Roger Federer: Days Later, I Still Cannot Believe I Won The Australian Open
by Tom Gainey | February 8th, 2017, 10:41 am

In a recent Q&A with Time Magazine, Roger Federer reflected on his improbable win at the Australian Open.

“Honestly, I never thought I’d be able to win this tournament,” Federer said. “That’s what stands out to me three days later. I still can’t believe I was able to make it all happen. This one has a very special, different taste than all the other Grand Slams I ever won. Coming back, getting older, and people have written me off maybe, makes this one so unique.”

Federer also talked about his incredible comeback from 1-3 down against Nadal.

“I told myself, ‘You have one more set to play, pal.’ It’s so easy to get down on yourself, and say, ‘Look, it was a great run, it is a great comeback, be happy with the final. It’s fine. It’s all good.’ I didn’t allow that to creep into my mind. I told myself, ‘It’s one more set, give it everything you’ve got. He’s in pain. I’m in pain. Everyone is fighting out there, just try to play offensive tennis and take it to him. Go for your shots. Play free. Enjoy it out there. Play the ball, don’t play the opponent. Try everything. Hopefully, that’s enough.’ And it was.”

And the post-match party? He partied!

“I [left the tournament] at like 3:00 a.m.. And I went straight o the bar with my friends. We partied and danced all night long, we had a DJ. We got back at 6:30 a.m., the kids were just getting up as I came back with the trophy. One after the other, the kids came over to look to look at the trophy. It was an epic 12 hours.”

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40 Comments for Roger Federer: Days Later, I Still Cannot Believe I Won The Australian Open

skeezer Says:

Let’s see, play a 5 set match at the highest level, then ceremony, interview, more interviews, then party till 6:30 am(@35), then go home as kids waking up and greet them. Ok, I AM TIRED!
Well deserved Maestro!
@Tennis X thanks for updating the Funk/Trunk, duly noted!

Leo Says:

@Tennis X – sooooooo slow with the Funk/Trunk updates…………….

Truth Says:

Fraud only “understands” that other players have fake injuries and that he had years of debilitation, MONO pain and misfortune. *gag and vomit

madmax Says:

Truth Says:
Fraud only “understands” that other players have fake injuries and that he had years of debilitation, MONO pain and misfortune. *gag and vomit

February 8th, 2017 at 1:14 pm

Truth really is a sore, sore loser.

Federer! We applaud you! We applaud your awesomeness – it was a great, great tournament. Still watching it on replay. Over and over again.

steve-o Says:

So you do listen, Tennis-X staff. Thank you for updating the Funk and the Trunk.

Berghain Says:

Nice to see Fed in the Funky Trunk

Berghain Says:

I would of preferred ‘all hail the king’


RZ Says:

I’m still impressed that he pulled it off! I was sure he would get to a top 10 player and then lose, but to defeat Berdych, Nishikori, Wawrinka, and Nadal in a slam after being off the tour for 6 months is one heck of an achievement.

skeezer Says:

thought the same as you, I thought at best he would beat one of the top ten ners then eventually get booted out as he went deeper. But that run through the 4 major players was phenomenal. I truly don’t expect him to make a run like this again until….maybe…Wimby.

Pamela Says:

Madmax – let the haters hate. Who cares? Roger won another grand slam after being out on a 6 month injury. Woop woop!!!! Was a great match and sooooo happy Roger was able to win one more slam. As he said….the haters had all written him (he was more polite) and ha ha!!!! Screw them!!! Yeah for Roger and teah for who he beat in this match. they all said he would never win another slam and could never beat Rafa!! Proved them wrong all around. Great match Mr Federer (GOAT)

Pamela Says:

Sorry. Won’t let me fix my mistakes. First correction. “Haters had all written him off”

Second correction “yeah for Roger and yeah for who he beat in this match”

Tazman Says:

Truth, Roger doesn’t care about what you think! He’s a TRUE champion! He just hit #18 and he might even get one of two more! Wouldn’t that be horrible — FOR YOU!!! Way to go, Rog!!!

DC Says:

When fed wins, tennis wins.
Because his win restored faith in the essence of the sport, which is shot-making.
The younger generation can now believe that one can win slams by playing their shots and it’s not necessary to win by attrition.
They can learn that tennis is more about shot making , rather than running around and playing a safe defensive game.

madmax Says:


I hear you girl! Woop! Whoop! Whoooppppeeee!

Here is an article for the Fed fans to read. Peter Carter’s parents.

Roger is CLASS Says: Fans’ Favorite

2003 Roger Federer
2004 Roger Federer (2)
2005 Roger Federer (3)
2006 Roger Federer (4)
2007 Roger Federer (5)
2008 Roger Federer (6)
2009 Roger Federer (7)
2010 Roger Federer (8)
2011 Roger Federer (9)
2012 Roger Federer (10)
2013 Roger Federer (11)
2014 Roger Federer (12)
2015 Roger Federer (13)
2016 Roger Federer (14)

Sportsmanship Award Voted for by the players of the ATP.

