Roger Federer Pain-Free In Hopman Cup Opener [Video]
by Staff | January 2nd, 2017, 3:34 pm

Playing his first match since Wimbledon, Roger Federer was in good form beating Brit Dan Evans 6-2, 6-3 in his opening match at the Hopman Cup team exo event.

“For three or four weeks now I’ve stopped thinking of it, because I don’t have any reactions anymore,” Federer said of the left knee. “I don’t have any pain. It’s been nice that I was able to get rid of that early.”

Federer admitted to feeling some emotion in finally returning to tennis after the longest layoff of his career.

“I was actually quite emotional. When I walked down, I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is better than I thought it would be’” Federer said.

“It felt good putting the match shirt back on, and serving first, and then trying to serve it out at the end.

“They’re the moments I miss the most, even though those are the ones that make you nervous.

“That’s what you play tennis for. I thought for a first match it was great, because my expectations were obviously quite low.”

Federer and his Swiss team is back in action Wednesday night in Perth against Germany and Alexander Zverev.


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34 Comments for Roger Federer Pain-Free In Hopman Cup Opener [Video]

skeezer Says:

Looking good Fed. That jump overhead. Whoa!
Finally some Class and Leadership back on the court and back in the game. All the best down under!

Danica Says:

Good to see Fed back. Yes, that overhead was for masses :)

It is still a first match after a long time so he definitely was not close to his best. I saw only the second set though. I am intrigued to see how he performs later and at the AO. Imagine, the top guys could face him in 1/8 finals already! I don’t think any one of them would be pleased :)

PS: One of them will also (maybe) have to face Rafa at the same stage.

AndyMira Says:

Welcome back Rog!It’s really good to see you on court again… Vamos!

lakie Says:

Fans have pobviously missed him. His match sessions were sold out and 6000 fans attended his practice! I am sure that is a record.

Humble Rafa Says:

Finally some Class and Leadership back on the court

No need to capitalize every second word in a sentence. We get it. The excitement and all. Players outside the top 10 don’t provide leadership, they provide mats that bigger players can roll over.

BBB Says:

I think Andy and Rafa show the most sportsmanship, winning and losing.

Travis Bickle Says:

Humble does it again!!!

Instilling a dose of reality to poor souls worshiping another human being …

I would have not noticed how skeezer capitalized ‘class’ and ‘leadership’ in a sentence had you not pointed it out. I guess I am used to Federtards being Federtards.

I would not be surprised that some low self-esteem Fed-worshipers would not capitalize their own nicknames, but would capitalize the shit out of anything dealing with Fed. (

I am hereby petitioning that the title “Sir” be taken from Murray and be given to the only tennis player worthy of such a title – the one who brings back Class and Leadership to tennis. It was obviously missing with Sir Murray and crew being around last few months ;-)

skeezer Says:

travis bicklet,
Aww shucks I am sorry about the capitalization. But it only goes to the worthy.

lakie Says:

TB is jealous no doubt of the record breaking number of adoring fans who turned up to watch Fed practice. Poor Djok has to plead with tennis fans to love him….

rognadfan Says:

@ skeezer
Its a pity really!. A 35 year old player comes back on tour after a hiatus and still manages to make some nole fans very jealous, and throw uncalled for tantrum all over.

Muralisk Says:

Good to have you back on the tour Roger. Awesome overheard jump shot. You bring a lot of class to the game. It was awesome to watch you play. All the best …

madmax Says:

Great to see Federer back! Cannot tell you!

For the Hopman Cup, his long-awaited return has already been a triumph. After a long and lucrative stint in the Middle East, the 17-time major winner spent the past three years tuning-up in Brisbane, where a fat appearance fee rumoured to reach to seven figures was also judged to be worth every cent. In Perth, he hit with young lifesavers and the WA premier Colin Barnett on famous Cottesloe Beach, drew 6000 spectators to a practice session, then danced, talked and posed for photos with the starstruck multitudes until just before midnight at the black-tie function to mark the New Year.

“When you sign a player like Roger Federer you hope he’s going to draw big crowds and we anticipated that, but he’s sold out three sessions, and I’m talking not-a-seat-in-the-house, which has never happened before, and that’s not counting his practice session, wth 6000 spectators at that,” said tournament director Paul Kilderry, happy to be able to answer the frequently asked question: When is Roger coming back? “I think it’s been everything I hoped it would be … Roger’s in a league of his own, from what I’ve seen.”

Margot Says:

Naughty Nick wins again. My goodness if he ever gets serious, ATP look out. A “Serios Kyrgios” – what a prospect. Think he could do very well at AO now OZ crowd seems to have decided it likes him. Must have one of the best serves on tour too. Not just based on power either, to watch it curve majestically down that centre line is to watch a thing of beauty. Can’t wait to see him play Fed.
But Jalep, he was complaining about pain in his knee…:(
And some trivia….. Pavlasec has the most gorgeous smile! Never seen him play but he’s got the same ridiculously high ball toss as Berd. Did they have the same coach, I wonder. All very well but….
Think we should have a contest for most stupid tennis comment of 2017. Here’s a huge contender: “When I see a tennis ball half way up the net, I know it’s an anxious tennis ball.”
Oh really? ROFL

J-Kath Says:


“I am hereby petitioning that the title “Sir” be taken from Murray and be given to the only tennis player worthy of such a title – the one who brings back Class and Leadership to tennis. It was obviously missing with Sir Murray and crew being around last few months ;-)”

Don’t just talk about it, DO IT. Signature no.2 is ready. Pen in Hand.

the_mind_reels Says:

Two great living and playing legends of the game in Nadal and Federer are back in action, and — big surprise! — fans are happy to see them! Sheesh…why everything must be a comparison between them is beyond me.

