French Open Begins, Will Rafael Nadal be Champion Again in Two Weeks?
by Sean Randall | May 22nd, 2010, 6:27 pm

It’s a light start for the opening day of the 2010 French Open tomorrow. The big names (or just names) playing are Venus Williams, Robin Soderling, JW Tsonga and Ernests Gulbis.

Frankly, the Sunday start itself is rather annoying but I’m guessing there’s a decent monetary kickback for the French tennis officials.

I won’t get into the matches for tomorrow just yet, instead I’ll take this opportunity to make some picks on the tournament!

First and foremost I said at the start of the clay season that Rafael Nadal would run the table. Well, I’m sticking with that because he’s going to win the French Open. And that’s no real shock. Not anymore.

In Nadal’s quarter I’ll project he beats Lleyton Hewitt, Tomaz Bellucci and then Fernando Verdasco to reach the semifinals. The Big Unknown in the quarter is Fernando Gonzalez who’s missed most of the clay season. Gonzo can play well on the surface and if he hits his stride he could beat Verdasco and get to the last eight slot opposing Nadal. But even though he lost today to Richard Gasquet in the Nice final, I think Verdasco has to be primed (if not tired from all the tennis he’s played) for a deep run at Roland Garros.

And I think Nadal will face another one of his countryman, David Ferrer, in the semifinals. Ferrer is the class pick in a section that is anchored by Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic. Roddick of course hasn’t hit a ball since Miami and Djokovic’s health remains a question mark if not an outright concern. Roddick could go out in the first round to the Finn or even to Eduard Schwank the Tank in the second. But if Juan Monaco is out there in the round three Roddick hopes will stop there. Otherwise Ferrer will knock him out. As for Djokovic, he’s got a great draw to the quarter with only Juan Carlos Ferrero in his way. The Serb opens against the hard-hitting Evgeny Korolev and unless injuries/allergies/whatever again befall the former Slam winner he should reach the quarter.

The defending champion is Roger Federer, but few are picking the Swiss to repeat. And for good reason. Federer’s hasn’t had a good clay season – no titles – and his draw is loaded once he gets to the fourth round. That’s where I think he’ll meet Stan Wawrinka and then Robin Soderling. I think Soderling takes out the hot-handed Gulbis to set up the Federer rematch which the Swiss wins again keeping his Slam semifinal streak alive. I will say that I think the top-half finalist will come from this section which also is home to Marin Cilic and Gael Monfils who could go deep.

So who’ll play Federer in the semifinals? The Andy Murray quarter is the toughest for me to choose. It won’t be Murray and it’s hard to have full belief in Tsonga. I don’t think Tommy Robredo or Guillermo Garcia Lopez can do it. Mikhail Youhzny’s played well but he reached his lone Slam semifinal a few years ago at the US Open. So that leaves Marcos Baghdatis, John Isner or Tomas Berdych as the other semifinal candidates. And on a whim I’m going to go against everything and pick Berdych. I’d rate Tsonga the next guy in line however his clay results have been suspect (and Berdych’s hasn’t??). So Tomas, I’m with you. I can’t believe it. You beat Roger in Miami and I think you are finally due for a big Slam result.

That leaves my semifinals as Federer v. Berdych and Nadal v. Ferrer. And from there, you can guess the rest. I actually hope that doesn’t happen as a Nadal-Federer final just feels lacking this time. So if someone like Gulbis, Cilic, Monfils or even Wawrinka could clip Federer that may make the final a little more interesting, for me.

Back to tomorrow, among the 32 matches those that might cause a stir are Tipsarevic-Falla, Kuznetsova-Cirstea and I think Julien Benneteau will play Gulbis really tough. Julien has good results in Paris and in France (he beat Federer last fall I think) and Gulbis will be under pressure to perform as a favorite.

And based on the schedule it looks like Federer and the rest of the top half will wrap up on Monday with Nadal, Djokovic and Roddick playing on Tuesday.

If you want my women’s picks, here it goes. Semifinals Henin v. Jankovic, Kirilenko v. Venus. Final: Henin beats Venus.

Matches are on the Tennis Channel during the early morning and then on ESPN2 at lunchtime until the end of play.

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119 Comments for French Open Begins, Will Rafael Nadal be Champion Again in Two Weeks?

