Federer v. Tsonga, Who’s the Pick? Murray, Serena, Henin Reach Final
by Sean Randall | January 28th, 2010, 10:32 pm

Later today we’ll determine our last singles finalist of the Australian Open, that between three-time champ Roger Federer and former finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Already in the women’s final are – no surprise – Serena Williams and Justine Henin. The two rivals will meet for the first time in a Grand Slam final tomorrow night Melbourne time. What a good one that will be!

Andy Murray has already booked his spot in the Sunday men’s final. I’ve only had time to view the first two sets on DVR – I may watch the rest later today or tomorrow – but once Murray got over a poor start, he was the better player and quite the shotmaker! Credit to Marin Cilic who played that first set about as well as he could, it’s too bad he couldn’t keep that level. I have to suspect that his prior court time caught up to him, and that’s too bad.

Despite the setback, Cilic showed that he has even more upside than I thought. I picked him to be the new breakthrough star on the tour this season, I just didn’t think he would be capable of winning multiple Slams. I may have to rethink that now after seeing what he’s already accomplished at age 21.

I will say that Murray did again look passive if not a bit nervous in the early goings. And if he’s feeling the nerves and pressure in the semifinals, well, just wait until Sunday…

On to the last semifinal.

Roger Federer v. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Much like the Marin Cilic, I have to believe that Tsonga is feeling the affects of back-to-back five-set matches. Remember, the guy had never played a five-set match in his life until a few rounds ago when he went the distance against Nicolas Almagro. A couple of nights ago he beat a depleted Djokovic also in five. But Novak was fighting some stomach(?) issues that prevented the Serb from putting up much resistance in the final two sets.

But still, Tsonga is not going come into this match at 100% full strength. His reserves are not going to be as high as a Murray or even a Federer who is coming off a tough four-setter against Nikolay Dayvdenko. Nor has Tsonga ever been a guy we classify among the fittest on the tour, and he’s already endured a career-worth of injuries and ailments.

On the other side of the tennis court, Roger should be fine. I know he went four with Nikolay but really for a good two-thirds of that match it was just one-way traffic. Either Dayvdenko was rolling or Roger was rolling before the two finally seemed level out in fourth.

Federer and Tsonga have met twice before. Federer beat JW in 2008 Madrid while JW, in a very memorable match, overcame a 5-1 third set deficit to stun the choking Federer in Montreal last year. Federer will absolutely want revenge for that loss which remains one of the most amazing collapses you will ever see from a tennis legend.

Tsonga matches up decent with Federer. Roger likes the pace but if Tsonga can get hot and take it to the highest of levels, he can bully Roger around the court. And today I think we’ll see a little bit of that power and emotion from JW. Unfortunately, I just don’t think in a best-of-five set match in which he may not be 100% fit, he can maintain it long enough to pull out win. It’s another case of best-of-five helping Roger and hurting his opponent.

That said, unlike Davydenko, Tsonga should hold up in the mental department far better than the Russian did. So if the Frenchman’s fresh, gets hot and in a position to win he can close the door. In my mind, the match is really up to Tsonga because from what I’ve seen in the last year Roger simply doesn’t have that ridiculous higher gear anymore. More and more we see him winning points on the mistakes on his opponents. And I think today is another one of those matches. The pick here is Federer in four.

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99 Comments for Federer v. Tsonga, Who’s the Pick? Murray, Serena, Henin Reach Final

kbw Says:

Hmm, I think I agree with everything you said, except the match is really up to Federer.

fed is afraid Says:

roger will win, and then lose to murray.

Gannu Says:

thanks “fed is afraid” for enlightening us with ur forecasts

jatt Says:

I guess final will be between fed and murray but having seen the way murray is playing..I think Andy should win in 5 against fed

fed is afraid Says:

you’re welcome, anytime.

Huh Says:

“Gannu Says:
thanks “fed is afraid” for enlightening us with ur forecasts” LOL! ;)

vinod Says:

i do have to agree that it does seem that Fed has lost that exceptional higher gear which he used to get into at such times a year or so back in his career

tennislover Says:

Tsonga’s situation can not be compared with Cilic’s so far as the miles logged are concerned. Tsonga did play consecutive 5-setters but they didn’t take as much time and were not as grueling. He didn’t have to do too much once Djokovic started feeling sick particularly in the 4th set. It appeared as if Tsonga could have easily continued for a lot more time. One couldn’t detect any obvious ill-effects of the Almagro match.

