Novak Djokovic Embarrasses Himself Yet Again, Where Does He Go From Here?
by Sean Randall | September 7th, 2020, 3:54 pm

It’s official, Novak Djokovic will never, ever be loved like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. He might, and probably will, win more Slams than them, but his desire to be on their level of popularity and affection will never happen. Not after yesterday’s embarrassing and shameful default for drilling a lineswoman with a ball during his US Open fourth round match against Pablo Carreno Busta.

There’s no argument to the ruling: You hit an official with a ball and you are gone. Denis Shapovalov and Tim Henman know that rule and have experienced it.

Djokovic knows the rule, as well. He just figured his aim was better than it was, but when he saw the woman go down even he knew. He must have felt it in the gut. It’s bad luck but it’s ultimately on him.

The officials came out. Djokovic tried to make a case in a situation where there simply wasn’t one to be made. In one of the craziest US Open scenes in…in… a couple of years, Djokovic shook hands with the Spaniard, walked off the court and minutes later was in a Tesla driving off back to his rental.

The emotions, the shock, the disbelief must have been overwhelming. Even today. Even right now. Here was Djokovic, as big of a favorite as he’s ever been to win a Slam with none of his rivals in the field. He was just a week away from holding 18. Instead, he’s holding the bag for the most egregious exit ever for a top seed at a Grand Slam.

Even worse, Djokovic couldn’t face the music from the press and never (as of now) went to see the woman he injured. Those are hard things to do, but in this case they are also required, especially from a champion like him and someone who considers himself a leader of the players. Instead, he took the easy road of releasing a statement on social media. Yawn…

So a summer of one hit (Cincinnati) and many misses is finally, if not mercifully, over. I don’t know where he goes from here. Does he embrace the dark side, actually become The Joker? Does he waste his time trying to repair his image? Does he take time off?

I don’t know. But for all the talent and skill he has, deep down there something going on. Some turmoil or conflict, which isn’t a bad thing. But maybe it’s time he just gives up the nice guy act and just embraces being the true villain. At this point, what else could go wrong?

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57 Comments for Novak Djokovic Embarrasses Himself Yet Again, Where Does He Go From Here?

Wog Boy Says:

When 39 years old does it, it’s all laugh and ball bay is blessed for being hit by his holiness, even chair umpire could’ve been hit easily instead of the boy, but it’s his holiness who does it, and don’t tell me it wasn’t careless:

Truth Says:

Fred is always master and martyr. He turns water into wine. What a sham. He’s no GOAT.
Djoker with mental illness, is far superior to him. No one cares about a circus bus full of butt kissers.

The tv talking heads act like us open and default rules are so wonderful. The other matches are awful.

Alison Hodge Says:

Agree Woboy, im not condoning what Novaks done, but i get irritated with the double standards sometimes ….

skeezer Says:

I do not see anything in that Video that comes remotely close to what happened yesterday. You’re kidding right? Nice try on the Video but not even close.
The more you Djoker fans try defend his actions the worse it looks. Give it up already.

@Sean good write up and spot on.

Borislav Says:

Mike Tyson rape a woman, then he comes back from the jail and hole world loves him, Novak Djokovic accidently hits the lady and somehow he is worst tennis player ever

Tennis Vagabond Says:

This is such terrible luck. My first reaction was that the DQ was totally uncalled for. Seeing the comparisons to Henman and Shapovalov, I kind of get it. But those were clearly hit hard and dangerously. This was just such a carelessness.
A linesman or umpire can be hit any time by accident, including ‘outside play’, such as an ‘out’ serve being swatted away. I haven’t really seen any analysis explaining how this is more on the Henman/Shapovalov side but I guess its because he was in total control of the ball and was only how own careless. Can anyone point to the rule that specifies this though?
I feel terrible for Novak, because he really didn’t seem angry. With Shapo, it was clearly done in anger, and I can see that being a deciding factor, but this was just carelessness. The analysts seem to agree that this was the only call that could be made. Its tragic to see it, but if anything, its karmic reaction for the carelessness that allowed the Covid Tournament to happen.
Now this has really become JV tourney.

chrisford1 Says:

1. Sean knows as well as anyone what a negative publicity S-show any press conference would have been. Djokovic would have been a idiot to jump in the water, bleeding, with those sharks, right after his DQ.