Skeezerweezer Says:

French Open Begins, Will Rafael Nadal be Champion Again in Two Weeks?

A lot of us have discussed this in the previous article already, but interesting to here your take Sean :)

Seems likely that Nadal vs Ferrer is it like you said, but the other side has to many hitters that can and have competed against Fed for me to predict.


Your most intersesting match up to me is Soda vs Gulbis. Gulbis is gonna show up but will Soda have better form than of late?

joji Says:

juan monaco is injured; he wrist problem; if roddick survive the finn; he can beat monaco.

jane Says:

Sean, you’ve just made Andrew a happy camper, picking Kirilenko to reach the semis – or wait a minute … maybe not?? Just kidding
; )

Kimmi Says:

for women, its very open. impossible to pick. venus in the final sean..mmmmm. i would pick anybody else but not venus. With results she had against clijsters in miami and JJ in rome, she could have one of those day in can never tell with venus.

Andrew Miller Says:

Jane is right, Sean’s pick of Kirilenko is awesome! I wish I had enough faith in her game. If she was as tough as she is drop-dead beautiful she’d probably win the grand slam.

I do have Flavia P. to the quarters and Aravane Rezai to the finals, losing to either Henin or Serena, whichever makes it there.

Andrew Miller Says:

As for the men – I looked at the draw and I think that Federer’s side will be tough early and easy later, helping him save energy for the final. I have him taking out Nadal in the final, unlikely as it may seem, because Nadal and Ferrer (or Djokovic) will be in the tournament’s toughest match, leaving them exhausted for the final. Federer does what he does best – get better as he gets deeper in the tournament, and despite oddsmakers Federer (gasp) repeats.

eric Says:

“…leaving them exhausted for the final.”

Would make sense if it were a Masters, with semis and finals on consecutive days.

As it is, the winners of semis will have a day off before the final.

So, exhaustion will not be a factor.

Andrew Miller Says:

Nadal stubs his toe, breaks a finger and has to play against Federer right handed. Uncle Toni’s plan backfires.

andrea Says:

sigh….i have to agree with you sean. despite my love of roger and rafa finals, i don’t know if i can really witness another RG final between the two that fed doesn’t win.

it would be great for him to defend, and if he could against rafa, all the better, but after the 08 beatdown, i can’t stomach much more.

fyi…i finished reading jon wertheim’s book about the 08 wimbledon final – strokes of genius – and it was excellent. he wrote it almost like a drama! some points are still burned in memory – especially the backhand down the line winner that roger pulled out in the 4th set tiebreak.

Kimmi Says:

if it is ferrer in the will be easy straight set for Nadal. Tough first set and the next two would be something like 3 and 4. If djoko is in the semi then that is another story. Djoko will be grooved by then..he takes a set or two..then we can have an exhausted nadal in the final..haha! NOT

Andrew Miller Says:

Wow, I can’t believe that Nadal does not get tired. Does he practice sprinting non-stop?

eric Says:

Nadal should recover within 24 hours, same as other well-conditioned players.

As far as I read about his training regimen, he does a bit stop-and-go sprinting and mid-distance running, but says he doesn’t like running at all, he likes rowing machine much more and does that every day. Also swimming.

mary from cincinnati Says:

I dont’t agree with Kimmi’s last comment at all….as much as I love Rafa I have tremendous respect for Ferrer’s Game on Clay and I would not be surprised to see it go to at least 4 sets (if not 5) should Ferrer and Nadal meet in the Semis…and it would be the most exciting match of the whole RG Slam!
And Rafa recovers fast, as we should know by now…last year his knees were shot….this year he paced himself really well…..there is really nothing standing in the way of a 5th RG Title for the KING OF CLAY.

blah Says:

Berdych and Ferrer in the semis? I doubt that would happen…

sidenote- I don’t think Cilic will do well on clay.

skeezerweezer Says:

@Andrew Miller May 22nd, 2010 at 9:10 pm post,



“…especially the backhand down the line winner that roger pulled out in the 4th set tiebreak.”

I remember that ridiculous shot too! Great shotmaking from both players……too bad IMO that darkness prevailed….did you see the presentation “in the dark?”


“sidenote- I don’t think Cilic will do well on clay.”

Agreed. as much as I like Cilic, it’s “what have you done for me lately on Clay?” Hope I am wrong…

skeezerweezer Says:

BTW how come no one is giving Baggy a chance to make a run? I didn’t say win, but he can make some noise and play with the best….

