Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of Acapulco With Hip Injury
by Tom Gainey | February 28th, 2018, 11:59 am

Rafael Nadal’s return from a hip injury has been delayed. The star was to play this week in Acapulco but the hip injury he sustained at the Australian Open hasn’t fully healed forcing him out of the event yesterday.

“I believe that all the necessary cares had been taken, I arrived to Cozumel to work on my adaptation, but yesterday in the last training before starting the tournament,” Nadal said Tuesday. “I noticed a puncture in the same area of ​​the problem I had in Australia, today in the morning I went to the resonance, I do not know what it is yet, but it is in a similar line to what happened in Australia, maybe it is a minor situation but the reality is that it is not clear yet and until it goes down a bit and the tests are done, it will not have the exact diagnose. The doctors told me that I cannot play because there is a risk of increasing the injury.

“I’m sorry for me, I’m the most affected, then I feel sorry for the tournament and the fans, I appreciate your love, I know that it’s a difficult news but I had to communicate it this morning, and even though I’m not there, I know this is going to be a success”, Nadal added.

Nadal hopes to play at Indian Wells and Miami next month. The news is a boom for Roger Federer’s hopes of staying No. 1 a little longer, though the Swiss has made no indication he will play the clay season.

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20 Comments for Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of Acapulco With Hip Injury

StarvingActor Says:

Smart decision to pull out instead of playing injured. He’ll be back!

RZ Says:

Agree. Better to be properly rested and recovered than trying to play and make everything worse.

SG1 Says:

Something I got to thinking about…what if Rafa and Nole both aren’t ready for Paris? I mean a “hole” doesn’t sound like a minor injury. Does Federer maybe change his mind and play RG? He’s 3rd or 4th best clay courter out there and with the two best missing, it’s an opportunity to:

1) capture a 2nd RG and…Federer fans need to take this with a grain of salt….
2) perhaps take a run at a calendar slam

At this point it’s an outrageous thought but seeing a 37 year old holding all 4 majors? Talk about distancing yourself from your rivals.

Roger is CLASS Says:

Roger already said that he will play in clay this year. 

Roger Federer held the Nr. 1 spot longer than anyone else ever (303 weeks).

He spent 237 consecutive weeks as the world nr. 1 which is a standalone record

He spent 627 weeks in the world’s top 3

He has won more grand slams than any other player ever (20)

He reached 27 GS finals between Wimbledon 2003 and the 2015 US Open

He has reached 40 GS Semi Finals
He reached 36 consecutive Quarter Finals

He holds 5+ titles at two different GS

He has won the ATP World Tour Finals a record 6 times.

97 title

Roger is CLASS Says:

sorry, I hope Nadal and Stan and Djokovic’s comeback.

Daniel Says:

Roger is Class,

This week began his 304th week as #1:-)


The thought came to my mind as well. Murray is set to return on grass, but hard to see him beiing one of the favorites there, so Federer is the clear favorite for Wimbledon as of now. USO he lawsys have chances and the way he is playing on HC is encouraging, but he hasn’t won there since 2009. He will need a good draw in RG, with Thiem and Zverev on the other side.

He already indicates that he may play a mini clay season this year (Madrid or Rome) and RG.

If he loses ealry in Miami, QF or erlier he won’t spent a lot of energy and may decide to give it a go.

Rennie Says:

Federer holds 5+ titles at three different GS, not two. As it is, he is the only man to hold 3+ titles at three different GS. Both Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic could reach 3 if they win one more Wimbledon (Nadal) or US Open (Djokovic). 5 looks like a stretch, though.

Dc Says:

This is indeed bad news for all tennis fans.
This is the 6th consecutive tournament nadal has withdrawn from due to injury.looks like his grinding style of play and his effort to get to no 1 last year has has taken its toll.
Hope his body heals soon.

Willow Says:

Rennie i get what your saying, and i know you want to make everything about him, but theres been plenty of Federer news and threads just recenetly here on tennis-x, but this ones about Nadal, so can we at least make this one about him ?, Roger is class you too, no offence or disrespect ?

j-kath Says:


Sorri Willow – hope you don’t mind squeezing Andy in – although it’s not really big news as we all knew Andy would be out until Grass….however, good to hear he’s on target.

PS: Hope U and Margot are escaping the Beast and all that is forecast to follow. My wee corner is totally snow free with blue skies – but boy it is cold!

Willow Says:

J-Kath no problem, there hasnt been any Murray news for some time, what got irritating was this thread been turned into a Federer thread and all his career achievements yada yada, when there already is one about him anyway winning the Laureus award, i just thought we couldve made this one at least about Rafa ….

Willow Says:

About the weather J-Kath completely snowed in here lol ….

James Says:

so much talk about these old guys – Murray and Djoke are almost 31, Nadal is close to 32, Fed is past 36. What about the younger guys? Are they good for nothing when it comes to the big matches and big tournaments? Dimitrov has now reached the age at which Borg retired, so he’s not really part of the young group any more. Other than Zverev and Kyrgios, I don’t see anyone with that level of talent. But these two don’t have their heads in place yet. Its weird to see a 36 year old number 1 winning slams given today’s highly physical game. Its like Borg winning a slam in 1991.

Margot Says:

Kath: that naughty Emma is causing havoc where I am. Snowdrifts against the back door and mournful birds in the garden. St David’s day too. Tsk! Tsk!
Have been watching Dubai as they hold umbrellas over the players to shield them from the sunshine. Me oh my that Coric is fit BTW, but not impressed he lost to the wee roadrunner.

j-kath Says:

Oh gosh Margot. Yes, and yes to the birds – waiting on the electrical wires for food. A friend left work early 1.00pm Glasgow but got caught on motorway for 13 hours …Emma is sending wind, real wind my way – lost power this evening but back on.

Have almost given up on tennis – Stan out again, Rafa still unfit….waiting for Nole and then Andy – let’s hope it works out well for them as the younger gen. not very inspiring so far.

AndyMira Says:

Hope Rafa will pull out from IW & Miami too…Get enough rest & heal his battered body..and stop being so stubborn & hard headed…And start listen to his team’s opinion too for God sake!

Willow Says:

But Nadal knows his own body, if hes fit to play he will play, its always wait till clay, dont get me wrong i wouldnt want him to play injured, but why wait till this or that all the time ?

skeezer Says:

^Thanks RZ. Not unexpected. Stay off the HC, get tuned up for the Clay season, his speCIALty.

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