Rafael Nadal Battling a Fever
by Tom Gainey | May 12th, 2011, 10:41 am

After a 64, 62 win over Feliciano Lopez, World No. 1 Rafael Nadal revealed that he has been battling a fever this week in Rome.

“I had a fever this morning but I feel better now,” said Nadal. “Certainly I didn’t really understand why yesterday I felt slow and without energy and I understand now better today. That is that and I am here to fight and to try my best like I have always done. I am ready for everything.”

Nadal’s match was delayed 15 minutes to allow the 5-time champion some extra recovery time.

There is a lot of debate and speculation over on this thread but maybe this is a better reason for Nadal’s tougher than expected win yesterday over Paolo Lorenzi.

Rafa will play either Mardy Fish or Marin Cilic in the quarterfinals tomorrow. Cilic just won the first set in a tiebreaker.

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30 Comments for Rafael Nadal Battling a Fever

stu Says:

Seriously, now?

tfouto Says:


its always an excuse…

Lulu Iberica Says:

Now even I am going to tell Rafa to STFU! Please, just play your BEST tennis already, Rafito. If you do that and still lose, I’ll still be proud of you!

tfouto Says:

maybe Rafa is just preparing the ground for another final loss…

stu Says:

Maybe Nole and Rafa decided to exchange roles for a bit LOL. They’re just having a bit of fun at our expense.

stu Says:

OMG. If Rafa decides to withdraw from Rome in order to be completely fit for RG………………

On second thoughts I don’t want that. I want Nole to earn his #1.

Lenny Says:

Posted this on the other thread; posting it here again:

Sone of you may want to look up a dictionary to find out the difference between an ‘excuse’ and a ‘reason’. It’s so easy to pluck a statement out from where it belongs, plonk it the middle of nowhere devoid of all context, and see it however you want.

Show me one, single interview or in-context statement where Rafa has said that he lost, the other guy didn’t win. Unlike some other players who are darlings of this site (and of Sean’s) he has never failed to give opponents credit.

It’s very easy to say “Why bring it up at all?”. So now he’s getting flak for simply and honestly answering a question that was posed?

You guys are acting like every time he loses he takes out a full-pg ad or puts up a billboard with his “excuse” apropos nothing. I think Rafa deserves a little more respect.

nadalista Says:

Thank you Lenny……for stating the obvious….but then again, this is tennis-x.com. a site dedicated to Rafa-vilification, why let facts get in the way of long held anti-Rafa pathologies?

As for you, Lulu Iberica, you are a disgrace……I have more respect for the out and out Federer fans…they stand up for their guy and make no apologies for it. You, you spend half (no, make that all) of your time sucking up to Fed fans, apologising for Rafa’s every perceived short-coming. are you that love-starved? Fed fans do not love you for it, love, let alone respect you for that.

Thank goodness Rafa has genuine fans on other sites dedicated to him and his game, this, after all, is a federer fan site….

By the way, why is there no thread dedicated to the Federer-Gasquet match? Oh well, I guess even Sean and co. have finally come to accept that Federer is yesterday’s news……..as expected, he lost to Gasquet.

Yawn……very quiet on this site these days…..

Sean Randall Says:

Now he’s sick? Let me guess, Uncle Toni will reveal during the French that Rafa first started feeling sick Saturday morning before the Federer match in Madrid.

Nadalist/Lenny, tell me another player with as many issues when he loses as Rafa? I’ll give you a hint, you can’t.

M Says:

Sone of you may want to look up a dictionary to find out the difference between an ‘excuse’ and a ‘reason’.

Thank you, Lenny.

It’s well-known — at least among people who read, and don’t look at everything in black and white terms — that an emotional loss (like the death of a friend, hello?) can depress the immune system. You need a strong immune system to fight off viruses in close proximity (like those other players, with whom you travel and whom you play all the time, might have, hello?).

Not rocket science.

Simplistic thinkers just jump up as fast as they can to wave “Excuse, excuse!” flags.

