Roger Rolls in Rotterdam as Federer Remains Perfect in 2018, Re-Takes No. 1
by Staff | February 18th, 2018, 1:56 pm

Originally not scheduled to play Rotterdam, Roger Federer decided to drop into the Netherlands when the chance surfaced to take the No. 1 ranking from the idle Rafael Nadal.
It proved a nice one-week diversion for the Swiss who re-took the No. 1 ranking by reaching the semifinals, becoming the oldest No. 1 in history at 36, then Sunday breezed to the title after a 6-2, 6-2 win over Grigor Dimitrov.

“It’s definitely one of those weeks I will never forget in my life,” said Federer. “It’s unbelievable to get my 97th title and get back to world No. 1. It’s very special…I thought that this wasn’t going to be the result, but [Dimitrov] looked to be struggling a bit and I never looked back. I was able to execute my tennis the way I wanted to.”

Federer had 15 winners and converted on four of eight break point opportunities en route to a third career Rotterdam title.

The Swiss is now only 12 titles behind Jimmy Connors’ record 109.

“I was able to handle the pressure and today I played great from the beginning,” he said. “I pushed forward and I’m very proud that I could win here in Rotterdam.”

Federer is now 12-0 this year and has won 25 of 26 matches since the US Open. He improved to 7-0 career versus Dimitrov.

Nadal will next take to the court in Acapulco, but cannot retake the top spot from Federer, who will enter Indian Wells at No. 1.

The No. 5-ranked Dimitrov, still looking for a first title of the year, fell to 8-7 in career championship matches.

“It was a great week, but I just came up short today,” said Dimitrov. “Anything can happen, but all credit to Roger. He deserves to win the tournament and played unbelievable tennis the whole week. He raised the bar. I just want to take the positives from the week. My goal was to come out here and play well with each match, but I just came up short today. You do the best you can and play with whatever you have. I was following my game to the capacity I could and that was the result.”

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56 Comments for Roger Rolls in Rotterdam as Federer Remains Perfect in 2018, Re-Takes No. 1

skeezer Says:

Kudos to Dimi, a good run. He pushed Fed hard that first set, but Fed pushes back. Congrats on 97 Maestro.
Sorry one more question. Is there a scenario where Fed can miss the Clay season and still retain #1? I didn’t think so but your the pro at this…

RZ Says:

Congrats to Fed. Amazing what he is still out there doing.
I assumed he would never catch Connors’ total number of titles, but I think he has a shot at it.

Okiegal Says:

@RZ 2:50…… I’ve said forever that’s the one he wants bad. It’s gonna be interesting to see if it can be accomplished and I for one thinks he can do it……no one has been able to stop him so far………

Daniel Says:

Yeah Skeeze.

If Fed wins IW and Nadal doesn’t win Acapulco nor reach finals in both IW and Miami and Fed has a decent run in Miami, he can keep the #1 ranking during clay. Only tourney Nadal can make points there is Rome where he lost QF last year. All other 4 clay (MC, Barcelona, Madrid and RG) he won.

Nadal also defends finals in Miami, so IW is crucial for Fed.

An example: Nadal makes semis in Acapulco, QF in IW and QF in Miami: 9760 – 300 + 180 – 90 + 180 – 600 + 180 = 9.310

Fed wins IW and semis in Miami: 10060 – 640 (dropping from Miami title last year) = 9320 pts. 10 pts ahead entering clay.

skeezer Says:

Thanks Daniel!

rognadfan Says:

To me, it seems like entering clay Nadal will have #1 ranking back. AKA he wins Acapulco and does very well (if not win) in both IW and Miami.
If he is fully fit, his game is right at the top at the moment.
Again, the question is if Rafa is fully recovered. If yes, his game has been rock solid for a while now. So, no reason to think he will under-perform in coming tournaments.

For fed, he achieved something really unlikely in men’s tennis. I doubt we will see this one surpassed or matched by anyone in coming decades or more.

rognadfan Says:

Oh, ya Thank you Daniel, I always enjoy your ranking breakdowns.
Thanks for your effort.

skeezer Says:

It seems like a cool race of tournament choices and performance for these two. More exciting times ahead, can’t imagine it will get better than the last year though!

Daniel Says:

Agree rognadfan, Nadal will probably get the #1 back adter IW. But he os schedule to 3 tourneys, if he loses ealry in 2 and depending on how Federer performs it can get moreinteresting.

