Djokovic v Tsitsipas, Federer v Zverev Friday In Shanghai QFs

by Staff | October 10th, 2019, 9:13 pm

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer lead a big quarterfinal day at the Shanghai Masters which features the Top 6 seeds.

On Thursday, Djokovic won his 7th straight matches, 14th consecutive set, dismissing the dangerous John Isner 7-5, 6-3.

“I managed to kind of read his serve and find a good position on the return, at the end of the first set and also beginning of the second,” said Djokovic. “I won five games in a row, and that was the key, obviously having a break each set, and then I kind of held my serve. I thought it was one of the best serving matches I had lately.”

Djokovic now gets the youngster Stefanos Tsitsipas who edged Hubert Hurkacz 7-5, 3-6, 7-6(5). Djokovic beat the Greek in the Madrid while Tsitsipas took a stunning first meeting in Canada last summer.

Roger Federer reached his quarterfinal saving five first set points to deny David Goffin 7-6(7), 6-4.

“I thought he took really a lot of good decisions, and he was super fast on his feet today, which I think made it really hard for me to get my freebies and winners off the baseline, because he was getting to all of them,” Federer said.

“It was a really tough match today. I think that first set maybe ended up being key.”

Alexander Zverev will be next for the Swiss. Zverev blew a break lead in the second but hung on to beat Andrey Rublev 6-0, 7-6(4). The two have split six meetings alternating wins with Zverev victorious last year at the ATP Finals in London.

“I think it was very good tennis, but I know against Roger it’s going to be very, very difficult. He’s going to try to do different things, and it’s going to be a difficult match,” Zverev said.

Also on Friday, the hot Daniil Medvedev will face Fabio Fognini and US Open semifinalist Matteo Berrettini battles Dominic Thiem.

Center Court 1 Starts At 12:30 Pm
QF 3 Daniil Medvedev v 10 Fabio Fognini
Not Before 2:00 Pm
QF 1 Novak Djokovic v 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas
Not Before 6:30 Pm
QF 5 Alexander Zverev v 2 Roger Federer
QF 11 Matteo Berrettini v 4 Dominic Thiem

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25 Comments for Djokovic v Tsitsipas, Federer v Zverev Friday In Shanghai QFs

j-kath Says:

Wow! Nole what are U up to?

FedExpress Says:

Nole out. First proper opponent after the USO and he fails.

John Says:

What did Tsitsipas did on match point he waited for the ball (didn’t take it on the rise) played with top spin good percentage play. Why? Because he is young he can run. Federer doesn’t do all those things that’s why he chockes high risk tennis is hard, high rirk olus nerves is very hard.
For me Tsitsipas Medvedev Kyrgios (if he remembers where the stadium is) all those guys will stop Nole not Fed nore Rafa. Thiem will stop Rafa if Paris doesnt give him 5 days in a row matches. As for Fed he will be stooped by a bad contract
Go all the way tsitsi.

chrisford1 Says:

In the United States, there is a standout pro Quarterback named Cam Newton that can do it all. Or that should be, could once do it all. He went vegan last spring and has played awfully. Now quarterbacks have the critical role on offense, as team leaders. They are the highest paid and all of this – every performance aspect – is measured in house, by the QB’s agent, and in so much as they can find out or surmise, media and bookies.
Most metrics of Cam’s related to strength, stamina, muscle mass, recovery time – decreased. People on the team have told him to knock it off, at least eat fish until he is back to where he was 2 years back. Unfortunately, like Djokovic, he is so proud of the philosophical purity of his Veganism he is resisting like crazy.
Djokovic isn’t stupid, but I think he is in serious denial about his latest “miracle diet” fad helping balance his life in a “holistic manner that also includes tennis wins.
And then again, maybe he is stupid because he is back with the alt life again, like he was in 2017, just without Pepe, thank God.
Oh well, bye bye #1 for the year, Novak, in all probability.
It’s his life, his diet, his family but maybe he is on his way out of the Big 3 . Yes, yes, his business what he does, but as a fan, the word “putz” fits him well at the moment.

FedExpress Says:

Zverev serving for the match.

Zverev always giving troubles to Fed and Nole but useless against Nadal

FedExpress Says:

All the MPs saves for nothing in the end.

Fed looks tired af in the 3rd

vk Says:

Wow! Federer saved match points like Nole does. The difference is Nole wins the match too

skeezer Says:

Congrats to the new gen’ers. Lots of discussion when/if they would break through. Here we are. Remember Shanghai.

Alison Hodge Says:

Wonder who will be everyones new favourite ….

FedExpress Says:

Federer has the special ability flush down all the gained momentum within 2 games.

FedExpress Says:

On the upside.

Berrettini, Zverev, Stefanos and Daniil in the semis

only next gen players. Think thats the first time at this level.

Daniel Says:

Berrettini takes out Thiem.

My take is Medvedev takes this title and 2 consecutive Masters.

In #1 race, Djoko will trail Nadal by 1.280 pts next week. Heard they will play an exo in Kazakhstan on Oct 24th, the week of Basel/Viena. To me thats a stupid move by Djoko. He should play Viena or Basel and gain more points. Otherwise he will risk losing #1 ranking after Paris depending on him and Nadal results.

They will enter Paris with Djoko on top of current tanking 9.545 pts to Nadal’s 9.225 pts, but Djoko defends 600 pts from finals in Paris, their points will actually be: 9.225 for Nadal and 8.945 for Djoko, 280 pts lead by Nadal. Meaning that if Nadal reaches semis, Djoko will have to win the title to keep the #1 ranking. If Djoko loses before semis in Paris, Nadal back to #1 even losing 1st round or not playing. So Djoko will be under huge pressure each match.