Which, of course, begs the question of why they would engage in such idiotic-looking behavior, but …

Lenny Says:

@ Sean: Nole, in his early days. Your turn. One example where RAFA was the one to bring up an injury/illness – NOT Uncle Toni, NOT the Rafatards, RAFA himself – out of the blue, without the question being posed? And used it as an excuse for losing?

Before he withdrew from Wimby after his FO loss to Soderling, many of you were insinuating the injuries were fake. When he withdrew from Wimby, you magnanimously conceded ok fine they’re genuine, but now he’s just using it as an excuse.

And *just* for arguments’ sake, the knees were according to the naysayers an “excuse” for not winning the US Open. Yet, what happens in the first US Open he enters completely healthy? And NO, I’m NOT for a minute saying a fit, healthy Rafa cannot be beat – I am not one of THOSE fans. Just saying there’s a massive difference between making excuses and providing reasons when asked for them.

@Nadalist – Sorry, but I don’t appreciate the disrespect to Fed or Lulu in your post, either. Why can’t we support our favourites without gloating or putting down another player or their fans is beyond me.

M Says:

“that Federer is yesterday’s news……..as expected, he lost to Gasquet.”

Yeah, um, this is not okay either.

First, credit to Richie, who played very well (before you start Roger-bashing, did you even see the match?).

Second, there were a couple of shanked Roger shots that might certainly warrant some headdesking, because he doesn’t have that margin of error anymore. But he didn’t play terribly either.

Jeebus, people — would a little nuance in the thinking be *that* taxing? Is it the weather?

Lulu Iberica Says:

Nadalista, wow! I am not seeking the love of Fed fans. I love Rafa 100%, and I never root for another over him, but he is human and not a saint. In this case, he is putting on Twitter, not being asked by a journo, what many will perceive as an excuse. I think this makes him look bad, that is all, so I wish he wouldn’t do it. My STFU was meant lightheartedly.

As for Federer, I like and respect him second to Nadal. Rafa has deep respect for Fed, and seems to have tried to live up to Fed’s greatness. Thus far, Fed has achieved more than Rafa, but I prefer Rafa for his intense style of play, modest personality, and adorability, among other qualities. I believe in always being fair and honest in my opinions, even if I have to go against my best friend.

Sean Randall Says:

Lenny, all I’m saying is that athletes don’t need to bring up every niggling little injury that they have.

Rafa volunteered the information that he was sick. Did he have to tell us that especially now that he’s better? NO. But he did.

Yeah, Djokovic is a good except back in the day he didn’t lose, he just retired.

jane Says:

I don’t think it’s an excuse if Nadal is injured or sick. Or any player for that matter. It’s just a fact. When Nole had allergies last year, it was a fact; when Murray hurt his elbow at Monte Carlo, it was a fact; when Nadal was injured at the AO, it was a fact; when Delpo pulled out at Madrid due to his hip, it was a fact; when Fed said his back was acting up at Wimbledon, it was a fact. These realities contribute to how well or how not well a player plays. If a player is asked about his/her health or fitness, then it she/he should not be forbidden to answer honestly, imo. I guess that player has to accept the reality, too, though, that he/she chose to play when not at his/her best. And that’s where it gets blurry, because it can sound like one is taking credit away from the opponent. But if the injured/ill player acknowledges the fine play of his/her opponent, then it seems okay to mention why he/she didn’t play well either. I don’t know, it’s muddled, but I don’t think Nadal meant anything disrespectful by saying he had a fever.

jane Says:

Okay I didn’t know Nadal put it on twitter; I thought it was a response to a journalist. Still, I doubt Nadal meant anything untoward by it. (i.e., to discredit anyone) – maybe his fans were asking on facebook or something? Just a thought.

Ben Pronin Says:

Maybe the altitude was a reason but saying he had a fever… Definitely a more legitimate reason to play poorly than the altitude, imo. But, I’m calling shenanigans. For someone who plays as intensely as Nadal, I have trouble believing he can play at all with a fever. Plus, if he really had a fever he should’ve withdrawn. Didn’t he learn in January that pushing your body when it’s sick makes it more prone to injury. Are we going to witness another injury-laden performance midway through the French Open?

