Injured Henin Out of US Open, Will be Replaced by Serena in Belgian Exo Next Week
by Staff | July 1st, 2010, 6:08 pm

After injuring her elbow in a spill during her Monday fourth round match against Kim Clijsters, former World No. 1 Justine Henin has announced that she’s withdrawing from all North American summer events including the U.S. Open. ADHEREL

In a statement on her website, Henin sais she suffered a “ligament partial fracture at the right elbow”. She added, “I regret to announce you that I can’t unfortunately play in Best of Belgium this July 8th. … This injury will keep me away from the courts during a rough period of 2 months with the consequence the withdrawal of my US round included Us Open.”

Henin said that she will undergo further examinations on her elbow in four weeks. The 7-time Slam winner was scheduled to play against rival Kim Clijsters in a July 8th exhibition in Belgian in front of over 30,000 fans. She will now be replaced by another World No. 1, Serena Williams.

Clijsters tweeted earlier today, “Justine is injured! I am not sure what happened to her but she withdrew from a few tournaments in the states. … Serena has never played in Belgium :-) it will be a great evening!”

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7 Comments for Injured Henin Out of US Open, Will be Replaced by Serena in Belgian Exo Next Week

skeezerweezer Says:

Wow is right. She will be missed. I though she was in the middle of fighting her way back to form and then this. That is not a good injury for tennis. Not that any would be…yikes…Get well Justine!

Despite what you say about Serena, nice gesture towards Justine. On the court, they have had there tussles. Just goes to show ya what glimpses that the media gives us you have to keep one eye lookin the other way :)

blank Says:

Now it has once again become uncertain who is going to lose to Serena at the USO.

WTF, WTA? You are a loser.

Kimmi Says:

oh no. sad for justine and her fans, me included. a fall in amatch with clijsters that looked like nothing serious comes to this. no wonder she could not bring her best game after that.

Get well jutine. You will definetly be missed.

Dan Martin Says:

I feel bad for Henin. This is not good news for the WTA or the USTA.

Colin Says:

I didn’t know you could fracture a ligament. Tear, yes, but fracture?

Jill Says:

Justine played fantastic top-form tennis in the first set against Clijsters, then fell with weight landing on her arm and felt some sort of a “crack”. She was still able to close the first set and win it, then started looking like a totally different player, less aggressive and more unforced errors. In the post-match interviews she never used the injury as an excuse for losing, but I would think that worrying about what the hell the “crack” was must have been a big distraction, on top of feeling something physically weird in the elbow. Hope she comes back soon.

@Colin-a matter of translation, probably. English is not her first language.

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