RIP: Rafael Nadal (2003-2015)?
by Sean Randall | July 2nd, 2015, 7:08 pm

All great athletes rise, all great athletes fall. Falling and failing, that’s what’s happening right now to Rafael Nadal.

Earlier today, as many of you saw, Nadal was sent out of Wimbledon for the fourth year in a row by a player who had no business beating a former No. 1. After head-scratching losses to Lukas Rosol, Steve Darcis and Nick Kyrgios, today the man who ended his grass season and effectively ended Nadal’s hopes of ever winning another Wimbledon, was Dustin Brown, a 102nd-ranked journeyman best known for having dreadlocks and once playing the tour out of a van.

The same issues that plagued Nadal all season once again spelled the demise of the Spaniard today. Brown did what he was supposed to do, pump the serve, play aggressive, keep the points short and close if given the opportunity. Brown checked all four boxes.

But Nadal just couldn’t find the range. Balls were carelessly sprayed, balls were landing short, his court positioning was poor, and he just couldn’t make the passing shots when he had to. On numerous occasions, Rafa couldn’t even manage to get a basic ball back. And sometimes the only thing he could hit with his racquet was his body.

Nadal once was on top of the world, threatening to eclipse Roger Federer’s greatness. Now he’s having trouble even to reach a round where he’d play Federer.

In the last year since winning the French Open, Nadal has just two titles in Buenos Aires and last month in Stuttgart, both over mediocre fields. Against his rivals, he’s been a shadow of his former self.

Since winning the French 15 months ago, he hasn’t beaten a Top 5 players, hasn’t made a Slam semifinal nor has he won a European clay title.

Of course Nadal has the experience and the talent to get back up to the top, but there’s been little evidence of that this season. Sure, guys can rebound and reboot. That happens all the time. Federer went through a slump, Murray’s had issues, and they got through.

Andre Agassi dropped to the challengers before roaring back, returning to greatness into his 30s.

Nadal’s case is vastly different, though.

Rafa isn’t even 30 yet, but unlike Agassi, he’s put more miles on his tires than most at that age. And unlike Federer, who plays a graceful, effortless games, Nadal puts his body through hell in every match.

Agassi, Federer and Murray also sought outside help when needed, bringing in new voices to help improve game. Nadal, however, has always been under the watchful eye of his uncle Toni and no one else. It’s hard to imagine him changing this now. It’s family first for Rafa.

So is this it for Rafa? Are his days of eating Grand Slam trophies and challenging for No. 1 over? Will he ever make another big final, or contend for major titles?

Sadly right now, everything points to no, no?

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87 Comments for RIP: Rafael Nadal (2003-2015)?

KK Says:

While I’ve no issues with the content of the article, the title is immensely distasteful.

Tennisfan Says:

I don’t think so. I’m not a fan of the media prematurely announcing players’ demise, like we’ve already gone through with Fed. The only way to know if this is the end for him is to wait and see. He might bounce back like Roger did after 2013.

Brando Says:

Gulp! :-(((((

First of all:

Regardless of whether you are a Nadal fan or not I think universally every fan of the game agrees on 1 point above all about Rafa:

We wish to have him around no matter what. He brings a ray of light to the sport that deep down we all love.

That said: he’s clearly got a MAJOR problem, so how to deal with it? IMHO after watching him all season:


Just take a sabbatical. The big fix for Rafa right now is to take a long, long vacation. Just clear his mind. Since right now if he stays on tour what lies ahead is:

He’s outside top 8 so pretty much early exits on USO guaranteed on the fast HC as soon as he meets a Djokovic, Murray, Wawa, Fed, Kei, Tomas or Milos. Maybe even other big hitters since really: How intimidating must Rafa be for the locker room right now? I just don’t see him being much intimidating at all. If anything: a gimme. And that is just not acceptable for a man who is a 14 major champion.

After that lies the fall: Rafa you have played for years…… and you have ONLY 1 MS title to show for that time of the year. This year-of all years- is not going to change that. At all.

So just leave. Spare yourself from this pretty near certain 6 more months of heartbreaking losses. No one would blame you and virtually all would understand if not prefer to have you away as opposed to seeing more oncourt torture of a legend.

BUT………we know you won’t. You will see this as quitting. Giving in. And your a warrior who told the world that you even enjoyed the 0-7 to Nole all those years ago since sometimes the pain has to be embraced in order to truly enjoy joy when it arrives.It just ain’t in your DNA or character. BUT i see this NOT as quitting Rafa but:

How you choose to use your time?