Dory Says:

well said jane at 3:04 pm.

I hope this loss doesn’t really affect Roger’s FO performance. He’s been semifinalist since 2005 at Roland Garros, runner up in 2006, 2007, 2008, and won in 2009! Last year break of consecutive semi-streak was a shock to me.

Lulu Iberica Says:

In any case, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I just wish Rafa would never mention illness/injury unless he’s asked, because I hate hearing all the horrible things people then say about him. Rafa knows that he can have a bad day and play crappy. He also knows and acknowledges that even a player outside the top 100 can have a great day and just flat outplay him. Lately, he has acknowledged that Djoker is simply the best right now. So, I don’t think he’s a poor sport, but sometimes I think he talks more than he should. That is all.

Kimberly Says:

Ben, Nadal probably took a heavy motrin which temporaily relieved the symptoms. But I believe he should have withdrawn but clearly he wants to keep the number one ranking.

As long as its not a stomach virus a nice dose of Motrin can make one believe they are better. And Lopez helped him out with a pitiful performance. I’ve played through illness with advil. Then after the advil wears off a violent crash and you feel even worse.

I agree with the parallell to AO. Its unfortunately the exact same thing. Apparently he almost didn’t go on the court. He should forget number one temporarily, I have no doubt he can get it back later on in the year, and focus on doing what he has to to win RG.

But no, instead he prob is thinking, 20 masters, number one, etc etc.

Ben Pronin Says:

Kimberly, that’s the thing though. Even if you feel ok during the match, you’re body is gonna feel 10 times worse once the medicine wears off and you put yourself in a position to become even more sick. And again, Nadal, besides playing a professional tennis match, generally plays more intensely than the average pro. So it’s either bs or the dumbest thing he could’ve done.

madmax Says:

Hey nadalista,

now whose being disrespectful?

Oh well, I guess even Sean and co. have finally come to accept that Federer is yesterday’s news……..as expected, he lost to Gasquet.

as expected? really? I think you misunderstand some of the fans here. Plenty of us (me included) know federer is not the same, still a great player, flashes of brilliance. The difference is, we are more accepting.

Rafa isn’t doing that brilliantly either. Nole is in his head. But it is exciting there are more people at the top. Doesn’t bother me because I like nole. I prefer his game to rafa’s, but am not a fan of the mashing, bashing and slashing which comes with watching rafa, the coaching, the time wasting of the ball, does nothing for me, federer’s game will always hold that magical quality because no one on tour plays like him (gasquet came close today, an elegant player).

Federer was not expected to lose. He just did. He does more often. Still doesn’t mean he isn’t a great player. He is. Just not the same. So what? If he repulses you so much, don’t watch him.

Kimberly Says:

Ben, unfortuantely i think its the latter (dumbest thing to do). I’ve never thought Nadal to be a liar.

Very bad decision IMO. But he wants to play. Like he wanted to play Barcelona (questionable decision IMO) Like he wanted to play 3 harcourt events in a row in Asia last year. So what can his fans do, support him and hope for the best. Thats it.

I love to see Rafa play so I will watch and enjoy and hope the ramifications of his deicision to continue are not too disasterous.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Kimberly, I agree with you. Definitely, Rafa is not a liar. If he says he is sick, he is. It’s just a question of whether it is prudent to say so. So, Rafa is trying to be tough again and not listening to his body. I thought playing Barcelona was an OK decision, but maybe you were right about it all along. I don’t know what would be the best outcome at this point, but I think Rafa getting to the final and losing to Djoker again would be serious bad news.

Ben Pronin Says:

I think if Djokovic loses the first set he’ll tank the second. He looks tired.

Skeezerweezer Says:

@ k

Yeah agree with u @3:47..

marrisv Says:

Nadal did mention his fever issue to the press in the interview

grendel Says:

Explanation/excuse – in practice, is there always a distinction?

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Paul Says:

I have a simple question which should put all of this garble to rest. When was the last time Rafa
had a loss and did not relate it in any way to
some health or personal problem of his. One simply cannot deny, looking at history, that he uses alibis
far more than most players. Give me the stats to disprove it

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