Rafael Nadal Interview: Madrid ‘Not Ideal Conditions’ [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 9th, 2010, 11:27 pm

Here’s Rafael Nadal talking about his game leading into the Madrid Masters 1000 which began earlier today.

Nadal is seeded second behind Federer who he lost to in the final last year. But this time Nadal is feeling great and confident after titles in Monte Carlo and Rome.

“Well, I am feeling good,” said Nadal. “Both tournaments are very important for me. The two victories. We will see what’s happening here probably is the most difficult tournament because the altitude, the ball is faster and it’s going to be a challenge for me.

“No it’s not ideal conditions but last year I play the final so it’s not terrible conditions, too.”

Nadal has a bye in the first round. He’ll await the winner of the Seppi-Dolgopolov match. By winning the title he will return to No. 2 in the rankings and become the player with the most career Tennis Masters titles with 18.

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21 Comments for Rafael Nadal Interview: Madrid ‘Not Ideal Conditions’ [Video]

Karthick Says:

Vamos Rafa

contador Says:

what a great experience for dolgo jr !

rafa knows he’s winning the whole thing. very confident.

Anna Says:

I think Rafa is feeling huge relief and mucho confidence with his wins in MC and Rome, but he’s smart enough to know he’ll need to play one game at a time. I’d love to see Rafa sweep this whole clay court season. It would make all the heaps of abuse piled on since last Fall worth it. As Fed fans know, there’s nothing like seeing your fav rise from the ashes.

Marty Says:

i am a fed fan, but how can you not like rafa. A gentleman and a sportsman. Cant imagine rafa ever disrepecting a tournamnet the way Roger did wirh Estoril after he lost.

madmax Says:


what’s your point? seriously.

I watched the Estoril match on livestream and Federer shook Montanes hand, plus the umpires, waved to the crowd and exited with honour. Are you trying to make something out of nothing? The only thing Fed did “wrong” was lose the match in “unfederer like fashion.

TGiT Says:

Nadal will not win Madrid. You heard it here first.

guy Says:

marty’s point is that federer’s talent makes people overlook his often poor sportsmanship. the petulant outbursts about hawkeye wimby 08, and the crybaby poor-loser display oz 09, just a few examples of things that someone like murray,djoker,and just about everybody else would be flamed for. this stuff is even unacceptable behaviour for a teenage player let alone a veteran no.1. yet federer seems immune.

Daniel Says:

What about Nadal wanting a tournay directors to change an umpire in 08′ who dare to give him a time violation when he was n. 1?!
Give me a break, nobody is perfect. There is not a single player on tour who hasn’t display some egocentric stuff in some period.

dc Says:

@ guy…what about Nadal’s time-wasting tactics in Wimby 08 so that the match would be played under poor lighting conditions. And then because of his superior eyesight due to him being younger than Fed, he managed to defeat Fed

J Says:

This tit-for-tat thing with Fed/Nadal fans is ridiculous.

That said, what is disrrespectful is the way Fed fans write off these tournaments as unimportant the minute Fed loses. I find this ‘nothing matters but the Slams’ attitude very distasteful. Whatever happened to being TENNIS fans??

As for Rafa, he’s taking it one match at a time. He’s learned the very hard way that no result or outcome can be taken for granted. Vamos Rafa!

juljo724 Says:

@dc………….now you fedfans are using the age excuse??If the light is that poor for fed, tell him to quit.

Dory Says:

How or why is the ball faster because of the altitude can anyone explain to me?

madmax Says:


you are obviously in a confrontational mood right now. Marty was talking about Estoril and Fed did nothing wrong in terms of sportsmanship.

Name me ONE player who is ALWAYS exemplary and you find ONE.

madmax Says:

*WON’T* – *find ONE*

Peter Says:

Rafa and Federer remind me almost of Federer and Pac-Man in boxing. Federer and Mayweather are master tacticians. Pac-Man and Nadal go out and just fight, refuse to play mind games. This is a pretty half-baked comparison, but I’m throwing it out there.

Colleen Says:

I agree with guy. I have been shocked by some of Federer’s poor sportsmanship– breaking a racquet in Miami, “You guys are killing me right now” with Hawkeye, etc., and still he gets sportsmanship award time after time. It’s voted on by the players I think but I have to wonder. (I don’t think the Estoril thing is a big deal though.)

Skorocel Says:

Peter: I’d say it’s exactly the opposite… Pacquiao, just like Federer, is there to box (or play), whereas Mayweather and Nadal are there to wait, counter, and spoil.

kakra Says:

some of these comments are interesting. anyway in my view, rafa ‘ll live to be the greatest tennis player if not troubled by injuries. just consider rafa and fed’s age and u’ll realize rafa has achieved more than what fed achieved at thesame age, maybe he even won nothing. beside , rafa has more years ahead of him. fed was no.1 when rafa was up and coming and took the mantle when fed was still on top form. fed regain no.1 due to injuries suffered by rafa. rafa all the way!

Dr. Hilal Says:

Both Nadal & federer are the greatest. They give life to the Tennis !!!

midsun Says:

What did Roger do in Estoril that was considered unsportsmanlike? Just wondering if someone could enlighten me.

Mary Beth Says:

The Fed just is too much with his ego, that is the problem, he just can’t lose without acting out. It does take away from his great tennis for sure – he says things nice but there is always some underlying smug “read between the lines” crap going on there…
I really think he is a poor loser for being so respected in his sport.
RAFA ON THE OTHERHAND – is a sweetheart, always respectful, and so respectful to Roger, I just don’t see it going both ways.
Rafa is one of the most respectful players you will ever see, lose or win – he always gives his opponent respect. VAMOS RAFA!!!!

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