Tsonga is injury-prone but that shouldn’t be equated with his fitness or endurance during a match or tournament. I think he is amongst the more athletic and fitter players on the tour when he is not sidelined with injury. His movement on the court is very good for such a heavy man. I am not quite sure when endurance was an issue for him in a match but I haven’t always followed him closely either.

I don’t think it will come down to better fitness or endurance. This match is on Roger’s racket. If Roger plays at a high level, he will eventually prevail ‘coz Tsonga rarely plays at a very high level for a prolonged period. If Roger can take care of his service(that is a big IF these days),he will somehow find ways to pressurize the Tsonga serve even though Roger’s return game has declined considerably.

Tsonga will have to hope that Roger has an ordinary day at the office and, as we have seen quite frequently of late, Roger has more ordinary days now than he used to in the past. The sheer lack of consistency in just about every aspect of Roger’s game gives Tsonga a lot of hope and if the opportunity presents itself, Tsonga should be able to grab it. He has enough game and is playing well enough to do that.

Murray has played great in all the matches so far and deserves to be in the final. He is demonstrating his wonderful talent like never before in a slam. His level was consistently high against both Nadal and Cilic. It appears the stars are finally aligning for Murray.

One has to feel for Cilic though. He would have given the Scot all he could handle had he been fresher. Slowly,but surely,he simply ran out of steam and just could not move that extra fraction to get into good positions to play his shots. This match could have been a classic. What a pity!

Huh Says:


In fact Fed has shown to be playing better than last year in some matches(ex: Hanescu match). He’s certainly started serving better since his first match against Andreev, very good serving display in patches here. So actually higher gear than last year I suppose. He certainly used to play extraordinary from 2004-07. But after that, this has been to me some of his best performances in the last two years or so.

Gordo Says:

Wait – I wish to defend Fed is Afraid, who boldly predicted one year ago after Rafa won the AO that Federer would never beat Rafa again.

I thought she made a CRAZY prediction, and sure enough, Federer did beat Rafa in Madrid last year, but that was the only time he did so. Rafa did not lose any other matches to Fed in 2009.

Oh wait… Rafa didn’t get a chance to, did he?

netcord Says:

Roger may not be at his near-perfect level of play of two years ago but I have never seen Hewitt play better and Fed won in straights. Against the Russian—who did not have an error in the first set RF came back to win 13 consecutive games. This is a god enough day atthe office to send Tsonga home. Murray is a differet story and he may be te best player in the world now.

Huh Says:

And honestly speaking, Murray won his match against Cilic as much as Cilic lost it. The match yesterday was on Cilic’s racquet. Thank God he wasn’t firing from all cylinders, he seemed to have run out of reserves. Otherwise it could have been a real trouble for Murray if Cilic was playing at his best without being tired. I, despite being a Murray fan, feel for Cilic. I sincerely hope Murray’d be more aggressive in the final. However, the near impossible shot which Murray hit in the second set to obtain the break (reaching to Cilic’s drop shot) was out of the world, unbelievable, pure joy! :D CONGRATULATIONS DEAR MURRAY. :)

madmax Says:

Quite strange to read some people saying that Fed isnt playing as well as he was a few years ago? Reeallllly? still reaching slam semi finals/finals, winning 2 out of 4 slams. The guy has “got to be PEERRRFEEECCTTT” every single match? C’moon! This guy is AMAZING. AMAZING. some of you so harsh on him. Such high expectations. Why dont you apply the same rule to EVERY other player out there? It’s almost impossible for fed to maintain that high momentum, year in, year out. Why would you think this of him?

Superhuman he isnt. Fantastic athlete he is. No one else can touch him.

As Huh says, “some of his best performances have been in the last two years”. Huh! Without a doubt!

Federer has had to change his tactics, and change his game. The top ten players NOW, are bigger, more powerful servers, have brilliant forehands, backhands and more powerful groundstrokes than 3 or 4 years ago. This is the strongest mens tennis on tour for years. And. Federer is still at the top!

