Roger Federer Does A Periscope Q&A: My Knee Issues Are Long Gone [Video]
by Tom Gainey | December 22nd, 2016, 3:15 pm

Post-practice, Roger Federer did a video Q&A with his fans. Some of the highlights:

Federer revealed his post-workout routine – see the kids, take a shower, eat later.

Federer said he plans on playing Miami and Brisbane remains an “option” after the Hopman Cup. But he’s not sure of his clay court schedule.

Federer says to keep healthy he tries to sleep and eat healthy, though not always easy.

Federer says he has no pain at all in his knee. Those issues are “long gone”.

Federer showed a broken string in his new racquets which he was supposed to use over the summer.

Federer said his goals for 2017 are be healthy and to “hopefully go deep in some big events.”

Federer says he uses 50-60 racquets a year.

Federer he thinks Carlos Moya is a great fit for Rafael Nadal.

Federer added that his favorite tennis shot is the dropshot or the forehand.

And Federer revealed he has never seen a single Star Wars movie.

Watch the full Q&A here:

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33 Comments for Roger Federer Does A Periscope Q&A: My Knee Issues Are Long Gone [Video]

AndyMira Says:

Wow!4 thread for Rog at the same time??AWESOME!!!Looks like Tom sure missed Rog veryyy much!..Btw..i missed Rog too..he he…It’s good to have him back along with Rrafa on tour…Can’t wait to see all Big 4 in action soon..VAMOS!!

Humble Rafa Says:

Just when some people’s addiction was reduced…this p@rn. OMG

Margot Says:

Afternoon AM. Trust your day is going well.
Not me at all but right in one way, I value friendship and loyalty very, very highly indeed. x

AndyMira Says:

Yay!My Lovely Queen just woke up!…Morning M…My day always well M..that’s the privilege to be an Angel….They never had a bad day!He he…How’s yours so far M?Okay?From your ‘tone’ sounds not too well..Dear Barabara be nice to you so far?Tell me if ‘she’ start roughing with you okay?I will smack her head so hard till she forgot that her name is Barabara and not Bra!

Willow Says:

Wanted to wish all Tennis-X posters, a HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE, with a special mention to Jalep, Margot, Okie, AM, Danica, RZ,J-Kath, whom are some of my favorite posters here ….

Giles Says:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017.

Okiegal Says:

@Willow….Thanks for the greeting…….feeling honored you gave me a special mention and back at cha’!

AndyMira Says:

@Willow…I wish you the same okay?Hope you’re enjoy your yuletide to the fullest…if you happen to eat a chocolate cake or somethin’…please,eat double okay?One for you and one for me..

Margot Says:

Signing off now gals n guys until 2017. I wish all you tennisxiters a joyful and peaceful time, whether you’re holidaying or working, boozing or snoozing, running marathons or hiding under the duvet screaming, “Wake me up WHEN IT’S ALL OVER” whatever.
Take care dear AM. Stay safe. Thinking of Kath and OK and anyone who has suffered a loss this year, because Christmas can be such tricky time. And waving vigorously to Willow, hooray we are passed the shortest day!
And for those of you regarding 2017 with as much trepidation as me I’ll leave you with the much missed Leonard Cohen:
It contains the wonderful refrain, “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Do hope he’s right, Jalep.

J-Kath Says:

Margot- thank you – and to Willow, AM, Okie, RZ and many other special posters Danica, J.S. BBB, VP, Jalep, Jane, Wogboy, Humble, Giles, Skeezer – and many I’ve missed.

Sending this now as Barbara is at my door – destroying my decking and lifting my roof….please do not let her take my electricity.

A bientot.

AndyMira Says:

Urgh!Wait a minute guys!Read my wish first before you guys spring to whatever destination you desire…To ALL Novak,Rafa,Roger and Andy fans and TX staff,Sean,Tom and others…enjoy your big day guys in the next 2 days and forward..

And to the SPECIAL posters that i love,like,admire,respect and drool about[he he] day and night..M,Okie,JK,Willow,Dani,Jalep,VP,Markus,Jane,CDP,Dave[wherever you are]…Don’t forget to comeback here again guys!I’m going to miss you guys like crazy this coming week!

AndyMira Says:

And my darling RZ as well!Sorry sis,your name a little bit late to hop on my train!

BBB Says:

Happy holidays as well! I’m really looking forward to the 2017 season. Be safe J-Kath!

Willow Says:

Im looking forward to the new season, but not so much of the trash talking that goes on, on this rotten forum at times ….