A healthy season for all of these players!

Daniel Says:

Packed week, with all majors star playing. AO is just around the corner, time is indeed flying. Can’t wait.

Hope for a Murray x Djoko final in Doha!

Van Persie Says:

“Finally some Class and Leadership”


The classy and “leader” is in trouble mit Zverev Jr. at the moment. Just lost the 1 set.

Giles Says:

^^^ Lol

J.S. Says:

What happens to tennis when Federer and Nadal are gone? They are the most loved players regardless of your fav! Nadal’s team was smart to take the appearance fee this year, it’s paid off for both Rafa and Brisbane International. He is the STAR of the tourney and enjoying all the Love – did you see the practice photo of fans laying on their tummies to watch him practice? CLASSIC!!!

Here is some info, look at twitter followers and cost per tweet Roger vs. Rafa

Van Persie Says:

“What happens to tennis when Federer and Nadal are gone? They are the most loved players regardless of your fav!”

Do not know and do not care :). I wioll watch the ones , who will play…even if my fave will also quite tennis. I like tennis.

Van Persie Says:

Correction: I will, not “wioll”

J-Kath Says:

Hi back J.S.

Yes, read your blog and read about the huge fan nos. at his practice. Alas, Roger looks much older than 35 – most noticeable side by side with Zverez. At the point when Roger and Rafa leave we may also lose a few more e.g. Ferrer, Stan plus a few Frenchies. Then goes the next batch Andy and Nole and with them Del Potro, Cilic, Nishikori…

Better to start adopting a new favourite in waiting like Zverez.
I’m taking my own advice and going for Zverez Jr.

skeezer Says:

You should lay low on the jesting, it shows your jealousy It was an entertaining 3 set thriller, and Fed has still got a very entertaining game that probably needs more matches to get things sharpened up, he just got back in the game. The crowds prove it.
Class and Leadership that the tour welcomes back.

Van Persie Says:

Yep Skeezer, whatever makes you feel better ;)

Just a few more matches like today for Fed, and he will need another break.

J.S. Says:

NOT ME!!! I will retire from tennis when Rafa/Murray do…..:)

Truth Says:

Did it hurt the wittle fed fans’ feelings that the draw wasn’t the weakest of the century? Oops.

Why is eurosport showing Roddick from 2009?
How low can eurosport go?
Lol murray vs. roddick.
What a genius Roddick was.

Fed turd smelled like a corpse to his fans, but Roddick had no career since 2005.

Chrisford1 Says:

Madmax – Can you tell the difference between swarms of celeb adoring fans packing the seats for a guy and a large number of vultures on the ground, watching and waiting for the last breath??
The latter, of course, are the casual fans who hope they will see one of Fed’s last matches and can tell others they were there.

Truth Says:

Fed needed luck vs. roddick and couldn’t beat Del Po, but Fed fans say 2009 was more difficult than 2015-2016.
Fed was just freaking scared of losing so he missed 6 months of tennis.
The more time you take off, the more sympathy you receive.

If he had missed 2003 & 2008 with his fake suffering, dramatic injury and tears, he would’ve
let Roddick win wimbledons. That never included old age.

madmax Says:


I am thrilled that Federer is back on tour, win OR lose. I also love the fact that you are so interested in his losses more than the joy of seeing his footwork and flashes of brilliance.

I would take that any day. Booked my ticket already to watch him play in Dubai, so, for as long as he is willing to play, I am willing to watch. :-)

His last breath will be the death of me! :-)

Dennis Says:

Sinha: Why is Nishikori so popular in Japan? He’s second-rate. Never won a Masters 1000, never-mind a Slam. He’s a joke.

RZ Says:

@Dennis – that seems a harsh standard by which to call players “jokes.” Keep in mind that outside the Big 4, the only active players to win slams and/or Masters 1000 titles are Wawrinka, Cilic, Tsonga, DelPo, and Ferrer. The Big 4 hasn’t made it easy for others to share the wealth. If you look at the table of singles winners at the Masters tournaments since 2009, you’ll see there are only 6 players outside the Big 4 who have won since then. (Table can be found at That means that the Big 4 has won a whopping 91.6% of the Master’s titles since 2009!

As for why Nishikori is so popular in Japan, I suspect it’s because he is the most successful player Japan has had. (I could make a case for Kimiko Date-Krumm, but she never reached a GS final). Also from watching some other international sports, I’ve noticed that the Japanese media goes crazy over any top prospects and are followed around by press a lot. So I think it’s the same here. He gets a lot of media attention in Japan and that helps propel his popularity.

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