Of course things will change one day. It is the natural order of things. But he is still World No. 1. The best tennis player in the world, still winning slams and that has to be admired.

Go federer!

C’moon! Here’s to another great match today! It is important for federer to win this in straights, but I guess he will surprise us again! and perhaps “give away” a set – whatever happens, Fed will give it his all and is playing some great tennis.

Gordo Says:

tennislover – good analysis. I agree it is Federer’s to lose.

Remember, in Tsonga we have a guy who in all of 2009 only got out of the quarters twice, out of all Slams, M1000 and M500 tourneys. Unless Federer goes for an extended walkabout Tsonga will be very hard pressed to get more than 1 set, imo.

If Federer looks good and confident then the Federer/Murray final looks to be the classic we have all longed for.

Should be exciting.

Gordo Says:

I love Murray’s comments about how he hopes it is Federer on the other side of the net in the final, even though he knows Fed would be tougher.

That’s the attitude you want to see out of a competitor.

If he wins it by defeating Federer it is going to be much more satisfying than if it is Tsonga he beats.

The bottom line though is that it is a Grand Slam trophy he gets to hoist if he wins, and I don’t think in the end of the day he’ll be complaining at all should he win it.

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer is still playing great, but I don’t think he’s playing as well as he used to. As much variety as he has he’s become quite conservative. He loses when he has to take too many chances because he misses more often than not. In 04 and 05, all those chances he was taking were clicking 90% of the time. No, Federer doesn’t have to be perfect, but he’s still not playing super-duper-spectacular-ific tennis of yesteryear. He’s not as fast, he’s not able to handle pace as well as he used to, and it looks like he has in fact been waiting for his opponents to miss a lot more often than he used to. Besides Del Potro, it’s not like Murray and Djokovic hit harder than Roddick and Safin used to.

margot Says:

tennisbebe: good morning to you! My nerves aren’t too bad actually! Andy’s done much better this year than last for a start. But, more more important, at long last, he seems to have got his head together. He’s so much calmer on court now, less bashing himself and dwelling on bad points. He’s always had a wonderful talent but I think as Ben, aka dd, said he hasn’t always known what to do with it. Now he seems to! I also firmly believe that should he lose on Sunday he’ll get stronger and more determined.
jane, kimmi, puckbandit…..yeeehaahhhh!

been there Says:

CONGRATULATIONS!! to Serena & Venus for successfuly defending their women’s doubles title. Good work ladies. Keep it rolling girls
…kaching, kaching, kaching
…plus endless stream of sponsors…..:))

Ben Pronin Says:

Margot, it wasn’t long ago that I said Murray will never win a slam, but I’m feeling oddly confident about his chances on Sunday. And should he go down SWINGING, I’ll be rooting for him to take a slam this year big time. You can’t help but enjoy someone so talented play his best.

fed is afraid Says:

i said roger would never beat rafa in
a slam again and he hasn’t. because rafa since
ao last year can’t get far enough to meet
roger. which is rafa’s fault for over
playing. but if they ever do meet in
a slam ever again, rafa will win cause
he is in roger’s head.

vinod Says:

Huh:i agree he has been playing better than in the period he was suffering from Mono and back injury and yes i was referring to the 2004-07 period when he could jus shift gears as and when he wanted. Its not so now and i guess it has got more to do with the rest of the field really improving their game to make it even tougher for Roger.But the exceptional player that he is, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve like he used that strategic comfort break against Davy, i guess the great man still never ceases to amaze me with his play and insight of the game and the situation.its a real great mind at work. cheers

Huh Says:


To me Fed vs Tsonga is a little different dyanamics. If Tsonga is at his real best, he can beat Fed even if Fed comes out to play his best tennis. Tsonga is a stupendous talent and remains on a near equal footing with Fed. To beat Fed Tsonga needn’t rely on Fed’s bad play and vice cersa. Right now IMO these two guys’re that close.

Huh Says:

“vinod Says:
Huh:i agree he has been playing better than in the period he was suffering from Mono and back injury and yes i was referring to the 2004-07 period when he could jus shift gears as and when he wanted.”

So agreement signed by us both. ;)

Vin Says:

Hi all when is the Fed match starting ??

Gannu Says:

Another 45 mins to go… Come on Feddy bear..Wish u win this one and lift the trophy on Sunday!!!!