2. I suppose he left rather than spend hours consoling “The Victim” that no doctor even came to check, or hold a candlelight vigil for her on the USO grounds – perhaps because he already apologized to her, and it was best to as they say in the Westerns, to “Get out of Dodge City”.
It was good for USO organizers and other players that the negative media “narrative” of Djoko and the Poor Victim got terminated so focus can be on the remaining players and show the world tennis can come back from CV-19 with high quality play. Even though the disgruntled media cannot now go on a “that poor old woman” in her full Victimhood, endless news cycle, crowding out all other USO events..

3. Djokovic, a bright guy, as part of his reflection on this, needs to think on how he will spend 100s of hours each year reviewing the odds of certain shots and point constructions getting the points for him, what are bad, in decisions on play given the opponent’s game. But, sadly, failed to factor in or listen to others on his risk of losing the whole match (and sponsors) on bad temper behavior. It should have been a huge concern in his mind and in his coaches after he just missed a DQ, at the only French Open he eventually won.
Bright guys do stupid things. But being outside the “you can’t fix stupid” paradigm that a Bernard Tomic might fit, Djokovic is capable of change.
A good start will be committing to a rule he makes on himself – get upset, sulk, scream at the sky or your camp or do an Andy Murray self-loathing monologue. Just-never- smack balls or toss rackets again.

4. It’s always been fun for the media doing the “Novak will never be loved like our sweet humble Rafa or our Feddy Bear” only because Djokovic wanted that love, let people know he in ways hungered for it. Which the media jumped on as a weakness in the guy that spoiled Fedal.. Maybe it is time for Djokovic to be more like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, champions with big personal flaws that stopped caring what people thought and forced fans and media to overlook their flaws and give the respect due them as ruthless competitors. And, surprise surprise, they got loved after they rejected their, as Kyrgios said of Djokovic – their pathological need to be loved.

Wog Boy Says:

Stephen A. Smith take, is he Nole fan?:

Wog Boy Says:

They follow the rule book in NY, really? Last week in NY:

Vince Says:

Its unlucky for Nole.. but how anyone can blame that lady??

skeezer Says:

“Mike Tyson rape a woman, then he comes back from the jail and hole world loves him,….”
How do Djoker fans come up with such reasoning?

You are sounding more and more just plain bu!!hurt and not calling it for what it is. It is not rocket science, he broke a big no no rule, and got DQ’ed. He left without a press conference, something a 17 yr could do and did, but not Djoker. End of story. Be thankful the Lady is ok. Djoker will get over it(I hope), you should too.

Done with reading these desperate undefensable posts from like 2 or 3 posters, he’s out and he deserved it.

Wog Boy Says:

Very good take on incident, nicely explained, worth watching:

Wog Boy Says:

Funny, it appears that supervisor who made decisions is from Fediland?!

chrisford1 Says:

Don’t be sloppy and attribute someone else’s remarks (Borislav) to me, Skeezer.

As for Never Blame the Victim!! sloganeering by Vince, the point Stephen A Smith and others aware of the expectations people on the field of play are under, have concluded it was an unintentional thing. Then, Smith and others making the point a person that belongs on the field of play in any sport needs to have awareness and good reflexes as much as they are required to have good eyesight.
If they don’t, they hurt the “show” they are paid to help. And shouldn’t be in it, if they can’t.
Any more than a line judge with bad eyesight.
And while there are obvious chauvanistic remarks coming up social media that any guy would have just ducked or caught the thing or said they only got hurt from not doing their job right ….while UN-PC….they have a point. In that any alert, younger guy or gal WOULD have reacted and it would have been a simple code violation. Ducked or caught or telling officials blame was on their lack of attention??/. No DQ, just a code violation.
Scrutiny on “the victim” is warranted.
What is her experience, did she have reflex or attention issues in the past? She mentioned in a 2014 article she was officiating, and got a split lip from a serve she didn’t see coming somehow. Has she had other lack of attention, slow reflex accidents on court?
And was she promoted by the USTA on activism on woman’s causes, for wearing her BLM button on her collar everywhere she is working a match??
Should officials really be allowed to wear cultural or social justice statements favoring one political movement? Does that create bias? No one has mentioned her BLM politics..

chrisford1 Says:

The Tahmid Saleh interview was excellent, Wog Boy.

His conclusion is that the video review he did showed the official telling Djokovic that if the woman had not been significantly hurt, Djokovic might have a claim to discretion since it was inadvertent. The official is saying his interpretation was that a lesser penalty would have been considered, but for the hurt woman collapsing in a heap. (And not be the 1st person DQ’d in 20 years on the men’s side).