First acapulco abd him coming back to court after hos leg injury, than we can assesss his form.

Humble Rafa Says:

Arrogant One’s opponents are getting ready to be injured as soon as they find themselves in a match with the Arrogant One. He carries a magic potion that will spread illnesses, injuries to his enemies.

Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Daniel,

Your English is so bad Shakespeare is rolling in his grave. Don’t blame it on the auto-correct.

fred stone Says:

Hey, Dumbbell, at least Daniel contributes to the discussion of the sport of tennis.
All you can do is mock Federer and deride other posters.
Grow up, fool.

skeezer Says:


Willow Says:

Humble Rafas posts never make any sense to me, maybe im missing something :-/

SG1 Says:

If only I’d put money on Fed and Rafa combining to win 5 consecutive slams last January! Wouldn’t be working these days.

Willow Says:

Im not overly concerned about the number 1 ranking, and im not just saying that either, all id like is for Rafa to remain fit, and win more GS ;-)

Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Willow,

Retired Uncle Toni is teaching a class you can attend for a low fee of 999 Eur so that my wisdom makes sense to you. In the mean time, just worship at the altar of another tennis player.

Willow Says:

Humble Rafa i dont do worship dear boy ;-)

rognadfan Says:

Mr. Obnoxious, HR seems to be a little too upset this time around,where as the real guy is preparing to win a ATP 500 event.

rognadfan Says:

Twitter link at 1:38 pm, that tweet came from a radical hater that the poster primarily gets his info from. Obviously, if Rafa were to get to #1 at 37, he would get similar accolades. It’s just utter jealousy at this point.

Margot Says:

And in breaking news….Spanish fan praises Rafa…..;)

skeezer Says:

^What a shock! ;)

Willow Says:

So whats wrong with that ?

Humble Rafa Says:

where as the real guy is preparing to win a ATP 500 event.

Which real guy? There is only one me.

rognadfan Says:

‘Which real guy? There is only one me.’

Yes there is only one, and it’s not you. Everyone knows that. Time for you to get checked up for multiple personality disorder?
Perhaps, that’s what has eroded the small amount of sense of humor that you had.

Markus Says:

You all say Humble Rafa is not funny, has multiple personality disorder, makes no sense, etc. etc., yet you continue to pay him the attention he seeks by responding to him, sometimes even addressing him as if he were really Nadal. Either you accept him for what he is or completely disregard him. He probably rolls off the floor laughing while saying, “Who’s the fool now?” every time any of you responds to his comments.

rognadfan Says:

I see your point but my fellow poster I think we’d be missing the picture if we really were all too serious every time we came to this site. The post itself is pretty stale, there is hardly anything left to follow or discuss on the tennis front day in day out. Still we need to stay connected to tennis in some way. So, why can’t all of this be in a good spirit?

I for one like to respond to HR because I occasionally find him funny although he is usually obnoxious and loathful on Fed and some nice fed fans.

But hey, if he were to genuinely think, ‘man I am fooling all these guys with my witty posts and making them respond to me’ then I don’t need to mention who the real fool is).

Long story short, I actually accept HR for who he is, it keeps things lightharted and allows for writing posts like the one I wrote at 5:06pm. Of course, none of that really means anything to the real-life person that HR alias belongs to.
Or may be it means something to HR (don’t wan’t to take it away from him) ;)

j-kath Says:

Markus: I rather like HR’s odd, often pithy comments – at least they are always short and are never really offensive.

rognadfan Says:

jk-I agree with you, they are short and not really offensive, although pithy is an overstatement.

Ok, HR is a celebrity now. He has a few persons trying to describe his TX persona.

James Says:

Easiest slam title was USO 2017. The winner never had to face a single top 25 player in any of his 7 matches. If you have a better example, go ahead, share it.

Giles Says:

^^^ I think you should take it up with the writer of the above link. Don’t argue with me, I’m just the messenger. Sheeeesh

rognadfan Says:

‘Good article. The writer tells it like it is’

First, thanks for sharing a tweet that doesn’t loathe on one specific player, the one that you don’t support.

Now, the author doesn’t tell like it is, he tells like how you want to hear it.;) just saying.

It’s pretty common for biased minds to try to belittle the achievements of a player they don’t like to see succeed.

