Overheated Roger Federer Explains Shock Loss To John Millman
by Tom Gainey | September 4th, 2018, 2:57 pm

It’s not often that Roger Federer succumbs to the heat, but that’s what he said happened last night in a shocking loss to the World No. 55 John Millman in the US Open fourth round.

Despite playing late at night, Federer was sweating like he never has before, and appeared to be trying to keep the points short so he didn’t have to use his weary legs. Millman, to his credit, took advantage of the fatiguing 37-year-old.

Federer still managed to stay in the match with Millman who was enjoying the night of his life.

After, here’s what Federer had to say.

Q. What was ailing you this evening and what effect did it have on you?

ROGER FEDERER: Sorry, the beginning?

Q. What was ailing you and what effect did it have on you, physical ailment?

ROGER FEDERER: I just thought it was very hot tonight. Was just one of those nights where I guess I felt I couldn’t get air. There was no circulation at all. I don’t know, for some reason I just struggled in the conditions tonight. It’s one of the first times it’s happened to me.

Yeah, it’s uncomfortable. Clearly just keep on sweating more and more and more and more as the match goes on. You lose energy as it goes by.

But John was able to deal with it better. He maybe comes from one of the most humid places on earth, Brisbane. I knew I was in for a tough one. Maybe when you feel like that, as well, you start missing chances, and I had those. That was disappointing.

But, look, at some point also I was just happy that the match was over, I guess.

Q. How did you come about inviting John to Switzerland? Why did you choose him to practice with?

ROGER FEDERER: I think it was part that he lost early in Paris. We were looking for somebody who was a great guy, who could train hard, you know, maybe was looking also for a place to come to and practice on the grass or hard courts with me before Stuttgart. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend in Stuttgart.

Just Severin asked him. He was like, Yeah, absolutely, I’m ready to come. We had a great few days, a good time together. Then we saw each other again in Stuttgart. We almost played against each other there, too.

Q. Your serve wasn’t as reliable as usual tonight. Was something feeling off in your motion? What was going through your mind missing all those first serves?

ROGER FEDERER: It was hot (laughter).

Q. That was it?

ROGER FEDERER: Yes. When you feel like that, everything is off, so… But, look, I’ve trained in tougher conditions. I’ve played in the daytime, you know, at 120. Some days it’s just not the day where the body can cope with it.

I do believe since the roof is on that there is no air circulation in the stadium. I think just that makes it a totally different US Open. Plus conditions maybe were playing slower this year on top of it. You have soaking wet pants, soaking wet everything. The balls are in there, too. You try to play. Everything gets slower as you try to hit winners.

Again, look, I thought the match was tough. I wish I could have led two sets to love and then maybe the match would be different, you know, and I would find a way, because I did have my chances all the way till the end. It was just tough. I thought John played a great match in difficult conditions.

Q. Can you talk about what he does well, what are his strengths? What will he need to do against Novak?

ROGER FEDERER: John, well, I love his intensity. He reminds me of David Ferrer and those other guys that, you know, I admire a lot when I see them, when I see how they train, the passion they have for the game. I love his intensity.

He’s got a positive demeanor about himself on and off the court. I think he’s got a great backhand that he can protect very well down the line and cross-court. When you attack there in the wrong way, he will punish you, punish you every time for it.

Yeah, then he has options, now especially where it’s a bit slower, to return in and return back. I think against Novak, he just has to bring it again, try to worry Novak, hope for another hot day, maybe, I don’t know.

Q. Can you put the past months in perspective with what occurred at Wimbledon and Cincinnati and now here?

ROGER FEDERER: We don’t have enough time, I don’t think (smiling).

You know what, I explained Wimbledon already. Cincinnati was a pretty good tournament in very fast conditions where it was hard to find rhythm. But still made a finals first tournament back. I think actually I was quite happy. Was just not a good final from my side. But, okay, that can happen. It was after all Novak on the other side of the net.

Today, like I explained, it was just hot. No shame there. Just I think these are the things that unfortunately sometimes happen. So, you know, move on and take a rest. I’m happy I’m getting a rest now. Then I come back for the Laver Cup and hopefully finish the year strong.

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21 Comments for Overheated Roger Federer Explains Shock Loss To John Millman

Humble Rafa Says:

No credit to the opponent. Just me, I was sweating. Slow conditions. All about me.

skeezer Says:

HR this is not about your sweat, and your slowness of play, this was about Fed. Stay on point.

Travis Bickle Says:

I am sad Federer lost.

