Roger Federer: I Can’t Believe Myself, I’ve Won Six Of The Last Eight Events I’ve Played [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 18th, 2012, 10:59 pm

There is no hotter player in men’s tennis right now than Roger Federer. The Swiss is back to playing No. 1 style tennis after winning the Indian Wells BNP Parisbas Open title ending the magical run of John Isner today in the final 76(7), 63.

Federer has now won 15 straight matches and six of the last eight events, surprising even himself.

“For me it’s an amazing run I’m on right now I’ve won six of the last eight events I’ve played,” Federer said. “I can’t believe myself. It sure feels great.”

Since his US Open semifinal loss to Djokovic Federer’s gone on a torrid tear winning 39 of his last 41 matches including three titles in his last three tournaments. And the two losses during the streak he avenged this weekend, beating Rafael Nadal yesterday and today Isner.

“When it all pays off after a bit of a scare early on in the week and you get the title and the emotions are going, it’s a wonderful feeling,” Federer said who was plagued early in the week by a flu bug.

Federer also wins his fourth Indian Wells title and a 19th Masters 1000 shield tying him with Nadal.

“I remember the days when I won three years in a row here, and I enjoyed myself over here,” Federer said. “It’s been a long time since I have been this successful here, even though I have had some really good matches here in the past, but it’s nice taking it all the way and getting victories. I was just really happy and not relieved because I was just extremely proud of my performance this week.”

While Federer stays ranked No. 3, he does leapfrog Novak Djokovic for the most points in 2012. Federer moves into the top position with 2,820, ahead of Djokovic’s 2,540.

Both Federer and Djokovic will be competing at the Sony Ericsson Open set to begin later this week. Djokovic beat Nadal in the final last year. Federer lost to Nadal in the semifinals.

Federer can overtake Nadal for the No. 2 ranking in Miami, but the Swiss will have to at least reach the final to harbor a chance.

Congrats to Isner who is confirmed at a new career-high ranking of No. 10.

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57 Comments for Roger Federer: I Can’t Believe Myself, I’ve Won Six Of The Last Eight Events I’ve Played [Video]

bstevens Says:

Impressive win for Roger. He ties Nadal for most Masters wins at 19. And congrats to Nadal for his doubles title, his 2nd in 3 years at Indian Wells. Good for the US as they now have 2 guys in the top 10. Now, on to Miami!

Roger Federer Is Now No. 1 In ATP Rankings For 2012 Points Says:

[…] mentioned this in an earlier post, but i’ll give it its own special page. With his victory today at the BNP Parisbas Open, […]

JK Says:

Congrats to Roger.
It’s great to see him gearing up for more!

DC Says:

goat needs to understand that him winning 6 out of 8 is not a big deal. There was a time when he would have won all of them.

Michael Says:

Yes you have Roger and in that way answered your critics which is the most fitting rebuttal. You are 31, but those in the mid 25s are getting slaughtered by you and that shows your class and elegance.

DC Says:

@Micheal – please remember it was very windy on Saturday, else Nadal would have won.

Steve 27 Says:

30 or 31?

Michael Says:

DC – Wind, so what ?? The conditions are the same for both the players. I am surprised that some posters are coming up with such silly excuses taking a leaf from Nadal in the interview which he should have never said in the first place. As players you are expected to play whatever be the conditions.

Michael Says:

Steve 27, It is 30 completed and 31 running.

Michael Says:


Actually the windy conditions should have favoured Nadal more than Roger given the kind of game they have. Roger has a singled handed backhand compared to Nadal’s two hander which will have more control. Moreover flat hitters find it more difficult to find their range of shots in windy conditions. But full marks to Roger, he overcomed the most difficult condition to dislodge Nadal. Remember it was the same windy condition that Nadal beat Murray in the final here before when Murray too expressed his grievances over the heavy wind.

Toffee Says:

Not that windy. I sat at row L, dead center, about 15 rows up. It was cold but not that windy. There was a delay due to rain and effort to dry up the court. In fact, right after they dried the court, rain came back and sprinkled a little bit.

So if one needs to look for excuses, the court may be a bit damp at times but certainly wasn’t that windy.

Ajet Says:

Roger, always play nadal with the hate, zeal, motivation and the fire you played with him yesterday, you looked like your real old self for the first time in round about 4-5 years; you need to play with that passion which you showed! that way you can slay nadal most of the times, including you can even start winning matches or two on clay! I know you can do it, but whether you do it or not, it all depends on you, the match is always on your racquet!

only if you start playing with hate, zeal, passion,motivation, fire, can’t lose attitude and last but not the least: the killer TMF instinct, then you can have your revenge on nadal fror beating you in wim 08, ao 09, rg 11 and ao 12!!!