RZ Says:

@AM – cool, I get an individual mention! :-)

RZ Says:

To the Tennis-X posters and staff – happy holidays to you all! Here’s hoping for a fantastic 2017 season with good matches and good discussion. Let’s hope your favorites do well next year, especially if you have the same favorites as myself. :-)

Many thanks to the Tennis-X staff for continuing to run this site and providing this venue for us to connect and discuss our shared love for this sport – even if we differ on who our favorites are or who we think the GOAT is.

jalep Says:

Thank-you Margot for the song. To (everyone) I hope you all continue on in life even better in 2017 than 2016. My last post on tennis-x until Brisbane. I still have business on Tenngrand to do, tho. And for AndyMira or anyone else, you can come FB ‘friend’ me…
Don’t be confused by the name, it’s me, seriously.

Before I get tucked in under my duvet (thankful for a duvet) for a long sleep until the off-season and Tennis restarts with the new season, I’m going to post an encore to what Margot posted because Only Leonard Cohen can write such an apropos Anthem and his lyrics are on the screen in this one so all can sing a long :D

and slightly darker from Tom Waits…dedicated to ‘YEAR 2016’ in general: That is the Part You Throw Away:

Willow Says:

Jalep expect a message from me at some point ;-)

Willow Says:

Im on FB too Jalep ….

Willow Says:

my favorite ever comedy, and one of my favorite ever scenes in a Christmas special of Only Fools and Horses ;-)

Danica Says:

“Only Fools and Horses” was huge in Serbia and still is among my generation :). I don’t think there are reruns anymore but we pretty much know all the (famous) lines. I told my hubby that he reminded me of Rodney so he put Rodney’s picture as a cover picture on his FB. I then changed mine to Alexandra’s :)).

Thanks for sharing the laugh!! ;)

Danica Says:

All you lovely people,

and I really mean ALL on this site, whether we agreed or disagreed on certain topics, let me join in the well wishing.
I sincerely wish you all the best in the upcoming 2017 and all the years beyond. Much love, laugh and good health, and sure, some extra cash in your pockets ;). May all your plans come true.

Happy Holidays to everyone, whichever are the Holidays you celebrate at this time of the year.


jane Says:

Warm Holiday wishes to everyone; wishing you a healthy and happy 2017!

Courbon Says:

Happy hollidays And all the best in 2017 for everybody on TX-posters And staff

Okiegal Says:

@Margot 7:99….Thanks… has been a rough year……
Season’s Greetings!

To all TXers……Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and Happy New Year! I think that just about covers it. I wished Willow a Happy Winter’s Solstice to her personally on another thread…..I think! How ever you choose to celebrate, have a good one!,

AndyMira Says:

@JK…How are you so far?Okay everything?Please let us know how’re you doing if condition permitted okay?

J-Kath Says:


Hi there AM – hit Tennis X by mistake and saw you had posted.
Thank you for your concern – you must have been blowing hard as
Barbara whimpered and left…..but she did get one of my nephews
about 80 miles North of Glasgow), who went outside
to grab a few logs and could hardly get back in –
evidently was so soaking wet he had to change ALL the way.

However, Storm Connor is replacing Barbara – so I hear.
but mostly further North than where I live.

Stay happy – Tennis will re-start soon.

PS: I’ve been notified I’m missing security —
so may not send anything again until I’m sorted!!!

AndyMira Says:

Hey JK…Thank God,nothing happen to you…I hope your nephew and the rest of your family are safe too..Take care of yourself in this chaotic week okay?

Shivashish Sarkar Says:

That video session was super fun. Watching a top-level player do his practice session is dream-like for a fan. He did give out bits of information on his practice. He also spoke to fans that was amazing. All this was a relief to many a Roger fan who had spent months without getting a glimpse of the great. However, as far as the knee goes, he did point out that he still “feels” his knee. Now, that does not convey a very favourable message. But, since he also has been upbeat about his knee’s progress at times, there’s room for hope. :)

Good job on this blog!

lakie Says:

I love Fed’s interviews. He is honest and frank and knows how to handle the questions. I don’t know whether he will win another slam but it is always great to see him playing.

skeezer Says:

He is honest….and open. Who else invites you to his work out routines? Very cool….

He also is pushing for more drug testing within Tennis……kudos to him,, and here is why:

sinha71 Says:

He obviously loves the limelight and misses it dearly.

And some here would say Del Potro is arrogant.

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