Rafael Nadal Takes Over ATP Rankings Race Lead From Federer, Earns Top 4 Seed At French!
by Tom Gainey | May 15th, 2017, 9:24 am

Rafael Nadal is the new leader in the 2017 ATP points race, moving ahead of Roger Federer following his fifth Madrid Masters title.

Nadal now had a 690 points edge on the Swiss and has the chance to add to it in Rome this week.

Madrid finalist Dominic Thiem is now 3rd, semifinalist David Goffin is 4th. Andy Murray stayed at 11th while Novak Djokovic climbed seven spots to 16.

Nadal also swapped positions with Federer from 5 to 4 in the 52-weesk ranks which will give him a Top 4 seed at Roland Garros.

Murray will be the No. 1 seed at the French, followed by Djokovic. But Nadal could leapfrog Wawrinka in Rome for No. 3.

ATP RACE RANKINGS (May 15, 2017)
1 Rafael Nadal 4735
2 Roger Federer 4045
3 Dominic Thiem 2085
4 David Goffin 1640
5 Stan Wawrinka 1600
6 Grigor Dimitrov 1465
7 Pablo Carreno Busta 1335
8 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 1310
9 Albert Ramos-Vinolas 1230
10 Jack Sock 1230

11 Andy Murray 1200
16 Novak Djokovic 1015

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29 Comments for Rafael Nadal Takes Over ATP Rankings Race Lead From Federer, Earns Top 4 Seed At French!

Giles Says:

Yaaaaay! Well done Champ!
Vamos Rafa!

skeezer Says:

Congrats Rafa, you and Fed are “owning” the field this year so far.

Luca Says:

Nadal is simply unbeatable on clay. Thiem played a great match, but Nadal was just too good.

If you guys don’t mind, could you visit http://www.courtsidewatch.com? It’s a new and upcoming site, and we’ll have an article on Federer and the French Open up at 11:30 CDT. Thank you so much!

Daniel Says:

Fed will be the question mark in RG and which QF he will be drawn to: Murray, Djoko, Wawa or Nadal. My feeling is he will be drawn QF to face Nadal. Let’ see.

Murray and Djoko slowly climbing the race rankings. If they did decent this week they could enter RG in top 10 race leaders. Any semis spot at this postition will boost their rankings.

gonzalowski Says:

There are sport journalists who think Fed won’t enter the French. And Rafa maybe skip the grass.
Fed could look for for a 9th Halle – 8th Wimby

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I posted negative vibes on Rafa on the other thread, so I’ll even out the Karma by throwing shade on his rivals here:

If Fed doesn’t come back at the French,
or if Fed comes back at less than his early 2017 level
or if Rafa is able to resume his H2H dominance over Fed…

(and there’s a very good chance Fed ain’t coming back to that insane level he bottled in the early hard courts…)

Who is going to stop Rafa? When and how will Novak and Murray find their old form? If they don’t by Wimbledon… do the favourites become Kyrgios or Raonic??

J-Kath Says:

Luca – Thank you for your suggestion re. “courtsidewatch” – which was interesting – but a link to Facebook slightly put me off.

Daniel Says:

Oh, and people forget to add that Nadal also is currently co-lead in masters series wins with Djoko at 30.

Him and Federer 2 each already this season.

Daniel Says:

Murray played awful before in RG and deieve on grass. So he’ll be fine cole grass season reagrdless of Rome and RG. Can’t see another crash like Dimi in Wimby 2014

Daniel Says:

Raonic, Kyrgios, Dimi, Cilic, any tall power hitter will have a shot at Wimbledon.

Djoko don’t know if he will recover in time.
Nadal if wins RG may be mentally empty and with his latest Wimby results, won’t place him as favorite.

That will leave Fed, Murray, and the others mention above.

Wawa I think will start decreasing, he is not young and he is even more incomsitant than the past.

All top 3 underperforom on clay so far and will try to prove somethig this Rome: Murray, Djoko and Wawa.

J-Kath Says:

Daniel: Tall power hitters usually don’t win against (a) Murray and (b) Nole – however, we are not at “usually”.