Link to article…the 3..

sar Says:

Sean I don’t think Cilic or Monfils will go deep. I like Monfils but what has he done?

sar Says:

Happy 23rd Bday Nole. Still a baby.

Daniel Says:

Sean, you are forgetting about one of the most important records in tennis (since 1973) is in the line in this tourney: Pete’s 286 weeks as n.1!

If Federer reaches final he assures that he will be number one until June 28th, with 289 weeks as n.1. The post Wimbledon n.1 will depend on Fed, Nadal and Djoko’s results.

If Fed reaches semis he secures a tie with Pete at 286 weeks on June 7th and breaking the record will depend on his and Nadal’s results in Halle and Queens. Of course all of this assuming Nadal will win RG 2010.

I think this year will be the first time I will root for a player to be eliminated everytime he plays, sorry Nadal. You reallly deserve getting back RG trophy, but I prefer Fed to cross this record, so this extra pressure will be off his back for life and he can play more frelly. As the times aproaches he can not be imune to it.

I know pressure never gets off, even for him (when he mention it after RG 09), he will them have to worry if he can finish n. 1 this year, but if he fails Pete’s record for one week (285 weeks is a lock on May 31st) it will be just, depressing!

Daniel Says:

Forget to add, this time a Fed x Nadal final even with a beating worst as ’08 (impossible to think) is what all fed fans should be hoping for. Defending the title would be a bonus.
In fact, if Fed manages to defend his title he will be the first man to have ever defend all Grand Slams titles at least once. I will check whom in the womens has achieved this feat aso.

Daniel Says:

Just check on the ladies, only Steffi Graf has ever defended all Grand Slams crowns, pretty remarkable!

Andrew Miller Says:

If the Baggy wins, would be awesome. The Baggy doesnt do much winning though.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Did You Know: Before 1925, the French Championships were reserved to residents of France, and played on grass?

WTF? Fed, tell the French there playing on the wrong surface, lol

tennisfansince76 Says:

“andrea Says:
sigh….i have to agree with you sean. despite my love of roger and rafa finals, i don’t know if i can really witness another RG final between the two that fed doesn’t win.

it would be great for him to defend, and if he could against rafa, all the better, but after the 08 beatdown, i can’t stomach much more.”

It is not even a matter of winning. a match w/ some juice would be all i’d ask for. w/ all of the great matches they’ve played somehow the RG matches are the worst of them. they all had the feeling of a foregone conclusion even when Fed pulled a set as he managed to do 3/4 times.

Naderer Says:

As much as i hate to say this, I think it will be good for Fed to loose his number1 ranking before breaking Pete’s record so th@ he can hav some sort of motivation (reclaiming the number one ranking)….we’d probably get to see the old Fed….he’d put in a lot more effort, participate in more tournaments…overall, this would be great for all Tennisfans

steve Says:

My take is very simple: Federer was pretty ill, lost some fitness during his illness, and because he might not recover as fast as he used to, he has had to spend the entire clay season adjusting to the new surface and getting his game back up to its usual level. Unless people really are silly enough to believe that he’s suddenly gotten so bad that he can no longer beat the likes of Montanes within four months of winning a Grand Slam.

This has been a rather dull clay-court season: Del Potro and Davydenko out with injury, Federer and Djokovic not at their best. No really epic matches, and a lot of poor-quality, error-strewn ones.

Here’s hoping for a more interesting Roland Garros.

Pepe Says:

Yeah steve, hole true…if Djokovič and Federer play their best in RG the can beat anyone…but they are still to far from their best…

Huh Says:

What to say?




