Djokovic Gets Past Tsitsipas In 5, Sets Up Dream French Open Final Against Nadal
by Staff | October 9th, 2020, 8:52 pm

Novak Djokovic was cruising to an easy showdown with Rafael Nadal on Sunday in the French Open, but then he hit a speed bump against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Down match point at 5-4 in the third, the Greek caught fire and ran off five straight games to go up a break in the fifth. Trying to reach his first Slam final, Tsitsipas, who was treated in the third for what appeared to be a groin issue, was not in charge of the match with momentum on his side.

Djokovic, who was dominant early, couldn’t convert break point after break point. In the fourth set, Djokovic went 1-for-11 on break chances, and that cost him. With renewed confidence, Tsitsipas forced a decider.

To the start the fifth, Tsitsipas fought off more Djokovic chances to hold, but then at 1-all he lost his momentum and Djokovic regained control of the match and never let go to win it 6-3, 6-2, 5-7, 4-6, 6-1 in 3 hours, 54 minutes.

“I was definitely not pleased with the way I played the finishing stages of the third and fourth sets, but I was very pleased with the way I kept my composure mentally throughout the entire match,” said Djokovic. “I did feel that even though I lost the third and fourth, I still felt like I was the better player on the court. I had more control. I just felt comfortable playing.

”Credit to him for fighting back. He just played terrific tennis, especially in the fourth set when he was facing break points,” he added. “He’s a fighter. He’s one of the best players in the world.

“There was a lot at stake for him. He was motivated to try to turn the match around, which he did very well. But in the end I think he ran out of gas. That’s when I stepped it up, used my opportunities when they were presented in the fifth and closed out the match in a great fashion.”

The 22-year-old Tsitsipas had won 15 straight sets coming into the match, and then had to pull out a second 0-2 comeback.

“Novak showed once again what an incredible athlete, and his ability on the courts,” said Tsitsipas. “Was difficult, for sure, playing him. I think, one of the most difficult opponents I’ve faced in my entire life. I have huge respect for that. He gave me a really difficult time on the court.

“Unfortunately, towards the end of the match an injury that I had during my match in Rome came back. It was difficult to close the match in a fighting way, in a fighting spirit. But I tried my best despite all of this. I’m happy that I came back from two-sets-to-love down and tried to stay in the match as long as possible.”

Into his fifth French Open final, Djokovic will meet Nadal on Sunday. Nadal avenged a Rome loss to Diego Schwartzman getting through the Argentine 6-3, 6-3, 7-6(0) in a tougher match than the score indicated.

“Today I think the experience of Rome helped me in some way because I was able to take a look, the match, to analyze the things that worked well and things that, of course, didn’t work,” said Nadal. “I think I played tactically the right match.

Nadal has won six of seven from Djokovic in Paris, and of course he’s undefeated 12-0 in the French Open final.

”To play against Novak, I need to play my best. Without playing my best tennis, situation is very difficult,” said Nadal. “I know this is a court that I have been playing well for such a long time, so that helps. But at the same time, he has an amazing record here too, being in the final rounds almost every single time.

”Is one of the toughest opponents possible. But I am here to keep trying my best. I like to play in this scenario. I know I have to make a step forward. I think I did one today. But for Sunday is not enough. I need to make another one. That’s what I’m looking for. I going to work hard to try to make that happen.”

Overall, Djokovic leads 26-24 and has won 10 of the last 13.

“Has lost twice in his entire career on this court,” Djokovic said of Rafa. “Obviously the conditions are different than the ones that we are used to playing in May and June.

“I think that could be better for me, obviously the ball not bouncing as high over the shoulder as he likes it usually. Regardless of the conditions, he’s still there, he’s Rafa, he’s in the final and we’re playing on clay. Best-of-five playing him in the final at Roland Garros, I know that feeling.”

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17 Comments for Djokovic Gets Past Tsitsipas In 5, Sets Up Dream French Open Final Against Nadal

chrisford1 Says:

Rafa 99-2 at Roland Garros. Djokovic 215-1 when he us up 2 sets to love at Majors. Two impossible numbers.
The closest and most often joined rivalry in matches in the men’s pro era.

My dream:
God “You are a greedy pig Rafa, let someone else win it and I’ll have a word with Djokovic about next time he sees you in an ATP Championship Final or the AO.”
Rafa “I don’t believe in God
God “Do you believe now?”
Rafa “Si!”
God “Well, Djokovic does believe in me and he knows how tough I can make his life if he doesn’t let you win. I want both you guys to get your double career Slams. Or you to finally go under a roof and not convince yourself you are doomed, doomed! – and win the ATP Championship for once after 15 years of trying.”
Rafa “Why now?”
God “Because you both are nearing the end of your careers and I want to cross off some bucket list things for you two. I also have a side bet with Satan on who gets to control a galaxy 78 million light years from you. Satan got to pick 1st and went with you, who wouldn’t??”
Rafa “That is match fixing, no?”
God “Shut up, Rafa.”

Anto Says:

@chrisford1 lol.