Just cant bear to see that werewolf howling.. What a scene was that in Cilic’s match… Andy can really star in a horror movie and i hope kids stay away from watching that match… Seems there should be a rating before watching Andy’s matches.. PG (Parental Guidance advised) ;-))

Huh Says:

“Andy can really star in a horror movie”

With beautiful vamps around him fighting with each other to have his love. ;)

steve Says:

Congrats to Murray, he played well and he did well to shake off his early lassitude and get into it.

Like the other poster said, I don’t feel it was a classic match. Had Cilic been able to maintain the level he demonstrated in the first set, it would have been much tighter.

Cilic was clearly tired, but it was up to him to manage his previous matches better. I hope he will take a lesson from this and learn how to close out his opponents quickly and efficiently, so that he doesn’t waste energy.

I like his game and his laid-back attitude, and I’m sure he’ll do even better next time.

Kimo Says:

I like Tsonga a lot, but not when he’s playing against the Fed.

Go Roggggeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!

Kimo Says:

Breaking news:

Acording to Rafa’s manager, the tendinitis is back and he’ll need 4 to 6 weeks of rest, which means he’ll definitely miss Dubai.

Vin Says:

C’mmon FED !!!

steve Says:

I also love Tsonga, but I can’t root against Federer.

Good luck Roger!

Kimo Says:

Roger looking good, but Tsonga looks like he’s in this match to win.

Roger breaks.

Huh Says:

Best of luck and recovery to Rafa. I hope this tendinitis thing leaves him. It’ll kill tennis otherwise. Without Rafa, it’s already less excitement for me. Too bad. Nothing better than Fed -Rafa matches, hope they happen soon! And seems like even I have to root for Rafa this FO. It’d be catastrophic if Rafa can’t be back to his best soon and win at least the FO open 2010. I don’t want Fed to have his way easier without Nadal even though I’m Fed fan.

Ra Says:

Sick point for 30-15. Hello everyone.

Ra Says:

Rafa’s situation is definitely somewhat heartbreaking. Thanks for the info, Kimo (and tenisbebe earlier). If he’s suffering from the same tendinitis again (let alone with a tear), I have a hard time believing that 4-6 weeks will really be enough. Do you have a source to which you can direct us, Kimo?

Huh Says:

Please Fed, win this match!


Kimo Says:

Great rally to end the set, 6-2 Fed.

Kimo Says:

Ra, sorry I can’t get you the source since I heard it on TV.

Huh Says:

Thou the match is still on and just the 1st set is over, if I were a Murray fan, I’d certainly root for Tsonga’s win here. Fed is not looking bad upto now.

Huh Says:

Tsonga must improve his return.

Vin Says:

way to go FED !!!

Kimo Says:

Tsonga is out of sorts. He’s been bamboozled. Fed is just too good today. Even when Fed took his foot of the pedal a bit, Tsonga was too pissed at himself that he couldn’t think straight and made ridiculous errors.

Gannu Says:

Good feddy baby.. Good.. Maintain it and dont lose focus… u have got an uncanny ability to suddenly drop ur level unexpectedly.. so focus and finish this off in straight sets..

Vin Says:

Fed win it in straights !!!

jatt Says:

I don’t think fed or tsonga is going to have any effect on murray if he keeps on playing the way he did against nadal.. If fed plays like the fed we all know and his game is on then i think we have the 16th time gs champion. But till now Murray looks like the one who can return every ball in the court and particularly his movement on the court…
I just hope fed is in his zone come sunday !!!

Kimo Says:

No one moves up and down the court like Fed. He hits crazy forehands while coming into the net. Just insane shots that no recreational player can ever hope to make.

Kimo Says:

Tsonga looks like his head has has been hammered for the past hour and 20 minutes.

Ra Says:

Well, if the match keeps rolling like this, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the 48 vs 72 hour break factor will be a non-issue.

Kimo, no worries re the source, thanks.

Vin Says:

Fed serving for the match !!!

Kimo Says:

2008 AO semifinal: Tsonga loses only seven games to Rafa.

2010 AO semifinal: Tsonga only wins seven games off of Fed.

Ra Says:

18 of the past 19 GS Finals right there. Wow.