Huh Says:

Nice start at least by Cilic, 1st set to him, good! :D

contador Says:

kimmi-though ferrer is a top clay courter, a semi between nadal and ferrer, is a completely predictable match-up. ferrer is impotent when facing his leader, as are the lot of the spaniards.

doesn’t sound at all interesting. ferrer v nadal. or nadal v any spaniard. it’s just how it is.

maybe someone can knock ferrer out for a more interesting semi.

hi Huh,

cilic is not his best on clay. he’s struggling with melo. listening to RG radio. great commentary on upcoming matches.

are you watching?

contador Says:

Matt Cronin and another commentator on RG are discussing how depressed delpo is about not coming back until november. tough tough time for delpo.


your fans,

Huh and contador on tennis-x

contador Says:

took soda pop only 20 minutes to serve a bagel….lol..

soda hasn’t had the greatest clay season. we’ll see.

kit Says:

i for one still believe that federer can defend his FO tittle, but he must bring his A game to do so. his side of the draw is tough, hope it will help him when he face nadal on the finals.

contador Says:


today mr dimples is ruling on chartier! go soda

guy Says:

your pick of berdych is interesting and i think it could very well happen. he is actually a good clay courter and i remember he was one of the only players to push nadal on clay a few years ago. form is good too.

berdych gets a lot of flack, but i can’t count how many times he’s run into federer at the R16 stage of grandslams. put him on the other side of the draw in some of these events and he’s probably making at least some GS semis.

Huh Says:

“contador Says:
Matt Cronin and another commentator on RG are discussing how depressed delpo is about not coming back until november. tough tough time for delpo.


your fans,

Huh and contador on tennis-x”

So completely agree!


Huh Says:

Hey Conty:

Cilic won, I’m happy! Cheers! :D

contador Says:

yep, he won, Huh. but it wasn’t impressive.

soda on the other hand WAS impressive.
as was youzhney!

i have been up since 3 am watching, Huh.

but have to go now and will miss the gulbis v benneteau match! : (

gp gulbis!

cheers, Huh.

contador Says:

s/b GOOOOOO Gulbis!!

madmax Says:

Some great pictures of Roger Federer practising at RG. He gave his interview a couple of days ago, saying he is relaxed and looking forward to the spirit of the FO, he seems in a good place right now. Will be great to see him playing on Tuesday. Cannot believe a year on, it’s roland garros time again!,19528,12110_6167161,00.html

Kimmi Says:

Hi everyone. just woke up and misses a number of matches.

i see soda, cilic, youzhny and de bakker through. Go de bakker, time to shine.

I also see Tisparevic knocked out by falla. I though he would go thru in this match to get a chance to play the Fed..remembering AO 08.

Rezai is on fire, starts to like her too. Hope she does well here.

Kirilenko vs sperm turning out to be a very good match.

Kimmi Says:

Ooops, did not know gulbis is on court. he is down a break to benneteau.

This is a tough first round match. benneteu bag the first set..gulbis needs to regroup here. c’mooon

Kimo Says:

Kimmi, this is just the old Gulbis being the old Gulbis. He has 50 km/h (literally!!!) more on his serve than Benneteu, yet he can’t win the set?


Kimmi Says:

very dissapointing. He is making some silly errors too..going for too much. WHY!

benneteau to break here…

Kimmi Says:

break..big trouble i am afraid.


I gave a heads up yesterday that Benneteau plays well in France and of course you never know when the old Gulbis might show up.

Kimmi Says:

oh no..things are getting from bad to worse for gulbis. Just hurt himself when sliding for the ball…not good..not GOOD!

Kimmi Says:

Tsonga down a set to brands..who is brands?

While benneteau is 2 sets up.

Kimo Says:

Gulbis retires.

Kimmi Says:

gulbis retired! too bad conty. not his day today and the injury did not help.

congrats to benneteau, he played a good match.

Andrew Miller Says:

Hey, I called it on the Gulbis-Bennetau!

madmax Says:


i still can’t make gulbis out. been reading his “I dont care about money, etc” interview. Well, firstly, he doesnt need to care about money, because his family are multi millionaires! But more than that, he is a talent, but he still has this “I don’t care what tennis I play on court, any day of the week?”. May be I am wrong, but this hamstring injury came from nowhere? I hadnt realised he had a pre-injury, but I thought he said he had been practising hard – and then just now – he just gave up. That’s it.

I would have liked to have seen more from him.

madmax Says:

I am I am disappointed. He has been playing so much more than he has been used to playing, and I suppose I was expecting more.

He has been talked up a lot over here in UK, being reported as the dark horse in the tournament. There was no scrapping from gulbis.

I dont think he was “in it” today. Mentally. But am sure he will be back. Just needs to get involved in the big tournaments more and get used to winning, if that makes sense.

Tsonga is on now.