A- Stay, play more matches but experience near certain losses that will crush you even more and not help you one jot.

B- Take time off. Clear your mind. Let your body, spirit heal from this ordeal year. Then look at your team: hire a new coach. Retool your game to the best you can. Work on your fitness. Your FH. Etc. I see option A as honourable but not one that rectifies the problem. Option B I see as the one that helps tackle his issue.

Yet: this is Rafa and we all know just because he has more beatdowns in store he ain’t going to walk away from collecting his beatdowns. I admire the guts of the man. But in this case I wish he wasn’t as stern as he is and would back off, be wise and take a time out from the tour since he well and truly needs it. But realistically speaking, his ONLY FIX is(outside that):

Uncle Toni does the right thing and calls an end to this partnership.

Rafa’s game needs so much work to be done on it that he needs a expert eye who can help him and Toni Nadal is nowhere near that guy for the job. Mats Wilander once said that they talked with Toni about Rafa’s game.

He could not believe how little technical insight Toni had and all he would talk about is ‘Rafa’s feeling, emotion etc’ when he hits his shots.His lack of insight was shocking for him since Rafa is a 14 major winner. I honestly and genuinely believe that:

Rafa experienced all his success inspite of Toni.

It reminds me of the Floyd Mayweather scenario. Floyd went into boxing since his old man was a pro. But you speak to anyone in boxing and they all say his old man is a horrendous coach. That Floyd is self taught. And I see a similar deal with Rafa here. Toni is family. He got him into Tennis and told him go left handed.

But beyond that when you look at Rafa’s game, for me a long seasoned watcher, I just don’t see much input from Toni. And when guys like Wilander say they could not believe how little he understood then it does not paint a good picture of Toni. I mean:

Would Toni Nadal succeed with someone else other than his nephew? I wager many would feel no. No chance. And even Toni himself said he would not coach anyone other than Rafa. I think we all know why.

So Uncle Toni needs to be selfless, caring and leave his nephew at this point. Rafa has hit a wall that requires him now seek something else. Rafa has diligently tried his best this 6 months. I applaud him for seeking maximum matches on Clay pre RG, maximum matches pre Wimbledon. We all know his work ethic, competitive spirit is probably the best on tour so he’s not slacking or running away from this situation or his problems.

It’s just he’s trying his old tactics, MO and that does not work no more. Federer evolved. Novak evolved. Muzza evolved.


That’s his only chance I feel and I hope Uncle Toni does the right thing since today Rafa looked helpless.

And the help he had was in his box-Toni- was busy laughing and joking with spectators. :-(

Brando Says:


Completely agree.

Brando Says:

@Sean Randall:

COuld you please change the heading? The RIP remark please?

You could say his career is over or whatever. Fair enough and a opinion anyone is entitled to. Certainly I can see why such a conclusion may be reached even if some feel that is a overreaction.


To say RIP is tasteless. Using his date of birth-a life reference, not tennis pro reference (2001)- and and with the supporting RIP remark is very much uncalled for, unwarranted and definitely unfortunate.

Please can you get rid of it since I know you likely did not intend it to appear as such but it certainly is a awful typo to cast one’s eye’s one.

Tennis is one thing but life is another, please re-edit, thank you in advance should you do so.

A fan of your work,

ertorque Says:

Commiseration to Nadal fans. On an optimistic note, his loss would be vindicated by a deep run by dreadlock say the into the semis. He is after all “an unusual player’ in the words of Nadal before the match. Let’s see……………..

Sean Randall Says:

Ok, heading changed. No offense was meant, but I can see the issue.

jane Says:

It still shows as RIP which is too sad. :'(

I also thinking it’s not the end of Rafa’s career. I really feel like elements of his game are there.

But he plays too tentatively on big points; he still needs to get his return game back to where it was; and for sure, today his court positioning (baseline and further back) and all the short balls he left out there played right into Brown’s net-crashing style.

Had Rafa stepped in more, had his shots had more depth, and had he gone for his shots in key moments, and we might be looking at a different outcome.

Let’s wait and see. Fed had a really tough 2013 right? But he bounced back. Rafa still could.

Commies to Rafa’s fans (said it elsewhere already)

AndyMira Says:

You’re too soon to judge Sean,i mean to look at your’s a little bit mean don’t you think?Rafa is a great champ and great champ will always find a way to solve their problem and solve them he just wait and see next year..he will clawed back to where his belong and you will eat your words back sean..that’s i promise you.