Paris scnearios for Djoko to keep the #1 ranking:
1 – Nadal loses 1st round, Djoko needs to reach Semis.
Nadal 9.235
Djoko 9.305

2 – Nadal reaches 2nd round, Djoko will need to reach finals
Nadal 9.315
Djoko 9.545 (semis and he has 9.305, Nadal overtakes)

3 – Nadal reaches QF, Djoko needs finals
Nadal 9.405
Djoko 9.545

4 – Nadal reaches semis, Djoko needs Title
Nadal 9.585
Djoko 9.945 (semis he has 9.545 behind Nadal)

5 – Nadal reaches finals, Djoko needs title
Nadal 9.825
Djoko 9.945

Even if Nadal doesn’t get the ranking in Paris, it will be his 1st match back after USO, he may be rust and its his wors Masters with just 1 finals, he will have a good shot in WTF, where Djoko will be under pressure to deliver again.
But an early exist by Nadal and Djoko reachign finals or winning Paris things will be closer in WTF, and there I fancy Djoko’s chances to go deeper and evenm winning the title than Nadal.

The thing is Medeved, Tsisi and Thiem are all qualified, players who have wins over Djoko this year. This may be one of the most exciting WTF since that Djoko x Murray final to decide Year End #1.

skeezer Says:

C’mon man Fed is 38. Not long ago you wouldn’t see players past 32-33 be in the top competitive in the the ATP tour(Rosewall excluded lol). He is pushing the age limit for sure for playing at a top level in an era where 3 other players will go down in the record books as all time greats But that doesn’t mean he is not getting older. He is an anomaly, but age does catch up with everyone. At some point, the younger player with better movement and speed will eventually expose Fed.
Enjoy what he CAN do during this time in his career, not what he CAN’T. He has already established his place in Tennis history. #1.

Daniel Says:

2 spots left for London WTF and Zverev and Berretini will play each other to reach finals and further solidify their postion. Who ever wins next match is virtually a shoe in for WTF, with decent runs in next tournaments. 3 tournamets left:
– ATP 250 next week in Moscow, Antwerp and Stockholm
– ATP 500 Viena and Basel the following week
– Paris Masters 2 weeks from now

Currently the 6 players fighting for 2 spots aftter today’s points are (didn’t even add Nishikori as he is always injured):

– Zverev: 2.615 pts
– Berrettini: 2.545 pts
– Agut: 2.485 pts
– Goffin: 2.325 pts
– Fogini: 2.235 pts
– Monfils: 2.125 pts

Only ones playing next week are Mofils in Antwerp and Fognini in Stockholm.
Monfils plays Viena; Zverev, Fognini and Agut Basel. Berretini and Goffin still not showing where they will play next, but either Viena or Basel for sure.

Raj Says:

Good to see nole losing matches after winning first set.. In Cinci against Med, In Shangai against Tsit

j-kath Says:

Andy Murray and Kim are expecting their third child in about 3 weeks.

Alison Hodge Says:

J-Kath about the same time Rafa gets married lol ….

Raj Says:

Hip worked perfectly after the surgery for Andy.. lol

Daniel Says:

“Hip worked perfectly after the surgery for Andy.. lol”
Shakira hips don’t lie;-)

Daniel Says:

Oh, disregard all my #1 ranking scenarios for Paris, just forgot WTF London points from last year also drops on Nov 4th (the monday after Paris). So Nadal will overtake Djoko as new world #1 on Nov 4th regardless of their results there. Djoko can still end the year as #1 in London.

In worst case Nadal is guarantee 2 more weeks as world #1 in his 8th stint as #1.

Djoko’s run last exactly 1 year, full 52 weeks from Nov 4th 2018 to Nov 3rd 2019. Most likelly the ranking will be decided in London. Unless Nadal wins Paris and Djoko bombs there early.

Czarlazar Says:

Chris Ford is right: Nole is losing matches after winning the first set because the vegan diet is robbing him of stamina. Agut in Doha and Miami, Medvedev in Cinci and Tsitsipas here. That’s the main reason Gebhard Phil Gritsch left his team in August before the US Open. He was insistent that Nole reintroduce fish to his diet, as he did in Spring of 2018 which was a condition of Gritsch and Vajda coming back to his team. He’s become soft in the head again with his tedious commentary on the importance of family, his role as husband and father, watching his kids grow up, etc., etc. Too bad, because at 32+ he doesn’t have much time left to chase down Federer and Nadal, and with the soft vegan attitude he probably hasn’t got a chance.

j-kath Says:

Alison: Was wondering when Rafa was tying the knot. The pics. will be great. Re. Kim/Andy – I’m betting (with myself) that their 3rd child will be from the superior sex again!!!!

Giles Says:

Rafa ties the knot on the 19 October .

Alison Hodge Says:

Next Saturday then ….

chrisford1 Says:

YOu’re right, Czar Lazar on the topic of interviews. I used to love Djoko’s interviews because he is very bright, had wide interests, unfiltered thoughts, seriously thought questions through…and he was interesting!!
Now he is tedious.
Same old family stuff, same “You know, when I was young, I dreamed of Wimbledon, I even made a little trophy” story he has told 500 times.
Somewhere along the way, he has lost part of his honest soul. his exuberance.
And someone needs to get his wife to chill out. Be supportive. Or go. Lot of rumors as many fans know. Not just affair rumors..

My hope is he just realizes he had 3-5 years left

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