Andrew Miller Says:

Tsonga evens it at a set all

Skeezerweezer Says:

Gulbis , dude…..woe

montecarlo Says:

And Somdev evens it too. Come on Somu win this for India.

jane Says:

Gulbis – so sad : (

jane Says:

Judging by the comments here and the scorelines, Soda is looking to have returned to last year’s form here? Wow. Also, while Cilic lost a set, it looks like he handled all the others well. Good for him.

Can anyone comment on how the court seemed to be playing? TSN2 is only just beginning to air matches shortly, I think on delay.

Andrew Miller Says:

Tsonga two sets to one!

Andrew Miller Says:

No doubt, court is playing fast.

jane Says:

Yeah Andrew, am just watching Venus and can see that the court seems to be playing pretty fast; there are some really high bounces and a few longer rallies. Venus is coming forward a lot.

jane Says:

Kimmi, I’d like to see Rezai do well here too.

Andrew Miller Says:

Patty Snyder: what a player! She is going down to Venus.

Andrew Miller Says:

Kimmi and Jane: GO REZAI! I think she’s going to the finals!

Andrew Miller Says:

I love the deception in Patty Snyder’s game. I think Aravane Rezai has it too, with a lot more firepower.

Andrew Miller Says:

I correct myself: I just love Patty Snyder’s game. The wicked lefty spin, the cleverness. Once Hingis left…all we had was Snyder, and now she’s on her way out of the game!

jane Says:

I like Patty too Andrew, but too many errors today. Tsonga is pushed to a fifth set by Brands!

Kimmi Says:

wooooo! This brands guys played probably his beat tie breaker lost a point. And that defensive lob was fantastic.

Kimmi Says:

beat s/b best

venus, three match points gone

jane Says:

Venus wins. I am glad because TSN2 is finally switching to the Tsonga match! I want to see thing Brands guy.

jane Says:

thing s/b this

jane Says:

Wow – Brands break Tsonga in the 5th!

Kimmi Says:

brands has a good slice. single handed BH. Its giving tsonga a little problem.

jane Says:

Tsonga breaks back. 2 All in the 5th now. Tsonga should come through – the crowd will really back him now and Brands is inexperienced.

madmax Says:

tsonga breaks back!

tsonga gone to 2, 5 setters in the past and won them both.

Dont like the crowd just cheering tsonga and booing brands when he hits a shot out.

jane Says:

Anyone know how old Brands is? Or how tall? He looks tall. He’s also very very talented, wicked serve, and slice, as Kimmi mentioned. How come we’ve never heard of him, I wonder? Or I haven’t anyhow.

Could he be the new Haas? B. Becker?

Kimmi Says:

Age: 22 (17.07.1987)
Birthplace: Deggendorf, Germany
Residence: Deggendorf, Germany
Height: 6’5″ (196 cm)
Weight: 203 lbs (92 kg)
Plays: Right-handed
Turned Pro: 2005

W-L career: 10-16 (no wonder we never heard of him)
commentator said, he never won a Grand slam match before

jane Says:

Thanks Kimmi – I guess he’s still a work in progress.

Match point…

jane Says:

He turned pro in 2005. But I just can’t recall seeing him. The commentator says he mainly plays challengers but is ranked in the top 100. 5-5 5th set.

Kimmi Says:

Good he was able to save that matchpoint because he was losing it out there..from 40-15 up to adv tsonga.

5 all

Kimmi Says:

tsonga is serving first, so he has the adv. no tie break i think.

jane Says:

Tsonga – Match point #3.

Kimmi Says:

thats it. tsonga got it

happy man. was a tough match

jane Says:

Congrats to Jo Will – Love these early round matches of the slams, the thriller 5 setters are a treat for tennis fans.

Kimmi Says:

apparently tsonga asked to play tomorrow and did not get it. maybe he still feel his injury that got him to retire in madrid.

Lets hope this 5 set match does not give him some problems…its a very long match for a top 10 in the first round.

