Novak Djokovic Adds Radek Stepanek To Coaching Team
by Tom Gainey | December 1st, 2017, 12:36 pm

Novak Djokovic announced the addition of the recently-retired Radek Stepanek to his coaching team, the Serb confirmed yesterday.

“Thanks for waiting patiently for the news about my new coach to join my team with Andre Agassi. I am very excited to share with you that Radek Stepanek will join our #NoleFam so let’s give him a warm welcome 👏#TeamDjokovic,” Djokovic posted on Facebook.

“Radek is one of my very close friends on the tour and I was always impressed with his level of determination, passion and love for the sport. The fact that he just recently retired at the age of 37 speaks volumes of his love for the game. He has lot of experience and knowledge, and he has played on a high level for many years. I am excited to join our forces together and cannot wait to compete again having a new team to back me up.”

Djokovic revealed that Agassi pushed for the Stepanek hire.

“On Andre’s suggestion I pursued Radek, therefore I am sure the two of them will work well together,” said Djokovic. “The new season is about to start and there is a long way to go back to where I left off. We are aware that I need to go step by step, not hurrying anything. I feel much better now, and I can’t wait to play matches again.”

Added the 38-year-old Stepanek, “I’m honored to be a new member of Novak’s team. It is a new and exciting challenge for me, which I’m looking forward to and I believe that as a team we can help Nole to reach his goals. As longtime friends off the tennis court, I believe that our friendship and similar views will translate onto the court as well, and we will share some memorable moments together.”

Djokovic played Stepanek 14 times, winning 13.

Following a 6-month recovery from an elbow injury, Djokovic is scheduled to return later this month on the 29th at the Abu Dhabi exo.

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15 Comments for Novak Djokovic Adds Radek Stepanek To Coaching Team

skeezer Says:

Maybe Step can teach Novak how to hit an overhead and a volley.

lylenubbins Says:

Great hire. Judging from what we have seen from Roger and Rafa, you have to think the Joker will be back in the mix at the Slams.

Sivaji Says:

My guess for 2018,
AO goes to Novak,
FO goes to Nadal,
Wimbly goes to Murray and
USO goes to Fed

That would be nice but Grigor, Goffin, Zverev and Theim also strong contenders for 2018

Tennis Magic Says:

Novak’s volleying skills are fine, but if Boris Becker couldn’t teach Novak to approach the net properly then how can Stepanek? Novak must learn to approach the net properly if he is to be a contender for slams in his 30s.

chrisford1 Says:

Tennis Magic – Djokovic’s instincts are right in when to approach net, but his shot selection and lack of ability to punch short a stroke putaway volley AWAY from his opponent remain problems. But his willingness to go to net has helped his game even with those inadequacies. Rafa and Andy are are far better at net, but Novak gets more easy points at net than those two guys just because Andy and Rafa hang back and don’t press at the net as much as they should.
Djokovic will always suck at overheads. Go to a match of his and you can feel his supporters tense up when an overhead comes, you hear “Oh, no’s” and the cheer is more a cheer of relief if he does handle the OH well and remembers not to hit it back to the other guy instead the open court.
And fans being fans, many actually like there is something in tenis they can do better than their hero Novak can.
As foibles go, it is not as bad as Andys passivity and preference for cat & mouse play, or Nadal’s amazing career-long suckitude in playing indoors, or Rogers arrogance that blocked him from adjusting his game for many years when Rafa was feasting on his backhand.

Radek Stepanek is a good hoice.
It’s going to come down to if Djokovic, who has nothing left to prove, wants the life, wants being at the top again. Has a wife that will support him in that quest.

Daniel Says:

Steps could improve Djoko’s volley and approach, which should bode well for his longevity and killing the points shorter. He needs to think long term with his return and avid grinding too much.

The more at ease he is at the night the betters. Only part of his game that can actually improve.

Giles Says:

Wishing Sean Randall, Tom Gainey and all TX staff a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
I wish the same to all the tennis X posters, including skeezer. 😉

Humble Rafa Says:

My first thought on this hire was..the Egg Lover needs to keep a close eye on his wife. They were having issues before in their marriage. This hire will cost him his marriage.

Stepy has bedded so many women, ATP players routinely ask him for advice.


t4t Says:

Humble Rafa @ 9:52 pm

t4t Says:

Giles @ 7:35 pm
Wish you the same. I really enjoy your one liners! Ha ha!

Giles Says:

t4t. Cheers. And I enjoy all your posts. Keep it going. 😉

Humble Rafa Says:

I heard that the Worm Boy is fine tuning the forehand…with the Egg Lover’s wife.

Wog Boy Says:

Nole, try this, bugger vegan rubbish:

Willow Says:

These food links make me hungry ….

gonzalowski Says:

interview with Pepe Imaz: “They go against Djokovic because he chose love” 😉 (spanish) very interesting, maybe Nole fans know all this already

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