Saleh, a UK citizen in Glasgow, also said he found other video of the event from foreign media, that he said appear to show the ball hitting the side of her face, and her reaction was 1st to hold the side of her face. The kinetics of the ball appear to show it leaving her facial and throat area at an angle, with nearly the same (slow velocity), going several feet through the air. It hit something hard, like her jawline, not something soft like her throat where the ball would lose it’s speed and drop to her feet.
It was only after holding her hand to the side of her face and during sagging down she moved her hand to her throat. Like she swallowed the wrong way due to total surprise. Tahmid says.
I agree with his conclusion the woman should have told the official what happened. The official, perhaps from oversolicitude because it was an old woman, not a ball kid or lines judge in robust shape, did not ask her what happened, why she went down choking. And as Saleh has said, if the lines judge had said “my bad, I wasn’t looking, I’m fine, ball bounced off my jaw not hurt, just coughing because I inhaled my own spit out of surprise,” no DQ.
So Mahmid Saleh joins quite a few people who think tennis was hurt as much by this woman’s apparent flopping act as Djokovic stupidly continuing to risk himself with his sort of antics, after several near misses.
Doubt me?
Watch-The-Ball-After-It Hits-Her!
Next up, I am sure someone will get the exact velocity and angles of the ball hitting, then going off her and know exactly what was hit and how hard.

skeezer Says:

Djoker gets hit with fines for:

-Unsportsmanlike conduct
-Skipping the mandatory post-match news conference
-As a result with rule infraction loses 250k in prize money

Class act. This is today’s tennis role model?

chrisford1 Says:

1st rule of any botch-up is not to dig yourself in even deeper, especially with a media whose main goal is to make yourself look even worse by goading and leading questions.

And you did not apologize for misattributing someone else’s remarks as mine, Skeezer. Which doubles your original sloppiness.

On brighter news, 3 women who are Moms, have made it into the QFs. Serena, Azerenka, and maybe the USO’s real “Cinderella” story, Tsvetana Pironkova. 3 years out, wanted to see if she could still play. Wins her 1st 4 matches since coming back. If you haven’t seen her play, she has a beautiful, unique game.

And, going forward, I will be happy if Thiem or Medvedev wins. They have proved they belong at the top, that they play well enough for the big titles and have lost Slams only by the narrowest of margins against a Big 3 player. More than Sasha Zverev, it just seems that their time is at hand.

skeezer Says:

No apologies are necessary. I divided my post between you and the other poster. Apparently you missed that. No need to apologize back to me. Don’t need it.

chrisford1 Says:

Yes, I did go back and note your little dividing line before @chrisford1. And no apology to you because we all know you hate Djokovic so much you’d cheer if he was struck by lighting and your Feddy Bear’s GOAT status was preserved in that manner.

Stand by, though. While the DQ is done and unchangable, not reversible, the video analysis will continue to see what really happened. And people can make their own judgment if the line judge should be allowed to officiate top pro matches in the future.

Wog Boy Says:

Put it this way, if this is to be court case, you wouldn’t need Dr Bull to represent you in court, any suburban solicitor would easily overturn the verdict.
I was told that even Neymar lodged official complain against the old lady for plagiarism.
Unfortunately Nole was the one who put himself in that position at the first place, the rest is the history…now.

Vince Says:

/* Any more than a line judge with bad eyesight */

Wow, too low..Sore grapes..

Ahfi Says:

The ball hitting the woman’s face/jawline/throat(?) was definitely unintentional. No experiment is needed to determine that. Or?

Miles Says:

Wow – Djokovic’s fans on here are even more repulsive than he is.
He was rightly defaulted for breaking the code of conduct and hadn’t got the courage to attend the media conference.

Nadal and Federer have never done anything remotely similar – but they are both class acts, hence, their enduring popularity.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Stand by, we will have some of out best minds on this, fresh from analysing the Zapruder film, Obama birth certificate and 9/11 videos.

Guys, drop the conspiracy theorizing. Yes, if he misses her, no penalty. If he grazed her no penalty. But he dropped her. Penalty. Its not really a mystery. Please dont go snooping around a lineswoman’s grade school history. Its really overkill.

