Novak Djokovic and MTS Release New Commercial [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 15th, 2011, 4:50 pm

Novak Djokovic continues to sizzle in his off-court video commercials. The Serb tennis star and his partner MT:S (Mobile Telephony Serbia) have just released this fun-filled new ad spot.

In the commercial, Djokovic buys a bunch of bananas at the market, then goes to visit some school kids followed by a brief kick-around on the football pitch.

“No need to buy bananas for another half year :)” Djokovic joked on his Facebook page.

The audio is in Serbia so if anyone can translate we’d all appreciate it. The commercial looks like a hoot!

Djokovic received some welcome news today. He’ll keep his No. 2 ranking as the second seed at Wimbledon.

Novak has never reached the finals at Wimbledon and he now won’t have to play defending champion Rafael Nadal until the title match.

Djokovic had his 43-match win streak snapped earlier this month by Roger Federer in the French Open semifinals. After the long season, the 24-year-old opted to rest instead of playing Queen’s and he sounds in good spirits.

“i’m totally disconnected and relaxed these days, recharging batteries you know :)” he said last Tuesday.

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6 Comments for Novak Djokovic and MTS Release New Commercial [Video]

Zela Says:

Nothing special. This is what they are saying:

Novak: Ciao, I’m Nole. We are looking for new friends in the city today.

Novak: Stop, stop, stop here!
Novak: Oooo, good afternoon.
men on the street: O, hello Novak.
Novak: How are you. My respect.
Novak: Can we take a picture?
men on the street: Of course.

man at the market: Glad to see you! Supeer! (I think)
Novak: How are you?
Novak: Could we all take a picture together?
men at the market: Of course.
Novak in the classroom: Good afternoon.
Novak on the interphone: Novak Djokovic here. I just wanted to say good afternoon.
Novak in the car: Stop here please.

announcer: Friends first. MTS, you have friends.

Kimmi Says:

hope all the top guys bring it on at wimbledon. I would like to see some great tennis.

Roger vs nole at RG was the only great match imo.

stefan Says:

hi im nole today we are looking for a new friends..
stop here..
how you doing, can we get a pic…
how r you doing grandpa …
hi n. dj. here i just wanted to wish all the best

Queen Says:

No we will not win the Wimbledon this year but will be close.

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