Wog Boy Says:

Raf won’t slow down until after USO, he will finish the year as #1, absolutely certainly, he is on the mission, extremely well prepared, rejuvenated, sky high on the confidence, don’t be surprised if he makes three out of three in last three GS.

Andy is big question mark, what I saw against Coric is not Andy, very lethargic for whatever reason.

Nole will be lucky if he makes top 8.

Roger is topping up, legally, with juices hoping he will have another burst of success, he might have one or two tournaments but that’s about it.

skeezer Says:

‘…he might have one or two tournaments but that’s about it.”
Wimby & USO, fine by me.

Wog Boy Says:

Sure, “elixir of youth” can do miracles, make the player, who at his prime wasn’t top 20 in five set matches, suddenly at 35 plays five set matches without properly sweating, three of them in the first tournament after six months lay off, runs faster, jumps higher…you still believe in Santa Claus.
Of course, for “elixir of youth” you need proper breaks in order to work, otherwise they can’t do “miracles”.

skeezer Says:

Me thinks Rafa is taking Feds “elixir of youth”, or vice a versa. Novak needs to get up to Speed.

Wog Boy Says:

Meanwhile Dimitrov is Delpo’s first victim in Rome, next one will be Nole if he gets that far, I mean if Nole gets that far;)

Wog Boy Says:

Nole is not in to that stuff, not yet, he is doing spiritual enlightenment atm…with great success on and off the court…

J-Kath Says:

I hear you Wog Boy!!!!

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks JK.

Markus Says:

I was wondering why Djokovic’s gave started to go downhill at around the time her good friend Sharapova was caught using performance enhancing drugs. All of a sudden he starts to wilt when matches go the distance whereas before he could go on and on and on without breaking a sweat.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

If Rafa DOES win the French, and if Murray and Novak’s woes continue (and I say they will), Fed could actually be the favourite at Wimbledon. Rafa has been terrible at Wimbledon for the last few years.
So IF Fed does come back at full strength, his competition will be Kyrgios, Raonic, Dmitrov, Zverev, and maybe Del Potro.
And on Wimbledon, I would definitely like Fed’s chances against that field.

If he has 2 Slams and 2 Masters by the end of Wimbledon, he will be very close to #1.

Miles Says:

Wog boy – Federer at his prime hardly ever had to play 5 set matches! He only started to wilt in 5 setters after his glandular fever in 2008 – his lack of stamina then was clearly linked to the after-effects of that viral condition and led to him playing much longer matches.

And the 5 set matches he won at the AO weren’t long and gruelling, as he played ultra-attacking tennis to minimise the length of rallies and reduce energy expenditure.

Federer isn’t unique in winning majors at 35. Even in the modern era, Agassi would probably have won the USO had he not run into prime Federer.

Wog Boy Says:

Incorrect, even if you want to go until 2008, though you Federer fans keep moving the posts all the times for various reasons, Roger played 20 five set matches and was 10:10, 50% winning record, and that is his prime. He never made to top 20 in five set stats. He was always lousy five set players even three tough sets he was as likely to lose as to win, roughly fifty fifty chances and he turned the tables at the age of 35!
Do yourself favour and check the facts before you post, here they are, have a look for yourself and this is only unti 2013, after that he lost few GS final in five sets to Nole:


Wog Boy Says:

^^ In his absolute prime 2003/2007, he played 10 five setters, won 4 (four) and lost 6 (six)!
Not even close to 50% winning record, and that was before mono, bad back, bad knee, two packages of twins and whatever else you have in store:)

Wog Boy Says:

Just to clarify, when I say “lousy five set player”, it was lousy for his standards, for the so called “the GOAT”, since offical title as such doesn’t exist, not in ATP nor ITF, it is just an opinion..

Wog Boy Says:

Since it is late here, just to correct you on this one before I go to bed:

“He only started to wilt in 5 setters after his glandular fever in 2008..”

You were wrong here too, since he actually improved his record after 2008, he did better than in his prime, not even taking 2017 in to account, as per my link, and sample is more than big enough, no?

gonzalowski Says:

I still see an RG match Nadal – Djokovic at 50%

Jenny Shekersavva Says:

Congratulations rafa on your win in madrid keep up the good work you can do it

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