Kimo Says:

Roger is FUNNY :DDD

Maso Says:

Wow, that was a disappointing semi. Reassuring for Roger’s game, though, let’s hope he can bring his A-game come sunday against Murray. Should be a hell of a final if both play their best!

Kimmi Says:

Hey, No resistance from Mr. tsonga. easiest semi final, exactly what Fed wanted. Bring on the final ..yeah baby!

Gannu Says:

`that was a remarkable interview wuth courier,…and i am sure all his funny comments would be interpreted as arrogance by the british media tomm… Chill Guys he was just having fun…Nothing much to get hyper about!!!

Well done Fedex..I owe you something for bringing happiness and smile into my life

been there Says:


You know am waiting for you! I promised from the last thread:

MMT: “…and I have a feeling that the line-up for the final will be one that GUARANTEES a new grand slam champion”

been there: “….I await to see the result of this one!”

On a side note, Fed’s on court interview is soooo funny LOL!!! Join a comedy skit. LOL!!
*Making fun of British media/fans..the part he’s saying poor Andy having the pressure to win in goodness knows 150,000yrs. LOL
*the daddy jokes & few (no?) dad’s ever having won and silly stats like that. hahaha…

I hope I get a replay of it. If someone has it, please post the link.

Kimo Says:

Gannus said:

“and i am sure all his funny comments would be interpreted as arrogance by the british media tomm”

You bet they will, but I don’t think they’ll be taken seriously.

For those of you who weren’t listening he said: “It’ll be nice for Andy to win the first GS for British tennis in what? 150,000 years or something like that?” LOOOOOOOOOOOOL :DDD

been there Says:

Poor Tsonga…that was a real pounding! Bad for the crowd who were probably waiting for a bit of showmanship. Wish he even won a set or it’s was tighter…7-5, 7-6 type of players. Nerves??

steve Says:

The score is even the exact reverse of the 2008 AO semi:

2008: Tsonga wins, 6-2, 6-3, 6-2
2010: Tsonga loses, 2-6, 3-6, 2-6

I feel bad for Tsonga, though, he clearly wasn’t at his best. It’s hard to see him play badly.

Kimo Says:

The match was lopsided for the following reasons:

1- Roger was in an amazing form.
2- Tsonga felt the pinch after having played two five set matches in a row (his first five setters ever)
3- Tsonga had no plan B. His plan of trying to be aggressive didn’t work because he wasn’t fit enough, and he had nothing to fall back on.

David Says:

Hopefully the lesson from this latest dismantling of an opponent is that these Slam tournaments are NOT open. Roger could lose all year long at MS events, even at the TMC. But when it comes to the Slams it’s different and he’s the huge favorite. He’s the huge favorite in the final against Murray. If Rafa doesn’t come back, Fed will be the huge favorite at the French and then the huge favorite at Wimby and the USO.

That’s not to say he’s going to win the CYGS because Fed’s own career is proof of how difficult that is, but it’s certainly not out of the realm of possiblity.

Picking Fed to lose or saying his matches are toss-ups is just insane!

Vin Says:

Can someone clear my doubt … Has any dad won a GS previously?

Gannu Says:

Vin.. Indeed.. connors, agassi

Gannu Says:

and even becker 1996 australian open

Skorocel Says:

Kimo said: “Tsonga had no plan B. His plan of trying to be aggressive didn’t work because he wasn’t fit enough, and he had nothing to fall back on.”

His plan of trying to be aggressive didn’t work because he didn’t even try it. What the hell he was trying to do with those moonballs?! A guy who can blast anyone off the court is suddenly playing maintenance tennis? WTF?

Huh Says:

Those were gems from Roger, the interview and the performance both!! Haha & ha!
Long Live The King indeed….

A humorous but apt reminder from Fed to the media.

Go Roger!!!

Vin Says:

Gannu … I wish Fed adds his name in that list !!!

Gordo Says:

Well, so much for the argument that the extra day of rest will benefit Murray. As Brad Gilbert said, Murray exerted more energy in practice today than Roger did in walking through Tsonga.

An interesting point of trivia that came out -

Roger was 22 years of age, when he won his first major in his 17th try.

Andy M. is now 22 years of age, and this is his 17th major.