All in all, have to wonder if Novak is wishing he’d taken a big Covid vacay like a couple other guys.

chrisford1 Says:

TV – The flopping of the Italian football players that advanced Italy on fraud is long over, but the flopping is not forgotten, not by nations victimized by it, nor with FIFA officials that ding Italy now and then for being made fools of on global TV with the flops.
The point many are making is that it appears she dropped herself, not the ball.
I’d like to think any man and just about all the women they have qualified to be out there in a hazardous environment have the awareness or reflexes to block or duck the ball. And as officials, if they believe a penalty is affected by their own mistake, they believe it is their duty to bring that up.
And the umpire, in video audible told Djokovic he had discretion if the person struck was not seriously injured, but since he believed the woman obviously collapsed in a heap and Must be injured, he stated all discretion was taken away by obvious injury, so the DQ was issued..
There is talk of why even have line judges when Hawkeye can be used on all courts. That there would be better results, would save lots of money, and eliminate controversies like this lady just by getting rid of all line judges at every ATP event and Slam.
***And what is up with the USTA allowing officials to display their bias, as this woman line judge who had her nice BLM pin button on her collar?? I can understand players, like Miss BLM activist Naomi Osaka, but what if this lady officiates the match between Osaka and a “player of white privilege”?? Or did the USTA only sanction players wearing BLM signage on themselves? ***

James Says:

“Here was Djokovic, as big of a favorite as he’s ever been to win a Slam with none of his rivals in the field. He was just a week away from holding 18.”

Come on, with or without the rivals in the field, what difference does it make? Let’s be honest: with his A game, Djoko wipes the floor with Federer and Nadal on the hard courts easily.
Yes, the ball hit the lineswoman, it was an accident, not intended, but the rule is a rule, so let it be. Face it – we will have a US Open champion who can’t take a set out of Novak (or Fed, or Nadal)…

It must hurt a lot, when the images from 2019 Wimbledon final are haunting you, 40:15 and the epic moment when Djoko finally denied Fed’s GOAT status.

Wog Boy Says:

There is no way that ball wouldn’t leave a bruise on the neck of the old lady, particularly old skin if the ball dropped the lady.
We all know how easy is to get bruises rubbing against the chair or lounge at home just to wake up next day with the ugly bruise on our legs, not even knowing when it happened, particularly at older age and older skin.
I am absolutely sure that she would be more than happy to share the photos of bruises with press and press would be more than happy to show us what evil Djokovic did to old lady, particularly British press, but I haven’t seen the photos of bruised neck, have you?
I’ll repeat, if the ball hit her in the neck and dropped her it’s impossible that the ball wouldn’t leave nasty bruise, much nastier than the love bite and we all had them, love bites, didn’t we and we know how easy is to get them?
So, unless they publish the photos of the bruised neck the chances are that the ball brushed her and not hit her but scared the sh.t out of her, since she wasn’t alert.
I am waiting for the photo, I am sure tabloids would give her good money for the exclusive rights to publish the photo, if there is one?
It’s almost 48 hours since the incident.

Tennis Lover Says:

NOvak DjoCovid is a fucking disgrace for tennis and its fan across the world, how come some delusional dimwit twats keep worshiping this wacko is beyond mortal understanding.

fred stone Says:

“…chances are that the ball brushed her and not hit her …”

Serious mental issues can spawn things like this.

Wog Boy Says:

When Fedt@rd tells someone that he has serious mental issues?
Taken as a compliment, thanks.

chrisford1 Says:

Fred Flintstone is the Sultan of Fed@ards here.

As for Djokovic not being anything but supportive of the poor, poor old delicate hothouse violet, it’s a business, so Djoko is only allowed to Support the Presumed Victim. Any questioning on if she flopped would brand Djoko a cad, a spoilsport…..and worst of all, a Hater because this woman wore a BLM button on her collar.
Debate will continue.
Just like it has dogged and will continue to dog the Italian players that ruined the 2014 World Cup with their flopping.
Video will establish the speed and location of the ball hitting her as she stood oblivious, how much energy was transferred in the impact. And establish if the ball put her down in a heap or she took herself down in a heap on drama or choking on her own spit from being startled. And her failing to notify officials if she had affected the outcome of the match through her own error, and the choking was not from the ball but only from inhaling spit in startlement.
If the results show she taints the integrity of line judges by flopping or being openly political, then several have suggested doing away with line judge jobs all together, not just hers, and replacing them all with Hawkeye systems.

chrisford1 Says:

Covid politics means that anyone who tries to recover a part of life lost in the Lockdowns makes the slightest error in 20-20 hindsight, causes New Cases!! – well that business owner, school official or governor or sports figure is a MONSTER that must be demonized to keep everyone perfectly safe!
It would be best, they claim, that economy or people be damned, the safest thing is to huddle in bunkers for a few more years…..

