Nadal Pulls Out Of Paris With An Ab Injury, Djokovic To Return To No. 1
by Staff | October 31st, 2018, 2:08 pm

The No. 1 race this week at the Paris Masters is already over. Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the final Masters event of the season due to an ab injury, and that means with Novak Djokovic already winning yesterday, the Serb will return to No. 1 on Monday.

“It was great to be here in Paris for a couple of days and practice with the guys,” said Nadal who hasn’t played since the US Open. “I enjoyed it, I felt in terms of tennis better than one week ago. But in the past few days, I started to feel a little bit abdominal, especially when I was serving. I checked with the doctor and he said that he recommended to not play, because if I continued the abdominal may break and could become a major thing. And I really don’t want that.”

Djokovic, who was ranked down at No. 22 in June, last held the top spot on November 6, 2016. But he could still lose at the ATP Finals next month, if Rafa is able to play.

“I would love to be in London, of course,” said Nadal. “But the most important thing for me is to be healthy and have the chance to compete weeks in a row.”

The top-seeded Nadal, who has never won the Paris Indoors, was set to face countryman Fernando Verdasco today. He’ll be replaced by lucky loser Malek Jaziri.

Nadal has held the top spot for 19 straight weeks since June 25, and 196 weeks overall.

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6 Comments for Nadal Pulls Out Of Paris With An Ab Injury, Djokovic To Return To No. 1

Daniel Says:

Djoko almost exactly 2 years away from #1, as he will retune to it on Nov 5th 2018 after last helding Nov 6th 2016.

Major congrats to have possible have another feat of his own, never a player came back from below Top 20 to held #1 YED, which he is within reach.

Wog Boy Says:

This is good reason for Rafa to cancel SA match.
37 year old had to chip in about SA match too, making sure that everyone knows that he was the first choice and not the other one, the other one is his replacement after he knocked back the offer:

They contacted me too,” the 20-time Grand Slam winner said. “I prefer not to play. I’m happy practising. I’m happy doing other things, and I didn’t want to play there at that time. So, for me, it was a very quick decision.”

Humble Rafa Says:

I need the money. I need the money. SA is important.

Django Says:

Lol very logical end to Saudi thing.

Wog Boy Says:

They should have never accepted playing that match in the first place.
Promoting tennis, in Saudi Arabia, really?
I can understand and cheer doing it in South America, Asia or Africa, but in Saudi Arabia, promoting to who? To bloodthirsty Royal family watched by couple of thousands of Ninjas who don’t even know what are they watching (no women allowed)?
And this has nothing to do with killing of that dodgy Khashoggy who probably ripped off one to many person and wrong person, journalist occupation was just smoke screen and cover for what was he really doing, this has to do with SA financing, supporting and exporting wahhabism and fanatics all over the world and committing genocide in Yemen. The arms of royal family are blooded all the way to their shoulders with the blessings and cover up of western powers, namely USA and UK.

To be honest both of them, Rafa and Nole, should be ashamed for accepting the offer to play there, what they were thinking, haven’t they made enough money so far?!

Colin Says:

I agree with your sentiments, Wog Boy, but I would add that the whole of life is now impossibly complicated. For instance, if I were richer, I would never buy clothing from Primark, as I don’t want to encourage the use of child labour in sweatshops, in India, China and other places. As it is, I buy the cheaper product..

That’s a small example, but tennis millionaires bolstering horrible regimes is just the same thing magnified. Despite the late-age heroics of Federer and others, it’s an inescapable fact that an athlete’s career is shorter than that of the average person, so he or she must stack up the bank balance while they can.

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