Rafael Nadal Officially Returns To No. 1 In ATP Rankings
by Tom Gainey | August 21st, 2017, 10:39 am

He’s back! For the first time in over three years, Rafael Nadal is officially back at No. 1 on the ATP Rankings.

Nadal last ranked No. 1 on July 6, 2014. This is his 4th stint at No. 1 and this week is his 142nd on top.

Nadal will hold the top spot for another two weeks at least through the US Open. But could lose it in New York to Roger Federer or Andy Murray. Federer will have to get at least to the semifinals, Murray the final. A Nadal-Federer or Nadal-Murray final in New York would be for No. 1.

“Is an amazing, positive news,” Nadal said Friday of becoming No. 1. “Being No. 1 after all the things that I have been going through the last couple of years is something unbelievable, so is, for me, is an amazing achievement to be back to that position after few years, three years already without being in that position.

“So I gonna work hard to show myself and why I am there. So I’m going to work hard, and I gonna try my best to play at the highest level possible in New York.”

Nadal has finished No. 1 three times in 2008, 2010 and 2013. And in all three years he become No. 1 during the season, he then finished No. 1.

Nine years ago on August 18, 2008, he first reached the No. 1.

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42 Comments for Rafael Nadal Officially Returns To No. 1 In ATP Rankings

Daniel Says:

Congrats Nadal, achieving this feat at 31!

Hope this year him and Federer battle for it all to the very last match of the season.

And for them to play USO, semis or finals, we deserve that match!

Willow Says:

I Like that summary Daniel :-)

Willow Says:

A True testament to Rafas greatness, that hes returned to the top of the tree, and also bagged another GS in doing so, i dont know how long he will remain there but the point is hes there now, Vamos Rafa ;-) ….

Bruce Myles Says:

For me he was always the No 1 and certainly a gentleman of note. The best manners on the tour.

Leo Says:

Congratulations to Rafa Nadal. Truly amazing what he’s been able to accomplish especially given the last 2 years he had. Perseverance.

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa! Congratulations. Proud to be your fan.

the_mind_reels Says:

A great achievement for Nadal to be back at #1 again. Congrats to him and his fans!

rognadfan Says:

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal! A great achievement indeed!

autoFilter Says:

Woohoo! Congratulations, Rafa!

Humble Rafa Says:

Thanks for all the wishes. Though some people may fail to congratulate me, I know it’s a true accomplishment that was made possible by hard work. I would also like to thank my Uncle Toni, my knee doctor, my plasma specialist, wonderful umpires whose 20 sec watches stop working after 19 seconds, patient opponents and for God’s greatest invention, the clay court.

rognadfan Says:

No mention of Xisca? What’s wrong?
Or she got inspired from Jelena?

Humble Rafa Says:

certainly a gentleman of note. The best manners on the tour.

Preach it.

skeezer Says:

HR left out another of his famous quotes on efforts and achievements;
“Give 110% unless you are donating blood”.

Sivaji Says:

Vamos Rafa! Congratulations .. stay long @1

Okiegal.... Says:

Congratulations Rafa!! Number one AGAIN!!! This is awesome……glad to be your fan!! Good luck at the USO!

Giles Says:

AM. Thanks. :)

Truthsquad Says:

Great achievement for Rafa, but even more impressive for David Ferrer to be on top of the WTA standings this week…Wow!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Congrats Rafa!
Also, congrats HR and Skeeze on good posts.

Rafa and Roger have dominated the season. Until 2 weeks ago, they had won all 5 Masters and 3 Slams played.

I’ve been saying for the last two years, Rafa is close, he can win a Slam again. I didn’t expect #1.

Big stakes at USO. Love a Slam with #1 at stake, and this time, between 3.

Willow Says:

Truthsquad i thought i was actually going mad when i saw that lol ….

Willow Says:

AndiMira and Giles thanks for the links awesome ….

