Kvitova Grounds Serena; Four Top 10ers Up Wednesday at WTA Cincinnati
by Staff | August 15th, 2018, 9:17 am

The Top 10 seeds held their ground on Tuesday at the Western & Southern Open, including No. 8 seed Petra Kvitova who held off unseeded Serena Williams 6-3, 2-6, 6-3 in second-round play.
“It was a pleasure to share the court with Serena, she’s such a champion,” Kvitova said after the high-level encounter. “We are both coming back — from injury, from motherhood — so it’s something really special to play her. Unfortunately it’s in the second round, but playing a night session against Serena in front of a USA crowd, it’s been great.”

In Kvitova the younger Williams sister ran into an opponent near the top of her game, sporting a tour-leading five titles thus far in 2018.

“I think it was a good match today,” Serena said afterwards. “We both played at a really high level. Only one person could win…I’m still at the very beginning. You know, this is a long comeback. I just began. I just started. Definitely at the very, very beginning. I’m getting there, and I’m going to just continue to work hard, and hopefully I’ll start winning more matches.”

Kvitova out-aced Serena eight to seven, and snapped Serena’s streak of 11 match wins in a row in Cincinnati.

Kvitova’s next opponent is Frenchwoman Kristina Mladenovic, who she beat in the St. Petersburg final earlier this year, and who rolled past Slovak qualifier Viktoria Kuzmova 6-3, 6-0.

Other Top 10-seeded winners Tuesday were No. 5 Elina Svitolina fending off wildcard Svetlana Kuznetsova 7-6(1), 4-6, 6-4, No. 6 Caroline Garcia holding off wildcard and former No. 1 Victoria Azarenka 6-4, 7-5, and No. 9 Karolina Pliskova subduing Aggie Radwanska 6-3, 6-3.

“It was a really tough match, but I was expecting this because Svetlana is confident after winning in Washington, D.C.,” Svitolina said after edging past Kuznetsova. “It’s definitely nice to see her back after injury. We always have tough battles — today was just one more.”

The lone seeded upset on the day was Croat qualifier Petra Martic topping No. 12 Daria Kasatkina 4-6, 6-4, 6-3. She will next face American teen wildcard Amanda Anisimova who defeated Timea Babos 6-3, 6-4.

Lower-seeded winners were No. 15 Elise Bertens and No. 16 Ashleigh Barty who advanced in straight sets.

Matches to look for Wednesday in Cincinnati include (1) Simona Halep vs. (Q) Alja Tomljanovic, (3) Sloane Stephens vs. the German qualifier Tatjana Maria, (4) Angie Kerber vs. the big-hitting Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, (2) Caroline Wozniacki vs. Kiki Bertens, and (13) Madison Keys vs. (LL) Camila Giorgi.

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24 Comments for Kvitova Grounds Serena; Four Top 10ers Up Wednesday at WTA Cincinnati

Truthsquad Says:

I think Serena’s comeback has been good for the WTA. If she had immediately started winning everything, people could have said how the tour was not competitive, and how weak the field was. The fact that Serena has not been able to come back after a year and dominate the field is very healthy. IF she keeps working and playing she might return to the top, but that’s on her now. The aura of invicibility has been removed however.

Mystic - Willow Says:

I Want Serena to surpass that bigoted MCs record of GS, and please play nicely people we are all entitled to our opinions ….

Humble Rafa Says:

bigot – a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

Some bigots don’t realize they are bigots too.

Wog Boy Says:

“I Want Serena to surpass that bigoted MCs ..”

“Nothing against Nole, but”, do you even know the definition of “bigot”.
Why is she bigot, because she has her opinion about same sex marriage and she is not afraid to advocate and campaign her opinion regardless of knowing that she will be labeled homophobic and all other names.

She is the Pastor of Pentacostal church, she is the woman that should be example for all young girls who are starting their life, she was Serena of her time, she was the first female tennis player that went to gym alongside men and stayed all day with them doing what they were doing, she was destroying her oponents.
She is example of dedication and honesty in all aspects of life, as a tennis player as mother, as pastor and as human being. Little country girl who reached for the stars but yest stayed humble and true to herself.

Instead of making fool of yourself learn something about great human being named Margaret Court before you post such a nonsense about person you know nothing.

Wog Boy Says:

“Nothing against Nole but..”,
Educate yourself about the person you call “bigot” starting with this short video and then you can buy her book:


BBB Says:

I agree with MW.