2004 Roger Federer
2005 Roger Federer (2)
2006 Roger Federer (3)
2007 Roger Federer (4)
2008 Roger Federer (5)
2009 Roger Federer (6)
2011 Roger Federer (7)
2012 Roger Federer (8)
2013 Roger Federer (9)
2014 Roger Federer(10)
2015 Roger Federer(11)

Roger is greatest player ever. The truth.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Nadal: Playing the Masters Cup every year on indoor hard is not fair

arrogant excuse.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Nadal And The MTO, Illegal Coaching, Time Wasting.

Nasty Nadal Accused In ‘cheat’ Storm.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Roger Federer Defied Age
and Nerves to Win 18th Grand Slam.

Agassi wrote,
“makes me feel like I was much more of a broken person than I even realized.”

Blake says,
Roger Federer was the only player to send him a note after he broke his neck during a 2004 practice in Rome.
“He had no reason or need to write that note,”
says Blake.
“He wasn’t gaining anything from me aside from my friendship.”

gentle King.

Giles Says:
Somebody dug up this article by Tennis X where the old man called Nadal one dimensional! Lololol.
Has the old man ever won Monte Carlo? Noooo cos Nadal whooped his backside each time they met there!

the_mind_reels Says:

Yep. Nadal is definitely the better clay-court player!

skeezer Says:

You link @ 10:32 takes you to a place to pay up.
But if your link says what it says ( Suits aggressive players ) then so? Rafa made it to the finals.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Nadal is gamesmanship cheater player ever.

And Nadal who has the arrogant fan.

Giles Says:

skeezer. Craig Tilley said initially the courts were not faster than previous years but of course that was bs. Jack Sock said AO was the fastest court he had ever played in. Just trying to point out the discrepancy in statements, that is all.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Nadal believes previous tennis eras cannot match the excitement generated by the current stars of the sport

“Sampras v Ivanisevic match, or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable, It’s not really tennis, it is a few swings of the racquet.

For me, in the past it was just serve, serve, serve.”

Arrogant Nadal knows that he himself can only have clay titles in fast surfaces era.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Do not forget the selfish 2 year ranking Nadal wanted.

Giles Says:
Craig Tilley. Obviously a fed fan boy. Sheesh

Truth Says:

Lol Fed said he was a “little guy” because he served slower than Karlovic.
6′ 1″ and 180 pounds are little? Without his flat hard return & serve, he’d be destroyed everywhere by the washed up Nadal.

sinha71 Says:

I try to remind myself everyday but alas admittedly sometimes I forget.

I will stay vigilant.

Is this your wordpress blog BTW?

Giles Says:

So Roger is Class is a fanatical Nadal hater. Geez! This guy is an absolute nutter who should be locked up!!
Thanks Sinha 71 for exposing him.

Roger is CLASS Says:

arrogant talk of the as always arrogant fan of cheater Nadal.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Nadal – “Djokovic Lucky” “Give me two years without an injury and….”

Q: Did you watch the Australian Open?

Nadal: No, I didn’t have access to Eurosport.

Q: Excuse me?

Nadal: Our satellite tv channels have changed in January so that’s why. Well,
I did see images of it. What can I say about it? First of all,
Djokovic has proven once again that he’s a great competitor he is.
Secondly, that he’s a superb tennis player.
And thirdly, that he is a player who doesn’t get injured. That’s lucky.
He can do what he wants and it all works well for him. Give me two years without an injury and….

arrogant excuse loser.

Wog Boy Says:

“So Roger is Class is a fanatical Nadal hater. Geez! This guy is an absolute nutter who should be locked up!!”

I don’t care about your arguments, but look who is talking about being fanatical hater, can’t stop laughing 😂 😹

kjb Says:

Someone should create a thread where “Roger is Class” and “Truth” can go and write their nonsense, so we don’t have to see it. My scrolling finger is getting sore these days.

Roger is CLASS Says:

And Djokovic suffers from the injury of the shoulder of long time.

Wish of arrogant Nadal,


DC Says:

for all those complaining about injuries/tiredness, i would like to point out that its the choice of the player how they want to play.
If you look at the AO tournament itself, Nole, Nadal, Murray had options to hit more winners and end the points earlier. But no, they mostly want to continue hitting medium paced safe shots and wait for the opponent to make a mistake.
Its not Feds problem that the others want to lengthen the points/rallies and make it a game of attrition. Nole, Nadal, Murray have realized the safest & surest way to win matches against Fed is to make it a game of attrition . And with this strategy they may win the game, but not the war.

Margot Says:

Roger isn’t class must be trying to homogenise this site.
It’s open to fans of all players, don’t yer know, old chump.

Pamela Says:

Wog boy – you crack me up… hit it spot on!!

Pamela Says:

And Wog boy – I am a Federer fan!!

Pamela Says:

madmax – just read the article… all teary eyed…. this goes beyond tennis and beyond all the little squabbles on these sites… This shows that Roger Federer is a man with class, a man with a big heart.. No reason for him to do this and he certainly does not get media attention for this (for all those haters out there) I did not know about this and thanks for the article…. first class guy all the way

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