Serena Williams Welcomes A Baby Girl!
by Staff | September 1st, 2017, 6:50 pm

Just hours before Venus Williams walked on court for her third round match, sister Serena gave birth to a baby girl. Congratulation to Serena and fiancee Alex Ohanian.

Serena gave birth to the baby at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Palm Beach, Florida. Serena turns 36 later this month.

Serena hasn’t played since winning her 23rd career Grand Slam at the Australian Open.

Serena’s coach then reminded Serena that there’s work ahead.

Venus later did win her match to return to the US Open fourth round. She’ll next meet Carla Suarez Navarro on Sunday.

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10 Comments for Serena Williams Welcomes A Baby Girl!

Margot Says:

Congratulations to them both!
That baby has got AMAZING genes!

madmax Says:


I must be behind the times, not really following the ladies game that much, but I thought Serena was in a relationship with her coach? Did I get that wrong?

But yes, of course. Congrats.

Margot Says:

She was madmax, but moved on.

Wog Boy Says:

When is Nole due?

Humble Rafa Says:

When is Nole due?

Only Nalbandian had the mommy tummy and gave birth. Egg Lover isnot bad.

Congratulations to the Big Lady and his boy toy. Still, giving birth while unmarried is not ideal.

Truthsquad Says:

Neither is sexism, misogyny, or dated thinking HR

BBB Says:

I marvel that Serena could be in a relationship with her coach, have the relationship end, and continue with the coaching relationship, with no noticeable blip.

t4t Says:

Truthsquad, yes, I am disappointed with HR’s dated thinking. Look at Brangelina, perfect family with 6 kids till they get married. Marriage and there’s trouble in Paradise. Now they are thinking of divorcing and getting back to being together once again!
As for Serena, she is a queen. She can have umpteen relationships and her subjects will remain her adoring subjects.

chrisford1 Says:

SErena is a role model. I know people are sick of the busybodies that demand celebs act a certain way on trivial stuff, but raising kids in a marriage is on the whole, better than somepregnant woman with a Baby Daddy long gone.
So I am glad Serena is sending a positive message. Roger and Novak also did by taking the good news that each’s girlfriend was pregnant – with a wedding. Andy waited until he was all married before Kim Sears got pregnant.
And Humble waits……
The Mallorjans say Zisca, you’re a fine girl.
What a good wife you would be!1
But my life, my love and my lady is the sea.

t4t Says:

I don’t think Serena can in any way be compared to some pregnant woman with a baby Daddy long gone even if Serena doesn’t marry Alexis. chrisford1 is probably unaware that there is a thing called divorce and even abandonment after marriage. Also domestic violence. The security and well being of a baby is not increased by marriage unless there is a good durable relationship between the parents. One should never get married simply because you are having a child.
Note: The divorce rate for first marriages in US is about 50% and for subsequent marriages it is even higher.

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