Yin Says:

How can you write such nonesense. He is playing much better than the last few months. Brown is a tricky player because he has a very unusual style. The only thing that got him through was his big serve. Rafa is a great champion. Say something worthy of his achievements.

Patson Says:

If it’s the end, we knew it would happen — and it would happen fast.

Wog Boy Says:


Sean just changed the year, it is “2003”, the year Rafa started his pro career, I think it is premature to write him off, no further comments.

Jurgens_Lotion Says:

If Nadal doesn’t win the FO next year then I will say RIP.

kjb Says:

If Nadal is done winning majors or if he continues on and gets his mojo back, it really wouldn’t surprise me either way. It seems to me that his mind is just not in it anymore. Much the same thing happened to Sampras at the tail end of his career and Nadal is right around the same age that Sampras was, and Nadal has much more mileage on his legs. As Brando said in an earlier post, I think a nice break from tour might be what the doctor ordered. Take some time, see if you miss it, see if you have enough left in the tank to come back to the top. We all knew that he wouldn’ still be playing at Feds age. But I would agree with some of the other posters that a fresh perspective(new coach) and some time back to the drawing board would be the way to go. Maybe a 10th French next year and sayanara, but hes got a lot of work to do.

JoeG Says:

Unabashed click-bait. This is repulsive.


The heck is this? Tabloid journalism? Show some respect for a great champion and revise your title. The content of the article is obvious to any who’ve followed tennis over the years, but you don’t need to sensationalize the title to get views.

This is extremely poor taste, and this website has lost a big chunk of my respect.

funches Says:

This Rafa loss did not surprise me all. At this point Brown is simply better than him on grass, which he proved by crushing him 6-4-6-1 at Halle last year and reaffirmed today. I would have picked Brown over him in my original racquet bracket if I had been confident Brown would beat Lu in the first round, but I considered that match a tossup.

Brown is a more accomplished player on grass than Rosol or Darcic, two of Rafa’s previous conquerors at Wimbledon. Clearly, Rafa’s Wimbledon chances are gone forever, but I’m certainly not going to dismiss him on anything else –yet.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

A lot of work to do for certain. Of the many things we don’t know is whether it is even possible for Rafa to return to the top, with the best coaching and mindset, or if his body just has lost too much of the bounce, as a commenter mentioned on the other thread, that this was ruining Rafa’s trademark topspin forehand.

There is no script for declining in tennis. Everyone does it differently, so its hard to find the ‘tells’.

It was sad watching his press conference, every reporter asking the same question: Tell us how BAD you feel right now Rafa. Rafa, you’ve insufficiently ripped your heart out for us to feast on, how would you compare this loss to say, the first time a girl broke up with you?

He looked so crushed, but he kept saying, I’m not going to mope over this for weeks, and I believe him. I think he has a very healthy perspective on tennis, and this has allowed him to do what he’s done, with the injuries he’s had.

And there’s a big point: think of the heroics Rafa has given already in his career, all those long breaks- and whether some of them were more mental than physical is irrelevant- and the dedication and willpower it must have taken to drive himself right back to the top. And he’s done this more times than I can count.

If Rafa is in decline, he’s given us plenty of peaks along the way.

Wog Boy Says:

Sorry Rafa fans for using your thread to post this but I just can’t see where else to post it.
Terminally ill Japanese girl has a last wish to hold Nole’s jersey and racquet before she dies, it is a matter of days, her uncle who adopted her after she lost family in cunami is desperately trying to contact Nole’s representative through Serbian embassy in Tokyo, I sincerely hope somebody will tell Nole, here is the link but you have to use google translate:Вимблдон+2015/story/2453/Vesti/1966300/Đokovićev+dres+-+poslednja+životna+želja.html

Daniel Says:

What we may have to acknowledge is that maybe there is any way out of this, it’s a inevitable decline and he is not going to have a “smooth” decline as Fed did/is.

Maybe he will have to content being top 10 and occasionally having a good week or run and have some good matches here and there.

There is a possibility he will never reach his form level ever again. It happen to all former greats. Sampras didn’t left the tour when he was titles for 2 years before that USO 2002 run. This going away is out of the picture for them. The longer he stays without playing competitive tennis the worst it gets.

The only way to possibly revert this is winning and the only way to win is play. Take the losses like a man and fight another day.