Giles Says:

ROFL. CF1. I see you’re finally losing the plot. Poor you!!
Keep dreaming!
Vamos Champ!

j-kath Says:

My dream was God said: “Chrisford 1 – You’ve diverted Satan’s fiery attention and it’s your good self who will reap what you have sown”.

Okiegal Says:

God said…….”Shut up, Chrisford1”…….🤣🤣🤣

Andy Mira Says:

Ohohohohoho!!…Miss Okie!!…Nice one!!..hehehe..Give your over the head flying kick as well bozzy!!…Woohooo!…Serves him right!

Andy Mira Says:

Btw…CF1 himself is a pig…hibrid from pokemon,doraemon,ninja turtle,spongebob,squidword,Godzilla..there!

Daniel Says:

Roof is closed.

Daniel Says:

Djoko losing a game from 40-15 abusing drop shots. And not killing a smash.

Nadal going FH DTL every chance he gets. Looks he knows what he neess to do

Okiegal Says:

Hello my dear friend Mira!!!! I have missed you! I hope you are doing OK and all of your family is also in good health! Our Rafa pulled it off…… # 13 and # 20! He was in beast mode today! He proved today that he can win under a roof in heavy conditions! I’m trying to be safe…I mask up and practice distancing!
Take care!!
I couldn’t pass up my snide remark to CF1….🤣🤣🤣
A shout out to Novak fans……he’s had a great year! His problem at the USO was very unfortunate.
Let’s all get ready for the Aussie Open!!

Andy Mira Says:

Hey hey hey my bozzy!!!!…hehehe…i missed u so much too bozzy!!!…i have problem with my fb,plus my connection in my area is sucks!…in take ages to download a page!…urgh!!…sorry for keeping u in the dark bozzy!..when things is ok,we’ll connect again k?😘💜

Btw….RAFA IS AWESOME!!….WOOOOHOOOOO!!!…ALHAMDULILLAH!!…I knew he will win…but not that dominant!…u know bozzy?I would love to hear what Goran thinks atm…he said Rafa wouldn’t have a chance against Novak!…what???..Seriously???HUGEEE MISTAKE!!…It’s like he implied,Novak wouldn’t have a chance against Rafa at AO!!!…would u believe it??Urgh!!…the gal of a man!!

Andy Mira Says:

But..the words from John Mc i loved the most..”i don’t care about conditions!.?it’s Rafa on clay!!…heehhe….wise man!

Okiegal Says:

Hey hey Mira! I figured you were having connection problems. Hopefully one of these days you will get everything back to normal.
Rafa was “bossy” today! He ruled, no doubt about it. I’m sure Goran wishes he’d kept his comments to himself….. I believe that comment added fuel to RAFA’s fire!
On to the Aussie Open!

Andy Mira Says:

Hey hey hey bozzy!!…Yeah!…i think so too!…I mean,when u’re 12 time champion,and suddenly u’re 2nd best at the place where u ruled like it’s your own doubt it will bring a lot of determination & fire to prove that they all wrong…

I admit,that was the most impressive perfomance from Rafa i’ve ever seen bozzy!…So impressive that makes the great Novak so rattled & shell shocked almost the entire match!…It’s very rare we’ve seen Novak in this kind of state…When Moya said,they have a plan against Novak…now i believe him!…Alhamdulillah!

j-kath Says:

Well I never! I should have guessed that Rafa’s two dedicated admiring female fans would return – no wonder – he played his socks-off. He was brilliant (and I forgive him for his twitchy routine as he prepares to serve.) and then there’s Novak’s 24 going on 28 ball bounces prior to his serve – sigh, sigh.

Novak’s emaciated appearance strikes me as the beginning of the end of his career….being lean and slim is one thing but looking skeletal is not a good image and signals problems in the future.

Andy Mira Says:

Hey hey hey JK!…Hahaha!!…Yeah! feels so gud to be back here chatting with old friends!…Really missed the ol’/happy times here…btw nice to hear from u too!!👋😍….Hope everythings ok in your part of the world!..

Bout Rafa…Alhamdulillah!…so so happy to c him give his best perfomance last nite!…Couldn’t ask any better!…

Hey!..i read Andy was given tough draw in 1st rd in Cologne against Zverev…but i picked Andy in my Bracket…hehe

Van Persie Says:


Yes, agree with you, Nole a bit to skinny, but he did win a few slams looking like that :)
I would have nothing against, if he retires next year, after reaching 311 weeks as Nr1, I thing he will do it…he plays also Vienna in order to add more ranking points, am happy that he is taking this serious.

I will not be dissapointed if he will not win another slam, we’ll see. This GS record will not very significant in the future anymore as the plan is to play BO3 and not BO5 anymore….we will hae this in a few years…and then our little pig CF1 (CF1-teasing you a bit) might be right, that the records at the master category will have a very high importence, it will matter that Nole won each of it 2 times at least. And the weeks as Nr. 1 will also have a very high importance…then of course I am sure, someone else will surpass Nole.

Conclusion: Enjoy the recors as long as you own them, but someone will surpass them for sure ;)

I am very satisfied, with what Nole did during his career, is the greatest FOR ME, would have been poetic to win another RG but lost to the King of Clay, was not meant to be :)
He can retire after reaching 311 weeks as Nr.1 !

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