Sienna Says:

Since when are cold and windy condition an advance to Fed when he plays Nadal?
That is really alittle odd to think like that.

The biggest asset for Fed in the match with Nadal was his approach. He looked at himself as the underdog and he was willing to play from that position. So when a players does that his focus and eagerness is as high as ever. Combined with the fact that he is actuaaly teh better player would give the results he needs. If he will approach Nadal from now on with that kind of attitude he will win more times then lose against Nadal in the matches to come against eachother.

He is seen the light and finally the lesson is learned. That can be judged on how he spoke at the press. He is always very hounest. His pitfall might be to think he wins the next match also. He should think exactly the way he did last match.

raul Says:

i am a big fan of Federer, but saying he sits on top with 19 masters victories without mention John McEnroe who also had 19, and totally forget about Ivan Lendl with 22… is bad memory.

kboy Says:

The is awesome shows real metal even at 30 years more slams 2 come I strongly believe

madmax Says:

genius Federer. You did great. Well done.

Federer is 30 years old by the way everyone NOT 31.

Laila Says:

Go on Roger I believed in you so plz believe in yourself because if you play like that nothing can stop you…

skeezerweezer Says:

@toffee at 1:48am

Thanks for the real on court conditions. So there was no excuse. From the way things were described was quite different.

skeezerweezer Says:

Wonderfully written article on the Maestro at IW…,0,4478267.column

babji Says:

nadal could not topspin the ball in that heavy wind condition.if he made it,it would be interesting. Federer as usual luckier to get break at the start of the match.if it is five setter,Nadal would have won… This is how silly Nadal fans will behave.. Federer’s win in slow court against Nadal,is going to be big head ache since Nole has also been playing Nadal easily.. Wait and see as the slow court season is about to begin…

nadalista Says:

^^^^^^I thought the slow court season began at the Australian Open?????

skeezerweezer Says:

^^^^^^^ How quickly you forget after AO there is some slicker surfaces before IW ( Like Doha and Rotterdam, which RF won ). From here on out until RG there sloooowwww.

Skorocel Says:

raul: “i am a big fan of Federer, but saying he sits on top with 19 masters victories without mention John McEnroe who also had 19, and totally forget about Ivan Lendl with 22… is bad memory.”

I suppose you mean the same tournaments which are now considered as M 1000 events, right? Then, can you please name which & how many of them Lendl & JMac won? I’m too lazy to dig it out, you know… ;-)

Steve 27 Says:

lendl 22
Nadal 19
Mc Enroe 19
Federer 19
Until now, the Czech is the king of the master 1000

mem Says:


i just learned something new. it was my understanding that agassi was the leader in masters shields, then nadal surpassed him, and with roger’s win yesterday, he and nadal are now holding 19 each.

am i missing something? i try to know what i’m talking about before i speak because so many fans talk out of their rear end instead of their mouths. i don’t want to be one of them. so if you don’t mind, explain what you mean about mcenroe and lendl. i’ve have always thought agassi was the holder of the most masters until nadal broke his record. just want to be clear.

Sienna Says:

As far as I am concerned the masters or atp 1000 serie started in the 90. So it is almost not possible for Lendl to have 22.

You do not get to upgrade youre wins in the past. So Basel was a 250 tourney for many a year and now it is a 500.
But Fed cannot claim he won 5 times a 500 tourney for Basel! So Lendl cannot claim 22masters shields. (Helaas)

Ajet Says:

give up the clay rant people! it doesn’t sound right from you when you people praise federer as the most versatile for succeeding in every surface including clay while you keep repeating that nadal cannot be so great only coz he won most of his tiles on clay! it’s double-standards!

i’m sure you must be very very sad when nadal won two wimbledons, one AO and the USO, just like me! but the god thing for me is i have recovered and accepted that nadal is great regardless of where he plays. but you people still seem to perhaps haven’t recovered from the shock of nadal proving you all wrong and stuck in the past when nadal hasn’t started winning non-clay slams! but like me and many others, accept the present and the reality that nadal is an all-court player, and you will do justice to yourself…

Ajet Says:

in the previos post read it as ‘good thing’ and not ‘g– thing’!

tennisfan Says:

6 titles, 39-2…what an incredible effort by Roger Federer who has proved once again that with belief in your abilities, one can achieve the most difficult of goals in life. Age cannot be a barrier!