If he den;t feel he is competitive anymore there is other ways. At least he knows and said he is healthy, for a good stretch (maybe due to not going deep in all tourneys) and this matters most.

Okiegal Says:

RIP, really?? Agree with KK, very distasteful….shocked by this……to say the least. It needs to be removed. Lots of other words could have been used to get the point across.

Okiegal Says:

Thanks Jane! Appreciate cha’

Okiegal Says:

@TV 9:20 Great post, agree 100%! He looked more down and sad after this loss than some others I can remember…I felt bad for him. Don’t know if he can get back to his old self or not…..but I think he will continue to work hard to try to compete at a higher level!

Okiegal Says:

Sean, remove RIP please! That’s morbid, imho! I can’t believe how insensitive people can be…..

skeezer Says:

Seriously, do you think the RIP was written literally? Seems like some just saw RIP and freaked. Did you read the article? C’mon!
The hard truth is Nadal’s past few years has de-cemented his legacy as one of the all time all court greatest ever.
Sure, he has his all time Clay record, but like Vilas, he now will ultimately be remembered as a one court dominator. And his untimely consistent critical career losses to quailifiers / 100’s will now undermine it all.

Nitesh Says:


Markus Says:

That title has no purpose other than to mock a guy who has done so much for the sport, and his fans. Senseless, insensitive and downright foolish.

chris ford1 Says:

Skeezer, you are so full of it as a Fedtard that the whites of your eyes turned brown a long time ago. Perhaps Rafa is not a “natural” all-courter like Fed or Djokovic, now Andy since it appears he “finally solved clay” – but he has had better fortune than 99.8% of pros on grass and hardcourts. Now add to that his clay court greatness.
Nadal will be remembered as a warrior when he bows out in 2017 or so after more titles, and more battles with Djokovic. He will be be remembered as the toughest player to beat in his era. Remembered how, with a rare Russian or Serbian exception, he owned everyone H2H.
HIs legacy already stands as stellar. And he is not done yet..
Rafa is 2nd (87.5%) behind Borg (89.8) in all-time winning percent in a career. And we see the other special ones right behind. Fed 3rd with (85.93%), Djokovic…yes Djokovic 4th with a career (85.15%), and Pete Sampras in 5th with (84.23%)

Ruby Says:

I have to agree that I think RIP is truly unnecessary and a bit ugly. (And yes, I read the article. But the headline could just as easily say: Is Rafael Nadal’s Career In A Slump or Is It Over? That’s a legitimate question. RIP is just a way of pushing buttons.)

@Skeezer, hilarious that you think a person’s legacy can be “de-cemented” by a handful of losses. History doesn’t work that way. Lots of people whose names adorn the halls of grand slam stadiums lost in early rounds on many occasions. Even some players you like … it doesn’t de-legitimize any of their successes and never will. I know you can’t hear that, but it doesn’t really matter. Nadal will always be considered one of the greats, among many other greats, each of whom had their own high and lows, their magic and their bugaboos.

Batlord Says:

Really guys, you take offense to RIP? Headlines are designed to grab attention, and this headline did just that. That some of you are offended is ridiculous. I can’t wait to read your outraged response to this post.

Tennis Fan Says:

Last week I stated that Sean showed no respect for Federer, some of you defended him. Now you are argueing because he shows no respect for Nadal. A pattern here?
What does Sean really know about atennis anyway? He just gets paid apparently by somebody to post articles in a blog. Frankly, I think he is just conjuring J Mac .., well, I guess that fair because I have no respect for that guy myself.

Michael Says:

Well, a very demoralizing loss indeed to a minnow ? Who would have expected Rafa to fall in disgrace after beating Bellucci comprehensively the other day. To the credit of Dustin Brown, he just didn’t allow Rafa the rhythm in his play. And for a man who was a nightmare to even the great Roger Federer here was looking pretty ordinary on Court against Dustin not knowing what will come next ? It is really very sad to see Rafa in such a dishonourable plight evoking considering sympathy !!

Dustin is a very deceptive player like the erstwhile famous Miloslav Mecir. He came to the match with all confidence sensing that this was the court where he can dictate play to Rafa. And he was not wrong. To give devil its due, this man really has brute power in his serve and shots & amazing skills. Never know, how he is ranked at 160 ?