I can’t remember the last time everyone has been so revved up for a final when it wasn’t Fed-Rafa.

May the best man win!

Yumma yumma yumma yumma yumma!!!!

Huh Says:

Though I’d not mind Murray winning AO, I’d root for Fed a little bit more. Just a feeling.

Gordo Says:

Vin Says:

Can someone clear my doubt … Has any dad won a GS previously?

Let’s not forget Safin, but he claims none of the kids are his. :)

David Says:


Murray’s still got two key weaknesses in his game that Nadal and Cilic weren’t able to exploit:

His second serve, which Cilic attacked a few times but not enough; and his forehand, which is just simply not a big enough weapon for him to be a dominant No. 1 player.

Murray’s backhand is better than his forehand and that’s just not good enough against Roger, who will be able to dictate everything out there and have the match on his strings.

Huh Says:

“May the best man win!

Yumma yumma yumma yumma yumma!!!!”

Finely put by the Gordo-the alert one.

Huh Says:

I feel the final match will be decided mainly by the serving of either guys.

Gannu Says:

Vin… add me to ur camp.. i wud love to see fed winning this.. Last year it was very very sad day to see him weeping and i guess its some kind of redemption in some sense to see tears of joy this time around.. come on andy.. u are still young and you will have many more chances… give this poor old man this 16th one and also an opportunity too british media to keep writing last man since fred perry 150000 years ago;-)))

Huh Says:

I give a slight edge to Fed in the finals based on what he appears to me. Fed’s playing truly well I guess. But only time will tell.

David Says:


Your “poor old man” comment is funny.

Only thing is this “poor old man” will win more Slams starting right now than Murray will win in his entire career.

Gordo Says:

Okay, so here is the points breakdown for the current top 7 players on the men’s tour and what could happen, updated now that we are down to one match left -

Roger Federer currently has 10,550 points. Since he was a finalist last year this cannot go down. If he wins the title add an additional 800 points (11,350).

Rafael Nadal currently has 9,310 points. From this we subtract 1640 (last years points less quarters this year) and we get 7,670.

Novak Djokovic currently has 8,310 points. This will not change, as he lost in the quarter-finals of this tournament in both 2009 and 2010.

Andy Murray currently has 6,780 points. To this we add 1020 (last year’s points off and reaching the finals this year added on) and we get 7,800. If he wins the title add an additional 800 points (8,600).

Juan Martin del Potro currently has 6,580 points. We subtract 180 from this (this year’s 4th round points andded; last years quarter final berth subtracted) and we get 6,400.

Nikolay Davydenko currently has 4,930 points. He did not play this tournament last year so we add 360 points for him reaching the quarter finals and get 5,290 points.

Andy Roddick currently has 4,510 points. He reached the semis last year and by reaching the quarters this year we must subtract 360 points, giving us 4,150.

Here is the math as far as the other semi-finalists go…

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga currently has 2,875 points (10th place). He reached the quarters last year so subtracting those points and adding semi-final points this year we get an increase of 360 points which gives him 3,235 points.

Marin Cilic currently has 2,430 points (14th place). He reached the round of 16 last year so subtracting those points and adding semi-final points this year we get an increase of 540 points which gives him 2,970 points.

So in a nutshell – Federer retains #1 no matter what. Nadal drops to #4, depending on how Murray fares. Murray winning the tournament puts him at #2 and Djokovic stays at #3. If Murray does not win the tournament then Djokovic climbs to #2. and Murray is the new #3.

All depends on Murray’s results -

If he winds loses in the final then the top 4 are
(with points underneath)

Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Nadal.
11,350 8,310 7,800 7,670

If he wins the tournament then the top 4 will be

Federer, Murray, Djokovic, Nadal.
10.550 8,600 8,310 7,670

madmax Says:

Vin Says:
Can someone clear my doubt … Has any dad won a GS previously?

January 29th, 2010 at 5:31 am

also sampras, if you include his “son” in womb of mother! (watching the sound of him playing at wimbledon).

Then also there is connors (won slams twice, having had kids). I have a list of fathers who have won grand slams, so will post here later, Vin.

Roger Federer makes me so happy to be a fan of his! Awesome. Just awesome!