Roger Federer: The Power of Belief !

stephen sanderson Says:


roger played exactly the right way against nadal at IW on sunday. this is the way djokovic has been playing him and look at those results. roger, keep playing exactly that way in future matches against nadal. notice that roger did not hit a single slice backhand on sunday, even on return of serve. this just sets rafa up for his bludgeoning forehands. roger has learned his lesson.

the wind argument is nonsense. three years ago in the indian wells final the wind was vicious, much worse than this year. it was so bad that a large dust cloud hovered over the stadium. and yet nadal wiped out murray. nadal clearly has a game well-suited to wind, with his spin and control. if anyone should win in the wind, it is nadal.

roger will be 31 on august 8, 2012.

nadal was the leader with 19 masters 1000’s until sunday. lendl never had 22. agassi was the leader until nadal and federer passed him, i think by 1.

it is a matter of record that most of nadal’s wins have come on clay. 6 of 10 majors on clay, only 4 on other surfaces. roger has 15 majors on other surfaces, not to mention 6 end-of-year London O2 titles, compared to rafa’s 0.

i don’t believe ever in tennis history has anyone at age 30 played as well over the past 6 months as federer has. he is playing as well as he did at age 25.

alison hodge Says:

great post Ajet march 19th 7.21pm well said.

Sienna Says:


You re absolutely right in stating nadal is a allcourt player. And a good player he is. He actually is a good champion.

Never will I take anything away from his wimbledon ttiles or his HC slams. He is a very good champion.

No here is the deal!

He is not a GREAT Champion. Roger Federer is a tennis GREAT. Nadal is in sheer terms of tennis history a GOOD tennis player.

alison hodge Says:

have it your own way then sienna,if thats what you think then fair enough,who are we all to argue,i suppose the majority of posters on this forum,must be wrong,as well as muzza,nole,roger,past players like sampras,agassi,henman,rusedski etc etc,all no nothing either i suppose,there opinions dont mean anything anymore,your the one who knows best,as i know nothing either,then i will agree with you,rafas a good player,but your quite right hes not a great player,after all you know best.

Mark Says:

Hey Sienna. You on the pills again?? No wait a minute, you never stopped. I love the way you keep embarrassing yourself.

Sienna Says:

listen you all… Good = B+ Great = A

Nadal is a happy Camper with a B+

alison hodge Says:

like i say sienna you obviously know best,who are we all to argue.

skeezerweezer Says:

To be a Champion is to be a great player. They are both Champs in my book. Fed is just better Champ, in my book.

Obectively I am not biased, but I could be biased about being objective.

Sienna Says:

I am certainly not biased. I like Nadal a lot.
So for me it is a very normal judging system. I dont feel good or bad about it.
I rate him as a good player etc…

Not everybody can become All time Great. i do not love oldest daughter more then my youngest daughter, because she is smarter or is better at something.

I just tell the youngest one she stinks at something and she should pay attention.


alison hodge Says:

skeezer yeah well said,rogers the better player,but like you say that does not mean that rafas not great,they are both great.

skeezerweezer Says:


Your opinion is respected. Mine was just my opinion ;)

Re; daughters, more respect. I had one and that was a handful, but I was from an all boy family, so what so I know….but she was the most treasured thing I ever saw when she came into this world, that girl colored my world :)

Sienna Says:

skeezerweezer Says
….but she was the most treasured thing I ever saw when she came into this world, that girl colored my world :)


Ajet Says:


you’ve said that one of the criterias of being a great player as per you is the no of weeks at no.1. you’re right that nadal has not been no.1 for hundreds of weeks, fair enough, he was no.2 for 3 years before he finally surpassed federer to get to No.1. So did you finally get your point now???

just look as to who was the only one above nadal for 3 years before nadal became no.1, it was the ROGER FEDERER: THE GREATEST EVER!!!
that’s why nadal is A TRUE GREAT!!!

Because Federer is not just one of the tennis greats, he’s heads and shoulders above jmac/lendl/agassi/conors, IN MY BOOK, be it gamewise, gracewise, consistency-wise, talent-wise or mental strength-wise! and only federer could hold nadal off for 3 years, if it weren’t for him, nadal’d easily’ve reigned for 200 plus weeks at top by now! that’s what makes nadal GREAT imo.

you may like to reconsider your opinion now. i’m surely thankful that nadal was second to fed for 3 years and didn’t surpass him sooner, or federer himself must’ve been denied 237 consecutive weeks, and would look less impressive in his resume!