Kimmi Says:

WHAT! Azarenka stuned by dulko..mmmm

Kimmi Says:

azarenka has and injury, these commenators are surprised she even played.

i mean, 6-1 6-2 loss to dulko is not like the azarenka I know..

guy Says:

gulbis gets what he deserves.
there are no doubt guys who bust their arses training, trying to get as good as they can.
probably guys like julian B.
gulbis thinks he can train for a couple of months and wing it.
he’s a flashy player, but that’s not good enough. and it doesn’t cut it long term on the tour.
the top level is about the details and that takes discipline and focus. it takes work. i doubt gulbis knows the meaning of the word.

jane Says:

Kimmi, Azarenka has apparently retired from 3 of her last 4 events, so yeah, the commentators were saying she needs to quit entering the events and let her injury (left leg) heal properly. They were saying it can’t be good for her confidence to keep trying a losing because her movement is seriously impeded. She needs to take a break.

sar Says:

Kimmi, Tipsy is getting married in July and he’s had a few injuries so he’s probably not that motivated now. I wish he could have advanced though.

andrea Says:

hmmm. gulbis, azarenka and tipsaravic already out. day one carnage is piling up.

margot Says:

jane, kimmi: bad news Andy M has knee problem!

jane Says:

margot – what?!!! Oh no!! He’s my hope, since Nole is in questionable shape (see Olly’s posts on the thread “Fed & Rafa tough draws…). And Ernie’s out. : / de Bakker still cooking though.

Kimmi Says:

oh no! margot, where did you hear that…he is been OK. no injury, only slumping. C’moon Andy.

where did he hurt himself?
Is it a serious injury ?
is he still playing ?

sar and jane, thanks for the info re; tipsy and azarenka.

Huh Says:

Sorry Conty:

But better luck to your Gulbis next time.

Hi Mrs.Jane:

Actually I didn’t see that I’d written in the previous thread that if there’s a Nole-Ferrer semifinal match, I’d be ‘totally rooting’ for Ferrer, but that wasn’t what I actually intended to post, HELL NO!!!!!! That was just a typo mistake on my part. So sorry for that.
I mean I’d 100% root for Nole if he faces Ferrer (reason I simply like Nole, he’s an awesome player!). I’ve never rooted for Ferrer in a Nole-Ferrer match, and there’s no way that trend of mine’s going to change here. Hell, in fact I’d not root for Nole ONLY IF he faces either Fed/Rod/JMDP/Muzza/Tsonga/Sod! Against the rest of the guys, I WOULD and almost always have rooted for Nole.
And yeah, I somehow didn’t get time to read any article about the reent physical problems, but acfter you suggested, I read the article pieces to which OllyK had given links and was unpleasantly surprised to know that Nole’s suffering from that darn nigging breathing problem of his. It’s too bad for Nole and I’m too sad for him. Hopefully that won’t affect him much during his matches. Nole’s a great player and RG needs him.
Thus sending Nole positive vibes and all the good wishes for the FO. Nole going out early would be very bad for FO, so God forbid it, and may he do very well in this FO!


On a different note I’m glad to know that Sod played well and won the match. :D

Also very happy for Tsonga’s win. :D

It’s quite nice also to know here that my ‘dearest lady’ Venus won her match! WAY TO GO VENUS!

jane Says:

huh, thanks for your sweeeeeet post. : ) I am joining you in sending the positive vibes. Also, not sure if you saw Venus, but she looked good in her opening match.


margot, Kimmi, found this link on Murray’s knee; he is sounding optimistic anyhow:

Kimmi Says:

thanks jane. thanks god it is not a new injury. he said it is the same knee problems he is had for years, so he knows how do deal with it…and probably he is been told he can play thru it, should not worry.

Looking forward to his match. the french will probably want to rest gasquet after that magnificent tournament in Nice. So maybe it will be a late start.

Go Muzza

Andrew Miller Says:

Gulbis: better luck next time. I think Gulbis’ match-strategy needs some work. He pulverizes the tennis ball but even a similar terrorizer of the tennis ball, Marat Safin, at his best had a strategy.

Too bad about Azarenka. I like Dulko and I’m surprised by the loss. With Tipsy out, Federer’s life continues to get easier, no worries until a show down with FLopez?

I took a look at the Madrid highlights between the Federer and Nadal. It must be hard playing Nadal, he is intimidating. He’s bouncing all around and is like a prize fighter, whereas Federer is Mr. Cool, but I cant believe that Federer doesn’t FEEL Nadal’s presence. Nadal MAKES IT KNOWN!

Andrew Miller Says:

Kimmi, with Gasquet on the rise and ready in front of a home crowd (even with the pressure) I think Mr. Murray is going home “early”.