Gordo Says:

By the way – the incentive for Federer to win is his pursuit of the Pistol Pete Sampras record of most weeks as #1.

If he wins on Sunday his over 3,000 points will take him well into the clay season.

Even if he doesn’t it will be hard for Murray or Djokovic to unseat him before the clay season starts.

Looking a bit into the future, here is what Fed, Murray and the Djoker are defending at the Indian Wells and Miami Masters 1000s -

Fed – semis at both – 360 + 360 = 720 points.
Murray – runner up and winner – 600 + 1000 = 1600.
Djokovic – quarters and runner-up – 180 + 600 = 780 points.

So that record is now within reach. On Monday Federer will have been #1 for a combined total of 268 weeks. The Sampras record is 286.

If he can stay on top until then, Federer claims the record on June 28, 2010.

David Says:


He’ll also tie Agassi’s record for most AO titles (note Open Era) by beating Murray on Sunday.

I think he’d like to be the Open Era leader at 3 out of the 4 Slams and that’s very much within his grasp. He would need 1 more AO after this one, 2 more Wimbys and 1 more USO.

steve Says:

Even if Nadal is in good form at the French Open, I would still say Federer has a very good chance to win it.

Federer had won three of the four Grand Slams before Nadal’s rise, but Nadal came into the picture just as Federer was getting good enough to contend at the French Open. No matter how many times he was beaten in the other slams, he would still have had that boost of confidence that comes from knowing he had won there before. But not at the French.

It really got to him, not even so much the pressure of the media as the pressure of his own high standards. Because he always believed he was good enough to win it, and yet every time he came up short. He could not accept anything less of himself than to win there, because he’s a very ambitious man. Nothing less than the best will do.

Playing against Nadal is tough enough by itself; trying to play against both Nadal and the weight of his own expectations is too much even for Federer.

Nadal is so tenacious and consistent that if your attention is not 100% on the match, he will expose you. And I don’t think he ever faced Nadal at Roland Garros without thinking somewhere in the back of his mind that he really needed to win it for the sake of his career. Just a little bit, but against Nadal even a little bit is enough.

Psychologically a huge burden was lifted last year because now he no longer has to worry about winning at Roland Garros.

So he can play freely now against Nadal, instead of thinking about how he needs to get the French Open in order to satisfy the demands he imposed on himself.

But before that hypothetical day, he’s got to get through one more match to get this trophy. I hope he’ll be able to play well in the final.

Tejuz Says:

Gordo Says:
“Roger was 22 years of age, when he won his first major in his 17th try”

well.. Roger was 21 when he won his first wimbledon in June. He turned 22 in August. Murray is just a few months from turning 23 now…

Huh Says:

Thou I agree it was a bit diturbing (not exactly sad for me) to see a 13 times GS winner crying (unintentionally though being unable to control his emotions IMO) on a loss to a 5 yrs younger rival, the equally disturbing but a little sad thing for me was when then the 12 times GS winner unmindful of the presence of a young guy who was just beaten in straight sets, went on and on and on kissing the USO trophy and at that time the Living Legend just couldn’t have enough of giving trophy-kissing postures to photographers from different angles (again unintentionally IMO) being insensitive to the kid’s agony and disappointment who was giving an empty, resigned and not to mention, sad look at the trophy which had escaped his hands unto the hands of the experienced champion. That was an unfortunate thing too.

Huh Says:

Thou I agree it was a bit disturbing (not exactly sad for me) to see a 13 times GS winner crying (unintentionally though, being unable to control his emotions IMO) on a loss to a 5 yrs younger rival, the equally disturbing but a little sad thing for me was when then the 12 times GS winner unmindful of the presence of a young guy who was just beaten in straight sets, went on and on and on kissing the USO trophy and at that time the Living Legend just couldn’t have enough of giving trophy-kissing postures to photographers from different angles (again unintentionally IMO) being insensitive to the kid’s agony and disappointment who was giving an empty, resigned and not to mention, sad look at the trophy which had escaped his hands unto the hands of the experienced champion. That was an unfortunate thing too.

Gannu Says:

As expected the british media has taken this to heart.. Guys grow up.. stop being cynical abt anything and everything in life.. this was said in pure jest and moreover he actually defended andy

Q It’s actually only 74 years since we haven’t won a Grand Slam.