In all seriousness, the Elo rating system couldn’t be more biased (or uncertain) when it’applied to tennis. One thing I know is that it preserves the rating of a player that doesn’t play due to injury or other factors.

While, AO 2018 turned up to be and easy one for Fed, USO 2017 was definitely easier for Nadal. Again doesn’t take anything away from Rafa or Roger, they both won 7 matches in a row, an impressive feat regardless

The author of that article was deliberately trying to portray the Elo system as this, one perfect, objective measure while it’s actually not.

Giles Says:

Say what you will, I’m going with the author!!

rognadfan Says:

That’s actually fair enough!

And it’s Good for ya. One of the many ways to stay positive.

j-kath Says:

Rognadfan: Am OK with your comments – even when there is a variance.

skeezer Says:

“think you should take it up with the writer of the above link. Don’t argue with me, I’m just the messenger. ”
What a cop out. You posted it, you supported it, just own it, defend it.
It is the most laughable thing you posted in awhile though, lol.

Giles Says:

^^^ Lol. Did you actually understand the article?

skeezer Says:

Yes, did you? I also understand 2017 USO snd 25.

Humble Rafa Says:


No, you cannot bring cats to the Winter Olympics.

Dc Says:

This is the weakest era ever. A 36 year old is ranked no 1.
And sad part is nadal cant get to no 1 in this super weak era.
Nadal has failed to be no 1 earlier during another weak era from 2004-2008.
However suddenly after he beat fed in wimby 2008 and became no 1, the era going forward was classified as a strong era.

Willow Says:

DC correct me if im wrong, but wasnt Nadal world number 1 not so long ago ?

Giles Says:

Dc is unaware of facts. Poor thing, just wrapped up in fed bubble.

skeezer Says:

Heads up Giles, we are all in the Fed bubble. He created it with GOAT status aka 20 Slams. Rafa can’t beat out a almost 37 yr old for #1? C’mon man, whats wrong with you?
At least DC doesn’t rely on twitter for facts, lol!

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer. Fed should share the secret of his success with Rafa, no? For example, how many potions a week does he consume? If Rafa is privy to that info then maybe he will have a fighting chance of catching #20. What dya think?

skeezer Says:

^is this another twit fact you got from twitter?

Humble Rafa Says:

What a cop out. You posted it, you supported it, just own it, defend it.

Is this how you talk to your cats? Poor them.

Roger is CLASS Says:

lol. Arrogant HR as usual. Nadals Arrogant fans as usual.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Edberg Sportsmanship Award Voted for by the players of the ATP.

2004 Roger Federer
2005 Roger Federer (2)
2006 Roger Federer (3)
2007 Roger Federer (4)
2008 Roger Federer (5)
2009 Roger Federer (6)
2011 Roger Federer (7)
2012 Roger Federer (8)
2013 Roger Federer (9)
2014 Roger Federer(10)
2015 Roger Federer(11)
2016 Roger Federer(12)
2017 Roger Federer(13)


Roger is CLASS Says: Fans’ Favorite

2001 Marat Safin
2002 Marat Safin(2)
2003 Roger Federer
2004 Roger Federer (2)
2005 Roger Federer (3)
2006 Roger Federer (4)
2007 Roger Federer (5)
2008 Roger Federer (6)
2009 Roger Federer (7)
2010 Roger Federer (8)
2011 Roger Federer (9)
2012 Roger Federer (10)
2013 Roger Federer (11)
2014 Roger Federer(12)
2015 Roger Federer(13)
2016 Roger Federer(14)
2017 Roger Federer(15)

Roger is CLASS Says:

Roger Federer has won the 2017 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year and Comeback of the Year awards.


Roger is CLASS Says:

Roger Federer suggests he’s not actually the GOAT after all

‘Like Bjorn Borg, he only went to Australia once or twice because it was during the Christmas,
and he was happy at home instead of travelling,’
Federer told Gulf News.

‘I worked extremely hard to have a great career, and sometimes have chased records.
‘But you know, it’s hard to judge who is the best of all time,

you see Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Rod Laver, Rafael Nadal, Ivan Lendl, Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras.

‘There are so many players [who] did fabulous things,

so I tried my best with my career.
I didn’t expect myself playing maybe this well at this age.
I’m happy with what I achieved, and hope I can keep going.’


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