TV -“NOvak DjoCovid is a fucking disgrace for tennis and its fan across the world.”

No, Djokovic is one of the millions of people that took a risk to help get a business come to life again as the Chinese Corona Virus Pandemic goes on, and he made mistakes. To me, it is the cold, cowardly people that take no risk, only criticize those in the arena of life that do battle, do make mistakes – that are, as you say “a fucking disgrace”.

fred stone Says:

Why is this diluted/perverted slam (USO) such a thing to the Serb losers?
There were no qualification rounds to get in.
Probably the lowest ranked bunch of players ever at a slam.
Linesmen on some courts, no linesmen on other courts.
Getting your own towel is a good move.
As noted earlier this is an asterisk slam; it will count, but it shouldn’t.
The FO is apparently allowing 5000 fans, so that slam will have the appearance of a near-normal event, but will also pass up on quallies. No-shows of some players will lead to another depleted field.
Better than no tennis, for sure.

Is everybody having fun throwing shit at each other?

skeezer Says:

And… calling is back at the Joker fan club.

In History there was the invention of the Vinyl Record. You put a arm device with a stylus on it while it spins and it plays music. However, if the Vinyl Record was ever to get cracked or broken it would affect the stylus and get kicked back to keep repeating the same part of the song, over and over and would never stop. This was called “sounds like a broken record”.
Sound familiar?

JFil Says:

The play was over and Novak had his back turned, so there was no reason for line’s person to be on full alert as Novak whipped the ball that hit her. Stop saying she is old and unfit to be a lines person. Some of you people are ridiculous in attempt to defend Novak. Furthermore, Novak wacked the ball pretty hard towards the sidelines just a few plays prior. He’s brilliant but a maniac at times 😆

Alison Hodge Says:

I Really dont know why Novak has been painted as the victim in all this, blaming the woman, death threats from his fans, making sick slurs about her dead son, dear me some people really do take fan worship to the extreme, hes not god and shouldnt be put on some pedestal, accidental or not, he made a mistake, and has to take responsibilty for his actions, he will bounce back like always, its not the end of the world, nobody died, hes a good guy that sometimes does daft things, just needs to put a cap on his temper, time to move on, my take ….

Van Persie Says:

yes, agree, some fans are overreacting…this is the ugly part in sports. It happens in football, tennis, and so on.

A shame we had never an article about the death threats received by Nole after some finals against Fed.

Nole behaved exemplary on court while he was negociating with the officials. He didn’t raise his voice, he apologised afterwards publicly. He advised the fans not to blame that woman. I am very proud of him.

I did never read something like that from Federer though…that Nole should not be blamed by the fans because he was losing to him.

Van Persie Says:

A proof that some people are more able to hate, than to love this sport is the traffic on this site these days.

How many of the so called tennis fans did post after Nole did win in Cincinnati and how many are posting now.
Thing is: this incident or the Adria tour are just some stories, will be forgotten in time, but the history he made this year at Australian Open and in Cincinnati will remain :)

Wog Boy Says:

For all of those who said Nole hit the old lady in the throat, have a look at the video that hasn’t been shown, have a look at the way ball bounces after contact, have a look which part of the head she grabs before she drops down like she was hit by Orien Expres and then changes the hands and grabs throat, never mind what this dude in video is talking, just watch the video that has been replayed half a dozen times between 1:10-2:10, Fedt@rds don’t have to watch:

It appears that she was waiting all her life for that role and Oscar goes to the old lady from Kentucky.

Wog Boy Says:

I can see that my post got lost, until and if it appears check the video of the incident from the angle that hasn’t been shown, check the ball bounce from the head, check where she grabs her head first before she drops and change the hands and grabs her throat instead, never mind what this man is talking, the incident has been repeated half a dozen times between 1:10-2:10…you can also see how hard the ball was hit and full trajectory:

Wog Boy Says:

You can see tweet from Heath Jamieson , the boy that 39 years old hit carelessly in the groin in 2006 in Melbourne, who is now grown up man in this link, just scroll little bit:

Van Persie Says:


Thank you for sharing the video and the article
Yep, kind of stupid, I know 😂
This incident and its exageration are really hilarious. Watched now the video several times
Looks like the lady was actually hit in the chick an dnot in the neck.

Wog Boy Says:

…and the Oscar goes to Karen…😉

Time for bed, see you in Rome and Paris👋🏻

Giles Says:

10.28 am. Lol. The man is obviously a die hard joker fan!