Polo Says:

Has there been a more competitive field of players in tennis than now? Two with career grand slams and three who have won 3 majors in one year. And they are all right there bundled at the top, obviously all playing in their prime years. Well, Federer is no longer in his prime but his prime is so high that even at bit lower level, it is still right up there. Great time for tennis, whoever you root for.

Dan Martin Says:

I am just not sure how we retroject Super 9/Masters Series/1000 status on events prior to 1990. The WCT Finals in Dallas was a huge event at one time. Indianapolis used to be on par with Cincinnati. Where are Dallas and Indy today? New Haven in 1986 had a semis of Lendl-Connors and Becker-McEnroe. The tour is much more European centered than it was in the 1980’s. A lot of US events had great draws in the 80’s. Which ones get the Super 9 stamp? Why? I don’t think there are any clear answers to those two questions.

skeezerweezer Says:


I am just jacked that Fed can still compete with these guys and…….win! I mean there was all the talk about Fed played in a “weak” ERA…WTF? So he’s now in the “consummate” ERA that so many horns have tooted, 30 yrs old, and he is still beating the top 3? Hee Haw.

Steve 27 Says:

Lendl is the king of master 1000 or whatever they called. since 1990 Nadal and now Federer have 19, but the Czech in in the old name, pre 1990, is the absolute king of the now called Master 1000. Check wikipedia tennis fans

Sienna Says:

So Nadal is the greatest #2 in history….

I get it Ajet. How is the draw challenge comming out?

Humble Rafa Says:

Steve 27, It is 30 completed and 31 running.

LOL. Nobody speaks of “running age” unless you are an Arrotard.

Alex Says:

Yeah, please stop saying that Roger is 31. I don’t want to see him retire any sooner than is necessary.

That will be a very sad day in tennis. Even though it’s in great hands with Djokovic, Rafa, and Murray.

Hartmann Says:

Fed has apparent advantages to play two-set tournaments against any other players, since two-set matches permit full leverage of his offensive playing style, while momentun and crystal concentration could be hard to sustain in five set grand slam matches.

Fed is 30 now, and matches of 4 hours will physically and mentally wear him dowm. In fact, the way Nadal got on top of Roger in their early encounters was simply to wear him down.

I believe, like many others do, that Fed’s playing style signifies the aesthetic values of tennis. I do not think it would be easy for Fed to win a slam as easy as it used to be, but he will continue to present himself as a dorminant force for a long time, especially in two-set matches where he could exerts his power to the utmost.

Sienna Says:

Ajet Says:

you may like to reconsider your opinion now. i’m surely thankful that nadal was second to fed for 3 years and didn’t surpass him sooner, or federer himself must’ve been denied 237 consecutive weeks, and would look less impressive in his resume!

Only because of the mono Rafa could step in as #1.

Rafa was able to take over because he had the luxuary to mature and to plot his strategy all those years. Fed was the leader and he just had to follow. WInning Garrosall those is great achievement and his claycourt game was well enough to keep him at second base foor the first years. After that he because of the seeding and the relatively ease he got (attention etc ) Nobody expected him to do good at hardcourts.
He absolutely pulled the US slam out of the hat by restyling etc.
But he had a “easier”time in the limelight. As soon as he was the topplayer he could not dominate.

Ajet Says:


point taken that nadal’s rise has something to do with federer’s fall due to loss of winning momentum, lack of practice etc. due to mono; but that’s why i said am thankful that something bad like mono didn’t hit him earlier or nadal might’ve gotten ahead even earlier!

alison hodge Says:

maybe rafa is in decline,maybe some people are right and that he wont win,monte carlo,barcelona or the f/o, he cant beat nole anymore,and hes now struggling to beat the lesser players,however as a fan i will continue to watch him and support him,and still have faith in him,as i wouldnt be much of a fan otherwise,vamos rafa.

Ajet Says:


rafa can win slams even in decline, like roger did! so cheer up sweetheart! :p

It’ll be extraordinary if roger can further add to his slams(as rafa is very likely to win 2-4 slams more at least)!

Mark Says:

Hey Alison. Wotz with the doom and gloom attitude?? No faith?? Thank goodness Rafa doesn’t look to u for confidence!!!

alison hodge Says:

eer mark if you read my post properly,see the last line,i will continue to have faith and support him.

alison hodge Says:

thanks Ajet your quite right, i am in general a positive thinking person,even if mark thinks otherwise,a realist will see that something can go one way or another,not just one way or the predictable way,glass is still half full not half empty,rogers still winning titles,and rafas still making finals,i suppose only an idiot would bet against either of them winning more slams,anything is still possible,feeling better already thanks Ajet,BTW im enjoying my 1st bracket challenge.

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