One of the most fascinating shots in the sport is Rafa’s fore hand and if that thing is faltering,then Rafa’s chances are as good as dead. Rafa made far too many UEs on that wing and he was also clueless as where to place his second serve as Dustin at the other end was bludgeoning it with ferocity taking the leather off the ball. Even the occasion points where Rafa won and he fist pumped didn’t make the desired impact that he was on his game neither it inspired the crowd that was longing for Rafa’s famous fight back instincts. It is apparent that he lost this match on his mind. And losing to a qualifier is definitely not a good sign for Rafa. If this is an isolation, may be we can give Rafa the benefit of doubt. But it has almost become a regular feature now-a-days where even lower ranked players sense the chance when playing Rafa and all they need to do to intimidate him is to deploy brute power and upset his balance. That sheen of invincibility has definitely disappeared from Rafa’s repertoire. I am not sure when Rafa will rediscover his form or his decline is irreversible.

What will upset Rafa more is if Dustin loses in the next round !!

Michael Says:

I agree with the Posters that RIP abbreviation is very much offensive to a great Champion like Rafa. He certainly deserves better respect from Tennis commentators. Let us not slight and be so much disparaging to a man who has achieved so much in this sport and as all good things come to an end is struggling today on the Court to find his groove.

Michael Says:

Brando @ 7.50 PM – Great post !!

Margot Says:

Andy had “issues?” WTF? Andy had a back op…, speaking slowly now for the hard of understanding. The scars from which are still visible at the base of his spine.Go away with “issues” comment.
As for Rafa I think he badly needs some outside help now, but will Uncle T. ever permit such a thing? Unlikely.

eric Says:

First off id say Nadal needs a new coach. He is no longer the player he once was an he has to change up his game. Having the same coach isn’t good enough. Just ask Roger. Secondly he cant take off time from the tour. His ranking would collapse and he could be playing the top players outside of the quarterfinals. That’s not good. I think he is in a terminal decline. The way he plays destroys his body unlike Federer but hopefully he can have another good year or two.

Ruby Says:

@Skeezer, that ESPN article simply stated a fact: that Rafael Nadal’s 2015 Wimbledon is over. It certainly did not declare the end of his lifespan or even his career.

It’s not about asking if his career is or isn’t in jeopardy. As I said, those are legitimate questions. It’s about the language used, which was unnecessary. If you’d wanted to you could have written an article after the French entitled “Djokovic’s Dreams of Ever Winning the French: RIP.” But why would you other than to be rude? Might be true, might not be true, same as the question of whether Rafa will be competitive again. There’s no reason to treat any of the players in that fashion, in my opinion, unless you are running a rabid fan blog for one player.

sienna Says:

great headline. It captures the essence of our questions for Rafael.
hits rock bottom is also nice.

Does anybody know what time xisca and friends came back from clubbing?
She just doesnt seem to be in tennis that much. Just my opinnion.

sienna Says:

please hold back on links from fascistoid countries.

sienna Says:

Federer style of play is not effortless and his body has gone through hell or high water.
it is a myth and doesnot do justice to the training Federer puts in.
I understand that it looks effortless but you only have to think of 2013 with all the back spasm that it is not.

Jock-KatH Says:

AGREE with Eric – Rafa should not take time off – apart from the detriment to his ranking, he is obliged to play xyz no. of tournaments (as they all are).

DON’T AGREE with Eric – Rafa in terminal decline? – NO, absolutely not. No single player could have beaten Dustin yesterday – it would have needed two top players on the other side of the net to beat him.

Yes, Rafa should seek to complement his team – keep Uncle Toni but find guidance.

Keep trying Rafa – you are a long way from the “fat lady’s song”.

Jock-KatH Says:

Wog Boy

Re the little Japanese girl – have you thought about contacting Nole via one of his friends eg Troicki via Twitter? – or via Nole’s website if possible?

sienna Says:

Silly stuff.

double faulting twice to give him third set. a break up in first. Nadal never should have lost that match.
I know for sure that none of other top 10 would have lost to Dustin. He is vulnerable but Rafael was completly of the boil. He missed forhands in third set maybe 4 or 5 on big points he never misses.

I am worried about him and not even a fan of rafa.

Giles Says:

Sean Randall. What an utter disgrace you are as a writer or whatever the hell you call yourself. TAKE THOSE HEADLINES DOWN NOW before some nutter makes sure you RIP. Maybe your vocabulary is too limited to have come up with something a bit more respectful.
Shame on you. You might find posters leaving this forum if you don’t withdraw those headlines!!

