Rafael Nadal Just 130pts Behind Leader Novak Djokovic In 2013 ATP Ranking Race; Federer At No. 11
by Tom Gainey | May 13th, 2013, 2:07 pm

If he wins Rome Rafael Nadal will not only earn a No. 4 seed at the French Open but also go into the second Slam of the season incredibly as the leader in 2013 ATP Points, ahead of Novak Djokovic.

That’s quite an achievement for some who missed the Australian Open!

After his Madrid title Nadal narrowed the gap between himself and Djokovic to just 130 points. If Nadal reaches the final he’ll enter Roland Garros with more points than anyone on the year and be in the lead for the race to No. 1.

As Nadal rises, Roger Federer’s stock continues to fall. The 17-time Slam champion remains title-less on the year and is now down to No. 11 in 2013 points, well behind Stanislas Wawrinka who rose six spots to No. 6 on the strength of his Madrid final.

The Top 8 qualify for the Barclays ATP Finals at the end of the year. With big points available at the French and Wimbledon Federer will have to do well in the next 45 days to stay in that hunt.

Federer is so far behind of the Top 2 that even if he won the French Open he’s still be behind Nadal and Djokovic.

MAY 13 ATP Race Standings
1 Djokovic, Novak (SRB), 4,130
2 Nadal, Rafael (ESP), 4,000
3 Murray, Andy (GBR), 2,900
4 Ferrer, David (ESP), 2,700
5 Berdych, Tomas (CZE), 2,045
6 Wawrinka, Stanislas (SUI), 1,625
7 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried (FRA), 1,590
8 Del Potro, Juan Martin (ARG), 1,515

9 Gasquet, Richard (FRA), 1,405
10 Almagro, Nicolas (ESP), 1,350
11 Federer, Roger (SUI), 1,260

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25 Comments for Rafael Nadal Just 130pts Behind Leader Novak Djokovic In 2013 ATP Ranking Race; Federer At No. 11

alison Says:

Im just delighted to have Rafa back playing,titles are a bonus,i would never have dreamt for a minute he would have achieved what he has this year,especially after 7 months off the tour,reaching every final hes played,and winning 5 titles,whatever peoples feelings are about the guy thats an incredible achievement,i dont know what will happen the rest of the year,but its sure is great to have him back playing,vamos Rafa.

gonzalowski Says:

Congratulations to Nadal, he is the clay goat.

A career detail:
With this Madrid 2nd clay title (the first of the 3 he has in Madrid was on fast surface), plus the one in Hamburgo, he is now on 3 “altitude clay” mastes-event titles, if I’m not wrong.
Federer has 6 of them, 4 in Hamburg and 2 in Madrid (speaking of clay).

Humble Rafa Says:

You see, what you have been missing for 8 months?

Anna Says:

“altitude clay”…..really, I’m not sure I understand the significance of this detail. I would imagine all courts play somewhat differently in high altitude, but so what? Do we now need to look at desert, versus sea level, versus altitude tournaments to determine some important “detail/factor”. Come on, give it a rest.

harry Says:

Come on TX! Rafa has got to be the one who’s got the funk now :-)

harry Says:

Again wrong thread, but can’t help it… I know that the Muzz fans passed these photos around [of Muzz “giving a lift” to Tsonga].

But here they are accompanied by quotes from him:

It is interesting that he feels a need to justify the jet — that is classic Murray! I am trying to imagine what Fed/Rafa/Nole would have replied to such a question of using a jet :-) Can somebody help me out here :) ?

Steve 27 Says:

Murray is a classy guy! Good for him.

harry Says:

^– more on Muzzard:

harry Says:

Ah! reading all this news reminds me of:

Michael Says:

Roger is even behind Almagro. That is really nauseating to say the least. It also shows as to how far his stock has come down with growing age. In 2012, he was at his very best, but so far in 2013, his best days are behind him. Is it a mere blip or he will soon fire up remains to be seen.

Margot Says:

Cheers harry :) and may Andy never change.
His British friends are sure to give him lots of stick for using a private jet!
Oo er, la di dah or what…;)

Margot Says:

PS harry, your Youtube clip is pure genius. I read “The Guardian” btw…..

harry Says:

ha ha, Margot! i am glad you liked the youtube clip :) I just love “yes, minister” and “yes, prime minister” episodes… What a devil Sir Humphrey is :)

Ah! so you read “The Guardian” :)? Of course I only look at the online edition — my objection is its tennis section… especially Kevin Mitchell’s writing…

harry Says:

BTW Margot, I mostly read from “google news” — i know it is cheap, still it is news :)

Margot Says:

So what is Hacker’s take on people who “read google news”? I imagine you’re a T Party voter……;)
OOOOWWWWW stop, stop! Just a-teasing yer…
I like Kev., cos he likes Andy, of course.

siva Says:

Nadal is the king of clay.congrats….

harry Says:

“So what is Hacker’s take on people who “read google news”?”
I don’t think Hacker had a take on technology. He is, after all, from the LSE :)

Margot Says:

LOl harry, that’s so funny because so am I!!!!
Don’t understand how I can possibly “talk” to someone thousands of miles away, just for starters….and since I’m on the subject of ignorance, how do planes stay up in the air??
Please help.
from a “Baffled Brit.”

harry Says:

@Margot: oh oh! I thought the LSE joke could lead me into trouble :) Ok let us poke fun at Oxford instead:

alison Says:

Harry loving the you tube Yes Minister clips,even though Only Fools And Horses was my favorite ever comedy series,this was also a very funny series thanks :D..

harry Says:

^– that was Hacker putting Humphrey in his rightful place; but we know Humphrey does not go without a fight :)

harry Says:

@Alison — thanks! I have not watched OFAH; i think i should :)

alison Says:

Harry you should watch it,its hilarious,i have not got a clue as to how you put up links or videos etc,otherwise i would put some up for you to watch,but i think you should go to you tube and have a look at some OFAH clips(ENJOY IF YOU DO,ALTHOUGH IM SURE YOU WILL),Wogboys a massive fan too :D..

harry Says:

Thanks Alison… Yes, I know WB and mat4 are OFAH fans…

Re posting links: i don’t do anything “fancy” with the youtube links; i just paste the link in tinyurl.com — it is a url (link) shortening site — and this site gives me back another link that points to the same location as the original but with a shorter link-name. [It is just a space saving technique — that is all.]

Frank Pekar Says:

I’m loving how he playes his personality. I’m very glad to live at this time. I’m watching every tennis match on TV. Rafael Nadal ,Michet Chordan Mike Tyson Jo Nemeth. these are the people make me ejoie life. God bless them. Sorry for mistake in my writing.

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