It affects Margaret Court not at all if someone else is a lesbian or transgender. Her gratuitous remarks about the way others live are worthy of rebuke.

Wog Boy Says:

So what you are saying is there is only one right opinion on certain subject, your one, all the others are wrong and people are not allowed to have or voice different opinion, nice one.
It’s not her remarks but it is her opinion, her beliefs and she felt obligated to voice them and expressed after she was asked, if you think she doesn’t have right to do that you live in the wrong country and wrong system, communism would suit you better.

Humble Rafa Says:

Society needs have moral values, otherwise we will be marrying animals in 10 years.

Colin Says:

Anyone who subscribes to a religion -any religion- is a bigot by definition. Religion is the poison that will destroy the human race, because its tenets are based not upon evidence but upon assertions.

It wasn’t atheists who flew those planes into the World Trade Center, and most of the people guilty of mass shootings in the USA are religious. Yes, Stalin was an atheist, but he crushed religions only when they posed a political threat. As we all know, he was able to come to an accommodation with the Catholic church, because the Vatican didn’t care about religions being crushed as long as it wasn’t theirs.

There are people in lunatic asylums who “know” they are Napoleon, but you wouldn’t go to them to learn about the events of 1812.

AndyMira Says:


Mystic - Willow Says:

Thanks BBB ;-)

Wogboy i respect her achievements on a tennis court, but i stand by my opinion in that she is very bigoted, yes shes entitled to her opinion as much as anybody else, but why cant she leave people alone to live their lives the way they choose?, i dont see anything wrong in same sex relationships or marriages, and another all time great in Martina Navratilova agreed with me too been gay herself, im pagan and i believe we should all just be left alone to get on with our lives, no matter what our race, religion , sexual preferance ….

Mystic - Willow Says:

Thanks BBB ;-)

Sorry TX ill try again ….

Wogboy i respect her achievements on a tennis court, but i stand by my opinion in that shes very bigoted, yes shes entitled to her opinion as much as anybody else, and i never said otherwise, but why cant she just leave other people alone to live their lives the way they choose ?, i dont see anything wrong in same sex relationships or marriages, as long as they dont hurt anybody else, and another all time great in Martina Navratilova agrees with me too been in a same sex relationship herself, im pagan and i believe we should all just be left alone to get on with our lives, no matter what our race, religion, or sexual preferance, society seems to have come a long way, but still has a long way to go ….

Mystic - Willow Says:

Humble Rafa its the most intelligent thing youve ever said, well said ….

Mystic - Willow Says:

Sorry TX shouldve been on the off topic thread, take it there people ….

Margot Says:

Just for you HR x
Apparently the woman is now “cheating” with a garden fence.

j-kath Says:

Margot: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit I could not believe the contents you posted…..it’s worthy of “Now I’ve heard everything”.

Margot Says:

Lol Kath, are you reading HR’s mail now? ;)

j-kath Says:

Margot: I thought perhaps HR was her neighbour and felt it only fair to warn him to keep away from the fence….neighbourhood watch etc.

PK Says:

I’m with Mystic-Willow on this one.

Why do people like Court feel they need to use their platforms to expound such blinkered world views that help no one? Silence would be the more noble path here.

Court might be an “example of dedication and honesty in all aspects of life, as a tennis player as mother, as pastor and as human being” but she is intolerant and spreads hate with her views. I.e. not very Christian, is it?


SG1 Says:

Definitely not a topic for this blog. Besides, arguing religion is a waste of time. Each person has their own belief system. Some people believe in religion, some don’t. Both ends of these spectrums think they’re right for their own reasons and nothing will make them see other side of coin.

My belief system tells me that extremism and corruption are far greater dangers than anything else. And there are several forms of extremism and corruption that don’t involve religion.

Mystic - Willow Says:

SG 1 Not arguing religion, i couldnt give a toss about a persons religion, live and let live, what i dont like are bigots ….

Humble Rafa Says:

Some women are marrying walls, Xisca won’t marry a fine well endowed man. What’s wrong with this world?

Okiegal Says:

It’s been said there are no atheists in foxholes….there won’t be any on judgment day either. Romans 14:11… It is written: “As I live, says the LORD, every knee shall bow to me, every tongue shall confess to God…….King James version. End of story… I won’t entertain any negative comments regarding the Holy Scriptutes……just saying…..

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