Wog Boy Says:


Thanks for showing interest, the story has been shown on national television, I am sure that Nole has been informed by now, it is a matter of whether it will arrive on time. Very sad story, the girl didn’t have any luck in her short life, at least her last wish should be granted.

Wog Boy Says:

Moderation! Why?

Jock-KatH Says:

Sienna – You are welcome to your opinion – but to state that You know for sure devalues your comments.

calmdownplease Says:

`No single player could have beaten Dustin yesterday – it would have needed two top players on the other side of the net to beat him…`

Er, No JK
Just N-O
And Brown will probably be out next round.
Although it would be nice if he lost to Wardy instead :)

sienna Says:

JK I am insider so my claims hold more ground then yours….
Just messing. dont say nobody beats a nobody…

Giles Says:

Sean Randall. You posted “Ok headi g changed ……”. It’s still there.

Margot Says:

I agree any of the top 4 could have beaten Dustin. .They would make damn sure to protect their own serve and then played a waiting game. And a lob or 2 or 3 would not have gone amiss.
Heck the Nadal of 2 years ago would have whipped Dustin. It was very sad to see rafas confidence and his game disappear in front of our eyes.
He was bamboozled and baffled. Has no one gone a scouting?

ery done it.

Margot Says:

Sorry for any mistakes. Am on tablet! Lol is that Daniel laughing?

Nick Says:

I think the best way to show disapproval of this guy’s articles is to just ignore them all together. Do not click on articles by this guy, don’t read them, don’t comment on them. Let this guy know we don’t appreciate his style of ‘journalism’. This

Thomas Says:

“Shame on you. You might find posters leaving this forum if you don’t withdraw those headlines!!”

Could you leave the forum, Giles? The site will be all the richer for it if you do, because from what I’ve seen from your posts, you have the intellectual development of a dwarf donkey on a trillion drugs.

As for the topic at hand, something clearly needs to change in Rafa’s camp. Perhaps a new coach, even if it’s only part time. He just seems so… anxious when playing, which is very queer to me. It’s not the same as before, it’s like his problems go further than injuries or age. Anyway, I could be wrong, and the only ones who really know what’s wrong is Rafa and his team. I hope they try something different though, because what I do know is that something needs to change. It’s as they sa the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the same result.

Patson Says:


You posted a CHRIS CHASE article ? Really ? A Chris Chase article ? Forget Nadal’s legacy, I’m starting to doubt your sanity … who the hell takes Chris Chase seriously ?

The internet has all sorts of people posting crap about everyone all the time. Out of 7 billion people, I’m sure you can find 3 who agree with you.

What a dumbass move …. and this is coming from a Djokovic fan.

Daniel Says:

LOL Margot,

Tablet is the worst, you think that due to more size of jeys you can type faster but when you check the damage is worst than phone. Phone you know you need to be more carefull.

Indeed the headline Is too much and remove the attention of the important part witch is the interrogation point in the end. we only see the RIP and take of ofense. He could have made a simple question without infuriating Nadal fan base.

Humble Rafa Says:

Please attend my funeral at Roland Garros ASAP. I am happy to have lived a good life and promoted the game of tennis. Even though I didn’t have any baby-Humbles, my legacy will live on through the uncombed, moonballing, butt picking player that will someday arrive on the scene.

As a mark of respect to the departed soul, do not bring cows or your twins to the funeral.

calmdownplease Says:


For once you’re funny
Albeit darkly so

sienna Says:

burried 5yards behind baseline where he feels great.

Thomas Says:

@Humble Rafa
Indeed. Rafa’s career is dead. He should retire. At this point he’s simply committing necrophilia on himself. RIP.

Humble Rafa Says:

There is no time limit during my funeral. Feel free to pay respects as long as you wish.

If you bring more than 1 water bottle, make sure they are all lined up properly.

My underlings will provide eulogy on what a great owner I was.

Hippy Chick Says:

if i remember rightly when Novak beat Rafa at the FO some people immediatly stated Novak would win the title,and people saying Stan,Andy had a chance were just been petty hmm,well Stan beat Novak i believe these people in a puff you were gone,true to form Nadal loses and these people are back again foaming at the mouth even now predicting a Nadal retirement surprise surprise….

Hippy Chick Says:

Sienna may i repeat for the gazilionth time Xisca doesnt always attend Rafas matches because she is studying for a University degree….

