Where’s Novak Djokovic?
by Staff | October 10th, 2017, 5:14 pm

The Australian Open tweeted out a list of names we can expect to see in Melbourne in January, but absent was the 6-time champion.

After creating a backlash from fans on Twitter, the tournament added Djokovic in a second tweet.

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22 Comments for Where’s Novak Djokovic?

AndyMira Says:

This is totally,utterly disrespect to one of the Greats..But,hey!!…what’s new??

#Feel disgusted!

Wog Boy Says:

This is excatly what Nole needed.

Vince Says:

Drama queen likes more drama.. so its better for him..

Van Persie Says:

Great respect from tournament organizers for history of tennis, not only for Djokovic. It’s like s*iting in your own back yard….

Willow Says:

Yeah agree with AM, rather disrespectful to miss out a 6 time champion, and also a 5 time runner up, never the less Novak and Andy will be back which is whats important, no mention of Stan there either as a AO champion, which is also disrespectful, wonder if theres any word on him ?

Willow Says:

Sorry there is Murray listed ….

Willow Says:

Vince i dont know why your calling Novak a drama queen, when he never said a word ….

AndyMira Says:

Yeah Willow!…Nothing should surprised us anymore…but.it did!…well..Novak is used to it…i’m sure it will only inspired him more to do well there next year…Hope Andy will too!

t4t Says:

AO tournament guys are Fed’s lackeys. They even speeded up the surface for him. They do not respect the other players. What is surprising is not that they forgot Djokovic and Stan but that they remembered Nadal and Murray. I guess they felt an obligation to mention those who have been #1 this year. Really they should have said, Fed the best and the rest will be back for Melbourne.

madmax Says:


Have you tried stand up comedy? I would buy a ticket.


Humble Rafa Says:

The Egg Lover is with Pepe, peaceful and spreading peace.

t4t Says:

madmax , you have been doing stand up comedy for years and you obviously enjoy it. Is that why you are recommending it to me? Thank you but I do not have your flair for comedy. Don’t worry about me being a loser, sore or otherwise, as I am not challeging you for the top spot for stand up comedy. It is all yours, dear madmax.

Giles Says:

t4t. Lol

t4t Says:

Now we know that the AO guys go all out to make Fed win. They probably take his opinion on the balls, surface etc to maximize his chances. But why did they mention Halep? Ok she is the current WTA #1 but it seems odd, her name in that list. Could they be preparing to favor her for the title? Maybe the Tiriac effect?

t4t Says:

It seems the men and women use different balls in grand slams. So maybe the men’s would be approved by Fed and the women’s by Halep.Definitely the list of tennis greats that AO tweeted leads one to suspect their fairmindedness. Else how could they exclude Djokovic, probably the best player ever at AO and include Halep who is most definitely not in the league of the other players in that tweet?

Emilia Says:

Perhaps you don’t understand why they are partial to Federer. First, he is really the greatest champ ever, he is a gentleman and he is Swiss. I like him, too, but I am sorry that Djokovic is not shown respect he deserves. He is absolutely adorable, charming and witty, but he is a Serb. That’s all that makes a huge difference in the tennis world and AO….

Truth Says:

They know Djoker’s more talented than Swiss Miss Fed. Fed’s no charmer and he loves pushing Djoker’s buttons because Djoker is the real rival.
Fed is an insanely insecure, bitter sore loser.
Fed doesn’t even respect Nadal’s game and laughed at his lazy English a few years ago. Fed called him one dimensional and there’s a video of him laughing uncontrollably at Nadal, next to Nadal.
Hypocrite Fed has trouble understanding some English phrases but he laughed hysterically at Nadal.

These Fed floons (players, slam organizers, nut jobs in the seats) at the Slams hate being stupid & wrong, so they try too hard to get rid of Djoker.

Van Persie Says:

Agree t4t, Halep’s best performance there was Quarters. Do not think Tiriac has something to do with this, it is more for Cahill, perhaps…or you are right. Organizers did not want to seem misogine, so they have listed 3 males and females…Djokovic would have spoiled the symetry perhaps. Lol. Do not get the logic, if there is one

Truth Says:

They can’t handle the truth. It’s better to avoid Djoker at all costs.

Meanwhile, Djoker pretends everyone loves him and hopes $50 million cover up the pain.
He tries to avoid the truth about humanity.

Revel Says:

Typical social media. Djokovic might have not confirmed with AO at that time.

Vinod Says:

@t4tu What does Fed has got to do with Australian open’s mistaken tweet ??

Margot Says:

Revel: The voice of reason! Good luck with that.

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