ROGER FEDERER: How many years did I say?

Q. You said 150,000.

ROGER FEDERER: I missed it by a little bit (smiling).

Q. Can you imagine what it is like for a nation to have wait for so long to win a Grand Slam?

ROGER FEDERER: You could be one of those nations that never had a Grand Slam champion, you know.

Q. Feels like it.

ROGER FEDERER: No, it doesn’t (laughter).

No, I mean, it’s just funny, you know, because that’s the question he probably gets asked quite a bit. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a bit fed up by it. I think he’s done really well, you know, handling the pressure and considering, you know, sort of the media in England is very strong. So I think he’s done great, you know, under the pressure.

Maybe US Open you could think he crumbled there under pressure, being in the finals the year before. I think once your game is good enough, even on your off days to come through, I think that’s what he’s proving here at the Australian Open now. He’s one match away. I’ll make sure it won’t happen. We’ll see how it goes.

David Says:

Tsonga had one good line in his very brief press conference:

Q. Do you have any advice for (Murray)?

JO‑WILFRIED TSONGA: Advice? Be ready to run maybe (smiling).

Kimo Says:

Maybe Roger should have told them that before him and Hingis, Switzerland never had a grand slam champion. Maybe that’ll shut them up.

been there Says:

Those bits & pieces that David@ 7.04 & Gannu@ 6.58 have posted are cracking me up. LOL!!!!

Indeed, the British media have no sense of humour. The on-court interview was really really funny…the crowd was laughing throughout at all those clever answers…making fun at the media going crazy with crazy stats. Witty Roger.

Poor Tsonga! Rematch in a best-of-three might bring better fortunes.

Enrico Says:

FEDERER was at his best today!!!!

Ben Pronin Says:

Congrats on Fed winning today. I woke up at like 6 in the morning because my life revolves around Fed and I woke up in a frenzy to quickly check the score. I was able to sleep quite peacefully after that.

Regarding Federer winning the FO, Fed’s defended a slam title at least once in all the other 3 slams, to say he’ll win this year’s FO is simply realistic.

Ben Pronin Says:

You know what’s even more ridiculous, Federer has a record of 10 consecutive slam finals reached. He’s currently at number 8 (second on the list) and considering just how well he’s mastered these crazy things called Grand Slams, I’d say he’s got a pretty damn good chance to break that record come this year’s US Open.

madmax Says:

Ben! Gannu! kimo! Huh! What a fabulous athlete our federer is! Go federer! Just simply fantastic. And living in the UK -whenever there is anything about murray- he always takes centre stage – Roger is the best, always will be. Murray is not loved by all the british public at all. This is just crazy.

Federer is loved and respected by most in the UK.

Skorocel Says:

Ben Pronin: “You know what’s even more ridiculous, Federer has a record of 10 consecutive slam finals reached. He’s currently at number 8 (second on the list) and considering just how well he’s mastered these crazy things called Grand Slams, I’d say he’s got a pretty damn good chance to break that record come this year’s US Open.”

What’s even more crazy is, that, if not for your fave Djoker, Fed would’ve had 19 (!) consecutive slam finals :-( Now that would be some absurd number! LOL :-)

Ben Pronin Says:

Yeah but remember how Federer lost to Djokovic then Nadal in the next 2 slams and everyone was claiming it was the changing of the guard and Federer wouldn’t be winning slams and this and that. Well, it just goes to show, Roger Federer is a God among men.

David Says:

Speaking of Djokovic, we haven’t heard too much from Novak’s mom in a while.

I still remember her “the king is dead, long live the king” and “I know Novak is better” comments.

Huh Says:

Indeed dear Maxi, Come On Federer!

madmax Says:

Yes Huh. What an amazing tournament. And now we are here, another final with our great warrior, the mighty fed. Ready to destroy his opponment and get into the mindset of a champion once more. Oh, not long to wait now. what nerves there are fluttering in my tummy, but I know that federer will fight hard to win his next 16th title tomorrow. He has to, and he knows that. Murray, on the other hand, again, this is his second slam final. He will also be feeling the nerves.

But I hope for a great match between the two of them and respect to all fans on this forum.


am sticking with Federer! He should win this! He can win this! So, c’moon the Federer!

Heather Says:



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