Giles Says:

I think this incident may scar him for life. He may even be afraid to bounce the ball! ROFL

Alison Hodge Says:

Everything ive said , i would say about any other player, and i would never condone death threats about any of the players, i said at the top of the thread that i dont care for the double standards that sometimes happen in this sport, ill hold my hands up and say ive given Novak a hard time sometimes, which says more about me than him ( all in the past) , i think hes an amazing player,and will probably go down as GOAT,only time will tell ….

Okiegal Says:

@Chris Ford…..”The poor poor old hothouse violet”…. really?? I hope u live long enough to be a poor poor old “prickly” cactus. That was a tacky comment regarding the aged…. just plain rude. Yep, this site hasn’t changed a bit after being away from it a long time. Ummm, I think that’s why I took a break in the first place….🤔🤔🤔🤔

chrisford1 Says:

Very reasonable posts, Allison.
I think for Djokovic fans the controversy continues in that Serena, as “mercurial as Djoko and then some – only got a point violation and a game penalty against her for (1) Threatening to kill a lineswoman, (2) and nine years later, for repeating that public accusation the umpire had no integrity and was a thief trying to steal her win.
And lingering questions about the lineswoman this time doing a flop that caused the DQ, vs. the game penalty that could have been levied. If she has said she got hit in the side of her face and was just choking from being startled enough by a ball she should have seen coming, into swallowing her own spit.
So sure, Djokovic fans know this is over and done with, but the suspicion of a flop and all the footage they are now showing of other players clearing a net ball in frustration hitting a ballboy at net in the face (including dear Federer) -And no penalty due to the kid rubbing his face saying no, It was My Bad, I should have looked and reacted better.
The 1st DQ at a Slam in 20 years, on an inadvertent low velocity shot, albeit struck with frustration..and the light Serena penalties gall Djokovic fans. Who think he got harsher punishment than most players would have.

And OKiegirl – the point is the world has an infinite number of places a delicate hothouse violet could be in with no problem. On a tennis court, inattentive, with 130 MPH serves, balls being tossed back and forth everywhere, and people running all over the place – is not one of those places.
I now favor getting rid of these volunteers if they cannot screen out the delicate, inattentive, slower reflex people from being line judges at a big match. Get rid of all of the line judges, and go with Hawkeye, is another option becoming a large discussion issue..

Okiegal Says:

@Chris Ford……Point taken. But I do think the players should be more careful when their temper flairs and out of sheer aggravation they hit a ball and don’t look at who is in the line fire. He hit the ball behind him and it made contact with a person…….. and a rule is a rule and he broke that rule and had to pay the price…..unfortunate incident.
Thanks for your response!

Van Persie Says:

Hey Alison,

I did not meant you, I spoke in general. You are entitled to like and dislike people, like we all do and I am sure you would not threat anyone. My point was: every fanbase has its idiots, not only Nole, as it was pointed out (in the media by some moron): Nole fans would be known for their aggressiveness).

Van Persie Says:

Regarding the aged persons, we all know that we should respect them, but they have to have respect for the young as well, given their life experience.

If an aged (or young) person is not really fit, he should not apply for such a job on a sport court. I am really sure a healthy person, would have not fallen like that after such a hit.

There are many jobs where an aged person has the upper hand due to experience: see politics or management jobs, where the experience is really appreciated. No one would like to have as president a 20-30 years old person, who lacks experience but is fully fit from physical point of view.

So , I think the respect for the aged persons should not be a discussion here.

Van Persie Says:

I really know a lot of aged persons, who have no respect for the others and which could take some good lessons for from the young

Alison Hodge Says:

Chrisford 1 thankyou, but i think some Novak fans are clutching at straws, its time to let this one go ….

Truth Says:

She said she had a big injured lip after a ball accident, and had trouble moving on court but she was hired as a linesjudge. She and the officials couldn’t do their job. Djoker should’ve been warned after hitting a ball to the backboard before that, so that he could play again without being melodramatic again. He had insecurity and emotional issues, as anyone knew, for years.
After the default, tennis quality was terribly downgraded because the others didn’t measure up.

Django Says:

The incident happened on Sunday, Judi Dench had two days off, Back to work on Wednesday.

Wog Boy Says:

Someone is protecting Nole by not allowing for the the photo of Karen’s badly bruised neck hit by tennis “hard” ball that knock her down, like she had connected with Mike Tyson’s hook, being published?!

Top story: Kvitova Wins First Grass Title In 4 Years In Eastbourne; Garcia Overcomes Andreescu For Bad Homburg