Tony N Says:

Congratulations to all the Rafa fans.

Humble Rafa: “Though some people may fail to congratulate me”
Just be thankful that you have not yet been given the pot shots dumped on Federer whenever he accomplishes anything.

“it’s a true accomplishment that was made possible by… my knee doctor, my plasma specialist…”
It’s actually not ‘plasma specialist’, but PRP specialist (platelet-rich plasma is used for its growth factors… a therapy which I have had). More importantly, you forgot to mention your stem-cell specialist who regenerated your knees, regenerated your back and possibly other parts of your body (thus enabling you to continue using an unsustainable physical playing style for many more years than it would otherwise have been possible for past physical players without such technology). Stem-cell therapy is more powerful than PRP therapy: stem cells injected into the injured area can grow into new cartilage, muscle, connective tissue, bone, etc.

Willow Says:

Tony.N i loved the first sentence of your post, but after that i was just wondering now if the congrats to all the Nadal fans was sarcasm ….

Tony N Says:

Willow, why did you take my entirely factual response meant only for Humble Rafa to be sarcasm directed at all other Nadal fans, including yourself?

J-Kath Says:

The written word assumes authority but it may not have it.

skeezer Says:

HR dishes it out constantly, no problem he shoild get dissed back.

Good description of fake news.

Tony N Says:

skeezer: “HR dishes it out constantly, no problem he should get dissed back” and “J-Kath,
Good description of fake news”

Now those are authoritative comments :)

Willow Says:

Tony.N yes i know HR attacks Federer alot, and people give him plenty back which is deserved, but there was no attack on Federer from him here, and a perfectly good thread has been spoilt ….

J-Kath Says:

Interesting responses but too bored to continue – nonetheless watch out for my next novel – you may recognise one or another…!!!

Tony N Says:

Willow, you have cynically misrepresented my based-on-fact banter and repartee with HR as an “attack” on all Nadal fans. Thus, if a perfectly good thread has been spoilt it’s really due to your oversensitive reactions and double standards.

J-Kath, I’m sure your erotic novels are very, very interesting on a lonely night. Too bad my publishers McGraw-Hill, Simon & Schuster, etc. only accept boring authoritative written words… they do fact-checking :)

J-Kath Says:

Tony N:

Yes, they do fact-checking as you say. Hence, I’ve seen your rejection slips. Ouch…….

Markus Says:

You can be anything you want in TX.

J-Kath Says:

As long as you don’t get caught………..there’s a few folk hiding behind the bushes…….

chrisford1 Says:

After Djokovic was cast in purgatory, many believed we would have Dominant Andy. And if Andy failed, the Young Guns would have their day, finally, as the Big 4 waned.
I for one did not expect the opening Djokovic created to be taken by Roger and Rafa.
But here you go! The Big 4 still reign.
And with that, big congrats to Rafa.
Ten French Opens, #1 again, more Masters wins, and the AO RUP.
Fed may be more of a story with the writers, yet while they focused on Fed’s great feats, it was Rafa who worked his way to be the Top player again.
2018 should expect Andy and the only guy to stop the two Legends to be back. It’s fair to expect Andy will once again be in the competitive mix, but Djokovic is an odd bird, as everyone knows and no one knows what to expect. And at the moment you have Alex Zverev at the brink of being a superstar, Kyrgios destroying Big 4 players but not consistent enough yet, mixed race Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime poised to enter the tennis star media radar..

Willow Says:

My apologies then Tony.N I shouldnt have said anything, maybe i was being over sensitive ….

Giles Says:

Rafa fans.
I suppose fed will want one now at Wimby. Butttt La Decima not yet reached! Lol

Willow Says:

^ Nice ^ ….

rognadfan Says:

The first thing you mention, while highlighting the emblem of Rafa’s legend, is Federer!. He is really inside your head.

lylenubbins Says:

@ Tony N – – good knowledge, thanks!

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