Hippy Chick Says:

If the title of the thread topic were not distasteful enough R.I.P Sean Randall Rafael Nadal is not dead,you have comments like the one at 10.06am,so much for your new tennis-x guidelines,and the moderation pftt what moderation,what a joke,this forum is heading the same way as Blue Moonball….

sienna Says:

hippy it is justmy opinion. How I see it. There is no need for you to repeat anything. To me sheshe looksnot so into tennis.
No biggie except it is Rafael biggest thing. in fact it is his life.
So probably they would find difficulties to get it going after the study.

Giles Says:

Thomas. RIP

Okiegal Says:

Rafa’s’ girlfriend is very supportive of his career. She has her’s too. When she is shown in the crowd at matches, she is cheering and vamosing right along wih the family. Don’t see how anyone would get the idea she doesn’t like tennis. She has always tried to stay out of the limelight….and apparently likes it that way.

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie exactly it amazes me sometimes,people make a case about each and everything he does,and now we bring his private life into it too,even his sexuality a couple of months back a poster claiming he was having relations with Pico….

Jock-KatH Says:

I remain star-struck on Dustin’s ability and talent as displayed in that one match. Accept I seem to be in the minority…but don’t really mind…assessments are one thing – proof is another. (PS: Have no conviction that he will replicate that performance).

Thought Kyrgios v Raonic – most entertaining match of the day. Wonder how far Kyrgios will go?

SG1 Says:

Kyrgios is a definite dark horse in this tournament. His big shots and obvious athleticism make him really dangerous. If Milos had Kyrgios’ mobility, he’d be week-in & week-out threat.

jane Says:

Wawrinka: “Nadal’ll comeback at his best level again. He already did it in the past coming from injuries”

Ahfi Says:

Thank God I do not have a son in tennis. Too many angry people here! Lord help them!

Okiegal Says:

@Chick…..Hate runs deep here!

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie yep,you would think theres too much of it in the real world,why bring it into sport,YAY Watson just won the second set against Serena….

Ahfi Says:

@Thomas, 8.15AM. Thanks for giving everybody the freedom to leave this site if they choose to. I’ll be here for you! Has anyone left yet? Has anyone called an ambulance yet?

Really, it’s ‘just my opinion that Mirka looks unhappy on the court’. And yes, I have NOT interviewed the team. And YET, the rest of you cannot have an opinion about whether Xisca likes tennis or not UNTIL you have spoken to her or INTERVIEWED her team. Are you baffled yet? Don’t be. That is the kind of ‘freedom’ of speech that some on this site want to impose. Thank God Thomas has given them the freedom to disappear!

Hippy Chick Says:

Well i guess if you think that sort of talk @ 10.06am belongs on a tennis forum then more power too you?….

Okiegal Says:

Well who in the world pays any attention to what Thomas says!!

Ahfi Says:

And look who’s talking about hate. By their words, YE SHALL BE KNOWN….

Ahfi Says:

I see the ‘BRADY BUNCH’ (to borrow Sienna’s words) is up and kicking right now. People, stay away from them…they do bite…in their own way.

Hippy Chick Says:

How sad I think id rather discuss tennis,Heather Watson is giving Serena a good test yay Heather…

Ahfi Says:

Boy, am I disappointed. Everybody knows who is sad. Anyway, if I am on a site where every time I write, the next thing I have to do is to explain myself to the next person, and the next and the next, over and over again, I would stop and wonder if something is wrong (you would think?). But NO, I am always right and it is always the other person who is wrong. Why would I think for myself if I have ‘the bunch’ supporting me? Who the cap fits…
And then the next thing I do after explaining myself is to spend the other half of the time (if any) trying to get the more sensible people censored….Go figure!

Thangs Says:

Shame on you Sean for disgraceful title

JoeG Says:

RIP: Sean Randall

skeezer Says:

Lots of drama here, lol. What is wrong with RIP anyway( Rafa Is Perfect)? Move on. Its called a “dysfunctional” tennis blog for a reason.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Interesting how many people are offended by RIP Rafa while no one seems to mind FedExpress calling Serena Williams a monkey.

JoeG Says:

Dudes don’t belong in women’s tennis.

Hippy Chick Says:

Tennis Vagabond yes i was actually,as much as posters claiming Rafa is a necrophiliac,some things are distastefull and need leaving off a tennis forum….

Top story: Muguruza Outlasts Sabalenka In Doha; Azarenka v Svitolina Thurs.