Andy Murray Could Be Back For The Clay?
by Tom Gainey | March 1st, 2018, 10:40 am

According to media speculation out of England, Andy Murray could be back as early as May after undergoing hip surgery in January.

Murray’s not on a tennis court yet, but is in the gym and doing Pilates. But there is hope he’ll be hitting tennis balls again next month, perhaps in Miami. And if things go well, some are expecting an early return maybe in Paris.

Former coach Boris Becker spoke at the Laureus Awards Tuesday night, said we should see him at least on the grass.

“It’s a serious injury,” Becker said. “I’m not his doctor, I can’t give you details of what the surgery was or how many surgeries he had, but what I hear is he is contemplating coming back on the grass because, obviously, it’s a little easier for the hip.”

Murray hasn’t played an official match on tour since losing to Sam Querrey in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. And he’s yet to officially set a return date.

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16 Comments for Andy Murray Could Be Back For The Clay?

RZ Says:

Can’t wait for Andy to be back, but if later means a stronger return, then that’s better than sooner.

(Also, why is Boris Becker being asked about Andy’s return? I would get if the question was about Nole based on their coaching relationship)

Suzi Says:

I’m sure Andy and his team will get the timing right. I can’t see them rushing things, given what happened in Australia…
IF he returns for some of the clay court season, there would be issues regarding the change of surface to grass – but who knows? Interestingly, he played very well at the French last year, in spite of being in considerable pain; better in fact than he did at Wimbledon! Maybe the clay isn’t so bad on the joints as grass in some ways? Nadal always does better on clay in spite of his kness because of the sliding ability. Whatever he chooses, I hope he does well!

SG1 Says:

I don’t think there’s any doubt that clay is less impactful than the other surfaces. It’s soft and the players can slide on it very easily. The grass can be slippery and this can lead to leg and hip injuries.

SG1 Says:

Foot injuries too.

Humble Rafa Says:

I always give high value to opinion from anyone who names his son Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker.

AndyMira Says:

Clay?Oh!The sooner the better!…Yess!!

j-kath Says:

Suzi: Liked your comments re. Andy – I am one of a handful of Tx Andy fans – so it’s nice to hear a supportive comment whatever Andy decides to do….however, will be very surprised if he’s back on clay this year.

j-kath Says:

AndyMira – Yes for Rafa…really hope he gets really fit and oozing confidence on his favourite surface.

AndyMira Says:

JK….Thank u very much for your nice words bout Rafa…we have to see his development come clay season…but i’m not surprised if he can’t emulate last year’s success..

Suzi Says:

j-kath: Kudos to you for supporting Andy! He gets so much bad press at times it’s unfair. Also hello to AndyMira, the Rafa fan!
Let’s hope all the top players are fit and firing very, very soon – it’s what makes tennis a joy to watch.
Sad about Stan though – he’s out of Indian Wells and Miami….

Margot Says: More likely to be Queens, which was also what they were saying on the BBC.

Willow Says:

Best of luck Andy tennis really needs you back ….

AndyMira Says:

Oh!Hello Suzi!….U new here right?So Big WELCOME to the crazy Tennis X!..Hahaha…Oh!…who u rooting for Suzi?But whoever u root’s a pleasure to have u here Suzi!

Suzi Says:

@Andymira: I support Andy but I love Rafa too! Just heard that Rafa is out of Miami and Indian Wells – along with Stan, which is a big shame. Still, there’s the clay court season around the corner, so I’m hoping that there will be more competition for Mr Federer then!

AndyMira Says:

Hey back Suzi!…Wooohooo!…We can be buddies!…I love Rafa & Andy too!…Yeah!…IW & Miami feels really gloomy for me too this year…Tho,if Novak still ON for it,it could be wonderful news…Can’t wait for the big guns to return to the Tour…It’s not the same without them…

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