even Federer…

but non of them dance like delpo…or better yet, Monfils ;) imo

jalep Says:

He’s no Hugh Jackman – Willow!

chrisford1 Says:

Resolution and lighting are not great, the blonde in black leotards and pink top looks like his wife, but I am uncertain.
They like to try new things together, or join in participation in something their spouse does better/doing for a long time. Djokovic, to the extent he can at this time, teaches his son new things.
Enjoyable attitude and he likes to post photos of it to NoleFam – year and a half back, some nice if posed ballet practice pics.

Monfils – well what can you say about a person famous in all sorts of Parisian night club circles and given red carpet treatment not for his tennis but his peerless dance moves???

I’d put Novak and Serena on one tier down from Gael. They are good at dance and love expressing it. They promote tennis with it. Rafa has been too shy to show his stuff, Andy AWOL, and Roger had two lives – bleach blond and black hair dance punk, then the Nike reimaged guy too classy to do any dance but a refined waltz, in a tuxedo.

I’d say Delpo made a very funny dance video back in Argentina, but his height conspires against him in couples dancing.

Serena is also a pretty nice singer. Novak? No one accuses him of that even if he is a singing fool, happy to let it air in public and see people wince.

Willow Says:

Jalep its no use, youve done it now lol, ive got the copy and paste bug, this is for me, but others can take a look if the want ;-)

J.S. Says:

Belly Dancing?? LOL!!!! And, PLEASE don’t post it on social media, we don’t care – Hope he stops his nonsense soon so I can stomach watching his antics!


Danica Says:

If you can’t stomach Nole, don’t watch him. Simple. There’s plenty of us who enjoy his moves and game.

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