Kimmi Says:

andrew, hope your prediction is not a jinx. Murray to win heard it here first :)

Andrew Miller Says:

Kimmi, I have zero zinxing power! My predictions are also worthless. But, I did think that Gulbis would go out early – even round 1.

Nadal really is a living legend. He is getting to Wilander territory.

Kimmi Says:

yes andrew, I remember you predicted gulbis to go early..and he did. But murray is no gulbis. he is No.4 for a reason.

And did you see one of his quotes:

“”It’s all well and good winning the Masters Series but the Slams are what is important. This year, the one slam I played, I played very, very well – the best tennis of my life,”

So, he is well and read to take on gasquet and hope he does just that.

Huh Says:








Andrew Miller Says:

Kimmi – should be a cracker jack of a match between Murray and Gasquet! If Murray does win in convincing fashion, that would definitely be a statement.

Maybe Murray does have it in him to make it to the semis. He would be the first from the U.K. to do that since….

Tim Henman!

margot Says:

jane, kimmi: news was in a big interview in guardian (probably on line) got it playing an exhibition against Mardy Fish! A tough match coming up for Andy anyway but has Gasquet an injury also, read something about it? Bummer about Angel, back on deBaaker bus, fingers crossed 4 Djko. BTW like Rezai too.

margot Says:

Ah jane, kimmi: I see we’ve crossed here. Did not sound “optimistic” in Guardian interview!
Hi huh: thanx for your good wishes and your English is so improving all the time. Bravo!

Huh Says:


Glad to see you! :D

By the way haven’t anyone watched the “Federer, Soderling ,Tsonga and Murray Singing, Dancing at French Open [Video] yet???!!! Just GO and Watch!!!! It’s ONE INCREDIBLE VIDEO!!!!!! No Muzza lover should miss it at any cost! Loved Murray singin wearing that weird hippy type hair extension!!! Just too Hilarious, I can’t stop laughing still! Amazing !! Just Go and Watch! How can you miss it???!!! Made my night! Thwese guys sre funny or what, hahaha!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D…..

Huh Says:

Were Sod and Tsonga dancing, OMG! Loved the video, just loved it! Oh Murray dear! All those who think Murray ain’t nice should watch it for God’s sake! Murray’s one of the funniest persons inb the world, I tell you!

Huh Says:

Who said Sod can’t be funny? WSatch it!

Kimmi Says:

can u post the link..can’t find it huh.

Kimmi Says:

mary from cincinnati Says:

“I dont’t agree with Kimmi’s last comment at all….as much as I love Rafa I have tremendous respect for Ferrer’s Game on Clay and I would not be surprised to see it go to at least 4 sets (if not 5) should Ferrer and Nadal meet in the Semis…and it would be the most exciting match of the whole RG Slam!”

mary – have you been watching any of nadal vs ferrer matches on clay? did you see their match in montecarlo and Rome…I would not call any of their matches “the most exciting”. ferrer knows he has no chance with rafa and their matches on clay are as predictable as they can get.

jane Says:

Brad Gilbert says he thinks Nadal is playing “the best tennis [he's] ever seen him play” right now. Quite the accolade. He went on about the rescheduling and how Rafa is playing more aggressively now.

jane Says:

From ESPN pundits weigh in on F.O. and a few comments at the end on Day one.

Duro Says:

Huh, you obviously don’t visit Youtube often enough… Nothing special.

Kimmi Says:

thanks madmax..hahah very funny. love it.

Dave Siegel Says:

Sean, you got a point here.

I ama Gasquet fan since I watcehd him against Hewitt from a front seat at Arthur Ashe Stadium. I like the guy and believe he will make a come into the top 10 within a year.
Now back to Murray. I think it was 2006 when I first said he was the real deal. I still think he can do something but it looks like he will be the Roddick of UK or Scotland.

I remember betting on Sampras when Federer made his debut at the Wimbledon final and it is Federer since then.

Murray had a chance to get into the spotlight but he could not do what Fed did at the time. Still think Murray is pretty good and he will get a Wimbledon title with the adv of playing on his own soil but can he really be a contender? Onl time will show.

Who’s the Pick for Wimbledon? Federer? Nadal? Someone Else? Says:

[...] admit, picking the Australian Open wasn’t terribly difficult. And picking the French Open was hardly a challenge. So picking Wimbledon with Grass King Roger Federer should be easy, right? But it really [...]

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