I was hoping he’d play QF against Novak, and they schedule the match at the usual time they schedule Novak’s matches lately, i.e. 2pm New York time.

It would have been a great battle in the extreme heat and humidity. Roger would have likely repeated the mantra he said about asthmatic Novak in 2009: “I’m almost in favor of saying, you know what, if you’re not fit enough, just get out of here”

Then Novak would labor through it like he did against Fucsovics and Sousa last couple of matches, and Roger would be all fresh like a daisy and beat him easily on the way to his 21st Slam title…

Of well… not to be :-(

RZ Says:

HR, what are you talking about? Fed gives credit to Millman in the statement. “But John was able to deal with it better.” “I thought John played a great match in difficult conditions.” How is this not giving credit to his opponent?

Truth Says:

He gave credit to millman after the hitting partner beat him embarrassingly.

Yet, Millman was better than #1 peak Roddick and #4 peak James Blake (James choked a set away at the US Open Fed match). LMAO😆🤣 The injury ravaged Aussie was the one with no career until recently.
Fed wasn’t injured. The sweat and injury excuses came from Fed fans.

Wog Boy Says:

Hasn’t he played in Brisbane not long ago, few years in a row, and he praised conditions (after winning tournament) which are as extreme, as ones in NY.
Even worse, they are every day occurrence in Dec/Jan/Feb in Brisbane, 40 degrees and extremly humid day after day.

My favorite YT channel, this boy knows tennis, I think one poster is copy/paste his thoughts;)


BT Says:

“What does John do well, what are his weapons”… Umm he’s intense and positive, maybe he can hope for another hot day against Novak… LOL

All Out Says:

That was SO close. Well played Dominic. The next match is going to be even more difficult for the defending champion. Hope for the best. Vamos!!

All Out Says:

Sorry wrong thread :)

Michael Says:

Definitely one cannot hope to win making 77 UEs and double fault twice in a tie break. It was just not Federer’s day and he invariably suffered and struggled on the court unable to find a good rhythm and looking strangely desolate and wary. It appeared that his mind was not in the match and he was already looking much ahead.His serve was awful and if this strongest element in his game is inefficacious, then he becomes vulnerable. Despite all these, Millman struggled to beat Roger which only showed Roger’s class.

Truth Says:

Milkman had only 3 bad serve gshe’s. 1 in 1st set, 1 in 2nd set and 1 in 3rd set. Fed had bad games in the last 3 sets.

Truth Says:

* serve games

Humble Rafa Says:

Despite all these, Millman struggled to beat Roger which only showed Roger’s class.

Humble also “struggled” against Jennifer. I can tell you that Jennifer has no class.

skeezer Says:

“I can tell you that Jennifer has no class.”
What do you know about class? Hint; it has nothing to do with school.

skeezer Says:

Yes Fed played very well at the AO’s with hugh heat and humidity. But this was different, he was sweating through his shirts like crazy, which rarely happens elsewhere. Fed had his opportunities, but age / conditions let him down. And lets face it, the Aussie, once he got into the match, dug his claws in, and didn’t let go. Well played.

Amit Says:

Well said skeeze.. 👍👍👍

Wog Boy Says:

37 years old played AO with closed roof and AC on, it wasn’t hot nor it was humid, the air is dehumidified once roof is closed and AC is on, perfect conditions for play.
Even when the roof is open AC blasts cold air from under the roof (pay attention on huge pipes) and it goes down the isles towards court which makes ok for the fans as long as you are not on the sun.
Mr Craig Tiley had a tap on a shoulder on the morning of the final with a question:
“You are going to close the roof tonight, arn’t you?”
His answer was:
“Certainly, it will be full moon and moonlight will be too strong for the eys of 37 years old.”

Arthur Ash is far to big for AC making any difference so even if you close the roof humidy stays and it’s worse, as I can see the roof is elevated so AC isn’t option.

All three Arenas at AO with a roof have proper AC which
cools and dehumidifie Arenas pretty nicely for fans and players.

Mystic - Willow Says:

Federers loss at the USO doesnt really surprise me all that much, its such an open GS with no repeat winners for the last 10 years, any player can win it, and any player can lose it, i dont believe its the end of him winning GS either, but i think hes better suited to the AO having won it the last two years, and Wimbledon is where he always shines ….

skeezer Says:


Thus assuring and wanting a Rafole final.
So much for the belief that everything is for Fed.

Humble Rafa Says:

Whos Jennifer ?

That Russian guy with a girl’s name that I beat convincingly.

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